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Women in Entrepreneurship

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean? Entrepreneurship in layman’s language or explanation is where an individual forms or establishes something such as a business, by coming together or bringing people together into a structured group, manages and endures, deals with, accepts, or puts up with the risks that come with operating a business, especially when it is […]

Strategic Information System (SIS)

Introduction As Barlow (1990) provides, SIS exercise should align with SIS objectives for the realisation of business strategic goals. IS has enabled coordination and management and lack of experience and resources required to ensure implementation pose challenges to a company planning to operate globally. Additionally, overall success of an integrated business objective is stated by […]

Green Initiatives

Introduction Green initiatives have taken centre stage in almost every environmental talk across the globe. However, it is essential for all stakeholders to take note of the importance of sustainability in upholding green initiatives as environmental policies are being formulated (Hard 2010, p. 1). Every economic sector remains culpable for environmental destruction experienced in the […]

Human resource management

Introduction Human resource management involves management of people in the organisation, and such other important functions as recruitment, selection, performance, appraisal, and other personnel functions in the organisation. The objective of HRM is for the success of the organisation through its assets, the working force. HRM maximises human resource potentials, including their talents, skills, and […]

Developing ISO Standard by Hydra Trading LLC

Introduction This is an internship development report on Hydra Trading LLC (Hydra), which provides logistic services to the army, but does not have a quality standard for its products, services, procedures, and processes. The report shows all stages involved in developing the company to achieve the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard. It identifies weaknesses […]

Human Capital Management in Organizations

Executive Summary Staffing problems encountered by British Airways have been a thorn in the flesh for the company for the longest time. In this regard, the company has experienced endless periods characterized by push and pull strategies, adopted by both the employees and the management (against each other). In this regard, the company has had […]

Saudi Arabia Public Transport Company

Introduction Overview of the Company Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) is a company offering communal bus transport within and without the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SAPTCO covers ten major cities within the country which include Mecca, Riyadh and Jeddah. The company also provides special services to the religious sites during the Islamic calendars. SAPTCO further […]

The Positive Portrayal of Prophet Muhammad

Introduction A discussion on Islam is incomplete without the mention of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He is the one who is credited with the origins of the religion. The many principles of Islam as a religion take bearing from the teachings advanced by the Prophet, peace be upon Him. The life and times […]

Nucor in 2009 case C150

Introduction The case analysis will focus on Nucor Corporation which is the most successful steel manufacturing company in the whole of America. The corporation which is also listed in the New York Stock Exchange is also one of the largest recycling companies for scrap metal in the Northern parts of America. The company has an […]

Customer Value

Introduction Major changes are necessary for Companies to remain competitive in the 21st century and beyond. It’s very imperative that these companies start making definitive changes by reorganizing management and marketing strategies. The change has to come from the leadership of businesses since the performance of the company is largely depended on the transformational leadership […]

Human Resource and Events Management

Introduction: Definition of Human Resource in the Context of Events Management Human Resource (HR) is termed as the organisational function that is concerned with recruiting, managing, developing and motivating people. In a large part, this includes giving functional and specialised support and systems for employee commitment and managing systems to promote regulatory acquiescence with employment […]

Critical Evaluation of Binaural Hearing Marketing Strategy Cochlear Ltd

Executive Summary Cochlear Limited is a global company providing implants for patients with auditory impairment. It runs its worldwide operations from three locations, which are Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific. The current market segmentation for the company’s binaural hearing campaign is by age and location. It seeks to promote all Cochlear implants in the […]

Expansion of Large Food Retailer into Emerging Markets

Why Expand Into Emerging Markets Emerging Economies have the Numbers The United state, European countries like UK, Germany and France and Canada have already reached the saturation point in terms of the retail domestic market for food products whereas the emerging economies’ food market remains relatively untapped. Over the past 15 years, many large food […]

The Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer and Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book by Maxine Hong Kingston

