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Environmental Health and Safety

The need for waste management is essential in assessing the requirements for properly managed waste in a community. Needs assessment process would involve checking the existing waste management strategies, identifying the areas of importance, focusing on the critical needs, and identifying possible solutions. Waste management involves supervising the gathering, ferrying, processing, discarding and recycling of […]

Argument essay on graduates

Strike organized by the institutions of higher learning in San Francisco lacked foundation, both in size and organizational style. According to Barlow and Sharpio, what began as a simple anxiety by a few students interfered with the whole education section. It is vital to emphasize that five student organizations from developing countries also joined the […]

Concepts of Effective Leadership

Meaning of leadership; the characteristics and qualities of effective leaders The success of any corporate body or organisation depends on its leader’s ability to coordinate and manage the utilisation of its resources, for achievement of common organisational goals. Therefore, an effective leader should be able to coordinate and manage all affairs of an organisation, through […]

‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal

There has been an outcry over the banning of gays from openly serving in the United States’ military. The Obama administration in particular has contributed greatly to the repeal of the policy. This has however met a lot of resistance particularly from the reservists. Most American service members support the lifting of the ban. The […]

Undocumented workers in the United States

The book ‘working in the shadows’ written by Gabriel Thomson is more of a documentary of the experiences that, undocumented workers whose greatest percentage comprises of immigrants goes through. Undocumented workers refer to the illegal immigrants seeking employment in the US. The idea to write this book as brought about by an article ‘Crackdown Upends […]

Article Summary and Critique

Charles I was the first king of the England’s royal leader to face trial for betrayal which led to his execution. It was one of the most contentious and prominent incident in England’s history. There was no law in England’s history that dealt with the prosecution of a king and so, the rule of organizing […]

“Tripp Lake” by Lauren Slater

The story ‘Tripp Lake’ is about a ten year old girl, from a family where the parents do not agree with each other. The girl is named Lauren, and her character can be plainly put as docile and non competitive. In this story, Lauren is persuaded by her unhappy mother to attend summer camp in […]

Kurt Cobain: Pure Devotion Killed a “Rock Star”

Kurt Cobain is one of the most prominent personalities of the American rock’n’roll culture, he “has been hailed as the first true rock’n’roll star of the nineties”[1]. His music band Nirvana created a new image of rock music and made the basis for a new music style that is still extremely popular. Cobain was not […]

From Fashion Producer to Fashion Retailer

For both the retailers and manufacturers, the goal of fashion merchandising and marketing is to ensure that the merchandise is sold at a profit (Steele 295). To achieve this, one needs careful coordination and execution of the business strategies. The success of the fashion business hinges on fashion merchandising and fashion marketing. Owing to the […]

Comparing of an Online Retailer EBay.com and a Physical Retailer The Home Depot

Introduction This article discusses an online retailer (eBay.com) and a traditional physical retailer (The Home Depot). In comparing the two, the organizational structure of the retailers will be discussed, the management challenges facing the two reviewed and lastly suggestions are drawn to assist those wishing to embrace the online method of retailing as an alternative […]

Comparison Paper of Audrey Yue and Sharon Zukin’s articles

The concept of ‘Identity’ is a common theme in both Audrey Yue and Sharon Zukin’s respective articles Shopping in Livable Cities and Whose Culture? Whose City? Both authors attempt to define the various external factors that can shape identity, which range from shopping to cultural inclinations as discussed in depth in both articles. Other supervening […]

Comparison of Descartes’ “Meditation” and Plato’s “Phaedo”

Descartes and Plato offered thoughtful arguments about how separate human soul or mind is from body, beliefs contained in “Meditations” and “Phaedo” literatures respectively. Though, mind and soul and used interchangeably, their connotations are different. According to Franklin (289-293), whereas, Plato consistently uses of the psuche (soul), Descartes shuns it in his arguments. For instance, […]

Reflection on Malcolm X

The Pan-African movement played an invaluable role towards the emancipation of the African Americans. Various African American leaders played significant roles towards the achievement of this goal. Malcolm X was a prominent figure in the Pan-African world. Based on this notion, this paper is structured by highlighting how the early life of Malcolm X shaped […]

