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Johntech Website does not wish to publish this Acceptable Usage Policy with the intention of curtailing the Johntech visitors’ freedom or undermine the culture of freedom of expression, openness, and trust. Johntech website intends to protect the website’s visitors from damaging or illegal actions by individuals with malicious intentions.


The purpose of this AUP is to specify the acceptable behaviors for visitors of the interactive Johntech website hosted by John a technical computer expert with extensive experience in the field of computer technology. Misuse of the interactive website might lead to some users posting illegal links, using abusive language, and posting links that contain viruses. Actions like these ones might lead to complicated legal issues for both Johntech and the website users.


This policy applies to the website users who may wish to comment on any issues, inquire about various technological issues, reply to any of the posted queries, and provide any new information. The AUP also applies to vendors who might use the website for advertising purposes either directly or indirectly.


Johntech wishes to make it clear to all website users that no special privileges are accorded to any particular visitor. The website’s administrator does not communicate directly with any visitors except on an official capacity. Any communication with the administrator should be initiated through the website’s “contact” section.

The website’s users are responsible for using their good judgment when they are posting or commenting about posted materials. The website may sometimes be unavailable for short periods in lieu of maintenance and upgrades. The users’ internet protocol addresses may be recorded and stored by the website in order to assist in the settling of any legal disputes.

Unacceptable Behavior

All these behaviors are prohibited; use of abusive language, posting of materials without registering with the website first, posting unauthorized download links, direct advertising, and posting more than five comments concerning a single post.


The website’s administrator is at liberty to deregister any visitor who contravenes any of the above rules. All posts that contain a web link have to be authorized by the website’s administrator first. This process may take a period of up to five hours. Johntech is at liberty to reject any posts without warning or explanation.

Security Audit

The following information relates to the audit conducted on a personal computer on April 10, 2013. A scan of the computer’s operating system revealed that only two updates were missing. The first one concerned a music organizing software program, Musicmatch, and the other one concerned Mozilla Firefox the web browser.

The computer has a functional and up to date antivirus program. The license of the Karspesky antivirus program installed in the computer is due for renewal in four months time. An evaluation of this antivirus program revealed it was functional. A full system scan revealed that there were no viruses in the computer.

There are two user accounts in this computer. The first one belongs to the administrator and the other one belongs to the computer’s guest users. The administrator’s account is password protected while the one for visitors is not. The computer’s firewall is enabled and no other security notifications pop up in the computer’s screen.

The administrator has configured a screen saver that is effective after five minutes of idle time. To clear this screen saver, the administrator needs a password. The passwords used in this computer have been in operation for the last two years and they cannot therefore be considered “strong”. The audit revealed no major security threats.

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