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Plants in Lakota Folklore

For the Lakota people, as for other Native American population groups, plants were seamlessly integrated into the sacredness of every element of the world around them. The well-known Native American view of the universe accorded to each and every created thing, whether mountain, river, animal, plant, weather event, or celestial body, a quality of the […]

Trans- Atlantic slave trade history

The Royal African Company of London was initiated by King Charles II in his ambition to expand the slave trade of England. King Charles II together with the duke of York invested their own funds into the company to establish it. Miers (45) explains that it was “Initially it was known as the Company of […]

Contemporary Middle East

Introduction The Middle East has been a centre for religious wars. The presence of three major religions makes it volatile especially when it is apparent that Muslims form the greatest percentage. The rising European powers led to seizure and control of certain regions by the colonialists (Gelvin, 2008). The essay elaborates the various issues concerning […]

In the Rhythm of the Heartbeat: The Genius of Mahler

Introduction: Life as a Constant Struggle One of the most prominent people of the epoch, Mahler deserves being called the man who made the world sound in a different way. Without his enchanting and thrilling compositions, the world of art would have lost its specific flair of greatness. Tracing the background of Symphony No.2, one […]

Can Children be Reliable Courtroom Witnesses?

For centuries, the law has had mistrust on statements and testimonies given out by children. Justification of lack of trust was brought about by the fact that the children were viewed incapable of differentiating facts from fantasies. The basis of this notion is supported by the fact that sometimes children lie, especially about sexual abuse […]

Marlene Dietrich as a Star

Nowadays, the utterance of a ‘sex-symbol’ term invokes the images of a number of socially prominent and yet beautiful women. This, however, was not always the case – throughout thirties, forties and fifties, the title ‘sex-symbol’ has been solely reserved for only one woman. The name of this woman was Marlene Dietrich. In this paper, […]

Making a high fashion brand and use pop-up stores

Introduction The fashion industry is becoming more competitive and as a result high-end fashion brand houses have been forced to come up with new techniques that will enable them successfully market their products (Blaszczyk 2008). The advancement of technology has led to the use of pop-ups stores and internet marketing, which has become a very […]

Marketing Principles

Introduction Marketing principles refer to those principles that govern marketing. To be successful in marketing, a business organization should identify its customers’ needs and fulfill them (Bose 2000). The companies that will be discussed in this paper are McDonalds and the Bloomingdales. Discussion 1a) Numerous marketing definitions have been put forward with each definition straining […]

Importance of sound

Life is made meaningful through the five senses present in human beings. The experiences that people go through are facilitated through the senses that enable people to decipher the messages contained in the sounds that they hear. Seeing and hearing are touted as the most fundamental and can only be compared to food and water, […]

Theory of the Impacts of Scarcity on Modern Society

Many people are in concurrence that the society gains a lot from economic growth than it does from scarcity. Economic growth enhances integration, social parity, freedom, the rule of law and democracy. On the other hand, scarcity is mainly responsible for escalating conflicts, inequality, repression and totalitarianism (Gurr 51). Nonetheless, the most important thing is […]

Group and Leadership Skills Development

Each human being has unique behavior and qualities. However, some similarities in these behavior and qualities exist between individuals. To develop and practice our group and leadership skills this course required that we form two different groups and by working in them we were able to experience leadership and organizational dynamics. Both my colleagues and […]

September 11th 2001

Introduction After the aftermaths of the 11th September, 2001 terrorism attacks, many questions become unanswered as to the mystery behind this act of terrorism. On a mission to solve these mysteries, a commission was formed; The Bipartisan 9/11 Commission to investigate the base of al-Qaida. Countries such as Afghanistan and suspects such as Osama bin […]

Honecker and the Belated Reforms

Introduction The formation and collapse of the German Democratic Republic is a significant chapter in the history of Western Europe and the world at large. Germany was the principal aggressor in World Wars I and II, and its unification and reintegration formed part of the major activities in the wars. The integration of West and […]

Rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

This paper explores how Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power. It further explores that factors that enabled Napoleon to control Europe and later remain a great influence on European politics in the 19th century. Finally, this paper considers the factors that contributed to the demise of the France Empire under Napoleon. Napoleon’s legacy is entrenched in […]

The coming war with Iran

Introduction The greed for power and competition for resources has resulted in many deaths of innocent civilian. This has been quite notable in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Oil has been the main reason for attach in Iraq and also the potential invasion in Islamic republic of Iran. Americans has always made efforts to have its […]

