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Philosophy of Education

A good teacher under the discipline of special education has implicit understanding of the needs of students with special challenges. Such a teacher will have a desire to go out of his or her way to reach out to every student within a class. As a teacher under the sub discipline of special education I […]

Impact of Internal Factors on Strategic Planning

The pre planning stage is the first step towards developing a strategic profile. During this phase an organization is gathering information from its main stakeholders. Information obtained during this phase entails overview of the company history, past sales figures and what products and services are viewed in the market. From this information an organization can […]

Turkey: Synthesis between Islam and Secularism

Turkey was founded as a secular state with clear national values. The country has enjoyed a clear distinction between state and religion for several decades. This has in effect promoted a national value of exclusion of religion from all parts of public life. Initial constitutional reviews eliminated Islam as a national religion. Reform processes later […]

Daoism and its influence in the modern Chinese culture

Introduction Daoist ideas expressed by Tao Yunaming have developed overtime and still have strong influence over the communist system in China. Specifically, this system of religious thought originated from Asia continent. Several authors have developed a comprehensive table of events on the development of Daoism philosophy. In analyzing Daoism in China, Tao brings about the […]

Composing with Light and Color

Light and shadow are important elements of any photograph. They are significant elements in photography, especially when present certain parts of a photograph discriminately. Similarly, the use of color is critical in the composition of all the elements of a photograph (Freeman, 2007). This essay will critique the use of light and color in Bravo […]

The Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success

Marketing is the social practice to acquire what is required through generating and exchanging value with other organizations or individuals. Vos (2007) defines marketing as management process that addresses the issue of identification, expectation and satisfaction of customer needs to achieve company’s profitability. This definition describes marketing focus on end-users, including the need to connect […]

The Characteristics of the UK Market

Geo-demographics It is possible to distinguish several geo-demographic characteristics of the UK market. First of all, one should mention that the longevity and fertility rates have increased throughout the country. Therefore, various businesses can expect to find a larger number of potential clients. This tendency will manifest itself within the next two decades (Kearney 314). […]

Derewianka and Tompkins Teachings of Grammar

English is an international language and significantly contributes to modern communication. In essence, proficiency in English greatly relies on how learners manage to understand its essential elements well. Grammar is one of the integral elements of English language as it contains major components, which determine individual’s speech. It is imperative to understand reading and writing, […]

Reading efficiency and proper comprehension.

Fluency is a capability of reading swiftly, precisely, and with expression. I believe fluency in reading is a needed improvement, particularly for students who encounter difficulties. The use of mentor texts, maps of development for the reading technique and proper understanding of grammar are all points that must be recognized and considered in heightening a […]

How Effective Teachers Support the Youngest Children’s Literacy Development?

Motivation For me, the most relevant aspect of teaching is fostering children’s interest. I believe motivating the youngest learners to read is crucial for an effective teacher. Tompkins et al. (2012) stress the importance of motivating children as the learners’ interest in reading is the basis of their further learning. The task with the picture […]

“Shifting the Centre: Race, Class, and Feminist Theorizing about Motherhood”

Patricia Collin’s article “Shifting the Centre: Race, Class, and Feminist Theorizing about Motherhood” is a clear castigation of the feminist theory of the white woman which widely makes standard personal autonomy and other experiences related to emotional nurture of the economically secure white middle-class nuclear families. The author starts by bringing into the limelight the […]

Strategic Planning: Starbucks

One of the most important steps in the process of an organization’s strategic planning is the mission statement. The latter refers to the reason behind the existence of an organization. The mission statement of Starbucks is largely concerned with community involvement and safeguarding the interests of individuals who reside within the locality of the business […]

GIS Applications and Data Types

Introduction A Geographic Information System is a combination of hardwares and softwares that enable researchers to envisage, capture, display and analyze data from different geographical positions. It gives the users a great opportunity to interpret data quickly and share it easily. It can be carried to any management information system without any collision. GIS uses […]

Curriculum Investigation: Colorado Mountain College & Mt. San Antonio College (California)

The US offers a variety of educational programs to the general populace. Different states offer different curriculum and students can choose colleges based on their specific needs and requirements. There are a number of choices available for students seeking two years associated degree programs. Students can choose between online and campus education. The Colorado Mountain […]

Relevant and Non-Relevant Costs

Tiptop computers’ limited is a private limited company that deals with manufacturing and repairing of computers. Tiptop computer limited has the capacity to accept orders from other manufacturing companies or from individual persons, as it has a well skilled labor force, which is not fully utilized for future expansion, modern machines and high technology capacity. […]

Management Issues: Most Relevant Motivational Theory

Introduction Most employees consider the level of payment and the workplace conditions before accepting a particular employment position in a company. Once they are employed, there is little improvement in their productivity. Different workers will respond positively to different motivational factors depending on which level in the hierarchy of needs they value most. Workers in […]

Peer Review of Authorship Ethics

The author demonstrates a fair understanding of the ethical issues associated with assigning authorship to a manuscript or scientific report. The author shows that establishing authorship is through building significant contribution to an article (Handyman 2011). The author also indicates that all authors named in a publication should play a substantial role in all the […]

Emotional Intelligence’s Impact in the Workplace

Introduction The aim of this reflection is to provide a solution on how Emotional Intelligence can be utilised to improve the workplace. The researcher will also provide specific information on how Emotional Intelligence (EI) can enhance audience sensitivity. Therefore, it will be important to start by explaining the meaning of emotional intelligence then through deductive […]