The mission chosen by every writer highly depends upon his/her civilian position. Understanding the potential of literature to influence the views and attitudes of readers, novelists frequently used their works as methods for communicating their civilian views to their readers. Raising the anti-Vietnam war concerns, Norman Mailer in his The Armies of the Night and […]

Economic Theories of Amartya Sen and David Ricardo

Introduction David Ricardo (1772-1823) was a political economist and a successful business man who is recognized for his organized economics ideology. In the early nineteenth century, Ricardo was considered to be one of the most influential economists. In addition to being an influential figure, David Ricardo was also a Member of Parliament, a strategic investor […]

Eco Dryers Export Company

Executive Summary Eco Dryers is a company that intends to export clothes dryers from Sydney, Canada to China. The Chinese market in the cloth drying industry has not been unexploited due to several reasons that border on the culture of the country. The economic status of its citizens also plays a major role in determining […]

Age of discovery in Europe

Introduction Europe is one among the seven continents that exist in the world. It is the 6th largest continent on the planet earth, and it consists of forty seven countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. The recognized surface area is approximately 10 million sq. km. It covers about 2% of the entire earth’s surface. […]

Factors considered while choosing the right staff

Introduction In any given company, there are some techniques that are usually employed by the employers during the selection of the right personnel. Several factors are usually put into consideration during the selection of the employees. Given the difference in needs in each organization, the factors considered while selecting the workers vary widely in each. […]

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management

Introduction A business plan is a document that indicates a plan on how an investment is to be conducted. It includes among other elements; generation of ideas, financial and market analysis, strategic objectives, cash flows and profits and loss forecasts. Other elements that may be included in the business plan are a balance sheet projections, […]

Police Trauma: Paying the Ultimate Price to Protect and Serve

Introduction Police Trauma Police officers usually encounter traumatic experiences in the course of their duties that usually predispose them to depression, suicide, alcoholism, and loss of family. Since many police officers are unaware of consequences of traumatic experiences, they find themselves in depression, battling with suicidal feelings, plunging into alcoholism and losing their families. According […]

The Operational Approach to Management

Introduction Management is referred to as the science of using people and resources to achieve goals. Sometimes managers are involved in supervision and, therefore, management can further be interpreted as making sure people do their duties as assigned to them. This means that managers are mandated to ensure that productivity is realized in an organization […]

Primary ESL Learners in Taiwan: English Literature Learning Syllabus

Introduction The education enables people to gain new skills in a formal and governmentally controlled way which then benefits the individual’s professional training and promotional ladder movement. Though some people think education to be a rudiment of the renaissance age when this was a concept available to rich people only, it is necessary to emphasize […]

What is learning?

Learning is a continuous process that involves the transformation of information and experience into abilities and knowledge. Learning, according to me, is a two way process that involves the learner and the educator leading to knowledge acquisition as well as capability. It informs my educational sector by making sure that both the students and the […]

Project Success – Leadership Management

Introduction In the recent past, project management has become a very vital component element to any organization that needs to succeed. This has been due to the increased need for a company (or any organization in operation) to respond to the changes taking place within the business cycle and the stiff competition that has been […]

Conflict between India, Pakistan, China and Kashmir

The Kashmir conflict For a long time, the conflict between India Pakistan, China and Kashmir over Kashmir region has remained unresolved. Each of these countries claims ownership of a part of Kashmir. Kashmir is a region in northwest south Asia found between India and Pakistan and also bordering china and the Russia. Historical background Kashmir […]

Terrorism as a Communication Strategy

Introduction Terrorism is currently a global problem. The United States and United Kingdom, among other nations, declared war on terror in 2001. This was immediately after the 2001 US bombing linked to al Qaeda. Most governments are on high alert when it comes to terrorism. However, are the governments focusing their efforts on the correct […]

New Media Technology

Abstract The use of newly developed media technology such as the internet to organize a mass protest in Egypt was a surprise to most people. This was mainly because such techniques have not been effectively used in such a way. Political movements have for example been conducted through physical rallies and appearances in media such […]

