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Motivating Employee During the Crisis: Challenges and Directions

Company of Case Study: Dubai Real Estate Corporation, Wasl Properties Using the DREC and Wasl properties case, the company must resolve problems arising from noncompliance with all company policies being implemented (Robbins and Judge, 2007). The research of WASL and DREC is grounded on identifying possible internal conflicts and instituting policies to prevent escalation of […]

How Does Internal Public Relations Impact the Employee Productivity and Loyalty in Saudi Arabia?

Contribution of the Study The success of any business organization depends on various fundamental issues, which have to be put into consideration by the management and other stakeholders. These factors have significant impact in determining and setting performance pace for the organization. They create an environment that allows high productivity among employees. One of these […]

China Currency Manipulation

Introduction The most recent US Treasury Department’s review of foreign trading partner’s exchange rate policies revealed that China is manipulating the value of its currency to boost its global competitiveness. A careful analysis of all evidence on this issue clearly indicates that China has surpassed all well-established limits which have been previously used to establish […]

Microsoft Internet Marketing Strategies and Competitive Advantage

Introduction Internet technology inspired a business and commerce revolution not witnessed before. Once used for military purposes, internet communication nowadays provides an important platform for business to business, and business to customer interaction. Company websites have become primary tools where potential customers source for information on particular corporate products before making the actual purchase. Besides, […]

Nanotechnology: Advantages & Disadvantages within the Business Context

Introduction Emerging technologies, in their varied forms and scope, are transforming the world of work, how business entities function, change and progress, and the nature of leadership, managerial and professional careers within the context of the 21st century’s business environment. Indeed, these technologies have evolved into fundamental components of business, industry, and commerce throughout the […]

Atelka, a leader in outsourcing within Canada

Atelka was selected for this paper since it is considered a leader in relationship management in the field of customer service and business process outsourcing (BPO) within Canada. The company specializes in the provision of business process outsourcing services to companies. Basically, they outsource the customer service departments of corporations within the U.S. to locations […]

Lotus Rental on Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Introduction Alternative fuel vehicles are automobiles that do not rely on petroleum-derived fuels or partly depend on them. They may include hybrid electric vehicles, battery electrics, solar powered vehicles, dimethyl ether automobiles, biofuel, nitrogen and hydrogen-powered cars. Lotus rental should only consider these products if the demand for the fleet exceeds the costs incurred to […]

Organizations and Economic Environment

Introduction The continuous increase in real gross domestic product is what is called real economic growth. Economic growth can originate from efficient production levels or from inefficient production levels. Economic growth can happen with decrease, increase or without any change in the price level. There are various factors that are associated with economic growth and […]

The Dangers and Risks of Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Gases

Introduction The dangers and risks involved in handling flammable and combustible liquids and gases call for extra vigilance in the processes of packaging and transporting. Since harmful effects associated with careless handling are irreversible and long-term in nature, safety precautions must be considered. As such, firms and governments have put standards and measures to ensure […]

Material Life of the Chinese

Introduction Literal works often reflect various perspective of a society. A person can get an insight into a society by reading such literal pieces. Nonetheless, to understand a certain perspective of a society from literature requires a critical mind to piece together small hints to build a complete component of the society. This paper evaluates […]

Julius Caesar an Iconic Roman

Introduction Based on my personal opinion, Julius Caesar was a highly influential Roman, as a leader and as an ordinary person. He is a person who greatly influenced the then Roman people, as well as the recent generations, including Western culture affiliates. He lived between July 100 BC and March 44 BC. Caesar was a […]

The lived experiences of Native American Indian women parenting off the reservation

Problem Statement From the information gathered from literature review, it is evident that many studies have been conducted on individuals who live in reservations. Some of these studies have laid particular interest on women. However, it is crucial to state here that the studies have been limited to studying a specific character trait within the […]

Humanitarian non-organization WFP vs. IFAD

Introduction Study literature shows that there are various humanitarian non-governmental organizations across the world. However, this study seeks to analyze the World Food Program (WFP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The study takes into consideration their goals, achievements and failures. It also compares the activities undertaken by these agencies as well as […]

Singapore Airline

Introduction Overview of the Company Singapore Airline (SIA) is a widely recognized and celebrated brand name in the air transport industry for over 50 years. This is attributable to its route network that covers over 90 cities in more than forty countries and up to date air transport system. In addition, SIA is a member […]

Ethics of Digital Manipulation

Abstract Alteration and manipulation of images on photographs to achieve the desired appearance are as old as photography itself. With software such as Photoshop and Adobe, it is easy to manipulate or alter a photograph in order to fit the desired appearance (Ball and Kalmbach 27). In addition, distribution of manipulated photos has become easy […]

Problem Based Learning

Introduction Education is an essential aspect in the modern world since it enables individuals to view the world from an abstract perspective (Lennox, 2003). From this point of view, it is easier for individuals to determine the problems that the world is facing and to come up with solutions that will enhance the conditions and […]