Conviction and Punishment

Type of sentence for the offender The sentence given to Doug Kant will depend on the State and the law under which he is judged. For instance, a person convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault on a child in Colorado can be given a sentence of up to12 years, depending on the age of the child, […]

The meaning of education

Education is very important in a society because it helps to pass on knowledge, skills and values to people. John Henry Newman writes, “if then a practical end must be assigned to a university course, I say it is of training good members of society” (53). Moreover he says, “… the training of the intellect, […]

The Concept of Audience in Writing

The writers, who want impress everyone with their skills to present effective essays, should take into consideration the concept of audience from the very beginning of the writing process. Any type of writing may be easily failed in the audience is ignored or misunderstood (Sant, 2004), this is why it is necessary to keep in […]

Frederick Douglas biography study

According to Frederick Douglas, slaves did not get a chance to know much about own mothers and their birthdays, such unawareness considerably influenced their mental well being – they could not be fully alive and were a kind of property of their masters. Frederick Douglas compared slaves to horses, who neither knew their age (Douglas, […]

19th Century Industrialization, Technologies, and Business Strategies

Late-nineteenth-century industrialization is characterized by the development of new big businesses and industries. The process of industrialization proved once again that agriculture was not that important as many people used to think; lots of people were so sick and tired of numerous farmers and their rules, that is why they were eager to change something […]

Theory of Ideology: Relations between Desire and Interest

Siegfried Kracauer’s The Salaried Masses: Duty and Distraction in Weimar Germany is one of the most fascinating books, which present German society as it is, describe the relationships between employers and workers, and underline their spiritual state and its impact on the things around. In this work, the author explains the essence of ethnography and, […]

Successful Supply Chain

The supply of an organization depends on the facilities for economical yet efficient production and distribution. The organization can keep production and distribution costs minimal by carefully selecting the raw materials and the suppliers. Managing the supplier offers velocity, flexibility and, quality at the lowest costs possible. The main reason of working around reasonable costs […]

Sedimentary Rocks

Geologically, the Earth’s crust comprises of more than one type of mineral element, whose combination makes up the Earth’s crust. There exist three main categories of solid aggregate mineral deposits (rocks) that make the Earth’s crust namely Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous rocks. Classification of these rocks into these three groups depends on a number of […]

Ideal Societies

The social ideal society is one where autonomy, justice, tranquility and humanity exist. It has morals and values that guide the society and everyone is happy and has the required human living conditions. Different philosophers have expressed different opinions of their views about an ideal society. Thomas More, expresses the utopian view, which is a […]

Traffic in Washington D.C.

Traffic congestion is one primary problem facing most of the world’s biggest towns, a case that is common in most United States cities for example, Washington D.C. This is because, with increased populations and changing world’s economic status, most individuals opt for private transport it being more convenient. Although this may be the case, most […]

Changing Times: Contrasting young People Today to Young People Fifty Years Ago

Civilizations across the world have continued to evolve in a way that reflects their daily experiences with the needs and requirements of modern living. Worldviews, attitudes, perceptions and value systems have been greatly influenced by the occurrences of the modern world, not mentioning the fact that competition for the ever dwindling resources have continued to […]

Top 10 Fallacies

One of the disputable issues of logic is fallacy. One of the difficulties in considering fallacies is the complicated nature and difficulty in identifying it, since it is not always clear “which particular fallacy has been committed” (Hughes & Lavery, 2004, p.108). It is generally accepted that a fallacy is regarded as an attempt to […]

Cash flow analysis

The cash flow statement is a mandatory part of a company’s financial reports, it records the amounts of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving the company. The cash flow statement analyzes the cash income and expenditures during a financial period and it has three parts which show the variations in the firm’s cash flows […]

Trend Article Analysis-Smoking

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), smoking is a leading cause of death and related disabilities than any single disease worldwide. It is estimated that about five million deaths occur annually as a result of smoking (Fagan & Fernander, 2007). In the United States, the use of tobacco has been identified as being one […]