Contract Creation and Management Assignment

Contract creation and management is an administration tool that offers effective information management techniques in an organization. The activities of any corporation are undertaken as projects, every project has it timing and requirements thereby requiring a unique type of management that is only achievable through contract creation and management. Information management is a key component […]

Ways to Improve Architectural Practice

Certainly, architectural prime is fading away and thus putting the architectural practice in a secret crisis. Eventually, the profession has eradicated the integrity of building construction. When asked of what they exactly do, architects should not merely state that they design constructions. Architecture comprises wider matters and not just dealing with aesthetics or forms. Therefore, […]

The Obesity Epidemic in the USA

In the book Essentials of Healthcare Financing, the author cleverly comes up with a basis through which organizations dealing with healthcare should take into account. He gives ways in which these healthcare organizations can achieve financial control. In this article, I am going to discuss the U.S.A as the healthcare provider in regard to obesity. […]

Critical Research Writing

Introduction Research writing is a multifaceted and a difficult process since it concurrently requires precision and briefness. It creates two components that are original and new text. In addition, precision and reliability are essential in making the two components a success in constructing research writing. Thus, good research writing must be differentiated by comprehensive appearance, […]

Financial Management of Risk

There are numerous challenges entrepreneurs face seeking to succeed in business, in fact, these challenges are determined by the environment in which a business operates. Therefore, a business may be affected by either internal or external factors, whereby internal factors include factors emanating from the business structure, while external factors include those that are outside […]

What is “Obamacare” and What are the Conflicting Values of the Opposing Sides?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that is also known as Obamacare is aimed at reducing the cost of healthcare and increasing its accessibility. However, this set of policies can present significant difficulties for nurses who may have to face several ethical dilemmas because of new requirements. One of the risks that researchers identify […]

The Efficacy of Spirituality Group

The research is focused on the efficacy of the spirituality group in chemical dependency treatment program. It has already been proven that religion and spirituality have positive impact on human mental health (Moritz et al, 2006). Being more powerful tool in the relation to motivating people to give up chemical substances consumption, spirituality is considered […]

Rachel’s Bus Company Social Impact Model

The core values of every socially responsible business include accountability, innovation, and opportunity. The social impact model (SIM) explains whether a business addresses every social problem. Such a company utilizes the best hypothesis in order to address some of the major social problems. The business also works hard in order to achieve an enduring resolution. […]

Animal Abuse as a Public Health Issue

The condition of public health in a society depends on many factors. To achieve good standards in this sphere, it is crucial to identify harmful factors, introduce effective laws that would deal with these factors, and to realize these laws in practice. In this paper, we will attempt to identify one of such factors, the […]

Coal Seam Gas Case

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the case of coal seam gas (CSG). This gas is a critical source of energy for many countries, including Australia. Nevertheless, its extraction is associated with several environmental risks such as water and soil pollution. Overall, this issue is of great concern to policy-makers who need to reconcile […]

Hospitality Industry in Dubai

Introduction Jumeirah is one of the most profitable companies in the hospitality industry with restaurant divisions, event management and serviced residences, among others. Its success is attributed to human capital investment that is facilitated by special management committees. The report demonstrates the need for HCI within the hospitality sector in Dubai, UAE. The success of […]

Quasar Company

The introduction of optical computers Neutron have now faced a rigid competition that has been worsen with launching of similar products by another company. For sustaining competition, Quasar Company decides to keep selling optical computers at a low price and introduce an effective advertising campaign. However, such a strategy will not be effective because the […]

Bureaucratic Politics and Organizational Dynamics

The effectiveness of the decision-making process is influenced by external influences that include politics, organization dynamics, and the outcome of the policies. Therefore, bureaucratic politics and organization dynamics have a profound influence on the decision-making process. Collective bargaining by a group of individuals who are guided by available decision-making alternatives has an impact on bureaucratic […]

“How Large U.S. Companies Can Use Twitter and Other Social Media to Gain Business Value” by Culnan, McHugh, Zubillaga

The targeted article discusses how companies can use different social media applications to achieve their potentials. According to the authors, firms can use social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to collaborate with their customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and business partners. Social networks can make it easier for businesses to interact with their stakeholders (Singh, 2009). […]

“The People Who Make Organisations Go or Stop” by Cross and Prusak

Contrary to the views held by most corporate managers that social networks are intricate webs of ungovernable networks, Cross and Prusak argue that the networks provide effective communication platforms to improve organisational productivity and performance using the right scientific management tools (105). Results from 50 organisations show that informal networks are important for central connectors, […]

Waste Disposal of Victoria City

Consultation on disposing waste oil and cleaning chemicals The city of Victoria has strict rules on hazardous waste disposal and environmental sustainability through the zero waste policy. A company interested in disposing a quantity of waste oil and cleaning chemicals in Victoria should follow the safety measures through the Environment Protection Regulation of the year […]

Mattel Incorporation

Abstract Mattel Incorporation has been using different contractors in countries such as China, Malaysia, and Singapore. This essay highlights the issues associated with toy safety. The paper discusses the actions undertaken by Mattel after the incident. The essay also describes the best practices towards improving the safety of children’s toys. Mattel and Toy Safety In […]

The Kyoto Protocol

Introduction Today, one of the major threats to humanity is global warming. This has been attributed to the increased emission of greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere. The industrialized countries of the West are mainly responsible for the current high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, “the Kyoto Protocol was formulated under the […]