Management Decision Making

Executive summary In today’s rapidly growing competitive business environment, the pressure to have employees in the organization who are inspired as to give their very best in their work for the success of the company is very much needed now more than it has ever been. Indeed, the primary concern and a major challenge with […]

Hospitality Management and organization management

Introduction The human resource department is mainly concern with planning, management and implementation of successful resolutions to manage personnel and related resources. The plan assists in management of accurate decisions, in favour of firm’s objectives or goals. Most companies are today keen on the importance of having an ideal human resource management system, which determines […]

Health information-management system (HIMS) at Sohar Hospital

Introduction According to Sadler and James, the world is experiencing rapid advancement in information technology; the developments have been implemented in profit and non-profit making organizations; Sohar Hospital under the Ministry of Health, aims at offering quality medical services. In the efforts of improving its processes, the Ministry of Health decided to adopt a health […]

Motivation in Radisson Hotel in Dubai

Introduction Radisson Hotel is located in a number of the developed countries across the globe. In a bid to provide guest with maximum satisfaction, the hotels experience a number of challenges, with high level of competition in the hotel industry being the major concern, especially in Dubai. This has influenced the position of Radisson Hotels […]

Human Resources Management: the case of Carrefour in UAE

Case Background Carrefour is an international chain of hypermarkets with its head office in Levallois-Perret, France; it is the world largest hypermarket in sales volume. The company’s first branch was opened on June 3, 1957 in Annecy, France by Lars Olofsson and Amaury de Sèze. The Company has diversified its operation to the United Arabs […]

Participative business process reengineering

Introduction Business process reengineering is a way in which businesses are modernized and made more efficient. In this process, a given business is changed in ways that alters the daily functions of a particular business. In any business or organization, the most important factors are the people who are involved and the processes which run […]

The US Public policy

Introduction The following is a theoretical paper that represents a critique of the article given concerning the position-arguments of the author and how this author contributes to our understanding of the relationship between public opinion and public policy. Piblic opinion and public policy entails the interaction that the government makes with the general public so […]

Global economy during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century

Globalization is the integration of regional economies through trade by reduction of international trade barriers in order to increase material wealth of the people and improve the economies of the nations through good global relations, competition and specialization. The objective of globalization is to enhance the interdependence, business operations and connectivity on an international level […]

An analysis of the character John Nash in the movie A beautiful Mind

Introduction Various theories have been fronted by psychological professionals to explain the reasons why individuals respond to changes in their lives in a particular way. Elizabeth Hutchinson has particularly provided extensive studies on different theoretical perspectives that can be used to analyze an individual’s situation in her book titled, “Dimensions of Human Behavior: Person and […]

Supply Chain Risk Management

Abstract Over the past few decades, disruptions in various supply chains due to risks and uncertainties have been a cause for concern for many businesses. The sources of these risks have been as a result of globalization, new business trends such as outsourcing, and technological advancements that have made competition stiffer than ever before. To […]

Tourism for different people in Italy

Executive summary The two couples going on the Venetian excursion have different interests. It is important therefore that the trip sufficiently covers these interests. For this reason, the whole one week shall be made up of diversified excursions which shall accommodate the different interests. There will be different excursions which will include sightseeing as well […]

Public Administration in the United States

Introduction Public administration can be described as the study or a field of practice or occupation. Politically, public administration describes or defines how the various branches of the government strategize and implement policies. Government involvement in the public sector can be either directly on indirect. When the government is involved directly, it employs public members […]

Marketing Research: BP Oil Company

Introduction BP is an organization involved in oil and gas industry globally, its headquarters are in London, Britain. BP is one of the largest global companies and is involved in activities such as exploration, refining of crude oil, distributing, generating power and production of renewable energy among other roles. The company operates in over 80 […]

Voluntarist and Regulated Approaches to Vocational Education and Training Tend to Embody Opposite Logics

