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Teenager Of Alcoholics

Introduction Acceptance is a feeling that emerges from individual’s need for approval and acceptance. This behavioural pattern begins at an early age and continues although life to adulthood but it is at peak during teenage stage. The teenagers are in the process of emulating or declining the parental guidance since they need their freedom and […]

The use of Internet/Digital Technology to Motivate Learners

This paper aims at reaching curriculum developers and educators to bring into focus the need to integrate ICT in the contemporary education system. Introduction Following the currently advancing technology across the world, various strategies have been established to reduce the gaps between Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and education, especially in science education. With the […]

The effect of Polymers on environment Vs Glass

Polymers are substances that consist of repeating units of carbon and hydrogen. Some polymers that occur naturally may include proteins, latex and even cellulose. These materials are commonly referred to as plastics. Some of the polymers are synthetic and are produced from industrial processes. Polymerization refers to the degree in which repeating components form one […]

Civilization in ancient Egypt

The basic element of ancient civilization in Egypt besides its geography is religion. The government, literature, astronomy, medicine and arts formed their basis on religion. It is therefore justified to say that religion was integral to the Egyptians way of life. Since the earliest beginnings of religion in Egypt, changes in religious themes, way of […]

Are People Superior to Animals?

Many people think that they are superior to animals. People think they are real masters of all animals. Nonetheless, many thinkers, writers, poets, artists and even ordinary people know that this assumption is absolutely incorrect. People cannot be superior as they are simply tiny elements in the Universe. Italian authors Leopardi, Calvino, Morante and Pirandello […]

The Current African Crisis

The current African crises can be expounded through analyzing the systematic obliteration of African countries as well as the scarcity, abuse, and seclusion of the African countries through consecutive historical undertakings such as slave trade, imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism. This essay seeks to examine the book ‘Fundi wa Africa’ by Muiu Mueni and Martin, Guy, […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be defined as a group of controls and policiesthat aim at securing data, applications, and the associated services of cloud computing.Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one group of services offered by cloud computing(Amrhein and Scott 1). In the software-as-a-service, the retailerprovides the software product,the hardware infrastructure and networks with the user via a front-end […]

Chrysler Corporation Business

Introduction Currently, the automotive industry is very saturated with various car manufacturers. The level of competition in this industry has increased the adoption of novel technologies intended to improve the quality of the manufactured car brands as well as competitive advantage. Despite the existence of many industrial leaders namely Ford, General Motors amongst others, Chrysler […]

Damages of Tsunami to Human Beings

Tsunami can be defined as a sequence of ocean waves of bizarrely enormous length that are engendered by incessant uproars of the earth’s outer layer. This sticking force causes mass destruction of property and human beings. There is also a widespread epicenter under or near the ocean, and with a vertical displacement of the ocean […]

Variety and Sincerity: Something to Sing About: the Ashland University Spring Choral Concert

On March 21st, the Ashland Area Chorus, the Ashland Chamber Choir, the Ashland Women’s Choir, and the University Choir presented a spring concert in the Miller Chapel, titled “Something to Sing About”. Rowland Blackeley and Stephanie Sikora were the directors of this interesting program. It was a pleasure to have the names of all the […]

Manzanar & Japanese American Internment

Introduction Manzanar which is located in Owens Valley, California adjacent to the Sierra Nevada is one of ten camps in which over one hundred and twenty thousand Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II including over one hundred children who subsisted in an orphanage that was identified as the Children’s Village (Nadeau 12). Manzanar […]

Male dominance as depicted two collections of short stories “Woman hollering creek” and “Drown.”

Woman hollering creek is a collection of short stories written by Sandra Cisneros in 1991.The stories are about the experiences of people living on the Mexican and United States border; they want to remain attached to their Mexican heritage but they are also lured by the American lifestyle. The woman hollering creek collection is about […]

Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler

Saddam Hussein A man full of determination and persistence, something that majority of world leader get along with in haste. He was born in 28th, April 1937 in Tikrit village, in Iraq. His thirst for readership oozed up when he was still a student, since 1957, while he was still at the university he was […]

Dorothy Allison’s Trash

Introduction “Trash” is a collection of several short stories. In this collection, Allison focuses on her main agenda concerning politics, emotions and aesthetics. Having been brought up in a poor family background surrounded by poverty and suffering, Allison is not disturbed by what she went through and insists that nothing can make her change her […]

