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Father and Son Relations: Analysis of the Movies

The relations between parents and children, fathers and sons in particular, deserve much attention: they are always so different and similar at the same time. This time, I am going to analyze three movies by different directors, which made a wonderful attempt to introduce their own visions concerning the relations between fathers and sons in […]

Innovation Of The Workplace

Innovation of the workplace to promote sustainable and productive growth Conflicts arise because people lack immediate clarifications to problems that require solutions. Unlike most of us who are evaders and do not feel comfortable dealing with problems, the organization has problem solving procedures such as rules that make the workplace more user-friendly or conflict-friendly. Conflicts […]

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Introduction The structure of Anthony Burgess’s novel “A Clockwork Orange” makes it an entertaining material with a theoretical and philosophical tale indicating the struggle between evil and good. It shows the use of believes and the ability of human beings in making free choices over their struggles. Today, the lifestyle of human beings faces various […]

A Rose for Emily

Life is an ongoing process, and in its ever-changing rhythm people have to adapt to new conditions and assume new view and attitudes. Flexible people generally succeed in following the right way in the developing course of existence, while more conservative ones find themselves stuck in the past and too outdated to be full-fledged members […]

Some Thoughts on what is to be Done

Many books have been written within the concept of development. It is evident from a historical perspective that there have been different perspectives as far as the term ‘development’ is concerned. Gilbert Rist, one of the greatest authors of his time has written very a comprehensive book on development. In his book, ‘The History of […]

Learning to See & Learning to Listen

Introduction Learning is a permanent change in behavior of an individual and how he or she responds to the immediate environment. This essay presents a comparison and contrast between learning to listen and see. Thesis statement: learning to listen is easy as compared to learning to see but hard to perfect. Learning to Listen and […]

Google refused trademark for Nexus One

When Google applied for the ‘Nexus One’ trademark back in December 10th 2009, the they were shocked to learn that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had earlier given the ‘Nexus’ trademark to a Portland-based company, Integra in 2008, and thus it was denial use of the name. The trademark office wrote in its […]

Accounting in business

Accounting is referred to as “the language of business”. It is an art of recording, classifying and summarizing information about a business entity in relation to economic resources that are used in finding out the causes of success and failure in business. Due to its relevance in business it has been developed into two models; […]

Plato’s theory of forms

In the world of philosophy, Plato is one of the most celebrated and studied philosophers. One of his major works is elucidation of ‘Forms’ which he describes them as supra-sensible entities. According to him, ‘Forms’ or ‘ideas’ are none mental entities and do not depend upon human mind. Plato’s main point on the ‘Forms’ is […]

China’s Terms for Global Companies

After the market reforms in 1978, China has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies, representing a very attractive market for the global companies and foreign investors. For historical reasons, the Chinese leaders are unwilling to stress the influence of foreign capital on the economy of the country and develop restrictive policies for establishing […]

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe has a strong thematic concern of antislavery with regards to compassion, inhumanity, and cruelty. The story puts its focus on a black slave who suffers for quite a long time due to his ethnic background. Uncle Tom faces life’s reality in a harsh environment where slaves […]

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

Gathering Blue is a very interesting book written by Lois Lowry. It is an imaginary story describing a fictitious place where life is terrible because of loss, cruelty, and/or horror. Kira, the protagonist in the story, is a cripple from birth; something the society views as a misfortune. Her mother dies and leaves her orphaned […]

The Brady Training Program

The problem in the article appears to be employee dissatisfaction, leading to the character Bill Flynn to engage in improper behavior in order to meet his work needs. Bill appears to be very ambitious, which causes him to quit a job that does not satisfy his desires. He left a sales position even before he […]

Reaction Paper for the Article “Thanks for the Memories”

This article discussed the work of cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Loftus from the University of Washington. She contended that when we recall a memory the event is not accurately recreated, but instead we recall a reconstruction of the actual event. She stated that this is most common in criminal investigation cases. Loftus argues that changing minor […]

High Unemployment to Last for Years

High unemployment rate has been brought about by recession, rapid changes in technology which renders some employees jobless, undulating business cycles, and financial constraints in many organizations that complicates course of action in the coming years. This makes it difficult to predict or estimate the rate of unemployment in the years ahead. The best measure […]

Outsourcing call centers in India

Abstract This work is an overview of the outsourcing call centers in India. The work has covered different areas related to the outsourcing business. It has covered the advantages and the disadvantages of practicing the business. Also it covers the effect of the business on the economy. The effects by different factors have also been […]

Article Summary “The 2010 Federal Reserve Payments Study”

Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Payment (FRP), the article titled “The 2010 Federal Reserve Payments Study” aims to offer an empirical analysis of the noncash payments trends in the U.S. from 2006 to 2009. Some of the noncash payment methods evaluated in the study include automated clearing house (ACH), check payments, debit card, automated teller […]

Errors in Reasoning: Fallacies

Fallacies are errors in reasoning better known to as misconceptions that arise as a result of incorrect reasoning particularly during argumentation (Rottenberg, 2004, p. 13). Consequently, fallacies arising by accident or design can influence certain emotional triggers in persons listening to such statements or they can also exploit the social interactions between the listeners. Furthermore, […]

Andy Warhol and Paul Young: Contributions, Works and Ideas

Andy Warhol There are many talented people, who have already died, still, memories about their contributions, works, and ideas make them alive always. One of such people was Andrew Warhola, also known as Andy Warhol. His avant-garde style and attitude to his paintings made him popular around the whole world. If I had a chance […]

Sex Roles: Dating vs. Hooking Up

Gender roles are among the most controversial subjects of empirical research. The Sex Roles journal sheds light on the complexity of gender and sex roles and their implications for the quality of human interactions. That sex roles affect all individuals cannot be denied. Dating is no exception, but the benefits and costs associated with dating […]

In the mind of architects

Timothy Hill who is a renowned architect argues that, architects have an obligation to their clients to deliver a good project and commit themselves to facilitating flow of ideas that will help in building of great structures (Abc.net, 2011). However, most often this is not seen as the case by clients since on some occasionally […]

Leadership in Vision Building

Introduction Organizational changes are inevitable because businesses constantly apply new technologies to their operation systems. Though it is necessary to adapt to a new technology, managing human capital is a key factor to consider while formulating a new company’s vision. Leaders can only strengthen a vision statement of an organization through an effective leadership style. […]

Media Violence and Altruism

There has been indisputable evidence that media violence accelerates aggressiveness and violent behavior that might have either short or long-term consequences in any given society (Nier, 2006). It has also been argued that exposure to media violence triggers aggression whether verbally, emotionally or in terms of perception. Converging studies reveal that children who are exposed […]

Folks and fairy tale. Cinderella

Cinderella is a book that speaks of the hardships that Cinderella as the character goes through the hands of her stepmother and sisters. It talks on how she overcame these tribulations ending as a princess. This paper will discuss a quote from this story that particularly interests me. It will give the reasons as to […]

Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Star”

Literary works including short stories, novels, poems and narratives provide us with lenses through which we can see and understand human nature and various cultural, social, and political aspects of our society which are critical to our societal well-being. They are a mirror through which a society can attain self realization more so in relation […]

Major and Minor Argument

Pros and Cons of Advertising. Advertising refers to non personal transmission of information regarding products, services or initiatives by recognized sponsors via the media. It is normally paid for and is influential in nature. Advertising has expanded to be worth large amounts of money worldwide. Approximately, all public surrounding has some advertisements in view and […]

White Teeth Novel by Zadie Smith

White teeth address the aspect of human psyche through the encounters of unassimilated immigrants in a humorous manner. The novel addresses some aspects of genetic engineering that relates to interaction between various cultures, which results to diversity, health as well as strength. However, in London, prejudice is manifest and has ruined all this, making assimilation […]

Narrowing of the Gap between the Rich and the Poor in the Society

Introduction Part of the millennium development goals focus on poverty eradication, population stabilization, and supplying of all people of the world with adequate food. This aims at ensuring that living standards of the people rise and alleviate deaths related with food shortage and poverty. Although economic crises limit the efforts of many countries in their […]

The Country wife

Written by William Wycherley, The Country Wife qualifies as a captivating informative piece of chef-d’oeuvre that tables the characteristics of the contemporary society that range from intimacy and hypocrisy amongst others. Harry Horner believes that his impotence would permit him to gain access to high-class women and have liaisons with them with the whole deal […]

The Three Main Causes of Great Depression

The main causes of great depression are reduction in purchasing, stock market crash, and banks closures. In 1920s, the new methods of manufacturing and many industries made America’s economy to growl because it was able to produce a lot of raw materials and machinery. Many citizens increased profits especially in the stock market. However, this […]

The Elements of Negligence Act

Negligence refers to when an individual or any other party knowingly causes others to be afflicted by occurrences that would have been avoided. For a case to be identified as negligence a party must have been assigned the duty of managing the risks involved, but instead overlooked them and thus, resulting in injuries and at […]

Visiting the National Gallery of Art

Introduction Since the very humble beginnings of human civilization man has had ways of expressing his feelings and emotions about others, his society, environments, and significant historical events like battles with other communities or immigration episodes as well as his normal and bizarre imaginations. These ways range from music, literary works to creative works of […]