Introduction Meaning and Importance of Vet Human resource development is given impetus by the fact that giving employees knowledge and required skills can completely change organisations and improve lives (Grugulis 2007a, p.1). When skills are well deployed they provide support for national and organisational competitiveness which enables companies to perform better (Grugulis 2007a, p.1). Therefore […]

Running Head: Strategic Plan

Introduction A strategic plan is a framework or platform that gives an organization a long-term focus and direction. It consists of long-term decisions concerning organizational focus and organizational operations. The main reason why organizations engage in long-term planning is to guarantee a competitive advantage in the future. A strategic plan helps an organization anticipate challenges […]

Performance management scheme

Introduction Human resources are precious, they need to be managed effectively; when developing a personnel’s management strategy; an organization needs to have an effective performance appraisal and rewarding system. When an effective performance management is implemented, it boosts employees’ confidence and motivates them. Performance management is defined as a continuous process that involves assessment of […]

Ricker Oil’s Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Armstrong (2000, p.22) defines a marketing plan as a written document which details the necessary actions necessary to achieve the marketing objectives formulated. A Marketing plan is a blueprint for communicating the value of your products and services to your customers (Anon, 2005, para. 2). Ricker Oil limited was founded in 1979 and […]

Asian Studies: Suharto’s Fall

Abstract Since 1998, Indonesia which is the country with the highest majority of Muslims in the world has transformed from an authoritarian state to a democratic state. Indonesia has developed various features of a democratic state and which is indicated by such aspects as the economic prosperity, enhancement of women rights among others. This remarkable […]

Internationalization of small and medium enterprises: effects on operations and performance

Abstract Globalization operations are the current trends in which businesses pursue in a bid to be competitively advantaged. Small and medium enterprises have as a result embarked on opening their branches and operation of their businesses in overseas markets. This is what has made the researcher to do a research by taking a sample of […]

Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources

Introduction There is a rising competition for companies which are rushing world over for superiority, influence and comparative advantage amongst themselves and this is because of the strains of economic trends in the global market that is always demanding proficiency and profitability for businesses to remain afloat in the market. One of the greatest ways […]

Information Technology Security

Common Risks in the PWC Information Security Surveys The increasing technological developments have led to the rise of various information security risks. The application of advanced technology has significant impacts within organizations. Amongst these challenges, information security issues have been treated with great caution. A lot of research has been extensively done on the issue […]

Theory of counseling: Solution focused therapy

Brief review of the model Solution focused therapy, also known to as Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), is a kind of ‘talking-therapy’ founded on the ‘social-constructionist’ perspective. The focus of this therapy is on what clients would like to achieve after undergoing therapy on the problems and issues affecting them which made them seek therapy. […]

Analysis of a company Texas Roadhouse Inc.

Executive summary The report analyses Texas Roadhouse Inc. with the aim of defining its strategic management model. Through SWOT analysis, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company are established. Several strategic management tools like the SWOT matrix, internal evaluation matrix, EFE matrix, IE matrix, SPACE matrix, Grand matrix, BCG, CPM, and the QSPM […]

Investing in India

Introduction India has experienced a GDP growth that has been nothing but impressive, to the point that many specialists predict that it will become one of the leading economies of the world in the near future (Abramyan, 2009). The country is the second largest democracy, making its market rich enough to handle all sorts of […]

Is HRM a worthwhile investment for an SME

Introduction Organizations’ management teams are increasingly appreciating the importance of human capital in an effort to improve their organizations’ competitive advantage (Kok 2003). This has led to an increment in the number of studies being conducted with regard to best practices of managing human resources. There has also been increased recognition of the purpose of […]

Tesco: Case Study

Introduction The company, Tesco Plc, must prioritise its activities, decision, and other factors to resolve the effects of the current economic depression on the company with the resolve to avoid such pitfalls. Tesco Plc’s crisis management and communication management policy includes on maximizing the significant variables in generating revenue-generating balance scorecard recommendations. The study focuses […]