Casablanca the Movie

Introduction The essay is a critical analysis of the movie Casablanca. The movie was directed by Curtiz Michael, produced by Wallis, H., Epstein, P. & Epstein J and was released back in 1942. It stars Bogart Humphrey, Henreid Paul as well as Bergman Ingrid. Those featured in the movie include Rains, Claude, Veidt Conrad, Lorre […]

Public and Private Investigations

Criminal and other undesirable behaviors among human beings have been in existence for as long as the history of mankind. There has therefore been a need to stem these problems since they affect the members of a society either directly or indirectly. The government has the sole responsible of ensuring the security and general well-being […]

Ways of Seeing: Similarities in Point of View in Cathedral and A Conversation with My Father

The short stories Cathedral by Raymond Carver and A Conversation with My Father by Grace Paley, while they differ in characterization, both employ a detached narrative point of view to create an emotional experience of profound isolation in the reader. In Carver’s (2006) story, we learn the emotional isolation experienced by the narrator almost immediately, […]

Artists in Exile: How Refugees from Twentieth-Century War and Revolution Transformed the American Performing Arts, By Joseph Horowitz

In this book, Horowitz talks about a range of artists who moved to America in the middle of the twentieth century, how they adapted to their new environment and also their influence on the performing arts. These artists migrated as a result of war, mainly the Second World War and other political reasons. The author […]

American History: The Kingdom of Matthias

Introduction The Kingdom of Matthias is a great literary work that is as intriguing as it is captivating. Its capture of a myriad of characters with divergent cultures and social class and its basis on contemporary issues that affected the people of the time is particularly of great interest and makes the story equally authentic […]

Five Reasons to Trust the Government and Five Reasons not to Trust the Government

Introduction The main role of the government is to guide and secure effectiveness of the social units that constitute the public. Political debates mainly influence government undertakings and therefore the strength, effectiveness or efficiency of the political system highly depends on trust and support that the public accords its leaders. In order to gain the […]

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Christened Augustine at birth in Tagaste on November 384, St Augustine of Hippo was born to Patricius and Monica. His father, Patricius grew up as a pagan and one of the curiales of their city until his wife’s Christianity, coupled with her virtuous ways, pushed him into conversion and baptism into Christianity before he died […]

Under Armour Business Plan

Executive Summary Under Armour is at the final stages of introducing a new product to its current product line. The product, known as The Sharp Shooter, is a soccer boot that will target the lower end of the market. The purpose of this business plan is to offer a concise explanation of the business goals […]

Julius Caesar and Rome

How Julius Caesar came into conflict with his political opponents in Rome Caesar was an ambitious army general who commanded fifty thousand soldiers. It was through their support that he managed to conquer new territories for Rome. Certain members of the political system interpreted this as a ruthless endeavor. They believed that Caesar was driven […]

Sony Corporation

Company Overview Sony Corporation (Sony) is one of the leading electronics manufacturing and distribution Companies in the world. The company deals with the design, development, manufacture, and sale of products such as communication products, televisions, video and audio products among other electronic components (Städtler, 2011). Apart for this entity, it also offers insurance services through […]

Operations Management: Ben & Jerry Homemade Inc.

a. Why Ben & Jerry ice-cream production serves as an illustration of secondary production Secondary production entails the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. The production process might generate two types of goods namely capital goods and consumer goods. During secondary production, value is usually added to the inputs of raw materials. This is […]

Physical Domain, Deforestation and Trends

Deforestation is the cutting of forests and trees where the land is thereafter converted to farming use or may remain idle and in the end be degraded in ways such as soil erosion or desertification. Examples of deforestation include change of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use. Deforestation trees are mainly used for charcoal, […]

Understanding Religions without Biases

Introduction When studying religion, it is of paramount importance for the researcher or the professional to adopt a way that is not biased. It is of great importance as well to understand that the study of religion calls for one to lay aside the perceptions they have obtained from the seminary or any other instructional […]

The Case against Legalization of Abortion

The issue of whether to legalize abortion or not remains an emotive one. With improvements in healthcare standards, and with a major breakdown in the social support structures that made it easy for people who had unplanned children to cope, abortions have been on the rise. However, while there can be very strong reasons to […]

Is Using Cell Phone Dangerous?

