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Neuropsychological Assessment: Individually Administered Intelligence Tests

Individually Administered Intelligence Tests Individually administered intelligence tests are considered to be one of the most important staples in psychological, clinical, and counseling fields. (Hogan, 2007) To achieve good results during the communication with a person, it is better to combine these tests with some other activities, which may help to gather more information for […]

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

Quality management is a continuous organizational process which is aimed at meeting and exceeding the customers’ requirements through specific processes and an organization wide participation in planning and implementation. The elements of quality management include focus on the customer, strategy, teamwork, continual commitment and a scientific approach. Other elements are continuous improvement, training and education, […]

“Brain Plasticity and Behavior” by Bryan Kolb, Robbin Gibb, and Terry E. Robinson

Brain is a complex phenomenon that can change in the process of life. This capacity of the brain to change is called brain plasticity. There are a number of factors that influence brain and lead to its changes. In their article “Brain Plasticity and Behavior”, Kolb, Gibb, and Robinson explain the nature of brain plasticity, […]

Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM is an intricate approach aimed at improving the value of processes by consistently checking for deficiencies in these products and services (Sashkin & Kiser, 1993). TQM is equally indispensable in the administration of hotels. It determines consumer contentment in terms of value of services provided. Nonetheless, measuring value still remains one of the concerns […]

Journal Entry, Hermaphrodite or Intersex

Socialization, as an important aspect of personality formation, enables one to acquire the behaviors, beliefs, and accumulated knowledge of the society. For hermaphrodites or intersex individuals, fitting into the society is usually a difficult task. These individuals have both the male and female sex chromosomes. Therefore, they are not easily distinguishable as either male or […]

Why I am studying engineering

Engineering is an area of study that has transformed the lives of humans in this world since nearly all things that make life worth living, from leisure activities to medical treatment, require aspects of this field of study. Because it adds value by means of realization of the technological progress, it has a major impact […]

Okrent, Daniel. Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. Scribner (May 11, 2010)

The author explores the process of prohibition of the production, sale and even transportation of alcohol and any other intoxicating liquor in the United States. He explains how this prohibition came into effect. He says that the prohibition came through the eighteenth amendment to the American constitution whose cause was fueled by several movements among […]

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Skaine (1996) defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
when submission or rejection of this conduct explicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment ” (p. 11). The two […]

Principles of Bauhaus production

The Bauhaus wants to get involved in the advancement of present-day housing. It is noteworthy that the modern man does not acknowledge traditional way of life. As a result, he requires his house to be furnished with all the modern equipments and furniture. Similarly, the surrounding environment of the machine and the house should be […]

Causes of Technological and Economic Growth by Ester Boserup in Population and Technology and by Lewis Mumford in The Myth of Machine: Technics and Human Development

Historical differences in technological change by Ester Boserup Beserup suggests a theory that population density was one of the most influential, if not the most, factors in technological progress. In this respect, civilizations that had increased population density in terms of people in a definite area were doomed to experience technological changes. Some technological inventions, […]

Gambling in four perspectives

Gambling is the practice of betting money or any other material value on an event with an outcome that is not certain and with the primary intention of winning either money or material goods. In most cases the outcome of the gambler is within a short period. Although the exercise is not generally accepted by […]

Case of Ski Pro Corporation

Many times firms engaged in manufacturing operations are confronted with a buy or make decision. Such a decision revolves around whether to manufacture each input required for the finished product, they produce or to buy them from the market. A number of factors, such as input costs and sales volumes influence this decision. Analysis of […]

Geography Is One of the Essential Disciplines in School

Geography is a very important discipline which teaches us to understand the basic rules of our world. From geography classes we know about climate and landform forces, cultural and political structure of different countries and nations. This course was very organization and I got to know a lot of interesting and very important things about […]

Promoting Behavior Change among Teenagers

Introduction Substance abuse among teenagers is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon in the community. Substance abuse involves the use of drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Research on the use of drugs among teenagers indicates that majority begin using the drugs as early as the age of 9 years (Fisher and Harrison 43). The […]

Measuring Economic Health Memo

Introduction Gross domestic product can be defined as the monetary value of all finished goods and services that are produced within a country within a specified time period. It is typically evaluated on a yearly basis and comprises all the consumption that has been recorded from the private sector and public sector, the value of […]

How does cognitive function influence spatial perception during pregnancy of the human species?

