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Teenage Pregnancy

Introduction For a long time now teenage pregnancy has been a situation of concern with some people referring to it as both public health and a social problem. The teenage pregnancy problem requires a change of culture so that a more holistic approach can be adapted to contain the teenager’s sexual health and recognize everyone’s […]

Enterprise, Resource, and Planning System

An ERP system helps in restructuring the flow of an organization’s data by providing easy access to asset information to the management team. The rapid changes experienced within the competitive market environment calls for the use and application of modern techniques such as ERP systems. The system supports improvements in production and sales within organizations […]

Cuba’s Economy

Development Levels of Cuba Despite having a strong health and education systems, Cuba is ranked among developing countries because Cuba has low purchasing power parity per capita. Although recently Cuba has diversified into other sectors like tourism, the country still depends on exporting primary products. The minimum human development index for a developing is 9.0 […]

Trends in Supply Chain Management

Discussion Lean manufacturing has become one of the biggest trends in the development of supply chain management. Traditionally, organizations faced challenges of increasing wasteful production throughout their operations (Brian, 110). Following this need, stakeholders across industries have focused on development of production approaches that would enable firms to minimize on the costs resulting from wasteful […]

Evaluating the Advantages & Disadvantages of Vendor-Managed Inventory under the Prism of the Retailer

The convergence of technology witnessed in the last two decades has enabled organizations to adopt systems, programs and processes that not only serve to leverage competitiveness, but also improve organizational efficiencies and add value to business partners, supply chains, and customers (Kunsoo et al. 115). The vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is one such program which have […]

Benefits and Pitfalls of Investing in a Unique Supplier of Vendor-Managed Inventory

Contemporary information and communication technologies (ICTs) are today, more than ever before, connecting organizations in new and novel ways and, as a direct consequence, allowing them to develop new and time-tested competencies for competing successfully in the ever turbulent business environment. ICTs make it possible for organizations to corroborate not only on designing and improving […]

Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity of Data During Transmission and Storage

Introduction In this scenario, it’s important to realize that data integrity and confidentiality is achieved by ensuring that only the authorized person(s) gain access to the data and that during transmission, storage and retrieval data originality is maintained. That is to say no alterations can be made whatsoever during these processes. We also know that […]

Real Cool Cycle

Introduction Real Cool Cycle is a leading bike manufacturing company in Erehwon. The company manufactures bikes for the local market. The main brands manufactured by this company are RGE bike and RC_ROCKHOPPER. The company was established by the government and its only competitor is MTC. Government policies and support has enabled this company penetrate the […]

The Global IT Industry

The global IT industry continues to show growth year after year, with the software market expanding at a whopping 8% per annum. The convergence of hardware, software and services is creating new markets, and we are witnessing a global paradigm shift from hardware to software. It is anticipated that the IT services industry will expand […]

Ethics in Computing

In any given setup, an acceptable code of conduct is always emphasized. Many people and entities have become victims of unethical computer use; this thread comes fro people with ill motives. This vice has lately exposed the internet users to unprecedented mischievous tricks of cyber criminals. The act has created various problems, controversies and is […]

Welcome Aboard Case

Difficulties Encountered by Cheryl Lakeland Wonders is a family-owned business that has been in operation for 94 years. In order to attain its vision of business growth and competitive advantage, the firm decided to employ a CEO who is an expert in management. However, things did not go as expected because of managers’ resistance to […]

Pop Culture and Music

Introduction The modern world has brought about many changes in the way popular music is created and interpreted. It is also significant how the culture of a certain place is reflected in the music. Recently, gender roles and the way they are manifested in music are critically observed by the society. The media has a […]

Group presentation: New Delhi

Background The ability to identify internal issues affecting a slum area forms the basis for devising effective development and environmental models. Over the years, the growth of slums in many nations across the world has turned out to be a major problem that is strongly rooted in leadership, institutions and administrative structures. In New Delhi, […]

The Power of Togetherness: Adidas and Its Brand New Advertisement

Introduction Promoting sportswear might seem easy – as long as sport exists, there will always be high demand in the given niche. However, Adidas was one of the first companies that decided to appeal to the general audience, thus, opening more opportunities for the companies producing sports clothes. The given step, however, also opened the […]

Greenfield foreign investment

Introduction A large Australian manufacturing firm is keen to internationalise by a Greenfield foreign direct investment via sole ownership in Sri Lanka as a developing country and Taiwan as a developed nation. The essay focuses on advantages and disadvantages of investing in each country, legal systems, and political, cultural, and economic risks. It concludes by […]