Doha Round Development Failure and its impact on globalization

Introduction Globalisation has lead to an increase in trade among countries; however there has been some measures put forward by different countries to curb flow of goods and services. Such barriers to trade are tariffs, quotas and subsidies. World trade organisation is an internationally recognised body, which oversees and makes policies aimed at facilitating international […]

Running Speed in Dinosaurs

Introduction Dinosaurs refer to a wide set of animals that dominated vertebrates living on land for more than one hundred and sixty years since the end of Triassic era to the late Cretaceous era. The species of dinosaur began disappearing in the third incident of crustacean extinction event. According to reports from the fossils, avian […]

Organizational Research and Theory

As defined by Daft (2009), organizations are bodies with goals, structured and coordinated activities, and are linked to the external environment (p.11). Organizational theory depends on how a company operates and how the environment affects the running of the organization. In simple terms, organizational theory, also referred to organizational behavior, is defined as the study […]

Intervention strategies

Introduction In the process of growth, there are various challenges which are faced by children. This means that there are times when children are able to overcome these challenges and there are times when they are not able to overcome the challenges. Essentially, in cases where children are not able to overcome these challenges, there […]

Presidential Elections of 1804

Among the most crucial elections ever held in the history of the United States of America, the 1800 elections were the most vital. Washington was considered reliable by the people and the judgment as well as ability of anyone who was behind him was considered as an open query. As Sharp stated, “While political parties […]

Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault was a famous and influential French philosopher. He was the leading individual who changed the idea of human body being a biological or physiological figure to a concept of sociology. He managed to change people’s mentality in the sense that the society normal or ordinary state of thinking and people’s perceptions changed significantly. […]

Factors behind The economic and social development of UAE

Introduction Four decades ago, the economy of the Trucial States or United Arab Emirates (UAE) was a simple subsistence economy dependant on agriculture, nomadic animal husbandry, fishing, seafaring and extraction and trade in pearls and ranked among the least developed countries of the world (Library of Congress 18). This reflected the limited natural resources the […]

AT&T and T-Mobile

T-Mobile Introduction T-Mobile is a German-owned subsidiary of Duetsche Telekom. It was founded in 1990, and is headquartered in Bonn Germany. It specialises in mobile communications and DSL services. The firm also sells wireless devices such as mobile phones and iPads. The Company has employed 36,000 people under its wing; they are located in Europe, […]

Fire sprinkler system

Background The theatre Royal initiated the use of the fire sprinkler system in 1812. Sir Congreve invented the apparatus. The apparatus used were perforated pipes instead of the later designed sprinkler heads. The system was used in textile mills in New England for fire protection. These systems did not use an automatic mechanism. They had […]

Analyzing and Critiquing a Paradigm

The presentation of personal ideas normally takes numerous forms. Various activities performed by individuals help them in presenting their ideologies views about earthly things to the public. A paradigm can be defined as a pattern of conducting activities. The drawing paradigm normally offers personal perceptions possessed by draftsmen about views regarding life. While the presentation […]

Reasons why the Black women Population did not Consider Themselves a part of the Ongoing Feminist Movements 

Background of the Study The experiences of black women in the U.S. have challenged feminist scholarship to rethink the relationship between race and gender for everyone. Since the middle of the 20th century, women’s studies scholars have increasingly acknowledged that differences among women arise from inequalities of power and privilege. For African American women, gender […]

Swisher Mower and Machine Company

Executive Summary There are two or more alternatives that managers normally confront in various organizations. It is better to pursue an alternative that maximizes value and profit of the organization. This paper is set to discuss a problem that CEO and President of Swisher Mower and Machine Company face. The company is being approached by […]

Sexualization of Children

Introduction Bare midriffs, spaghetti strap tops, skinny jeans and short shorts all once belonged in the realm of teen/young adult clothing yet as of late there has been a growing trend wherein such clothing choices have now become common place among children aged 12 and below (Gill, 137-160). Such is the influence of modern day […]

Domestic violence in the African American Community

Abstract This research paper discusses domestic violence, which is also known as intimate partner violence. It also looks at the subsequent effects it inflicts on the day-to-day lives of individuals from the African American Community. Prior research has found out that the prevalence of intimate partner violence is higher within this community of persons when […]