Genealogy of Morality

Passage 1: This passage is taken from first treatise on “Good and evil”, “good and bad”. This treatise looks at the judgment given in the deriving of values (Nietzsche et al. 10). That is it looks at how the values are formed and how they can be judged to be real values of humanity or […]

Heroes and Anti-heroes

The inclusion of a hero and an anti-hero is common in many stories. A hero is usually showcased in films and books as the quiet antagonist who saves the day while an anti-hero is usually the protagonist who is driven mainly by personal desires and almost succeeds in his or her goals but is stopped […]

Work and Empowerment

Work and empowerment is a growing aspect in the female world of late. Most of the women have ventured into employment. This has widely affected their position in society. Saudi Arabian women have had difficulty in defining their position in the family. Their role in the society includes the normal home chores and nothing more. […]

Physical Child Abuse

Abstract Pressure on matters concerning child negligence and abuse causes great changes on subject pertaining childcare. Globally, there is great legal protection for unsympathetic cruelty by caregivers such as lack of proper provision of basic needs. Today, administrative support against child abuse and negligence is highly supported. On the other hand, the issue continues to […]

Notions of Community and Notions of Self in The Plague and Patriotism

Service to community depends heavily on the individual community member’s notion of self, which is in turn heavily influenced by his culture. This paper explores the differing notions of community exemplified by two very different main characters: Dr. Rieux in Albert Camus’ The Plague, and Lieutenant Shinji Takeyama in Yukio Mishima’s Patriotism. This paper will […]

The Sarcophagus of Ahiram

A lead made sarcophagus was excavated by a French Archaeologist in Rome in 1923. This was a rarity because a few of the sarcophagus adopted by the Romans used lead. Curiously, there were only countable instances of renowned personalities buried in luxurious sarcophagus. Well, a sarcophagus is a luxurious casket or a coffin that was […]

Working during high school

Introduction Many teens in high school get thrilled at the idea of working part time while still in school. The opportunity to make money is good and some parents give their children the liberty to work while still in school. For others, they would hear none of it because to them it is a complete […]

Service Encounter-Southwest Airlines

Introduction Customer loyalty is a vital component in the operation of businesses. One of the ways through which a firm can develop customer loyalty is by ensuring effective service delivery. In order to achieve this, the firm must have a well implemented service delivery system. According to Bennett and Strydom (210), service delivery system entails […]

Story of Drunken Girlhood

The book under discussion is Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas which dwells upon the place of a person in the society hiding this idea behind alcoholism. At the same time, these two notions are connected in the book, as being a teenager, Koren Zailckas tries to find her place in the […]

The Process Analysis

The process of writing a composition, I believe, encompasses a series of decision-making process. Finding an answer to the questions arising out of such procedure may be a daunting task, especially if the questions ask for the criteria that administer such a choice. There definitely seem to be many differences regarding the criteria of the […]

“Action is the real measure of intelligence” – Napoleon Hill

Time has changed, along with so many things, the meaning of being intelligent. Intelligence is no longer associated with academic degrees, philosophical outlook, or IQ level. Rather, it has become the ability to act systematically at the quickest possible time. Intelligence, therefore, is different from schoolwork success. Intelligence may be available to us in seven […]

Freakonomics: Unearthing Hidden Answers to Problems

Critical writing is one of the most interesting models of writing that exits. It involves presenting a problem by exposing unimaginable and hidden issues that emerge as the answers to those problems. This form of writing invites a lot of debate and possible opposition to the writer s assumptions. It has been called freakonomics (DiNardo […]

The Way of Duty: The Life of Women and Extraordinary Combination of Historic Evidence and Good Writing Style

Introduction Aim and scope The present paper is aimed at discussing and evaluating the book The Way of Duty written by Joy Day Buel and Richard Buel Jr. This book is really worth reading though it contains a great number of historical information and facts that can be considered boring for those people who are […]

Game designers have the responsibility to design less video game

Ethics is the field of moral philosophy involving systematic defending as well as recommendations of behavior either as wrong or right(Gunter,234). Currently, philosophers have classified ethics into several categories such as metaethics which is concern with investigating the origin of ethical principles and normative ethics which helps to regulate what is wrong or right within […]