Overtime, our lives have been tremendously been transformed with the mobile phone technology. We are able to attend to issues at our work place and even at our homes without the need of us appearing there physically. Nowadays, instead of writing long letters to your friends, you can use the mobile Short Message Service (SMS) […]

Extra Credit Microtheme

In The Story of an Hour, Louise Mallard is a young and beautiful lady. The author describes her as a woman who has a fair and calm face that portrays her as a strong woman. She is full of youth. However, she has a heart problem that her friends and relatives think might put her […]

Employee Training and Development

Organizations have a need for regular skills assessment. Assessments are important to an organization in several ways. A thoughtful performance assessment procedure helps to create a better working environment and a strong organization. Organizations are interested in increasing the skill or rather proficiency level of their existing employee talent. In other instances, it is just […]

Egypt’s Economic Structure

Abstract This memo explores the economic structure of Egypt and its composition. It also highlights the major economic sectors and their contribution to the Gross Domestic Product. Over and above, the memo gives figures of the macro-economic indicators in the recent years. Finally, the memo touches on the composition of Egypt’s imports and its trading […]

Research about Civil Engineering

Introduction There are various engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. However, of these three engineering disciplines, civil engineering is broad. In fact, civil engineering comprises of many other smaller disciplines that can on be engineering disciplines by themselves. The reason why civil engineering is dominant over other engineering disciplines is that it […]

Left brain Vs Right brain

It is interesting that one is required by law to have a license to operate an automobile but not to operate the brain yet the latter is a more sophisticated device that, nevertheless, works according to relatively simple principles. The brain is a triune structure that consists of three different parts, each having its own […]

The Homosexual Lifestyle Issues

Introduction Many people oppose the issue of same sex marriage vehemently, some out of religious prejudice while others out of personal opinion and taste. Others believe it is a human right which should not be denied or attract any kind of discrimination and intimidation. Same sex marriage is gaining acceptance in many countries and societies; […]

Sports and Religion

Religion is an efficacious element of society since it forms a basis for various systems of meaning, that are of great assistance to people in handling the reality of ultimate issues and questions. These systems of meaning are informative on ideas that concern movement, the body, physical activities, and sports. They also inform on people’s […]

The Art of Great Wall

The Great Wall of China, one of the world’s wonders and one of the greatest engineering projects in the history of the humankind is surrounded by myths and controversy which attract researchers and tourists all over the world. Preserved since ancient times, the Great Wall of China consists of scattered fragments which were built as […]

Financial Analysis for Jack in the Box Inc.

Introduction The financial statements do not provide a comprehensive overview of the financial performance of the company. Therefore, it is important to use several techniques to evaluate the financial performance of the company. An example of such a technique is ratio analysis. Ratio analysis enables the stakeholders to evaluate the profitability, liquidity, and solvency of […]

The Noah’s ark myth

Noah’s Ark is a vessel, which according to the Book of Genesis (chapters 6-9), was built by Noah at God’s command to save himself, his family, and the world’s animals from a global torrent. Bailey (10) observes that “the narrative of the ark is found in Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.” In […]

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence(EI) is defined as “the capacity for recognizing a person’s own feelings and those of others, for motivating themselves and for managing emotions well in themselves and other relationships” (Goleman, 1998). Serat (2009) on the other hand defines EI as the “ability, capacity, skill or self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and manage the emotions […]

“Will” Theory in the Modern Context

The role of psychology grows, as human civilization develops: new researches are conducted, and new psychological areas of a human being are investigated. More and more people search for application of theoretical knowledge on psychology into working sphere of people’s life. Each employer is interested in his staff’s motivations and will on a workplace, because […]

Benefits of uterine family

The kinship system practiced in China is categorized as a Sudanese kinship system (also known as descriptive system) applied in defining families. This kind of kinship system is the most complex kinship system as there is a clear distinct title for each member of the kin depending on gender, age, generation and lineage. According to […]

Theories of Personality

Through the eyes of a person who has watched the movie “Interview with the Iceman”, Richard Kuklinski, who could not stop at anything that could prevent him from murdering his victims, is a hardened serial killer, whose personality is attributed to the brutal up bringing he received from his equally brutal parents: a father who […]

The issues in business management

One of the issues in business management and growth arise from the application of characters in order to realize business goals. One of the issues that make character to be of importance than other issues is dependence. This is the aspect of having something with which someone relies one. While this is an inborn aspect, […]

Components of the disorder found in O.J. Simpson’s personality.