Contracts and Corporations

Introduction Business contracts should be legalized to enhance their materialization. Since they provide legal instruments for protection, contracts enhance smooth execution of business activities. There are two types of contracts. These include formal and informal agreements that aid business operations. Formal contracts are the agreements written on paper. The involved parties must assent to it. […]

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel

Introduction Every hotel has a different guest demographic that they are targeting, with some catering to guests seeking affordability while others cater to guests seeking luxury. The main difference lies in what the hotel in question is actually capable of doing, in terms of available resources, operational capacity and type of services available. Hotel chains […]

Single-parent families

Introduction and Rationale The growing number of single-parent families has become a matter of the growing professional concern. The most influential psychologists tried to explain its causes. The current state of empirical research has greatly improved the public and professional knowledge of single-parent families. Nevertheless, many processes inherent in single parenthood remain poorly understood. The […]

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

Position Section The main social problem of the paper lies in legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, but the negative effect of marijuana on youth development, as well as considering marijuana as dangerous medicine, does not allow the government to fulfill this purpose. The main target population affected by marijuana is adolescents. Using marijuana for recreational […]

Causes of Workplace Safety and Health

Introduction Occupational health and safety (OHS) is an area of study that focuses on safety, welfare, and health of people in a work environment (Chambers 53). Programs established under this field aim at creating a healthy work environment that promotes physical and psychological wellness for workers. OSH also covers people who may be affected by […]

The role of US Government on Abortions

Abortion has been a contentious issue in the American society. The society has been controlling fertility using abortion irrespective of its legality. The United States legalised this practice before 1880; afterwards, it was banned in most states but only allowed when a woman’s life was to be saved or in case a woman’s life was […]

Film Studies Discussing Problems in Northern Ireland

A close examination of two separate films centered on problems in Northern Ireland, which are Patriot Games (1992) and The Boxer (1997) one is able to see the ways in which different filmmakers, making films for different audiences approach themes. This can be evidenced by the use of violence to achieve political ends, the splintering […]

McNutt Relocate Division

Introduction This case involves making a tough strategic decision for the McNutt. The President, Reed McNutt has to decide whether to relocate its successful Division 1 to a larger and sufficiently convenient building. He also has to decide whether to set up Division 1 as a separate entity. Relocation would result in efficiency. On the […]

Layout Selection for Service Industry

Introduction Operation management deals with all the processes and activities that are involved in the transformation of an idea to finished product (Florence, 1984, p. 45). Its also involves the systems that are used in controlling the activities used to produce goods and services. The operations management process basically entails the transformation process involving inputs, […]

Human Resource Management Challenges at Regional Bank

During the 21st century, organizations in different economic sectors are faced by numerous challenges. Some of these challenges relate to changes within the economic environment. For example, there has been an increment in the intensity of competition amongst firms in the same economic sectors. Other environmental changes relate economic changes such as the recent economic […]

Strategic management at JB Hi-Fi

Executive Summary Strategic management is a vital aspect that has ample and diverse benefits which when properly implemented, increases enterprises output through performance amplitude, improvement of quality, productivity, commitment and motivation levels. In JB Hi-Fi, strategic management is a continuous and interactive process that has been implemented and integrated as a whole in its macro […]

Role Played by Multilateral Bodies in Creating a More Globalised Economic Environment

Introduction Multilateral bodies play a regulatory role in the global economic environment by acting as higher authorities than their member country governments. They serve to provide a level playing field for all member states or increase the cumulative economic competitiveness of the regional blocks they cover. This paper appraises the European Union and the World […]

Critical Analysis of the Movie Gandhi

Executive Summary A leader can create milestones, transforms people, or change history. What motivates a leader to do one of these, or all of them, can be examined in the internal and external environment of the leader, the characteristics of the people, events that are happening, and the characteristic traits of the leader. The leader […]

A Streetcar Named Desire: The Passion of Blanche

Despite of her degenerate personality, dissolute desires, frivolous fantasies and her misdoings, Stanley Kowalski does not have the right to show disrespect towards Blanche DuBois simply because of their differences in terms of cultural background, and to set up her ultimate downfall. A streetcar named desire might have never taken us to the capturing experience […]

Effects of Emotional Abuse

Introduction Child abuse can be defined as actions that cause sexual, emotional or physical harm to children. It also means an action carried out against a child or failure to do something for the child that the parent is expected to do. Most child abusive actions take place at home or in their place of […]