Cohabitation vs. Marriage

Introduction Cohabitation comprises of coexisting couples in a sexual liaison without the legal acknowledgement. Marriage is formally composed of a husband and wife who legally, traditionally or religiously vow to commit themselves to each other. Family formations have modified where many people prefer to cohabit as an alternative to having a marriage commitment. Some views […]

Music Therapy throughout The Soloist

It is already well-established that music as a complex combination of various vibrations affects human organism in a plenty of different ways. Depending on the kind of music piercing a human body, it may piece, enliven, liberate, capture. Music is an alternative medicine, a drug for a human mind, which may have either positive or […]

Is a virus alive?

Characteristics of living things According to Meyer (1970), living organisms have a myriad of similar characteristics. These are as discussed below: The first similarity is their organization. Living things show high levels of organization where multi cellular organisms are sub divided into cells, then organelles, which are further split into molecules, and so on. The […]

How to write an essay

Introduction How to write an essay is a difficult question. Much has been written and said about the main components of an essay, its purpose and functions, and the principal criteria of quality writing. However, it seems that standardization and essay writing are incompatible. Writing is entirely about inspiration, and any conventions or rules severely […]

My Grandfather’s Son

Introduction Clarence Thomas book, My Grandfather’s Son explores his biography in terms of his childhood, life achievements and also his misfortunes in life. The memoir is based on a real-life story of Clarence Thomas. The narrative is inspiring and at the same time illustrates the challenges that individuals encounters in life. Clarence Thomas refers to […]

Two Historical Art Periods

Introduction Art works differ significantly across different fields and time periods. Some art works appear to have stemmed from the minds of individuals or from social and ethnic influences. Others have been influenced by the designs and features of earlier periods. These are frequently a continuation of or response to artistic designs (Stokstad, 2008). This […]

The story of Jackson

According to his father, Jackson Jr. is a normal boy. I have known Jackson since his family moved in from another town several years ago; I am three years his senior. In our neighborhood, no one knows the Jacksons’ story. The Jacksons are a modest family comprising of a father, two daughters and a son. […]

Riordan Strategic Plan

Riordan, Inc. is a private organization that engages itself in the manufacture of plastic products that are later sold to other manufacturers. The items produced in this company include plastic bottles, fans, heart valves, custom plastic parts, and medical stents. Over the years, the company has experienced tremendous growth that has resulted in the establishment […]


Executive Summary The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) are the two largest exchanges in North America. These two attract not only the most prominent exchange traders in the United States of American but also have the most number of equities in the country. It is […]

Marx’s and Engels’s Communist Manifesto

To understand the full meaning of the given passage, one must comprehend the historical and intellectual context in which it appears. Basically, Marx’s and Engels’s Communist Manifesto has depicted human history as a continuous manifestation of class struggles between an oppressor minority and the oppressed majority. Before the advent of the industrial age, all oppressive […]

Philosophy major is needed in curriculum

Introduction Philosophy has had a lasting influence on learning institutions and society since time immemorial. The discipline has been shaped by a historical and scholastic tradition that started in the Greek culture over 2000 years ago (Audi, 2007, p.76). Socrates, a famous ancient Greek philosopher once stated that the unexplored life is unworthy of living. […]

Towards Understanding why most Business Reengineering Projects Fail

Today, more than ever before, the business environment is characterized by intense competition, shifts in customer demands and expectations, rapid globalization trends, and the ever domineering convergence of technology. To maintain a competitive lead under these conditions, many organizations have turned to business process reengineering to fundamentally revamp critical business processes that have become outdated […]

Total Quality Management (TQM) as a Significant Issue in the Contemporary Strategic Management

The present paper is dedicated to Total Quality Management (TQM) as the present-day forefront issue in strategic management. The history of its emergence is discussed, and the evolution of business focus is outlined. TQM emphasizes continuous improvement at all organizational levels, focus on constant learning and advancement. The benefit of TQM is in its ability […]

