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Telecommunication Project: Bluetooth Expository Essay

Bluetooth is a new technology, which is being adopted at a global scale in a rapid rate. This technology provides innovative and unique services to groups of workers or professional workers while using portable devices.

As such, the rapid developments in this technology will lead to a replacement of clumsy wires and ensure that automatic transfer of information takes place.

This will occur effectively when both software and hardware for the Bluetooth technology are synchronized automatically.

Bluetooth is a new wireless technology, which enables an effective transfer of data over low bandwidth connection. This technology received its name from Harold Bluetooth who was the Danish King of the 10th Century.

This technology has the ability of overcoming the challenge of synchronization since it has the potential of connecting a myriad of devices. Special Interest Group (SIG) is the body, which has the mandate of managing Bluetooth.

This body comprises of approximately 16,000 companies, which operate in technology related fields such as computing, telecommunication, electronics for consumers, and social and corporate networking. As such, this body supervises and manages specification, as well as qualification program.

As such, Bluetooth technology was selected for this proposal. This is because the intended project seeks to use a technology, which is protected and quantified for use.

The proposal focuses on ensuring that modern technology is applied and implemented effectively. That is why Bluetooth technology was selected as the main form of technology for the intended project.

The project proposed will involve the development of an efficient autonomous guidance system, which has the ability to orientate users who are sightless. This will grant an opportunity of eliminating the undue congestion, which is caused by the sightless users on the streets.

This system gains the term autonomous since it relies on the solar panel as the key source of power. Therefore, the energy source for the system is based on renewable energy source (solar), which makes the system energy sustainable and contributes towards reducing the global energy crisis.

The major compositions of this system are a guide and a user unit (PDA) components. The user unit depicts the Palm PDA, which is a device for personal enabled Bluetooth. This unit has the ability and potential to receive and request only 16-bit code.

On the other hand, the guide is described as a Bluetooth device, which is regarded small and can be installed on several strategic locations easily. These locations include corners of streets and corridors among others. The key components of the guide are the microcontroller and one Bluetooth module that are interlinked.

The working principle of this system is that Palm, which is a hand-held device and contains normal standard Bluetooth option, will be used as a means of making a linkage to the guide.

Once this connection is made successfully, data is send to hand-held from the microcontroller. On the reception of the data, the microcontroller does a noble task of interpreting this data.

This depicts that this system will have a variety of hand-helds so that linkages with the guide will occur successfully in instances where the guide attains its full range.

The project makes a choice of using a microcontroller since the system, which is to be developed needs to be controlled automatically.

Further, microcontrollers have the ability of digitally controlling several devices successfully, and they can be integrated with other components in order to have a single system, which yields the desired benefits.

Their ability to consume little power and adaptability to the use of batteries presents an opportunity of using these components in the project.

The project seeks to make more use of Link Module of the Bluetooth hardware. This is because the Link Module has the mandate of baseband protocols and supports lower level link activities.

These activities include receiving and sending of data over a small bandwidth, performing the function of correction and detection of errors in the data, enabling linkage of various set ups, and facilitating saving of power.

As such, the proposed system focuses on using three capabilities of this Link Module, which are power management, setting up connections, and receiving and sending of data.

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