Good Working Environment

Introduction In the contemporary world different organizations are coming up with diverse ways that are tailored to make working conditions of the employees better. According to Algie (1997 p 276) although these kinds of organizations have different approaches in the way they try to address the welfare of their staff, he says that they all […]

The Convergence of the Computer Graphics and the Moving Image

The concept of new media has thus emerged and entails an amalgamation of two distinct historical paths: computing and media technology (Manovich p.1). These two phenomena have contributed to the emergence of contemporary media technologies that facilitate the storage of sounds, images, image series and text utilizing diverse materials- film stocks, photographic plates, and gramophone […]

Human Resource Management

Introduction Human Resource Management commonly known as HRM entails the use of human beings in a productive manner to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Human resources management could be defined as a field of management that is concerned with planning, organizing and controlling the workforce in an organization. It involves activities such as procuring, […]

An analysis of international relations theory and its tendency to ignore foreign policy analysis

Foreign policy analysis is an integral part of the larger international relations theory which enables us to know the various causes of conflict, domination, cooperation and the submission outcomes among the different actors in global politics. There are multiple international relations theories and in the following, it will be argued that international relations theory has […]

Ethical Concepts

As Cline (2011) provides, “ethical concepts is an association of people organized under system of rules” (p.1). He broadly defines ethical concepts as “rational examination of morality and evaluation of people’s behaviour”. This provides rules and guidelines aligned with business objectives for the realisation of business strategic goals (De George, 2010). Ethical concepts have enables […]

Organisational Change and Development

Introduction So as to be able to achieve organizational goals and objectives, it’s important for the organization to embrace effective interventions. Organization development interventions are aimed at increasing the performance and output of the organization. So as to be successful, organization development interventions should affect the whole organization and should go down to the individual […]

How has the role of the IMF changed since it was established in 1945?

Introduction Throughout history, the world economy has been significantly influenced by financial institutions and rules in the international monetary system, in ensuring financial stability. In particular, these institutions have played major roles, during financial crises, witnessed in recent years. Even though there are numerous financial institutions, it has been argued that the International Monetary Fund […]

Economics of Management Decisions Shuzworld

Introduction Shuzworld is a shoe (footwear) producing company which was founded by Edward Crowninshield in 1965. Initially, the company was known as Crown Shoes. The fist two stores of the company were located in Omaha, Nebraska. The company then expanded throughout the Midwest and Far West in the 70s; it then became a nationwide retailer […]

The Future of Dubai as a Logistics Hub

Executive Summary The geographical location of Dubai has given this city the advantage of becoming an international logistics hub. Dubai’s increasing logistical capabilities provide opportunities both to the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula at large. The government of Dubai is currently funding the construction of an aerotropolis dubbed the DWC that will become the largest […]

Catholic Charities and Their Relevance

Abstract One of the worthwhile activities in which we as human beings can engage in is the protection of our environment, our dignity and our future. To take up this noble cause for our survival’s sake, many individual activists and organizations have engaged themselves in various activities all aimed at the protection of our livelihood. […]

Industrial Relations

Despite the term ‘Industrial relations’ having been accepted in academic study and the work environment, no succinct definition of the term exists in literature. As (Kelly 50) admits, definition of the term is surprisingly rare, and even where such definitions exist, they are imprecise and disagreeable in specific respects. Despite this, (Kelly 52) has gone […]

Report on Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction The fact that today’s employees are fundamentally different from employees of yesteryears necessitates the development of new methods and techniques to tackle current and future challenges in the Human Resource industry. Workers are different in terms of skills, motivation, goals, perceptions and many other variables. Hence, employees cannot be administered using traditional human resource […]

Social Networking: A Critical Evaluation of its Benefits & Pitfalls to Education from a Cultural Perspective

Introduction The concept of introducing social networking sites as educational instruments in the broad academic landscape has been growing dramatically over the past decade as institutions of learning recognize the potential to utilize the networks as both marketing apparatuses and learning tools (Gilroy, 2010). Indeed, scholars and educational practitioners are in agreement that social networking […]

