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Acceptable Use Policy Essay


Acceptable Use Policy is (UAP) is a written document based on agreement between or among the users of computer in a community for a common good. They also have to promise that they will not violate those rules. This document stipulates on the use including the malpractices or unacceptable uses and the consequences for non-compliance. UAP is mostly used when one is registering intranet.

The users may include internet providers in universities, schools, businesses or corporations. However, web owners use this policy to restrict the use of their network. The owners are the website providers, network managers or large computer systems. Owners have the authority to change the policies regarding the use of the internet or intranet (Jahankhani, Ali & Feng Hsu, 2009).

Acceptable Use Policy covers the provisions for network etiquette, which is the limitation to the users of network and a clear and precise extents of privacy of members. Acceptable User Policies contains examples that show the importance of the policy in real-world situations.

Additionally, it is commonly known to organizations that offer network services like schools or companies. The policy is mainly used in protection of young people that are majorly vunerable to inappropriate language usage, pornography and pornographic content, and other adult contents. Under large bussiness organizations, the horizon widens to allow incorporation of issues tha will assist in protecting the operations of the organization.

The integral part of AUP is the set of conventional principles that the users need to exhibit as they enjoy the internet or intranet. Code of conduct stipulates the extent to which users use network, the language tused when they are online especially on social sites and avoid illegal activities that the organisations doesn’t allow.

The company or the organisation offering internet have the consequences on the violation of AUP. This may include warnings being verbal or on a written document, suspension or termination of a member or a legal action.

Security Audit is a systematic and technical way of assesing the operating system of a computer and how security policies are employed in one or more sites that users intend to visit..Security Audit in a computer makes the user of a computer to be aware of the prevailing risks that the computer might bear.

It measures the risk and influences the users to reduce the risk (Bidgoli, p, 30). My computer has a pre-installed Windows 7 Starter as its operating system, and it is the only in use. Other soft wares are Microsoft Word 2007, and it is quite stable compared with other windows.

Kaspersky Pure 3.0 is the antivirus that my computer is using. It protects the system from malicious viruses that are potential of crushing the system. It is enabled and active. It carries out a full scan on the computer whenever am starting it. During my early stages of installation, some malicious viruses were found but proper treatment was done to the infected files.

Kaspersky also has ability to countercheck on the databases and if need be, install new updates. Java is not installed. The browsers that are in use are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Windows Firewall is on, under the Domain profile. Inbound or outbound that do not match are blocked.

I am the only one using this computer so all the passwords are protected. Kaspersky also has a password manager so my accounts are safe. Incompatible soft wares are deleted by this antivirus giving me total security. It also protects the keypad. Screen saver is not configured and does not require a password to clear it. Passwords are considered strong since they are six to eight digit codes both for online purposes and to the computer system. Not all the accounts listed ‘administrator’ are acceptable to me.

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