The recent researches have detailed the multifaceted alterations in maternal brains affecting the female cognitive function in general and spatial perception in particular. Showing the structural changes during the first few months of pregnancy, these studies make attempts to explain the underlying reasons of these modifications and major influential factors having impact upon these processes. […]

Team performance management

For a long time now, managers have measured employee performance by use of very general and vague descriptions like excellent, above average, good, fair, satisfactory, and many more. In the US at around 1964, rights activists movements started pushing for the adoption of more objective methods of employee performance evaluation (De Koning, 2004). This then […]

Concepts of Budget and Cash flow analysis

Liability A liability are any claims against the assets of a business or financial organization, they are the obligations that the business has for or against the external stakeholders of the business which may be the shareholders, creditors to the business, suppliers and even the lenders (Swart, 2004). A liability can also be defined as […]

Social Work as a Profession

In the delivery of social services, the parties involved can be divided into either social workers or volunteers; the main differences that the two have is their way of approach to the subject. Social workers are trained on different areas of handling mankind and situations as well on the best way to approach an issue, […]


English for special purposes (ESL) is an English course meant for students seeking to improve their communication skills in their future or current professions (Dudley-Evans, 45). I enrolled in this course hoping to improve my skills and capabilities. In the period within which I was enrolled in this course, I have seen my communication skills […]

Literary analysis on the Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of “the Canterbury Tales”, exploits the degeneration, immorality, and subversion of the church. The Roman Catholic Church ruled or dictated the entire Europe by the end of nineteenth century. Besides being popular, the church build its cathedrals (buildings) using expensive metals like gold while the clergy lived a flamboyant lifestyle. Although […]

September 11, 2001

Tuesday September 11, was a dark moment in New York after a terror attack on the World Trade Centre which left more than 3000 neighbors, friends, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children and parents dead. The cleverly orchestrated attacks inflicted huge casualties on the American citizens. U. S. Officials later identified the attacker as a Pakistani-born, Khalid […]

The Relationships between Advertising Appeals, Spending Tendency, Perceived Social Status and Materialism on Perfume Purchasing Behaviour

This article shows that consumers who are willing to spend money on perfume products had a high level of advertisement appeals, perceived social status, materialism tendencies, and a moderate level of spending tendency. This results aid marketers in understanding perfume consumers’ purchasing behaviour and market segmentation for competitiveness. Past study by Nielsen shows that consumers […]

Analytical Essay: Titles, Class and Identity as the Peculiarities of Ransom by David Malouf

The Australian author David Malouf based his novel Ransom on the myths from Homer’s Iliad, including the death of Patroclus (Book 16), episode when Achilles kills Hector (Book 22), the funeral of Patroclus (Book 23) and visit of Priam to Achilles (Book 24). However, although the author uses the ancient stories, his attention is concentrated […]

Poem – ‘Life’, by Emily Dickinson

I picked up this poem because it makes me realize how best to appreciate the ‘step by step’ achievements in one’s life and how to translate ‘success’. When Emily Dickinson says that looser knows the real meaning of success, it tends to imply that one must be able to recognize the value of one’s achievements […]

Constructive Controversy

Introduction The impact of face to face (FTF) and computer motivated controversy (CMC) on motivation and achievement is studied by Roseth, Saltarelli and Glass. The study seeks to elucidate perspectives of constructive controversy that many previous researchers have failed to. Constructive controversy is where individuals’ argue the different views in order to arrive at an […]

Health and Society

Mental health refers to the ability of the brain to perform cognitive activities and to forge and maintain relationships with other members of the society. Mental health gives a sense of self worth. It is a basic requirement for one to make informed choices and live a fulfilling life. Mental illnesses on the other hand […]

Annotation of: Hispanics and the death penalty

The article sought to answer questions concerning treatment of the Hispanics defendants and victims within the U.S criminal justice system; it was the first study to successfully answer questions concerning treatment of the Hispanic in the U.S., especially on eligibility of death sentences. It analyzed homicide cases handled in San Joaquin county of California from […]

The core teaching of Jesus

During his time of ministry, Jesus taught many teachings through parables, proverbs, and wise sayings to his 12 disciples and the crowds that followed him wherever he went. Unlike the prophets who came before him, Jesus taught with authority (Mathew 7:29). He forgave sinners, cleansed the unclean, and performed many miracles that baffled the Pharisees […]