Exporting High and Cutlery from UK to France

Introduction With the increasing marketing globalization, the concept of international trade has been widely applied all over the world. This has been enhanced by the increased formulation of appropriate foreign policies by various countries and good business relations. The countries are able to conduct businesses in other foreign countries based on foreign country’s policies. The […]

Fundamentals of a Performance Management System and How It Is Linked To Reward

Executive Summary The report entails analysis of the purposes which motivate firms to incorporate the concept of performance management system in their operation. This is achieved through analysis of NMX supermarket which is a small and medium enterprise based in London, UK. The two main purposes considered in the report relate to organizational development and […]

Knowledge Management in Organizations

Introduction With increased management strategies and mechanisms, facilitated by increased competition among companies, there is a new wave of management to knowledge management. Globalization and competition has resulted in companies looking for intellectual assets management over and above traditional business assets like physical and human resource. The move has been facilitated by advancement in technology […]

Managing a Small Business

Introduction There have been many efforts in trying to define what a small business is. Although there is still no clear definition of a small business, there are characteristics that are common to small businesses. They have relatively fewer employees compared to big businesses, at most 100. Most of its functions are geographically localized and […]

Image Identity and Reality: The West in Contemporary North American Literature

Introduction Blood Meridian When McCarthy wrote the book, he probably did it out of financial desperation. The book did not immediately make a financial breakthrough as he would have expected but when it finally did, it was magnificent. The book gradually gained world wide popularity and in the process became a literary masterpiece. The violent […]

Critical Review of a Mental Disorder: The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in DSM-IV-TR

There is a variety of mental disorders that are a result of various causes. However, a significant example is the Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a convoluted typology of a mental disorder that affects the patient’s nervous system, reminiscence, emotional responses and coherent abilities. The condition destabilizes the patient’s nervous system through the […]

Sociology of education

Abstract Cognitive factors such as the poor performance by the students have been found to be major contributors to the student’s indiscipline. It is a well known fact that the major cause of indiscipline in schools is poor performance. Most of the students who normally perform poorly in subjects such as math, languages or generally […]

Global Challenges Faced By Fast Food Companies

Introduction While operating in the fast food industry, companies have to analyze the external environment before they make any decision. This involves the social environment, competitive environment and the legal environment. A company that does not take care of its market will lose its competitive edge. The external environment determines the strategies a company will […]

Meteorite or Puck Hunt: Autonomous Mobile Robot

Introduction The creation of the autonomous mobile robot (AMB) project is the most important branch of the unit, HES 1305 ROBOTICS AND MECHATRONICS PROJECT 2. The plan, design, building, programming, testing, as well as debugging the different components of the project, would involve teams which consist of three members. The purpose of the autonomous mobile […]

Voyager Interstellar Mission

Research Proposal The voyager interstellar mission was aimed at exploring the interface of the heliosphere with regard to the local interstellar medium. Voyager 1 crossed the termination shock of the solar wind in December 2004 and Voyager 2 crossed it in August 2007. Data obtained from the V2 was used as a basis for the […]

Analyzing the Global Marketing Environment

Introduction Purpose, Limitations, and Scope of Report The world has become a global village. Markets are accessible to almost anyone provided they have knowledge about the local conditions. With multiple opportunities, marketers understand the need for a consistent bearing in their planning efforts (Wall, 2004). The possibility of wandering off towards unprofitable opportunities is real. […]

Risk Management

Introduction Internal and external environments of an organization pose a wide range of risks to an organization and managers should establish strategies to manage risks for the long-term survival. Risk management strategies are enhanced by the culture of the organization and this can be maintained by inculcating a culture of good values, believes, norms and […]

Socio- Affective Characteristics and Personalogical Development of the Gifted Child

Introduction This assignment is a discussion on the topic of giftedness and talent development. The discussion explores the topic by defining giftedness and how it’s related to talent. It archives this through looking at the socio- affective characteristics and personalogical development of the gifted child, and how they interact to assist or hinder the development […]