Future in Marketing using the Mobile Phone

Executive Summary The advertising industry is a fast paced growth, challenging and innovative industry. The last decade has seen a shift in the methods and activities used in conducting business. One of the growth industries is the E-commerce industry which has seen the growth in number of people and transactions conducted. E-commerce has benefited from […]

Servant Leadership

Introduction Whether it involves managing an office or a large retail outlet, the processes all remain the same wherein a manager must be able to balance the needs of the business, take into account current business trends, the culture of the organization he/she works for as well as the various nuances inherent in the employees […]

The Physiology behind the Periodization of an Olympic Swimmer

Introduction For a long time, sport events at the Olympics such as swimming have provided an important arena for experimenting with techniques of periodization. In swimming, for example, the individual effort of each athlete is easy to measure since swimming competition focuses only on the individual athlete and the clock. Individual performance does not rely […]

Business Ethics: Utilitarianism, Rights, Justice, Caring, and Virtue theories

Introduction The study of ethics focuses on human relationships and what is considered morally correct in human behaviors. Following ethical dilemmas and ethical lapses in business practices that became eminent in the 1970s, the concept of business ethics emerged to expound business ethical principles (Arnold et al., 2010). As the need for mutual understanding between […]

Gender, Education Level and the Number of Children Influencing Perception on Happiness

Abstract Happiness is a complex of feelings that people possess due to a number of factors. Sociologists have established that many social factors contribute to happiness of an individual. The study sought to establish if gender, education level, and the number of children influence happiness among Americans. The findings did show that gender, education level, […]

Role and Powers of Presidents

The president is supposed to exercise the powers which are granted to him or her by the Federal Constitution or the Congress act in the interest of the public. However there have been divergent arguments among the people holding this presidential office arising from different references and reasoning. All the arguments insist that each is […]

Technology in Business

Introduction The upcoming technological trends have a lot to offer since they eliminates repetitive tasks that are usually coupled with errors. There are numerous types of technologies, which can be introduced in any business sector with great impact. However, these systems require numerous maintenance practices once in a while so as to ensure their reliance […]

Facing the problem of market positioning for Qatar Airways bran

Introduction Statement of the problem The current research addresses the problem of positioning of corporate brand of Qatar Airways through strategies for improving customer satisfaction. This problem is significant since brand development and brand management encompass one of the important aspects for making an organization gain global competitive advantage Purpose of the study and delimitations […]

Current Issues in HR

Introduction According to Hall (2008, pp.63), for the past thirty years organizations have been unable to take advantage of the potential within human resource. There is a general realization that human resource is a very important resource for any organization but optimizing its capacity has been elusive. Hall goes on to outline that the major […]

Music Industry and Technology

Thesis Statement Changes in the information and communication technology directly impact on the music industry. Emergency of new technologies has shaped the music industry so far and will also determine the future of the industry. Advancements in technology have influenced the music world both positively and negatively. The advancement of technology over the last century […]

Discussing the management of motivation and examining the theories involve and the advantages and disadvantages of these tools.

In this century, the HR department of any organization or institution is increasingly becoming the most important in these organisations. This department shoulders one aspect of the organization that can determine the success or the failure of the company or the organization. Managers therefore are supposed to handle the human factor with a lot of […]

Enslavement and the Modern Society

Introduction This paper answers to questions based on readings on modern day enslavement. Ten questions are answered in the three major parts of this paper. The first part, is a bout early forms of colonialism and how it changed the way of live, it looks into the meaning of micro-level form of slavery and expounds […]

Strategic HRM plans and policies

Executive Summary This report provides the analysis of a human resource management plan and provides the components for successful implementation of the plan. The report for the plan involves procedures of gathering information, which enables the management to come up with accurate decisions. The information presented in the report also provides the outline for accurate […]

Setting the Parameters for Regarding Homosexuality: To Whose Doors Should One Lay the Blame To?