Paul Laurence Dunbar’ “We wear the Mask”

The poem, “We wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar is my most favorite of the five poems provided. The poem provides me with intrinsic satisfaction when I read it. For instance, the message the poet provides through the poem is touching as it demonstrates clearly the picture of how the black people in America […]

The Changes of Europe in the 1700s

Ever since the beginning of time, people’s lives have been changing as humans continue to learn new concepts of life. This paper examines some of the changes experienced in Europe in the 1700s. The whole of Europe is noted to have undergone diverse changes in course of the eighteenth century. In this essay, I will […]

The Five Pillars of Islam

The Muslim religion is based on Five Pillars of Islam. These are basic values and principles which influence the notion, actions and morals of the faith. Every Muslim adherent is bound by the Five Pillars of Islam to uphold his or her devotion to the Islamic faith. Devout Muslims are required toask for forgiveness for […]

Parents Should Spank Their Children

It is not in doubt that children should face disciplinary action incase of a misconduct. However, spanking, which is the most preferred disciplinarymethod, has aroused a heated debate on its effectiveness. While some parents uphold spanking as the most appropriate mode of disciplining their children, others argue that inflicting physical pain to the child can […]

“Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” is a well knit literary piece in the fiction genre that puts together the shifting events of Gregor; a good man who turned into an insect and his world completely changed. The author takes the reader through Gregor’s black comical escapades that are more satirical than their surface depiction. This context embarks […]

Food security policy brief

Malnutrition and work capacity Malnutrition can be described as the condition that emerges as a result of few or no nutrients. It threatens the physical well-being of the people. Work capacity refers to the capability to keep on repeating quality effort that is high. Food security can be defined as the accessibility of food and […]

Health care information systems terms

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act abbreviated as HIPPA, was enacted in 1996 to promote efficiency and improve effectiveness in the entire systems of healthcare (Califf & Muhlbaier, 2003). The law simplifies provisions in the administrative processes in adopting national standards in transactions regarding electronic health care between human services and health department. The adoption […]

Procrastination and Time Management

Time management is a college-success strategy and a life success skill Normally, individuals and groups have had the perception that time management is merely a success strategy in college. However, the notion is quite misleading. Time is key factor that determines and fosters the achievement of our career objectives and long life goals. While in […]

How to be Successful

Success in life entails discovering your potential to do certain things. This calls for setting up of individual plans and goals and working hard towards achieving those goals and plans (Knowledgebase 1). The difference between those who succeed in life and those who do not is that successful people make it their mission to pursue […]

What to do with people who break the law

People who break the law are considered to have deviated from the social norms. Law breakers are those people who have committed various crimes against an individual or the society as a whole. To avoid repetition of crimes committed by the law breakers, these people should receive punishments which are related to the crimes they […]

Pets’ Adoption: Cats Make This Life Happier

Pets are those animals that make human lives more interesting, fulfill, and real. If a person is looking for a good companion and cannot choose the one among friends, relatives, or family, he/she can easily adopt a pet and devote some part of his/her life to this creature. Of course, pet’s adoption requires certain time, […]

Facets of the Death Penalty

Introduction The death penalty refers to a premeditated way by which the authorities (governments) take ones life for an offence previously committed as a way of restitution in the justice legal system. The death penalty presents a very controversial issue argued from the moral, religious and judicial points of view. Arguments that do not seem […]

Control measures in business planning errors

Business planning is one of the most important steps in determining the success and failure of the business. It is more efficient to run a business entity through a blueprint rather than working without any guidance which can be risky as the firm can loose direction and its sense of objectives. Good business planning can […]

Analysis of Hills Like White Elephant and Sonny’s Blues: Plot, Setting, and Characters

The variety of literary works can easily teach the reader or make to change the reader’s mind and attitude to a situation. On the one hand, the works and their messages differ because of various authors, periods of time, and interests. On the other hand, the similarities between the works of absolutely different authors are […]

Relative Advantage of the Firm

According to the case study, salton inc. enjoys a great advantage in relation to its suppliers placing it at a strategic advantage with its competitors. This strong relationship with suppliers places it at an upper hand in product development, innovation and branding. Further, the case illustrates that the firm has a strategic advantage due to […]

Discipline and Management

Management is establishment of clear rule or regulations upon which people are supposed to adhere or act according to them. It forms the regulations for governance. For instance, a parent would wish to setup house regulations, which in most cases are broken due to their implication to the negative aspects. On the other hand, discipline […]

