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“We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin

I have just completed reading the manuscript for the book titled We by Yevgeny Zamyatin and would like to recommend that the book should be published for a number of reasons. In conclusion, the book [...]

Participative and Relationship Theories

When the employees are given the chance to express their ideas concerning the improvement of the organization, there is a high probability of the relationship between the employees and the management to be improved.

Shay’s rebellion

In contrast to historical portrayals of the rebels, there was a low correlation between counties with high number of debtors and concentrations of supporters for the rebellion.

Math Modeling For Economics

The product demand and supply and price changes are dynamic aspects of the system and can be modeled through a differential equation with a constant solution referred to as the equilibrium of the equation.

Isolated Families – Australia

Members of some community could face isolation as a result of living in remote neighborhoods which enjoy fewer benefits as compared to those with sufficient resources for education and employment. Social capital has been defined [...]

Information Ecologies-The Next Level

Description of Structure and Purpose The self-declared purpose of the wiki is, "to become the most comprehensive and appropriately structured wiki on the complex interdisciplinary and integrated issue of knowledge management".

The Trojan Women and Everyman

In contrast, the so-called Everyman is affected by several issues such as awareness of one's mortality and the inability to retain values that he earned in the course of the lifetime.

Generic strategy by GlaxoSmithKline plc

The generic strategies adopted by a firm define the position the firm takes in remaining relevant in the market. Secondly, the firm uses the combined generic strategy approach to grow sales of products that are [...]

Obesity and Fast Food

In fact, a larger proportion of the gains in the body mass arise from the escalating promotional activities carried out by the fast-food producing companies such as McDonalds.

Self-Improvement in Education

The vast amount of information in the libraries, online and books purchased outside of educational institutions create a helpful tool to determine the future career choices and goals of an individual.

Concentrating Solar Power

From the point of no greenhouse emissions and the possibility of producing cheap electricity, CSP is not only environmentally friendly by protecting the global climate, but also economically sustainable.

Interactive internet marketing

The strategy is direct and cost-effective, and hence a very effective way of communicating with the users. Furthermore, a regular publication plan makes it possible for the users to know when to find the email.

The Ancient African Art

The poetic meaning of the simplified forms is the ability to represent the naturalistic objects in the forms which are easy to duplicate.
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Urbanisation Impacts

Change within a society may have political, social and economic effects on the society. This essay examines the negative economic and social impacts of changes that are associated with urbanization.

Man of Steel Film Analysis

For instance, Nokia represents the communication industry; Chrysler is the example of company of the transportation industry and sears of the stores industry. The effectiveness of the product placement is closely connected with the success [...]

Problems in Geology of Eldorado Springs

It gives a description of the soil formation in the area. The Eldorado springs mapping of landslide deposit, and specific surficial deposits, field evaluation of engineering characteristics of each unit of map, auger drilling, sampling [...]

The Renewal of Imperial Conflict

Nevertheless, when the Indians returned to the territory of Ohio and established the republics there, the conflicts occurred. The British captured the French lands in the North, but by the end of the war in [...]


A concept research paper can be said to have two versions; one version is where a concept paper is presented before the actual research project takes place, and another version is where a concept paper [...]

Direct Selling in Social Media Networks

One of the benefits of utilizing social networks is the enhanced visibility and transparency that creates trust in the clients. In addition, the accessibility accelerates the process of providing the information for both consumers and [...]