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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges

In case of Ethel's Chocolate Lounges, extensive decision-making is the main type of customer buying decisions, whereas traditional materialistic values and socialization with members of the same or higher social status are the most salient [...]

Intelligence agency

Although the office of the DNI is expected to control the whole intelligence community, it is not possible to accomplish this for all members of the intelligence community in the country in the prevailing situation.

Neopets Marketing

According to the Goldsmith, once a business has a remarkable number of customers, it should focus on the existing customers to bring on board new customers. This has been cited by some parents as dangerous [...]

Pornography and Women Issues

Advertisements in pornographic materials show the level of support and endorsement of the degrading acts in the materials. The increase in production and consumption of pornographic materials is correlated to the increasing actual cases of [...]

Strategic thinking

This essay seeks to identify aspects of strategic thinking that should be used in a team, evaluate the contribution of strategic thinking in team' s effectiveness, identify key value adding characteristics that should be used [...]

Causes of the 1812 War

In sum to the determination of Americans in eradicating the presence of the British in North America, their need and quest for expansion also contributed significantly to the rise of the 1812 war. The participation [...]