Reading Summary: Kitzinger and Frith’s “Just say no? The Use of Conversation Analysis in Developing a Feminist Perspective on Sexual Refusal

Illustratingtheir findings on the analytical conversational literature and their own collected data, Kitzinger and Frith (1999) assert that both men and women have a complicatedaptitude to suggest and to understanddenials, countingdenials which do not compriseof the expression ‘no’, and propose that malesassert not to encompass ‘understood’ denials, which obey the rulesof ethnically normative models. It […]

The central beliefs of Judaism

Judaism represents one of the world’s oldest religions; it is a religious belief system common among the Jewish people and it entails the cultural practices, laws, traditions, and general conduct of the Jewish community (Falcon and Blatner 3). The history of Jewish community shows that, Judaism began in the Middle East and later spread to […]

Canadian Stereotypes

Canada is the world’s second largest nation on the Northern part of America. Canadians are people who hold many stereotypes. The maple leaf bag is a Canadian stereotype that depicts their identity and origin especially during international trips. The maple leaf has a red color, while the design of the leaf, with eleven sharp points, […]

Political Interference in Texas’ Judicial System

The American judiciary system has two systems, which are federal and state courts systems. The difference between federal and county court system is powers allocated for each. Federal courts formation is under constitutional mandate of federal government judiciary. Meanwhile, the state court systems formation is under judiciary chapter of state government constitutions. State government judiciary […]

Statistics as Evidence: Scaring Us Senseless

Introduction Decision making is a complex cognitive process requiring composure and objective analysis. Proper decision making skills dictates that one has to divorce his sentiments from the process. Probability and risks Analysis of risks can be done using the probability theory. The theory operates on the platform of events occurring by chance. It is a […]

To Believe or Not to Believe with Insufficient Evidence

To believe without sufficient evidence William Clifford strongly held on his epistemological dictum that people should believe without systematic evidences. His idealism clung on the fear or error through questioning on evidences. He committed his pragmatist view on empiricist basis of verification. I do not believe in this perception whatsoever. I don’t want to believe […]

A response to the article “Inequality and the American Dream”

The article “Inequality and the American Dream” is written from an economic perspective. It addresses American economic state where the author argues that it needs certain adjustment in order to increase the upward mobility and exploit economic opportunities. From a careful analysis of literature, it is evident that America has become a magnet attracting immigrants […]

A Beautiful Mind

Directed by Ron Howard in the year 2001, A Beautiful Mind is a chef-d’oeuvre film based on the life of Nobel Laureate in Economics, John Nash. The film brings out the struggles that Nash encounters with his mental health. In the year 1948, Nash enrolls at Princeton University as a graduate student and immediately stands […]

Why Foreign Education is worth the Price

Many students across the world, especially those from developing and emerging economies, continue to seek for educational opportunities in the developed world. International education is expensive by any standards, but cost factors alone have failed to dissuade students from seeking education in foreign countries. This brief essay purposes to demonstrate the reasons why foreign education […]

Case for political risk

This paper will entail an analysis of the case that focuses on political and legal systems in national environments. As stated in the case, ethical behavior can be regarded as a crucial aspect while conducting business. It ensures that there is a reduction of country risk. Governments put sanctions on organizations that engage in practices […]

Effects of Migration on Women

Introduction Since time memorial, people from all walks of life migrate to countries in search for better life opportunities. Migrations occur as a result of wars, natural disasters or even in search for better job opportunities. According to the 2011 immigration statistics, 29,436 male and 26,948 female immigrants relocated to the US. Over the years, […]

Reaction Paper on Divided City

This reaction paper talks the social codes that guide how women and men interact in exercise and cyber clubs. The author discusses the detachment between Fassi women in Fes. Some Fassi women identify more with conservative practices while others identify more with liberal ideals. The concept of public separation between different genders is practiced differently […]

Recommendation for a web server software package

Web pages have transformed from the traditional collection of products and services on a site, to a more specific content for the clients. Random Walk Shoes targets a big audience of customers. Therefore, it requires web server software that enables it to serve the big audience of clients. Such software provides dynamic pages which allow […]

Factors that Cause International Migration Flows

Migration is the movement of people from one region to another in search of better social and economic services. It involves the crossing of administrative or political boundaries. Migration mainly results from social and economic developments in a certain region. International migration involves the crossing of international frontiers separating different states. In other words, international […]

