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Contemporary Middle East

The presence of the whites created revolts that were perpetrated on grounds of prejudice Most of the natives therefore stuck to their culture including wearing the veil and speaking the native Arabic.

Intervention strategies

The main aspect engrained in the process of intervention is based on the fact that to intervene is to enter into an existing system, with a structured and planned activity, directed at a targeted person, [...]

AT&T and T-Mobile

However, in terms of the number of subscribers, the firm is the twelfth internationally. New developments Currently, T-Mobile is in the process of completing a merger with AT&T in the US market.

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel

For the hotel industry that is being examined in this paper this means targeting environmentally conscious consumers that wish to stay in the general area for a short period of time, positioning the image of [...]

Servant Leadership

As such, through the work of Jaramillo et al, readers can come to the conclusion that what is necessary within any organization is not only the ability to respond to market trends but the ability [...]

Current Issues in HR

The identification of the specific part played by human resource in adding business value to an organization, the establishment of the general perception on the use of employees to gain competitive advantage within the organization [...]