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2800 Words Essay, Research Paper Examples

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

One of the greatest and most influential men that captured the attention of both his friends and enemies, and articulated the struggle, the hunger, and the credence of African-American in the early 1960s is none [...]

Financial Challenges in Companies

However, when the performance is dwindling, as witnessed in the Coca-Cola Company, the stakeholders might be forced to terminate the contracts of the top management team of the corporation, if it is assumed that their [...]

Local Restaurant in Dubai

Determine the resources required In his business plan, James identified all the requirements for the business and provided the means to achieve them. He also considered the strategic location of the business as a backbone [...]

The Manufacturing Industry in Qatar

Some of those issues include the proximity to the main road, availability of consumers, availability of raw materials in case the business is going to involve manufacturing process, security of the area and the nation [...]

EBooks: The Hardcover Killer?

The inherent problem with this particular solution is that Amazon.com already has a significant share of the online consumer market and as such it would be difficult to be in direct competition with them.

Impact of 2012 Olympics on London and UK

The aim of this research shall be to establish the economic, social-cultural, and environmental impacts of the 2012 Olympics on London at its environs, with the objective of contrasting the pre-Olympics estimates of the impacts [...]

On a Live Multi-Media Business Case

Some of the materials shown here below; The second thing after preparing the materials for work in the process of making the fireplaces is setting up the mould for the different kinds of fireplaces required [...]

Contemporary Art in China

However, the fruits of the struggles are worth the effort, if the current fame and reputation of China as a beacon of contemporary art is anything to go by.

Facility Management – Sustainability

In this business case, the issues we will consider include the role of energy in our sustainability planning, opportunities available for sustainable business operations and the strategy to employ in attaining this goal.

Higher Education in America

Studies conducted reveal that it is inevitable for higher learning institutions in the US to avoid change in the students' demographics in the future since the inclusion of the element of diversity in the higher [...]

School Disability Program

Factors that determine the disability program choice include: cost and convenience; longevity of the program service; the techniques and therapies employed; the competence of the therapist; therapists' work supervision; the therapist's expectation from you; willingness [...]

Leading Change in Health Care Practice

The high levels of risks are attributed to the following factors, among others: physical appearance of the needles, the methods of disposal used by the medical practitioners, the level of education of the medical practitioners, [...]

Gifted Student

The paper is a report about policies and practices needed to be in place to help meet the needs and aspirations of gifted students with special needs.

Home Delivery of Medication

However, for a long time, many businesses have not ventured into the delivery of medications through the home delivery business model because of the sensitive nature of the drug market and the numerous legislations that [...]

Green marketing

Sustainable development follows the value chain from the product manufacturer to customer and proceeds up to the final stage of disposal of products and handling of materials in the processes of lifecycles.

Ethical Issues on HIV/AIDS

The issues to be discussed include ethical issues related to research and counseling for AIDS patients, discrimination, and intentional transmission of the disease and the protection of vulnerable groups in the society.

Shapiro’s Definition of Plan

Further, the planner is not supposed to engage into the interrogation of the pro and cons of the plan, since, as he points out, the plan has already done the thinking and it would be [...]

Acquisition of a language

It is therefore believed that similarities and differences in various languages play a significant role in the acquisition of the second language, the more the differences, the difficult it is to acquire the second language [...]

Green Consumers and Its Characteristics

Citing the Institute for sustainable development, Ryan observes that some of the characteristic common in all green consumers include: their commitment to leading green lifestyles; the critical approach to environmental issues; their tendency to overstate [...]

Porter Airlines

In the absence of Air Canada, Porter has improved the quality of its services, which has increased the competitiveness of the airline in the market.

Mallorca Hotel Industry: Porter Five Forces

Power of suppliers Suppliers in the Mallorca Hotel Industry have power owing to the existence of many players and high demand for different hotel related services used by the establishments within the Mallorca Island.

Personal Marketing Plan

Four years is quite a long time for training and thus enough to instill the necessary skills in the minds of the student that are necessary for the nature of the jobs that are related [...]

3M: an Innovative Organisation

Prius is the first hybrid project that really caught the eyes of the world, and when Toyota said that it is the car of the 21st century, management was sure they were telling the truth.

Walt Disney’s Company Strategy

The recommendations that are outlined in the end will enable this company to prepare itself in dealing with the present threats as well as those that might come up in the future.

Race, Class, and Gender: Rothenberg’s book

The article explores deeply into one of the dominant issues in America, which marked the beginning of appreciation of diverseness for Americans in terms of recognition of the contribution of every person irrespective of his [...]

Human Dignity and Bioethics

The current paper is a critical analysis of the controversy surrounding the issue of human dignity and bioethics. On the contrary, it is the ability of the individual and the society in general to set [...]

Security Policy for Kruger Exporters

The first section discusses the introductory aspect of the information security policy while the second section presents the information security policy criterion which outlines how the company will go about guarantee the security of its [...]

The performance of organizations

The first part deals with research methodology, the second part reveals the main project findings, the third part entails the analysis, and interpretation of the findings and the last section comprises of conclusion and recommendations.