Normal people don’t usually repeatedly do things considered abnormal; if abnormal things are repeatedly done then the person doing them can be assumed to be abnormal until proven otherwise (Friedenberg & Silverman 2005). The behavior exhibited is maladaptive or better still can be considered to constitute mental illness. Any behavior exhibited that could be showing […]

Media and the War in Iraq

Session A: Cultural studies The cultural studies approach to the effects of media and media related aspects suggests that there can be three main hypothesis and explanations. The first of such hypothesis uses capitalism as the basis of segregation of the society into subgroups and alienated groupings. These groupings are based on social economic ethical […]

Maketing report – McDonald’s

Strategic analysis McDonald’s Mission Statement “McDonald’s vision is to be the world’s best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile”. Comments from management In the company’s annual reports of the year 2010, the Vice Chairman and CEO, […]

Analyze: “The Case for Contamination” by Kwame Anthony Appiah

Religion refers to a set of attitudes related to temperament, rationale as well as reason for cosmos. When considered to be the formation of phenomenal organization or an agency, these attitudes concerning custom observances over and over again have an ethnical policy through the behavior of relationship between individuals (Appiah, 2006). The term religion can […]

Korean and Japanese Honorific Systems

Honorific is considered as an address form which portrays respect towards the addressee and are classified according to addressee’s title. Suffix endings such as Professor, Mister, Coach, Officer, Captain, Sir, and so forth are some examples which are commonly used. Every language has these kinds of honorifics and Asian societies have honorifics which are essential […]

Health Care Costs for Smokers

Abstract The population of smokers is increasing rapidly hence there is increase in smoking-related diseases. This increase has greatly made annual spending on health care costs to be high and most people are debating if smokers should pay for their own medical expenses acquired from smoke-related diseases. This paper discusses the issue of smokers being […]

Literature Review: Theories of Occupational Health and Safety

The field of occupational health and safety is evolving very rapidly because of developments in the related fields such as human psychology. As social scientists develop new theories to explain human behavior, application disciplines such as occupational health and safety update their methods in order to concur with the latest findings. The La_Camera restaurant, along […]

Understanding Cities and Regions

Understanding cities and regions is a significantly complicate and confusing task. This process enables individuals and government agencies to effectively plan for resource distribution and management of regions. A city refers to an entity that occupies space or an element in a network of urban centres. On the other hand, a region entails an intermediary […]

Heinekein Company

Company Profile Heineken is one of the largest beer brands in the world. In addition the company has more than 165 international. In this company the main aim is to have a worldwide best brand portfolio and be the leading brewer. Today beer is widely available and enjoyed in most countries and cultures all over […]

Introducing the calcium-fortified Pepsi drink in the UAE

Introduction Consumers are generally influenced by two factors: internal influences and external influences. Internal influences are personal feelings and thought that includes self-concept, motivation, attitudes, emotions and perceptions. These factors generally influence perception, purchasing patterns, and attitude customers develop towards a product or a service offered by business. Besides, these factors are directly linked to […]

Ethics in design

Basically, ethics can be defined as the branch of philosophy that deals with the moral principles of a person with respect to the appropriateness and wrongness of particular measures and to the goodness and badness of the intentions and ends of such measures. These rules of conduct are usually acknowledged in respect to a particular […]

Contemporary Planning Theory: The Shift to Inclusion

City planners are guided by the principle of non discrimination in their policy formulation and planning endeavors. In their efforts, they endeavor to provide level play ground on which equal opportunities are availed or awarded to individuals in society. The local agencies that plan for society focus on the general welfare of the whole society. […]

Power of Women’s Rights

Introduction The struggle for women’s rights and abolition were intricately linked movements of the 19th century. Professor Kelton in fact has argued that the former was in many ways an unintended outcome of the latter. Kathryn Kish Sklar is one of the women who were born in the early 19th century and played a great […]

The American Red Cross

Introduction The American Red Cross was established in 1881 to offer emergency relief services, first aid and disaster management courses. This organization has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. (U.S.A.) even though it has branches and affiliate organizations in many other countries all over the world. Clara Barton established this society after her experience with the […]