Business Plan of Alrajhi Bank

Executive summary One of the most outstanding examples of people who have successfully launched and used their business plan in the banking industry to develop a bank tailored to meet customer needs and expectations is Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi. Born in Saudi Arabia, together with his brothers, Suleiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi started a […]

NUCOR’s History and Development

Introduction NUCOR is one of the largest steel companies in America. It has been in existence since 1955 when after a merger, the REO Motor Company changed to Nuclear Corporation of America. NUCOR’s founding father is Ransom Olds. The company has evolved a lot over its existence. It has been through tough times and survived. […]

Encounter with Mercury

Introduction The solar system is comprised of nine planets and each planet rotates on its own axis. Mercury is the innermost planet because of its close proximity to the sun. This planet can hardly support any life because the temperatures within its atmosphere are very high1, 2. However, it is difficult to observe Mercury because […]

The Issue of Person’s Identity

What makes someone who he/she is lies in that person’s identity. One’s identity is usually shaped by various things or experiences. A person’s identity is very important. Everyone’s identity is usually influenced by the many thing, or even the events in one’s life. A person’s country of origin, his/her family and friends or one’s possessions […]

Parenting’s Skills, Values and Styles

Subtopic 1: Parenting Skills and Their Development Description of Concrete Experience: I have found parenting to be a very tasking job yet important responsibility that one has in a lifetime. Unfortunately there is no formal education to guide me in parenting; all I have is a handful of literature materials on the subject. I mostly […]

The Shi’a Islamist Group Hezbollah

Hezbollah is a Shi’a Islamist group particularly active in Lebanon politics through the control of major social, political and economic aspects of the country (Norton 1). Hezbollah has been commonly known to provide basic social services like building schools, hospitals, and other similar amenities. Apart from this social outfit, Hezbollah is widely known as a […]

Leadership: Role, Benefits, and Limitations

Leadership is practices that influence other parties in completion of managerial aims and targets by directing the organization to become coherent and cohesive. For example, the mayoral role in a town is leadership, whereby he takes the responsibility of guiding the people to support the laid down policies for the development of the town. Leadership […]

John Renoir’s Biography

John Renoir, a French filmmaker, was born on 15 September 1894 in Montmartre district, Paris. He contributed immensely in the film industry as a director, producer, author and actor. He produced almost fifty films during the silent epoch as both a director and an actor. Some of the scenes in his films contained the best […]

The Gherkins – London Skyscrapers

Abstract The aim of this paper was to report on the construction of the 30 St. Mary AXE (Gherkin) in London and how a similar skyscraper would be constructed in modern times. The Gherkin was designed by the Foster and Partners and constructed by the Skanska group from 2001-2003. The building occupies the former site […]

Aramex Inc. Company’s Supply Chain

Introduction Investing in service and delivery industry involves taking care of business activities characterized by numerous problems requiring solutions. Such kind of business is tied primarily to customer objectives based on efficiency and time-delivery. Every segment within the supply chain is normally required to contribute towards the company’s profits. Shareholders are number-one beneficiaries of efficient […]

New Business Starting

Executive Summary Starting a business venture is a vision held by many people. This is because entrepreneurship leads to self- reliance and encourage innovation. However, people desiring to start businesses notwithstanding; it is never easy. This is so because, starting a new business venture calls for commitment and knowledge. To craft the business acumen into […]

Ford Motor Company’s Compensation System

Introduction Compensation refers to the rewards that employees receive on a regular basis for their contribution to the growth or operation of a company. A compensation package is “a total reward system that includes non-monetary, direct, and indirect rewards” (Wemer, Schuler and Jackson 52). Direct compensation refers to the salaries, wages, or any performance-oriented pay […]

The Concept of Design Icons

Abstract The concept of design has evolved along the same lines as human civilization. Perhaps this is the paramount aspect that has contributed to the evolution of design both as utilitarian and functional concept. Equally, the very dynamics of design is thus correlated to environment this is testified by the diverse artistic designs that have […]