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Successful Supply Chain

The main aim of a supply chain is to offer innovative dimensions of remaining competitive in the market by introduction and delivery of dynamic and technologically high quality inventories into the market at sustainable costs [...]

Ideal Societies

Thomas More, expresses the utopian view, which is a description depicting a fictional island civilization; its religious, social and political way of life."Moore used the utopian society to contrast between the imaginary or unusual political [...]

Is a virus alive?

What happens is that the organisms that are mono-celled grow mostly because; when they are formed during the cell division they are usually small and they are supposed to grow and develop to full-grown cells.


These two attract not only the most prominent exchange traders in the United States of American but also have the most number of equities in the country. The long experience of both the NYSE and [...]

The Oiled Paper Umbrella

Since the oiled paper umbrella has dominated the world, this project seeks to establish the unique features that are inherent in the umbrella design that make it appeal to so many people across the world.