Child of two Worlds

Will Lam be able to exist or move between the two worlds? The Child of Two Worlds is a captivating story where the author, Lam, provides a description of what was “inside” and “outside” for him as a child. He presents two contrasting worlds, each of which has its own characteristics. The American world is, […]

Justifiable Vengeance

‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ and ‘Mother Savage’ are two short stories depicting Vengeance as expressed in the perceptions of the writers; Roald Dahl and Guy De Maupassant respectively. Both stories reflect aspects of human cruelty, perversity, and violence displayed by female characters. Lamb to the Slaughter published in 1953, tells the story of Mary Maloney, […]

Discuss R.K. Narayan

The Guide by R.K. Narayan focuses on the theme of guilt and redemption. The main character of the novel, Raju first leads a life of guilt and finally redemption. Raju leads the general public to believe that he is a hero, Sadhu. Raju is an ordinary man who experience changes in the course of his […]

Mencius’ and Hsun Tzu’s view of Human Nature

One will not be far off the mark by stating that there has never been any film that explicitly depicts both sides of the human nature better than ‘Schindler’s List’. In the film, the grotesque and satanic are embodied by Goeth while the noble and self- sacrificing are personified by Schindler. The film Schindler’s List […]

Life is a Smorgasbord by Dan Lewis

This prompt seeks to explore the concept presented by the phrase, ‘life is a smorgasbord’. To understand the expression, we first have to understand that a smorgasbord is a buffet-like presentation of many small dishes where one is allowed to take as many servings as they wish. This phrase suggests that we have a wide […]

Oedipus the King and Hamlet

Oedipus the King and Hamlet are classical tragic stories; this is evident at the end of both plays. Oedipus and Hamlet both insisted on finding out the truth concerning their safety and that is what led to the tragedies that both faced. Claudia was crowned king of Denmark after the previous king had died. Oedipus […]

Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal: Reflective Essay Addressing Swift’s Satire Approach Concerning the Social Problem of Dublin’s Starving Children

Abstract Swift’s A Modest Proposal is a genius work in the art of literary satire. I picked certain issues and commented on them regarding how Swift made Irish beggars and their children a necessary evil that was deteriorating Ireland from the inside. Largely, this behemoth of a problem was causing an economic slump of mass […]

Managing job applications

Introduction The staffing process of firefighters involves spirited applicant assessment, especially because of the intricate nature of the services they are required to offer. This calls for a number of tests to be performed on aspiring candidates so as to establish their appropriateness for the job. In this paper, three types of job applicant tests […]

Arguments in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The great cartoon craftsmen – rude fantasists with a taste for the extreme – routinely dismiss the laws of probability, turning tree branches into catapults and a set of dishes into a symphony orchestra (Harris). But a cartoon short, however inventive, can take its toll on our interest. A world which anything can happen is […]

Basic Management in Business

The business environment is dynamic and highly competitive. Staying afloat and remaining profitable have become more and more complicated. Just as the numbers of new business entrances have increased in the recent years, so the level of collapsing ones has raised as well. The principal reason for success in some quarters is attributed to excellent management. The effectiveness and competence of managers contribute to a company’s […]

What is a pirated movie?

It is important for us to ask ourselves what pirated movies are. Essentially, pirated movies are movies which are counterfeit in nature. This means that they are movies which have been illegally obtained and reproduced by a group of people or individuals. This is usually done with the intention of getting these movies out for […]

The Republic by Plato

In the Book VII of The Republic Plato introduces his famous parable of the Cave which is supposed to represent the illusory nature of human knowledge. The conversation between Socrates and Glaucon is supposed to describe the role that philosophers should play in the community. One of the main points that the author makes is […]

The world of business

Introduction Michael Syrett is the author of this invaluable handbook in business management. It gives a detailed chapter by chapter analysis on winning strategies that are intended to keep business goals on target. The folly of most companies lie in their failure to track their performance against their set long-term goals. Syrett’s in-depth analysis is […]