Capital budgeting practice

Preferred capital budgeting NPV and IRR are the most recurrently used capital budgeting practice, judging by the retorts of the interviewees (Graham & Harvey, 2001). The outcomes depended on the nature of the firm and its supervisory distinctiveness. Large firms are comprehensively more prone to use NVP as contrasted to miniature firms. Vastly levered firms […]

Utley Food Markets

The new Utley management would like to establish a pay-for-performance system. What does this mean to the Utley management? Pay for performance system will have a possible number of consequences to the Utley management, these effects will be mainly centered on the way that the system is incorporated into the organization, the culture of the […]

Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism Rituals

Introduction Buddhism and Hinduism are some of the popular religions in the world with their origins dating back to the Common Era in India. To some extent, these religions share similar ideologies and origin, even though Hinduism is older than Buddhism and ranks third in terms of popularity world. Despite the various similarities between these […]

How primary resources can debunk the misconception that Darwin proposed the first theory of evolution

Introduction The theory of evolution by natural selection or survival for the fittest suggests that living things have undergone some gradual changes since time in memorial. That all things have a common origin, from nonliving to living and that complex creatures have evolved from simple ones through processes of mutation that enable them have some […]

Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors is a motor vehicle production company based in Tokyo, Japan. It is a large scale industry that has been recognized worldwide. Its first motor vehicle production was in 1917. It was incorporated in 1970 and became a public company in 1988. It is currently run as a partnership business under the Mitsubishi Family […]

Marketing Plan for a baking magazine

Executive Summary This marketing plan gives a description of a magazine that shall specialize in baking as one of the essentials in a modern day’s home. The magazine under the name “Baker’s Bliss” will primarily feature a collection of menus and recipes of various cakes and pastries carefully selected to cater for specific occasions. It […]

Critique of Stolfi’s Argument

During the course of recent decades, there has been a clear tendency among many Western historians to strive to distort the history of WW2, especially when underlying reasons for Germany’s attack of Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 is being concerned. Russell Stolfi’s 1991 book Hitler’s Panzers East represents the perfect example of historical pseudo-revisionism, […]

Application of Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory

Introduction This paper aims to discuss the application of the two-factor theory in project management. This model was introduced by Frederick Herzberg in late fifties, and since that time it has become very popular among business administrators. Our key task is to show how project management can use it to motivate the employees who participate […]

Entrepreneurship & Strategic Thinking

Abstract This paper is about footwear industry of USA. It discussed the major market segments and respective target customer of the USA shoe market. The internal and external analysis of the industry will help to understand where US footwear industry is standing today and what its scope is. PEST Analysis Political: Political instability effect people […]

Presence Human Purpose and the Field of the Future

The Book “Presence Human Purpose and the Field of the Future” by Senge et al (2007) is based on three main steps of leadership: Sensing, presencing and realizing. The book states that leadership presents a challenge for every one to become better, wholesome and reflective. The book gets its name from the presencing step, whereby […]

History of Art and Design

Introduction Art and design are two concepts that have been in existence for centuries (Watson 55). Art work was mostly inspired by the issues that revolved around the community in the ancient days. Most of these issues included, economics, politics, society, culture and aesthetics. The forms of designs were object oriented, these were interiors, crafts, […]

Women’s fashion in the Chinese culture since 1978

Mainland China has transformed culturally due to changes emerging from the traditions continuity. From ancient times, Chinese included clothing as a necessity of life, while the Chinese tradition garments were mainly of bright colors. In 1978, Chinese fashion reformed by having an open door policy on fashion, hence adopting the western culture. Hence, the Chinese, […]

Poor Promotion Decision and Human Resource Management

The findings of recent resource management academic studies have demonstrated a direct relationship between the firm’s managerial style, the selected promotion strategies and the business performance of organizations. The Peter principle which was suggested by Laurence J. Peter more than thirty years ago can be implemented for explaining the main underlying causes of poor promotion […]

The Statue and Other Images in Egyptian Religion

Introduction The belief and worship of natural forces is referred to as religion. In all religions, ritual performance plays an important role. In many regions, rituals are performed by specific people and at specific places. Statues, pyramids, pharaohs, gods and temples were significant images in Egyptian religion, which played important roles in the religion. Religion […]

Supply Chain and Logistical Tools and Techniques

New Product Development New Product Development refers to a distinct set of activities that companies use to develop and introduce a product into the market. It has a two concurrent phases. On one hand, there is the product design process culminating in a viable market, while on the other hand, there is the marketing component […]