Business Ethical Issues

Any business venture primarily seeks to make maximum profit at the least possible cost. In order to earn a profit, a business produces goods or provides specific services and engages in exchange, that is buying and selling. Most businesspersons believe that business involves a willing buyer and a willing seller and this has made them […]

Marginal Analysis of Cheating

In the academic world, tests are used to gauge the level of understanding that has been achieved by the student. As such, failing a test demonstrates a lack of understanding by the students and may lead to many negative repercussions. For this reason, students at all levels strive to ensure that they pass in their […]

Controlling Stress and Tension

There are many definitions of stress created by medics, psychologist, and counselors but none of them has come up with a concrete definition because stress consists of many things and also it is varies according to the environment. Stress can be emotional or physical: Emotional stress happens when people are faced with challenging situations in […]

Healthy sexual relationships

Introduction Any study that is related to healthy sexual relationships and reproductive health is of paramount importance to continuity of humanity. The healthy sexual relationship implies that the parties to the relationship are mutually benefiting. Thus this should impact positively especially on improvement of self –worth of both partners. The reproductive health pertains the well […]

Food and Agriculture

Human beings make up the largest number of any species that roam the face of the earth today. Dramatic rise in population was one of the prominent features of the twentieth century, with the human population expected to hit the 12 billion mark between 2050 and 2100. Feeding the large number of people has remained […]

The Declaration of Sentiments

“The declaration of sentiments and resolutions which was drafted by Elizabeth Cady at Seneca Falls regarding the women’s rights demanded equality of women with men before the law, education as well as in employment.” (Olson, p. 37-9). Elizabeth’s cousin, Smith gave a key address which integrated a demand for “universal suffrage in its expansive sense […]

A Critical Evaluation of Historical & Scientific Standpoints on Homosexuality

Homosexuality as a lifestyle and sexual orientation has been documented in nearly all civilizations throughout the ages. The practice has bore heavy condemnation in many societies which uses religious connotations to justify that homosexuals not only go against the laws of nature, but they willingly or unwillingly defeat God’s purpose of procreation (Kinsey et al, […]

The Glass Menagerie

Written by Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie is a masterpiece and it passes as a memory play for it exposits Tom Wingfield’s thoughts. A wishful poet, brother to Laura, and son to Amanda and ever absent Mr. Wingfield; Tom works hard in a shoe store to provide for his mother and sister. Amanda on the […]

Socio-Political Foundations of Hip-Hop

‘The fire this time’ rings out the themes of indigenous resistance or indigenous reality. It shows there is a political, religious, and cultural connection among the African-American, Blacks and Native Americans and indigenous communities. This link is somehow unifying and cohesive among the people and enable people to appreciate each other more not necessary along […]

“The Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Issues”. Summary

In an essay entitled “The Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Issues”, in Honest Work, Peter Singer asserts that human decision-making must include a consideration of the welfare of nonhuman organisms if we are to claim moral consistency, and he compares our habitual heedlessness towards animal pain to the attitudes of slaveholders. Peter Singer has popularized […]

Comparison of Two Kinds of People

Among the great diversity one sees in the surrounding world, some distinct types of people stand out and allow categorization, comparison, and contrast between and among them. However, there are some interesting practices of comparing and contrasting non-compliant people; such activities may be highly productive for analytical thinking. Hence, the subjects of the present paper […]

Relationship between Christians and Jews

In Europe, especially Germany there was a certain separateness of language and culture between Christian Europeans and the Jews. Though, this was noticed during the time of emerging heresy (new faith) in Europe. Consequently, Christianity was declared the official religion of the Roman Empire in the fourth century, but surprisingly Judaism was singled out as […]

Comparing Gods and Goddesses

Introduction There is a very close link between the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. However, there are various diversifications, evident on the Roman culture. The gods and goddesses of a given society portray the cultural image of that social setting, and cultural rule. According to Karas (2010), the gods of war exist in societies […]

Critical Response “On Compassion”

Written by Barbara Lazear Ascher, On Compassion is a fascinating essay whose time of publication is not well known, though it was revealed in the Elle magazine in 1988. In her works, Ascher dwells much on the issue of compassion. According to her, compassion is that desire or want, to reduce the effect of a […]

The stock market crash of 1929

Introduction The 1929 stock market crash led to the Great depression. Prior to the stock market crash capital in America was represented in form of stocks. Typically, corporations owned capital, which was in the form shares of stock. Investors traded their stocks at the New York stock exchange located on Wall Street. However, the stocks […]

The Role of Women in Sophocles ‘ Antigone

The debate on whether some jobs are preserved for men and others for women still rages as critics and adherents alike try to prove their points. Among them is Sophocles, the playwright, who technically pictures a variety of women’s roles. Antigone is one of his masterworks, which precisely manifests most of the Greek myths and […]