The Yellow Wallpaper

The point of view adopted by the author Charlotte Perkins Gilman in The Yellow Wallpaper is first person. The narrator is a new mother, living temporarily in a house of unaccustomed lavishness. She and her family come there to help her recuperate from a mysterious ailment, perhaps postpartum depression. This ailment seems to be both […]

The Architecture of the Dome of the Rock

Introduction Located in the Qubbat As-Sakhrah Shrine, the Dome of the Rock is one of the most significant pieces of architecture that dominates the skyline in Jerusalem, Israel. It is an Islamic architectural work that symbolizes the religious significance of Jerusalem. Over the centuries, the Dome has remained a controversial shrine claimed by Jews, Muslims […]

High and Tide: A film Evaluation

Global warming and globalization are two phenomenons that have gained worldwide attention over the past few decades. These two occurrences have had significant impacts on the environment and mankind. The 2005 film “Time and Tide” produced by the National Geographic channel under the directorship of Julie Bayer and Josh Salzman seeks to address these two […]

Ice Mummies: The Siberian Ice Maiden’s Discovery Reveals Much about Archeology

NOVA’s documentary, Ice Mummies: The Siberian Ice Maiden allows the non-scientific public to share in an important and controversial find. The characteristics and location of the long-dead young woman may suggest just how complex the diffusion of culture and the movement of peoples in ancient times must have been. Because of the political restrictions placed […]

Evaluation of an Entrepreneurial Venture: Innocent Drink

If you’re reading this as a soon-to-be or recent college graduate, you have probably already seriously considered starting a business rather than working for others. Do you have what it takes to make a go of it? Let’s examine some issues around this career option that, for many young people, seems increasingly appealing. Consider the […]

Do moderate to high income workers in Australia take into consideration the environmental impact of their travel choice?

Aim and Rationale In Australia, 2012 statistical estimates show that there are 12,714,235 private passenger vehicles with an annual growth rate of 2.2%, while methods of public transportation such as buses currently number at 90,599. Australia’s National Transport Commission estimates that each private vehicle emits 199 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer travelled (Hazmat and […]

The Contrasting Characters of Ned and Jimmy

Introduction Ernest J Gaines’ 1971 Novel “The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” provides a description of character traits that differ with generational changes. A comparison of the two characters reveals that Ned belongs to the liberal class of Americans in the south, whose mindsets have been transformed from the old model that emphasized on slavery, […]

HR planning and recruitment

MFI-B was an NGO micro finance organization that was dealing with community development activities and formation through the advancement of loans to its clients. MFI-B got its funds from different organizations. Its main business strategy was an expansion in the form of its loan portfolio. With this, this organization could increase its borrowing capacity to […]

Empathy and Moral Development

Empathy is having feelings or concern for another person that creates a desire to help them, which may be feelings of sadness or happiness. It is also the ability to be sensitive of other people’s feelings. In the workplace, empathy can be applied by listening to others’ viewpoints and trying to assimilate their thought. Thus, […]

How to Develop Cultural Tourism

Introduction Cultural tourism refers to the movement of people from their usual places of residence to other cultural attractions with an intention of satisfying their cultural needs (Greg, 1996, p. 24). In Europe, charters exist that provide the benchmarks for best tourism practices based on cultural heritage resources. However, this is not the case in […]

Overthrows in History

Introduction The world is made up of about 194 sovereign states. These states make up the world system and sub-systems in which the US (United States) is part. United States is made up of people from diverse origins from all over the world. It is currently the most powerful economically and in military superiority. The […]

Human security and protection

In a world threatened by challenges, the UN together with other responsive States, see the urgency of providing their intervention. Cases of human security have dominated the debates, and civilians in vulnerable situations demand protection from such dangers (Tadjbakhsh & Chenoy 2007, p. 185). Some academicians argue that preventing such dangers is paramount than just […]

Marketing a Business

Abstract Marketing a business is a challenging endeavor. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the Urban Outfitters case study. Difficulties with creating a trendy counterculture image are discussed. Why big box stores cannot sell merchandize identical to Urban Outfitters is explained. The paper explains the value of exclusivity and the relationship between shopping and […]