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Prosocial Skills

The Role of Nature and Nature in Development Prosocial skills among growing children are vital. These are skills that involve sharing and cooperation and they normally develop through three stages. First, children must decide whether to help if they can or not, at any given time and this phase is referred to as the recognition […]

Nintendo Company in Japane

Situation Analysis. When Nintendo Company was initially launched in 1800s, it was manufacturing and selling playing cards. The company diversified its production line later to produce electronic games to overcome the stiff completion it was facing by then. Nowadays, the company specializes in designing and selling of motion-sensor control games mainly for children. The company […]

Innovation in Brazil

Innovation is increasingly becoming a fundamental aspect in the development of the modern world. Apart from development of services and products for purposes of improving quality, innovation also involves new business systems, processes and methods of management, all of which present a very significant impact on business productivity and development. As it would be observed, […]

Thomas Green Case

Introduction The case of Thomas Green is, perhaps, one of the most graphic examples of a communication process going wrong because of a wrong leadership approach adopted and the lack of conflict management skills demonstrated by all parties involved. Despite the fact that some of the ideas that Green voiced during the meeting seemed rational, […]

Data Collection in Intelligence

Intelligence in the United States is considered as a specialized product of information. Its sources emanate from an effective collection, assimilation, analysis and interpretation of data. The ability of the intelligence community to generate requisite information depends on the capacity to collect relevant and precise data. Therefore, the adopted methodology is critical in developing acceptable […]

Product Place: Lush Location Strategy

Due to the unique characteristics of the Lush Company’s industry of operation, it is vital to balance the elements of intangibility, inseparability, and heterogeneity in the 4Ps of its market mix (Eldring, 2009). Therefore, it is important to establish means and ways of reaching the potential market consisting of sensitive clients through the following strategies. […]

The Clowning Around Company

The main idea, what is the key selling proposition across all communications? The main idea is to employ marketing communications to help the ‘Clowning Around’ business to grow faster than ever before. This will involve using messages and related media to pass information and engage or communicate with the target audiences. The key selling proposition […]

Trends in the Workplace

HR Functions that will be Affected by the MRP System From a critical point of view, there are several human resource (HR) functions that will be affected by the incorporation and the implementation of this system. First, I predict that this system will affect the transactional functions of the HR department. Transactional activities include the […]

Technology and Leadership

Introduction Instructional design is the usage of a methodical style to provide a solution to an instructional challenge. It starts with the identification of the challenges facing learners and then establishes whether an instructional method provides the most efficient solution (Wagner, 2011). Such solutions apply appropriate technology and theoretical approach to learning. This essay undertakes […]

“Winning” by Jack Welch

Strengths, weaknesses and assumptions in Jack Welch’s framework for differentiating employees In his book “Winning”, Jack Welch (2005) provides a well-developed framework for managing people in an organization through employee differentiation. The ‘20/70/10 Differentiation’ framework is primarily a way of breaking down employees into three groups based on their performance (Welch, 2005). The purpose of […]

Behavior change theory

Introduction According to the article, behavioral change is very vital in the development of good health and productive outcomes. Application of behavior change theory aids in inducing change of behavior among health workers. Essentially, the application of behavior change theory depends on factors such as changing multiple behaviors and medical adherence of individuals. The implementation […]

Modern Popular Culture

Introduction Many people misconceive that modern popular culture entirely propagates immoral ideologies, including violence, racism, and drug abuse, among others. However, the society should remember that modern popular culture defines behaviors that are famous in the modern world regardless of their morality. This implies that opinion leaders and mass media can propagate morally right behaviors […]

Healing Meditation

Introduction Meditation is a process of a determined focus on a sound, thing, movement or just attention to enhance awareness of the current moment, decrease anxiety, boost recreation and uphold personal and spiritual advancement (Seaward, 2012, pp. 67-74). Even if meditation is a significant religious endeavor in some religions and customs, it could be carried […]

Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior

This paper highlights ethical issues of concern in organizational behavior, stressing their importance in organizations and how individual influences can impact on the ethical behavior of their employees. The paper, in addition, gives a detailed contemporary example of an ethical issue that was reported on Wall Street Journal. In line with its context, this paper […]

Compensation, Benefits and Information Systems

The reasons for employee benefits Most modern organizations are recognizing the employees’ compensation as one of the significant organization practices. Studies indicate that not only the employees that benefit from such practices but also the organizations (Shields, 2009). Most organizations perceive employees’ compensations as being costly. However, the benefits surpass the costs involved. In essence, […]

Innovation Pessimism: Has the Ideas Machine Broken Down?