Keystone Pipeline political, economic and environmental implications

Introduction The Keystone XL pipeline is a venture that is estimated to cover a distance of about one thousand nine hundred kilometers of thirty-six inch diameter in transporting crude oil that stretching from Hardisty, Alberta and extending all the way south to Steele city of Nebraska. Keystone XL pipeline project is critical for the improvement […]

Thinking about Thinking: Discovering the Mechanisms of Students’ Learning Process

Teaching is an intrinsically complicated process, since it is based on a complex process of cognition, perception, information digestion and interpretation, which leads to developing the ability of using the newly acquired skills on a regular basis. Despite the explanation of learning cycle that Piaget provided, the process still remains quite obscure and, therefore, complicated, […]

Case Analysis: Google

History, Development, and Growth of Google Google’s history depicts various efforts with regard to its inception and propagation over a long period. In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin initialized Google as part of their doctoral academic research project at Stanford University. These efforts materialized through involvement in a project dubbed The Stanford Digital Library […]

Leadership Issues: The Case of CEO Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines

Introduction Extant literature demonstrates that leaders, through their leadership styles and practices, have the capacity to positively or negatively influence outcomes for business organizations, employees, customers and stakeholders. Indeed, in the business scene of the 21st century, many organizations have remained afloat in the turbulent business environment due to effective leadership style demonstrated by leaders […]

Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication

Leadership theories A number of leadership styles and theoretical approaches have been suggested. However, other theories are still being developed. Scholars have identified three categories of leadership theories- traditional, contemporary and emerging theories (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Traditional theories of leadership Trait theories Trait theories of leadership aim at identifying specific personal traits believed to […]

Stress Management and Work Performance in the UK (HR)

What is the objective of the investigation? In this study, the researcher was interested in investigating the relationship between stress management and workplace performance in the United Kingdom. This research was motivated by the recent reports that there has been an increasing concern by human resource managements over the need to manage stress among employees. […]

The Mexican War

Introduction The Mexican War refers to the armed conflict that arose between the United States and Mexico during the 19th century. The conflict started when Mexico attacked the American troops that were stationed at the southern border of Texas in 1846. The confrontation came to an end when General Winfield Scott of the United States […]

Patella Syndrome: A Critical Discussion

Definition & Background Information Patella syndrome, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFS), has been defined in the literature as “retropatellar or peripatellar pain resulting from physical and biochemical changes in the patellofemoral joint” (Mark & Juhn 2012). Patella syndrome qualifies as the commonest cause of chronic knee pain, with current research studies demonstrating that […]

The Facts about Alcoholism

The Selective Addictive Nature of Alcohol Alcoholism has been misunderstood by people as a moral or emotional weakness. It is believed that people succumb to alcoholism because they have psychological and emotional problems that they want to escape from or relieve. People believe that alcoholism is caused by all kinds of social problems such as […]

Modern Marketing Strategy

Marketing enables potential customers to know about products and services available in a certain company and thus make them gain interest in those products. The needs of consumers have risen because they now have access to information through the media and other sources Perner (2010, p.2). Therefore, it is important that a company have marketing […]

Women in Early Christianity

The most fitting word with which to describe the Church Father’s attitude toward women is ambivalence. It is important to note that both men and women were God’s creation. However, the society has perceived women as weak human beings both mind and character. In contrast there are women who have displayed dauntless courage, undertook prodigious […]

Task of Negro Womanhood

Thesis Statement The Negro woman faces constant contempt from the people who live around her. She rarely experiences joy, peace and happiness. Through all these challenges, the Negro woman stays strong and remains extremely courageous. She has learned to build within herself the needed moral strength to help her rise above those challenges. There exist […]

An Eye on Target Language Use in Elementary English Classrooms in China

Introduction Jing Peng and Lili Zhang published their work entitled ‘An eye on target language use in elementary English classrooms in China’ in an edited book by M. Nikolov titled ‘Early Learning of Modern Foreign Languages: Processes and Outcomes’ which was published in the year 2009. There is a general agreement among researchers in second […]

Students’ Perception of a Mobile Application for College Course

Introduction In the opening part of the dissertation, student successfully manages to present succinct and pertinent information about the main reasons for the research, as well as why this study can have practical implications (Mathus, 2011). However, the shortcoming of introduction lies in summarizing chapters instead of considering the actual scope and purpose of the […]

Globalization and IT Business

Introduction In the contemporary world, information technology role on everyday activities has significantly increased. The modern businesses are characterized by high level of information technology, which has improved the level of efficiency to a greater extent. Information technology has facilitated interaction among different people from all over the world. This has facilitated business activities through […]

Analysis of Poems by Veronica Forrest-Thomson, J .H Prynne & Barry MacSweeney

Introduction Prynne, Barry and Veronica stand out as some of the poets who exhibit or rather demonstrate characteristics of contemporary poets. Although they feature different opinions and styles in their poems, most of their views and poetic works rhyme taking on similar characteristics. Proponents of these poets commend positively on the different approach and styles […]