Immigration Admissions and Control Policies

The United States should strengthen its immigration policy to afford all immigrants security, equal employment opportunities, and social services. The policy should allow for documenting all legal and illegal immigrants in the United States. During documentation and subsequent action, special considerations should be given to illegal women and girls, as they are more vulnerable to […]

The Role of Marketing Trends in Business

Marketing plays a pivotal role in sale and profit maximization. However, the marketing strategy should resonate with the audience if success is to be achieved. The Avengers set a new box office record by earning over $700 million in sales during its opening weekend. Critics and marketing specialists attribute this success to strategic marketing, effective […]

Liquefied Natural Gas

Hydrocarbons have come to be the most common type of fuels, used in machines throughout the past century. Most machines have been designed to use the most efficient, and easy to get fuels available. On the same note, these hydrocarbons are also useful in domestic uses which include cooking. Hydrocarbons have been the most preferred […]

Play With a Purpose

All forms of play are important to children, since they help them to become more healthy and active in life. For that reason, both parents and educators should always view play as an essential requirement for early life development of every child. Play is all about having fun by doing what we enjoy most. Therefore, […]

Healthcare Information needs at Presbyterian Hospital

Introduction The study aimed at establishing the informational challenges and needs of physicians and nurses at Presbyterian Hospital. They used focused group discussions to flash out the necessary data needed to explain their findings. The study established numerous information needs that applied to both healthcare professionals. The study established three different categories of information needs. They included source format, source characteristics, and customized […]

Electronic Range Finders

A range finder is an electronic surveying device used to measure distances between an observer and a target. Since its invention, the device has enhanced focus in numerous photography processes. In addition, it has enhanced perfect shots in the field of ballistics. The device has an inbuilt technology, which constitutes of sonar, laser, radar and […]

Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault

At a glance, the painting depicts people swimming on the raft. Their faces are exhausted, and it seems that they have been swimming for weeks or even months. The raft is almost broken, but still it is controlled by people. Some of the people are desperately trying to find the way home whereas others lost […]

Tchaikovsky and Beethoven comparison

Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, March The famous “March” is a part of “The Nutcracker”, presented as the second piece in the first act. It was written by a Russian composer, Tcaikovsky Pyotr Ilych (1840-1893). It was written in 1891-1892, when the author was in his sixties. This composition is one of his last works. Beethoven: Symphony […]

The Cold War: Global Prosperity and Human Rights

The Cold War was one of the most famous and crucially important conflicts between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. It lasted almost the half of the century, and its results are still recognizable and significant. The ideas of capitalism and communism – this is what actually bothered the representatives of the […]

American Pragmatism and Analytic Philosophy

Pragmatism and analytic philosophy are considered to be the two famous traditions in American philosophy. Analytic philosophy started its development in the XX century and spread over numerous English-speaking countries in several years. American pragmatism is one of the tendencies, which considerably influenced the rise of analytic philosophy in the whole world. American philosophy attracts […]

About the B’nai Bagels

Elaine Lobl Konigsburg is an American writer known by her children’s books and fiction stories. Konigsburg is the only author who won the Newbery Medal and a Newbery Honor in one and the same year. In her works, she describes teenagers’ problems and their struggles. Usually, the characters of her works try to find the […]

Brokerage firms in Saudi

Jadwa Investment The financial market of Saudi Arabia is characterized by countless brokerage firms, which significantly influence a wide range of activities in the market. The firms have been noted for their continued contribution in redefining the financial market and in promoting economic development. Importantly, these firms register varying performance trends due to government regulations […]

Giving an Overview of Music Education

In this presentation I am going to give an overview of music education and its relationship with music therapy. Music forms play an important role in human lives. In this paper, I want to consider music therapy. I will focus on some arguments and controversies concerning the matter. While there are many people who believe […]

Characters in The Glass Menagerie and The Death of Salesman

The article of Debra Brunch is characterized by a properly organized structure and clear analysis of the characters from different literary works. This author introduces the characters, which need to be analyzed, and presents enough powerful reasons of why this attention to physiological characteristics is important. This article turns out to be helpful because the […]

Ad on Sex Education Distorts Obama Policy

How the advertisement distorts Obama’s views The television advertisement by the campaign team of Senator John McCain tries to portray Senator Obama as an individual whose values do not fall within the mainstream. To do this, the advertisement presents Mr. Obama’s beliefs on sex education in a distorted manner. One way this has been done […]