Cash Connection Study

The following article is a case study of Cash Connection that is a business involved in the short-term lending. Moreover, the article has tried to differentiate its services in a fast growing business that keeps changing because of many factors like saturation in the market and federal government regulations. Allen Franks formed Cash Connection in […]

The Bahai Lotus Temple in New Delhi

Because of its mysterious nature, so alien to the Europeans, the Indian philosophy encourages the Indians create the things which the rest of the world can only stand in owe to, feeling completely breathless and excited to the core. With their specific concept of beauty, the Indians offer the aesthetics filled with the religious and […]

System Feedback Loops for Nutrisystem

Balancing and reinforcing feedback loops in Nutrisystem Nutrisystem is a leading developer and retailer of weight loss products; moreover, this company provides programs and counseling to those people, who suffer from extra weight (Nutrisystem, 2011, unpaged). Overall, this organization offers more than one hundred meal items to its customers, both male and female. This paper […]

Population Ageing in Canada

Introduction Population ageing refers to the aspect of a society in which the number of the elderly people past the retirement age is continually increasing with respect to the total population. An ageing population is normally characterized by increased percentage of the categorized older people in a given society. This paper seeks to discuss the […]

Art During the Renaissance

Introduction The word renaissance refers to a change of state or a revival. It is in context the change in cultural activities recorded among the European countries in the early times beginning from fourteenth century to the seventeenth century. The cultural change brought transformation in many aspects of lives. Among the aspects transformed were economics, […]

Racism in Society

Racism is a relatively new term, invented in the modern age when man discovered science. Using his abilities to understand the natural world he began to make theories, and one of the ideas that he created is the concept of race. There are groups of men and women who were created to rule the world […]

The Concept of Film Noir

One of the most praised and seen movie genres, “Film noir” is considered as a remarkable and classic movie form by the audience. Film noir is that movie form in which dark and criminal events are showed to the audiences. This form serves as a revolutionary genre in Hollywood movies as it played a vital […]

Happiness Meaning

Thesis statement This essay aims to analyze Happiness, what makes happiness special to people, the meaning of it and the essence of it. This essay will pose and attempt to answer the following questions; is happiness good just for what it is? Is a happy life the same thing as meaningful life? Are all things […]

“Carl Jung in the twenty-first century” by David Carter

In this article, David Carter examines the ideas of Carl Jung and their current relevance. First of all, the author points out that this psychologist took interest in many questions such as evolutionary development, aggression, superstition, and biases (2011, p. 442). These issues continue to attract the attention of modern researchers. Additionally, this scholar focuses […]

“The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli

The Prince is a political piece of writing by Niccolo Machiavelli, an Italian political theorist. In this treatise, Machiavelli expounds political views tackling how a prince might access and maintain power. Some critics and analysts alike have branded this work ‘extreme’; however, Machiavelli insists that a prince should maintain a firm principality for its preservation […]

TV Reality and People’s Lifestyle

The TVs have nowadays become something close to a basic need because they are so cheap for everyone to buy. In fact when you get used to it you become addicted such that when it becomes faulty you feel like something is missing in your life. In early days they were a symbol of wealth […]

The Odyssey by Homer

The most striking feature of Odysseus is deception. It is evident that in the land of the gods, the tricksters have a better chance of survival. The reader might view it as acts of lack of honor, which could be true. However, deception was the best resource that Odysseus possessed. The character’s ability to improvise […]

The Game Changer

Synopsis Thesis Statement China’s economic and military power is on the increase and as a result, the country is likely to experience a transformative impact in as far as global politics are concerned1. Main points of the article China has turned into a revolutionary power in its effort to maintain political stability and economic growth […]

SWOT/PEST (LE) Analysis on Cadburys PLC

Introduction Cadbury is the brand of a reputable confectionary company with a diverse assortment of chocolates, gum and candy. The company’s kernel stretches back to 1824 when the company’s pioneer, John Cadbury opened a chocolate shop in Birmingham (Watson 6). Currently, the company is dominant in the chocolate business and boasts an extended global presence […]

The Relation of the Ecosystem Services with Business

Introduction The understanding of an ecosystem is of paramount importance, more so in the process of defining the inter-linkages that exist between businesses and nature. This paper traces its foundation from the definitions that have been attributed to the phrase “ecosystem services.” It is from this definition that the study will take off in demystifying […]