Ligand Pharmaceuticals

The Ligand Company violated U.S. accounting standards and concepts, specifically U.S. GAAP when it understated its sales returns to present a better financial picture of the company. The research focuses on the Ligand violations of U.S. consistency, comaparability, and fair presentation standards and concepts (Bragg, 2007). The research focuses on the criticism on PCAOB for […]

Critical issue analysis

Introduction The critical issue looks at the use of stimulants in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Children with ADHD exhibit hyperactivity, hostility, inattentiveness, defiance, inattentiveness and resistance. The stimulants in question affect the behavior of the children, making them more docile. The use of these drugs has repercussions, both physical and psychological. […]

Recognize the Principles of the Judiciary

Although the principles of judiciary demand the judicial process to follow due legal processes to the letter, legal crises do occur in some instances. Legal conflict arises when inconsistencies emerge between the constitution and the general laws. A classical example is the Marbury v. Madison case of the United States in which a legal conflict […]

East European Studies

The historical periods of many modern powerful entities in the political and cultural map of the world have been numerous and diverse; it is simply impossible to reject the influence of certain states and the historical processes that took place in them in the overall historical period. Thus, one can also note that the formation […]

Computer survey analysis

Introduction This paper reports about the survey that was conducted about computer ownership. The survey was conducted with the aid of the research questions which included; what type of computer was owned by the respondent and the brand of the primary computer. The main aim of choosing these topics was to find out the preferences […]

Two Communication Rules in My Family

Family communication is important in fostering intimacy and accumulating resources. They also help in raising children as independent people capable of interacting with other human systems. The family communication rules are guidelines that govern what is to be expected of all communication in the family, what is allowed and what is prohibited under given circumstances. […]

Relationship Between Law and History

The Roman law The Roman law was successfully codified to be in line with the roman customs. The coded form became one of the most valuable cultural heritages in medieval Europe, because it shaped the laws. The initial customary laws were efficiently transferred from one generation to another but created various conflicts over custom and […]

Journal on Philosophers

Augustine is concerned about the certainty in knowledge claims especially of knowledge in things that he has never seen or things that were enacted beforehand by predecessors. He confesses ignorance in terms of what can be asserted about the substance of God. However, he believes that God would not have given scripture if it were […]

Martin Luther King

Letter from Birmingham jail is a document which was written by Martin Luther King in response to a letter that was written by clergymen from the Southern town meant to persuade the blacks to end demonstrations. It was very significant in the struggle of the blacks towards equality as it inspired them to continue fighting […]

Fair Enough? Big Business Embraces Fair Trade

Main arguments for and against the involvement of big businesses in fair trade Arguments for Fair trade has promoted goods production for the reason than, since its inception, various certified products have found their way to chains of big retail markets, thus global marketing and enhancement of online shopping that minimizes on involvement of intermediaries. […]

An Inconvenient Truth

An inconvenient truth is a film by Al Gore elaborating the very controversial issue of global warming. Al Gore as a politician and scientist explicitly enlightens the public about environmental pollution that causes global warming and hence the green house effect. Human activities carried out on this planet are the main causes of the disastrous […]

Level of Credibility in the USA

1. Al Gore – Former U.S. Presidential Candidate Current Occupation: Environmental Conservation Advocate 2. Warren Buffet – CEO Berkshire Hathaway, 2nd Richest Man in the World, Estimated fortune $55 Billion Current Occupation: Investor, Philanthropist 3. Oprah Winfrey – first Billionaire African American, Pioneer of televised intimate public discourse Current Occupation – Retired, Philanthropist. 4. Mark […]

When a Woman Turns into a Warrior: Offred, of Women’s Bondage

Living in a brand new world can turn out less pleasant than one could have expected, leading to the gloomy jail of anti-utopia. Telling the story of Offred’s miserable life and frightening liberation, this dark anti-utopia gives plenty of food for thoughts. Because of the aggressive environment and the oppressive atmosphere that Offred was growing […]

Steps for business purchase

Introduction The growth of MahmoudCo has not been matched by growth in its software hence creating a disparity, which negatively affects the business operations. Before embarking into any purchase, different considerations have to be made in order to determine whether the company is operating optimally in the provision of goods and services. Identification of the […]

ESL Strategies: Stand-alone ESL Program

Stand-alone ESL program Stand-alone ESL program normally groups LEP (Limited English Proficient) students together and subjects them to learning in a manner similar to that used in teaching other foreign languages. The program operates solely to serve LEP students who are separated from the rest of their colleagues and confined in an environment where their […]