Process of Change Inventory

Introduction Inventory has always been defined as the taking of stock for raw materials, supplier components, and works in process and even finished goods that appear at various points of production and logistics channel. Others define it as the listing of assets or any form of items for formal purposes. Inventory involves several activities which […]

Introduction to System Thinking

Years of research have revealed that learning is a continuous process that is essential for the existence and effective performance of organizations. Unexpected changes may take place in companies, for example, retirements. Some of them may require the organization to alter their goals, policies and products. The remaining members of staff should have the ability […]

The Emperor of Ice Cream

The poem “The Emperor of Ice Cream” written by Stevens amazes with the variety of readers’ interpretations of the stanzas describing the wake of the pleasure-seeking woman. The poet has chosen the kitchen for the first stanza of his poem since, commonly, this place of the house is the best one to characterize women who […]

Metaphysics as Branch of Philosophy

From the beginning of the philosophy development as a definite science, philosophers were preoccupied with the major humans’ question: “Who we are? Why are we here?” Metaphysics is that particular branch of philosophy which deals with these issue solving. One of the major issues of metaphysics is correlation between human mind and human body. For […]

“Introduction to Manufacturing Lipke, David. “American Apparel Focuses on Fundamentals”. WWD Issue.”

This article gives a point of view of American Apparel from the perspective of a fairly new company in a hotly competitive market. Lipke, the author, focuses on cutting down costs by the company to pay off the company’s debts, however after years of financial success, production problems have brought up costs in their LA […]

Infantile sexuality

Thumb-sucking (sensual sucking) in children as a sexual expression Freud’s second presumption on sexuality provides exhaustive information on why human beings must consider sexuality during the upbringing stage. I have realized the essence of educating children about their sexuality during their tender years. This circumstance is possible when the child begins to attend school. It […]

Challenges of the Grant Administration

During this period of grant administration, several challenges were encountered. For instance, Oakes Ames and Massachusetts who were known to be the representatives and top most stockholders in the union had an idea of forming a credit mobilier. This was a company which was initiated with main aims of completing the 600 miles of railway […]

Security of information in law enforcement and national security organizations

Information is one of the most sensitive assets of any organization. In law enforcement and national security organizations, information is more sensitive since its poor handling may have very serious repercussions. It is thus within the mandate of such organizations to put controls that will ensure that information is properly collected, and also ensure that […]

Concepts of Match on Recruitment

“Recruitment is a process of searching for candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization” (Flippo 5). In recruitment there are factors which affect the process. Such factors can be categorized into, the internal factors and external factors. Foot and Hook argue, “Internal factors are those factors that can be […]

How to Develop Self Confidence

Self-confidence is ones status of being assured and having a strong belief in himself and his abilities. A person who is self-confident does not struggle too much to make decisions. This essay paper focuses on the three main steps of developing self-confidence. They include; initial preparation, setting out for the process, and accelerating towards success. […]

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Introduction For along time now, drug and alcohol abuse in the society has been a problem that affects the youth and the society at large. The youth in the society get engaged in abusing substances that they feel all help them forget their problems. This paper highlights the problems of drug abuse and alcohol drinking […]

Coach Inc.: Is Its Advantage in Luxury Handbags Sustainable?

Introduction The company Coach Inc. deals with production, distribution, and sales of handbags. The past company’s direction included low-cost handbags that were not really luxurious though reliable and ‘resilient to wear and tear’. The shift in consumers’ preferences made the company introduce more luxurious designs of handbags to be more compatible to the rising fashion […]

What Is Education for?

Getting educated is very important for every person. It goes without saying that each of us has to have a proper education. We learn how to read, count and write. These are the basic abilities we acquire and use during our life. However, a logical question arises than: is there any other purpose of education […]

White Collar Deviance

White-collar deviance entails all unethical practices including legally delineated crimes that high-ranking workers commit in their work. Many people mistake white-collar deviance for white-collar crime; however, white-collar deviance encompasses more factors than white-collar crime. In addition, white-collar deviance covers deviances in government, corporate world, and private industry as well. The measurable constructs of deviance include […]

Analysis of the Article: Importance-Performance Analysis as a New Attempt to Satisfy Citizens’ Needs