Striving for liberty and the right to live their own lives, people have started a lot of revolutions, among them the sexual one. However, the social prejudices of all sorts are still taking their toll on people, making them subdivide the mankind into “norm” and “deviation”. Among the latter, the homosexuals take one of the […]

Company Risk Avoidance

Introduction In the course of the discussions presented in prior reports the topic of risk avoidance has been discussed with respect to various issues affecting BGP technology. BGP Technology by virtue of its position as a large multi national corporation is faced significant challenges that require improved management to ensure the Company stays afloat. For […]

How Children Aged 0-5 Learn

Children the ages of 0-5 are at a stage in which development is taking place. At this age a Child’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social development is taking place. How a child learns determines what he/she becomes at the later stages of life. A child at this age becomes more curious to know what it […]

Motives for Firms Engagement in Foreign Direct Investment

Overview Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a popular investment option adopted by firms in the contemporary business environment. This form of investment stream occurs when a firm decides to assume partial ownership of either a company stock or physical assets in a foreign country. Besides, this business manoeuvre enables a firm undertaking FDI to gain […]

Unlimited Access by Journalists

Introduction The purpose of this case study is to critically evaluate the statement of whether unlimited access by journalists to the battlefield is important to good war reporting. The media with particular focus on journalists have become important sources of information on the current happenings that are taking place in various parts of the world. […]

Tai-yu Language Policy

Introduction General overview of the topic As every nation may have some internal problems within a state and within a nation due to the number of the disputes related to ethnicity, origins, and rights, it is also necessary to remember that globalization can be characterised as one of the major contributors to the discussion of […]

Production Methods and Processes

Executive Summary Since the onset of man’s industrial ambitions, one reality that has constantly prevailed is that of change which has led to old ways sometimes being dropped for current trends. Current marketing and competition trends have invariably forced organizations to shift from the traditional business patterns to more recent in which management and leadership […]

Decision making Tools in the organization

Introduction The European Athletics championship is one of the Europe’s most prestigious athletics event and it has a rich history of bring together some of the best athletics of Europe and numerous series of records that have been set by the athletics. The idea of holding the event was devised in 1933, with the Hungarian […]

Repercussion of Great Depression

Introduction The recent recession triggered by the housing market, bubble bust in the United States cases a negative ripple effect in the world’s financial markets. It triggered a recession that led to loss of millions of jobs in the world. Many governments had to institute bail out to save companies from collapsing. The governments also […]

Aristotle’s Ethics and Metaphysics

Aristototles metaphysics The subject ‘Ethics’ owes its origin to the work of Aristotle. The original emphasis was on the question of virtue of personality. According to Aristotle the acquisition of virtue led to a good life (Aristotle 12-14). Generally, Ethics is a topic that chronologically exposes how people should live satisfactory lives. Initially, the study […]

The Organization: DigiTex Communication

DigiTex communication is a leading cable company in the communication industry. The core business of the firm includes provision of internet services and call services. It also manufactures and sales computer networking cables and equipment. The firm’s products are differentiated in the market by the fact that they are developed through the best technology. Thus […]

Economics of Bond and Derivatives Markets

Introduction The following essay examines the role of bond markets and relative derivative contracts in the financial crisis beginning in 2007.The essay specifically gives an overview of the main bond and bond-type contracts, the main derivative and Credit Default Swaps. Also, the essay examines the criteria for effective regulation, the objectives of regulation and the […]

Boeing Company service strategy

Boeing Company is the world largest aircraft manufacturer. Aerospace Support (AS) is a division of one of the two major Boeing business units. The Company has tried to cut a niche for itself by trying to prove itself the market leader in provision of support or sustenance services to airplanes, throughout their life cycle. It […]

What is meant by “wicked problems of design”?

In his article, Richard Buchanan quotes Rittel as having defined wicked problems as “a class of social system problems which are ill-formulated, where the information is confusing, where there are many clients and decision makers with conflicting values, and where the ramifications in the whole system are thoroughly confusing” (“Wicked Problems In Design Thinking” 15). […]

State Power and Economic Crisis

Introduction The power of the state as reflected in the political system is related to the economic development of most countries. Modern development economists believe that quick and robust economic growth is a function of the political system of the day. At the international level, most developed countries are now using their state powers and […]

Analysis of a company 3M Canada

Executive summary 3M Company is located in Canada and sells a variety of industrial products such as adhesive, tapes and plants’ maintenance appliances. The company initially served OEM customers, who bought the company’s products with the purpose of reselling them to the end users. The company decided to change its customers in the year 2006.Consistent […]

