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Cloud Computing

In the software-as-a-service, the retailerprovides the software product,the hardware infrastructure and networks with the user via a front-end portal. In conclusion, software as a service cloud computing is not going to dominate the next several [...]

Ethics in Design

Basically, ethics can be defined as the branch of philosophy that deals with the moral principles of a person with respect to the appropriateness and wrongness of particular measures and to the goodness and badness [...]

The American Red Cross

The stakeholders of this organization must ensure they compel it to account for its financial expenses. This case study shows that ARC has failed to fulfill the expectations of its sponsors and this is a [...]

Utley Food Markets

Pay for performance system will have a possible number of consequences to the Utley management, these effects will be mainly centered on the way that the system is incorporated into the organization, the culture of [...]

The Concept of Film Noir

Other than this a prominent quality of this genre is the development of negative behaviors in heroes or ant-heroes usually generated by Femme Fatale which is the depiction of Women in Film Noirs in a [...]

The Game Changer

Main points of the article China has turned into a revolutionary power in its effort to maintain political stability and economic growth Revolutions within the country have largely been responsible for China's impact on the [...]