Introduction Public administration is one of the first fields that take care of citizens’ interests and discontents which may appear. There are many investigations which aim at comparing and evaluating the worth of importance-performance analysis with the help of which it is possible to define the major needs of citizens based on the activities of […]

Addiction Severity Index

The addiction severity index (ASI) is a brief, approximately one hour partly structured interview that is used to analyze the vital aspects of a person’s life that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse. The ASI was originally invented by a group of researchers in 1980 at the University of Pennsylvania’s under the leadership of […]

Change of death attitude from traditional to modern way

Death is part of life; it is inevitable. The perception held by modern societies differs from traditional one. Attitude toward death differs among cultures. Culture is dynamic; people’s views, attitude and belief change with time. People’s culture determines their attitude towards social and natural occurrences. Traditionally, death was seen as end of life of the […]

Death, Dying and Bereavement

In most of the cases, poor health is usually associated with the aged people. People tend to isolate and discriminate against the aged. People tend to develop stereotypes about age. There are policies and even institutional practices that tend to discriminate against the aged. In some cases, their ideas are even ignored on the basis […]

Valuable Leadership Experience

Business managers are increasingly finding themselves being replaced by business leaders. The difference between a leader and a manager is that while a manager views the job as a career, a leader perceives it as a calling and a personal responsibility. There are many traits that differentiate between a manager and a leader, but the […]

Political Communication

Being under the influence of globalization, political culture has acquired significance within the national context. In this regard, the study of political communication is necessary for explaining and understanding its essence. In book called Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century, Sanders (2009) outlines theoretical concepts and themes related to political communication. The author also provides […]

Bipolar Disorder Paper

Bipolar disorder is a neuropsychological disorder characterized by changing moods and energy levels that affects the ability of the patients’ memory to function normally. The disorder affects the neurons in the brain, hence causing uncoordinated functions of the brain. The effects on the brain depend on the periodic episodes of depression and mania that characterize […]

Are all instincts random and arbitrary?

Human instincts are the innate characteristics that determine specific behaviors while instincts are innate abilities of human beings or animals, which enable them to adapt to diverse and changing environmental conditions for survival purposes. Human beings or animals respond to unique environments depending on the instincts that direct them. For example, when a baby is […]

The Stages of the Creative Process

Stage One of the creative process, according to author Keith Sawyer, is Preparation. This stage offers the creative person two important tools: the language with which to create, and the context for that what he or she creates. Preparation involves research into what has come before. In the case of a painter, for example, research […]

Halloween is bad

The Halloween celebration is bad. To begin with, the celebration is meant to commemorate the god of dead people. It signifies the time when the wall between the world of the dead or supernatural and the living was broken down. It is thought that evil spirits and spirits of the dead visit the earth during […]

Challenges and Suggestions that British and American Government faced after the Second World War

Winston Churchill’s speech has been dedicated to the analysis of the past events happened in the course of the Second World War as well as the challenges and problems arisen from constrains people had to overcome. The speech was promoted as an opposition manifest toward the tyranny, deterrence and war. Instead, the primary focus was […]

Environmental and Animal Ethics

During the dark ages, justice was applied selectively basing on race and gender. People of color had no full rights especially when interacting with Europeans and other powerful races in the society. The law always favored the whites, people of other races lived at the mercy of the whites. In today’s world, equality is embraced […]

Disclosing the Aspects of Female Authorship as Presented in Woolf’s Professions for Women and Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Right of Woman

Women have always been striving to protect their civil and equality rights and achieve the results similar to men. Significant rise of equality rights movements was observed in second half of the eighteenth century with further breakouts in second hard of the nineteenth century. Women, particular those occupying the procession of a writer or a […]

Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama

The Current State Of Affairs Regarding the Fourth Phase of the Tuscaloosa County School District Emergency Operations Plan in Alabama Student/parent information guide for Tuscaloosa county schools This student/parent guide by Hinton (2010) depicts that the Tuscaloosa county school district has laid down some systems that are already working. These include: Parent involvement policy: The […]

Does social class make a difference?

Social class is an integral parameter especially in regard to access to important resources as well as various opportunities in life. People who are presumably from high social class seem to control most resources in our society today. Hence, they determine what people from lower social classes should get. I strongly believe that those who […]

Children Day Care

This is a summary of observations made in a children day care. The day care has eight children of between two to three years of age with three childcare workers and the Director. The children’s profile including their photos, as well as the childcare workers have been prepared and stored in a designated folder in […]