Market Selection and Direction: Role of Product Portfolio Planning

Most common product portfolio models and their assumptions Modern companies are seeking strategic ways of dominating market share and increasing profitability. Through product portfolio planning, companies design portfolio to assist them in making decisions regarding market selection and other business decisions. There are different product portfolio models that include: Two Single-Factor Dimensions The Boston Consulting […]

The Shift from Global to International Strategy

Introduction The change taking place in the world in terms of business processes makes firms transform towards universal mindset. This is because of the increase in the need for worldwide business. The demands caused by global operations, global customers, global resources, global products, and global cooperation. Transnational strategy demands for the reliance of contemporary technologies […]

Constituting a New Sales Team

As InterClean merged with EnviroTech, we identified various criteria that served our efforts to formulate the best team to carry the firm forward in the areas identified as priorities by CEO David Spencer. Among these we used Competency Profiling, Critical Incident Technique, Threshold Traits Analysis, Position Analysis Questionnaire and the Common Metric Questionnaire (Job Ananlysis […]

Classic Rocks and Gangsta Rap. Music Analysis

Introduction Probably, music is the most popular way of entertaining people in the modern culture. Artists create different music to suit different people, situations and needs. This has resulted to the emergence of many songs which aim at attracting audience in unique ways. For example, Classic Rock music targets elderly people showing its unique characteristics […]

Clean Air Act formation and impact

Introduction Environment law can be defined as a cluster of laws that contain elements that have power over human activities on the earth and public health. It has diverse obligations and prospects that can be put into practice in addressing collective impacts and susceptible populations. For instance, Clean Air Act protects city residents from air […]

Role of Technology in Retail Sector

Today, in the 21st century, retailers all over the world are increasingly obtaining profit in return by delivering customer satisfaction through the adoption of many powerful technologies. Indeed, technology has substantially shifted the landscape of the retail industry, as more retailers adopt and implement technological solutions that accentuate mobility, efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability (Delgado 2012; […]

Setting up a Human Resources Department

Introduction Background Consolidated Landscaping, Inc. is considered the state’s hugest commercial landscaping organization. After the principal residential and resort improvements, the company increased more than twice. Presently, CLI recruits approximately one hundred and sixty employees. The company was established in 1960 under the ownership of Ackerman family (Devanna, Fombrun&Tichy, 1981). In 1995, John Ackerman retired. […]

Phyletic Gradualism and Punctuated Equilibrium Evolution Theory

Evolution is the process by which generations of species undergo some changes in their biological traits over a given period. There are two theories that explain the process of evolution. They include phyletic gradualism and punctuated equilibrium. Scientists maintain that evolution can only happen as described by the theories (National Academy of Sciences 78). Phyletic […]

“Human Wrongs Animal Rights: Introduction to Moral Philosophy” Article

Introduction Animals live in a moral world hence are morally upright towards other animals. It is the human beings who constantly try to infringe morals on animals. Human beings more often than not abuse the rights of animals, whether domestic or the wild animals, the rights are being abused in several ways. They use animals […]

Case Study Linda Jacober Strategic Plan

Strategic planning Strategic planning is an important part of any business entity that is focusing on growth. Through strategic planning, an organization is able to link its mission and vision statements, and also prepare adequately for the competitive future. Strategic planning also offers a channel through which decision making process can be improved and hence […]

Defining the Humanities

Defining the Humanities Various definitions have been given to the term humanity. Therefore, humanities are the many characteristics and branches of humanities such as theater, human being, art, culture, literature, food, music and the stories that try to bring out the sense in the world as we see it. It is a discipline that introduces […]

“Othello” by Shakespeare

Shakespeare employs the use of irony to convey his message to his audiences. The use of irony creates exciting scenes and makes the audiences identify with the characters. There are several instances of use of irony in the play. Shakespeare uses irony significantly to demonstrates Othello’s prejudice. This is probably the ultimate irony in the […]

Disturbance as a Crucial Process in Shaping the Modern Landscape: When the Pieces of Mosaics Fall into Their Places

Of all the things that surround us, landscape seems by far the most stable of all; when looking beyond the horizon, one might think that years will pass, people will come and leave, but the mountains in the distance will always remain in their places. However, this stability is only an illusion; according to the […]