Background Appearing in the world’s renowned newspaper “The Economist”, the article “Innovation Pessimism: Has the Ideas Machine Broken Down?” sheds light on the factors that may have contributed to the stagnation of the global technological advancements and subsequent economic growth in recent decades. This paper summarizes and analyzes the article using the framework of supply […]

The complexity of relationships between americans and the representatives of other nationalities through the prism of literature

In the “melting pot” of the United States, intercultural relationships have always been complicated (Bayor 98). Despite the fact that the numerous attempts at restoring the balance between the American culture and the culture of the minorities have failed so far, which can be traced in the regular instances of injustice and violence among the […]

The Right Moral Choice for the US in Response to Chemical Weapons attack in Syria

Introduction Some of the questions that have dominated the popular media and debates worldwide concern the situation in Syria and the question of the United States’ involvement in the ongoing events in Syria. The humanitarian situation in Syria has worsened in the past few months due to increase in the scale of violence resulting from […]

Growth strategies and key fundamentals

Growth strategy is a tactical plan devised and executed for the purpose of business expansion. Growth strategies should be part and parcel of every business whether small or big. Expansion strategies are specifically essential for small business ventures which get easily influenced even by the slightest alterations in the market. Changes in the customers, price […]

Self-Interest and Discrimination in Sociology

Self-interest is referred to as egocentrism, the practice of individuals taking advantage of opportunities. People with self-interest always center on personal welfare without any regard for others. People should stop self-interest in a society because it promotes egoism and a lack of social accountability to societal problems. Existence of such behavior in society shows a […]

Data Capture & New Media

As it would be observed, modern technology has brought certain advantages to the current human generation in all aspects of life. Communication sector is indeed one of the major beneficiaries of this outstanding transition. One really can’t be wrong to imagine the immense wonders which the modern technology has brought into our lives as something […]

Deontological Ethics in Business

Introduction This paper is based on a branch of normative ethics called deontology. In deontological ethics, employees are required to perform their duties according to the given instructions. They are supposed to perform their duties as instructed because doing otherwise amounts to an unethical practice (Seven oaks school, 2013). As an engineer, I would recommend […]

Instagram in Our Life

Introduction Confinement of photographs to a square silhouette was unheard of until Instagram emerged. Instagram is an online service that facilitates photo-sharing and social networking. It allows users to take pictures, filter them using digital filters, and then share them on social networking sites of their choice. Company background The advent of Instagram brought a […]

Blade Runner Movie

Ever since the movie Blade Runner was first launched in 1982, the question on minds of many has been: Is Deckard really a replicant? Currently, majority of people who have watched Blade Runner believe that Deckard, just like Rachael, is a replicant who consider himself a human being. To some people, Decker’s glowing eyes (a […]

Performance Appraisal Systems

StopNShopToday Inc has to adopt a performance appraisal system which will objectively evaluate and allow continuous interaction between its employees and managers. The Employee Performance Appraisal System should enable the managers provide objective descriptions and evaluations of the employees’ performance standards. There are several types of performance appraisal systems which can be adopted by StopNShopToday […]

Corporate Governance Laws and Approaches

Corporate governance comprises a series of laws and legal approaches that are employed in directing and controlling corporations. It focuses on the external and internal components of a corporate entity and is intended to achieve the objectives of supervising the activities of managers and directors for the purpose of minimizing or eliminating risks. Country governance […]

Marxism and Post-Marxism

An organization is a group of people who work together with coordinated efforts to achieve certain objectives or goals. Organizational goals and objectives are of various categories and it is this variation of the goals and objectives which classify organizations into three main categories namely profit making; service based and social responsibility based organizations (Murray, […]

The Adoption of Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

The two weeks United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992 (dubbed The Earth Summit) was a landmark summit that heralded global consensus on attaining ecological and sustainable development appreciative of the deepening crisis arising from global ecological degradation. The need to adopt eco-efficiency during the […]

Sharks Preservation

Sharks are vibrant apex predators, which are generally important in the maritime lifecycle. However, the larger ones are worn-out quicker than they are expected to breed. In fact, this portends the dependability of aquatic ecosystem around the globe. It is zealous having sharks given that for more than forty million years, they have been necessary […]

An Artificial Satellite

An artificial satellite is an object that has been put into orbit in outer space by human effort. A remote sensing satellite contains within it sensors that enable it to collect information about an object without physical contact with the object. There are two types of sensors i.e. passive sensors and active sensors. Passive sensors […]

Affordable Care Act Analysis

Provisions of Affordable Care Act (ACA) that intends to Reduce or Increase Directly the Quantity of Healthcare Consumed The ACA provisions aim at ensuring provisions of quality and affordable healthcare to all Americans. Some of the ACA provisions will alter the quantity of healthcare consumed. The first part of the essay is going to show […]

Attitude Alignment

Attitudes change over a given period of time. The process of attitude change is dependent on variables that exist in the daily lives of people and related to the process of socialization as well. Human nature is social, and therefore, the process of change of attitude is highly influenced by this factor as it is […]