Plan for an emarketing initiative: Pisco Biondi

Introduction and organisation background Pisco Biondi is a liquor making organisation based in Peru. It was founded in the year 1972 by Antonio Biondi and was first called Antonio Biondi and sons. It was eventually renamed Pisco Biondi SAC after it became a public corporation. The company is located in Southern Peru so that manufacturers […]

Evaluation of Advantages and Disadvantages of Approaches to Curriculum Design

Introduction: Development of Thematic Approaches to Learning One of initial references to this philosophy of child-centered curriculum is Plato’s statement that children’s’ education should take the form of play. He was the first to formulate a comprehensive education system covering every aspect from its administration to a detailed curriculum. Plato considered health and beauty of […]

Leadership effectiveness in the film Elizabeth

Introduction The movie Elizabeth starts with the coronation ceremony of Princess Elizabeth who then becomes Queen. She is depicted as a warm hearted and blameless person who must take on the enormous task of leading her people. However, she steps up and rules England in the midst of plots by close allies to oust her, […]

New Technology training in Hospitality Industry

Abstract The research paper explores the application new Technology training (or e-training/e-learning) in Hospitality Industry. It also looks on the advantages, drawbacks, opportunities, and challenges facing its application. Because of its adaptability, low cost, flexibility, modularity, and time saving, e-learning has been adopted by many companies largely in part due to its cost effectiveness. The […]

Gender Discrimination at Workplace

Introduction Gender discrimination in the workplace continues to be a disturbing problem to various women in USA and the rest of the world as well. It is considered to be quite widespread and virtually every woman must have suffered from one form of discrimination or another due to her gender. Even in the current age, […]

Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

Executive Summary This is a new project being introduced in a market that is relatively old. In this market, there are firms that are very developed and have acquired a large market share. The project committee is aware of competition that exists in this market and has designed means through which the project would be […]

Aristotle’s Philosophy

Introduction Renford Bambrough seeks to express the importance of the discussions made by Aristotle with the aim of solving the problems that philosophers have struggled with throughout history. According to Bambrough, Aristotle made attempts to demystify the notion that philosophy is a continuing and a living activity which is separated from historical studies done. Aristotle […]

Facebook Should Be Banned

Introduction For the last five years or so, social networking sites have escalated both in numbers and popularity as millions register at these sites for various reasons. Consequently, several sites have materialized such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, each with its own slant and users’ appeal. However, Facebook has received most attention from over 500 […]

Impact of the Japan Tsunami 2011 Disaster on Tourism and Hospitality Industries

Introduction Many countries of the world have witnessed catastrophic disasters of one form or another. However, some countries have had to deal with several destructive natural and man-made occurrences that have in turn hit the economic progress in those countries quite hard (Murata& Katoh, 2010). Japan, for instance has experienced highly destructive disasters like high […]

Consumer Decision-Making Process

Background on Consumer Behaviors and Consumer Decision-Making Process The hospitality industry is one of the leading economical sectors of the world. This can be attributed to the fact that this industry has a viable environment for career building and development of individuals, women included. The estimated value of the hospitality industry is $4 trillion in […]

Bid for the 2014 World Cup – Brazil

Introduction Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) world cup is an event of a global inclination. This is a major sporting event that has the highest number of spectators in the world. It is a football competition that is contested by national football teams of men (Wong, 2009). The nations that participate in this event are […]

The origin of the concept of reincarnation

Introduction Animism attributes spirits and souls to inanimate and living things. In this belief system, souls are said to enter or exit a certain body when the body is ‘alive’ and ‘dead’ respectively. After departure, the soul then takes the form of a spirit and waits for the next ‘container’ that will host it. Evidently, […]

Strategic approach to global events

Strategy is a major approach towards ensuring the success of any venture which takes place. It is worth noting that strategy exists where there are activities which need to be achieved and conquered. This implies that the world in which we live in requires approaches which ensure that the events which come up in the […]

Piracy in Somalia

The waters of Gulf of Eden along the Somali coast are among the most heavily trafficked in the globe. Approximately 20,000 vessels pass through these waters every year (Kraska and Brian 25). In the early 2003, new incidences of attack on fishing vessels started taking place along the Somali coast. The frequency of these attacks […]

The UAE and International Treaties and Conventions

Human trafficking refers to the prohibited buying and selling of fellow human beings with the aim of taking advantage of them through engaging them into slavery, commercial sex and forced labour (Cameron and Edward 14). In the year 2000, the United Nations in Italy, initiated the set of rules to put off, contain and penalize […]