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Bus 174 Commentary

Introduction Directed by Jose Padilha, Bus 174 is a fascinating documentary published in 2002 in Brazil. It includes people like Sandro, Williams, Luciana, among others. Sandro is a street boy who hijacks a bus, demanding to kill the passengers, a case that forces their journey to stand still for four hours. The media collect this […]

Honesty in the workplace

Is Business Bluffing Ethical?: Albert Z. Carr Carr argues that bluffing is business is normal. There is nothing novel to it and there is nothing morally wrong to it. He based his argument on the difference between what we consider as normal morality, such as one has come to understand it from a religious perspective, […]

Pico della Mirandola

Pico Della Mirandola was born in 1463 and lived through to 1494. He was born in a royal family in Italy. During his youth, he paid visits to prominent French and Italian universities. He also challenged scholars to a debate of his nine hundred theses in Rome in 1846. However, the Pope forbade any such […]

Comparison of writers

The author Arthur Miller as analyzed through the book “Death of a sales man” and the author Flannery O’Connor as analyzed through the book “A good man is hard to find” are both similar because the authors are inclined towards tragedy. In other words, their works both end disastrously. However, the circumstances surrounding these downfalls […]

A Comparison of Organized Crime around the World

You here of human trafficking, drug trafficking, gambling, forced prostitution, fire arm dealings just to mention but a few. This is all the handy work of organized criminal groups. Organized criminal groups have spread through the world in the recent past. These groups have used different ways but mostly illegitimate ways to do business in […]

Discourse of the information society

Information is always a key component for an economy to function by acting as medium and ingredient of propelling economic growth. Information, unlike other components of an economy which their use leads exhaustion and eventual replacement, is more regenerative in that its use leads to development of new ideas. The source remains intact and there […]

Living Environments and Human Diseases

In the new era of human disease human social habits and their various circumstances are noted as being one of the primary facilitators of the spread of infectious diseases. What must be understood is that humans are inherently social animals and as such they have a predilection towards gathering in groups, going to areas with […]

A Bed for the Night

Introduction David Rieff in his book, “A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis”, presents the idea that the concept of an international community is moot and nothing more than a fanciful notion. In the book Rieff elaborates on the following notions: A.)That there is no world consensus on most matters of true importance (Rieff, […]

What is it about theories in the human sciences and natural sciences that makes them convincing?

Introduction Since time immemorial philosophy has undergone tremendous metamorphosis. The developed world has revered the development in science over any other society, eventually putting theories of science and those scientists on a scale higher than their counter parts in lower cadres of society for example state machineries or entrepreneurial men and women of the day. […]

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart is a real masterpiece by Chinua Achebe about devotion to traditions and culture, about non-avertable changes, about religion, and about people attitude to novelties and their abilities to defend their own interests. Written in 1958, this novel by Nigerian author touches so many readers and makes them look at this world in […]

Early Childhood Observation

In order to conduct the investigation based on the known Piaget experiments, one child is chosen. For the purpose of confidentiality, the name of this child is changed to Jenny. She is a five-year-old girl, the elder one among her two brothers. There are only two people in this room: the girl herself, and me, […]

Trade between Taiwan and Japan

Introduction International trade has facilitated movement of good and services. There are measures put in place to remove trade barriers among nations as well as having a controlled trade among them. One of the most used trade barriers are tariffs and quotas. Recognizing the effects that these barriers have on international trade, World trade organization […]

England 1485, end of reign of Mary I

England was a country that was under monarchy kind of rule during the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries which was controlled by the Tudor Dynasty that ruled between 1485 to1603, what was commonly known as the Tudor period. The first king among the Tudors was Henry vii who ruled the period between 1485-1509, who was born […]

Helping the Private Sector to Achieve and Maintain Infrastructure Security

The infrastructure security has always been on the highest level for the US government. Still, the September 11, 2001 was the breaking point which is considered to be the start for heightened interest in critical infrastructure protection, both in public and in private sectors. To understand the main purpose of the research, it is crucial […]

New York versus Hong Kong

New York and Hong Kong are among the biggest cities in the world. These two cities possess very different aspects. A quick glance at the streets of New York will leave one shocked. The streets and path ways are full of garbage that lies unattended. This shows that the local authorities in New York don’t […]

The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer the author of the book The Canterbury Tales was among England’s best poets. He was born at around 1340 in London. His father was a wine businessman and an assistant of King Butler. Geoffrey Chaucer’s life is not so understandable especially when we try to look at his early age that […]

Leading Change by John P. Kotter

Introduction Leading Change is a book written by John Paul Kotter, a Harvard Business School professor and one of the leading scholars in the field of leadership and change, precisely, he talks about how best businesses can implement change. The book consists of 187 pages arranged into 15 chapters, these chapters are placed into three […]

Foreign Policy: What Has Been the Main Emphases of America’s Foreign Policy from World War 2 to the Present Day?

The main emphases of the foreign policy of the United States from World War 2 to the present day have been the containment of the Soviet Union and its allies, military domination, expansion of economy, the War on Terror, and overall stability. The paper is focused on the foreign policy during the Cold War, and […]

The problem for criterion

It is clear through the literature that has come to man, that philosophers started being increasingly concerned with the task of justifying the possibility, and therefore, the credibility of human knowledge of the entire world. This is as opposed to the investigation of the latter’s nature. This is true, at least since the time of […]

Politics and Presidential Administrations

The history of the United States from the period of Reconstruction to the Progressive Era between 1877 and 1900 involved the rise of industrialization within the country which saw an increase in economic growth, enabling the United States to be the world’s economic and industrial super power. The end of the Civil War in 1865 […]

Moral and Ethical Issues and the Foundation of Special Education

The disability topic has always elicited a lot of debate whenever it is mentioned .Throughout the history of humanity, there have been conflicting viewpoints concerning disability. The difference in perspectives depends entirely on the available policies about people with special needs together with the level of awareness in the society. The term disability is very […]

The “Banking” Concept of Education: An Analysis

Paulo Freire made an astute observation when he said that the teacher-student relationship has a narrative characteristic and therefore in the process of teaching: “The contents, whether values or empirical dimensions of reality, tend in the process of being narrated to become lifeless and petrified” (Freire, p.318). This is the reason why the author contended […]

Law Enforcement after 9/11

Introduction The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, popularly known as 9/11, changed the world’s view of terrorism forever. In the aftermath of these attacks, the Bush administration declared war on terrorism, this war was aimed at capturing Osama bin Laden and smashing al-Qaeda operations around the world. These actions were […]

The Color of Water

One of the most important conflicts that have ever been raised throughout the history is the problem of personal development. Even now it is still on the agenda of the modern world. Like any other person, the character of the memoir by McBride is changing together with the world around him. In the midst of […]

An Analysis of Films

Three films that have been chosen for this analysis are: a) The Good The Bad and The Ugly, b) For a Few Dollars More and c) Fist Full of Dollars. They all are directed by Sergio Leone and belong to the Western genre. Clint Eastwood is the protagonist of all the three movies. They are […]

The Last Moments of Saint Mary Magdalene

Introduction A closer examination of a piece of art work may depict an artist’s mind. The way form, and other literary studies are used by the artist indicates his/ her art world. An artist uses his work therefore to communicate some message to people; otherwise called his audience. A painting tells an audience to the […]

Exercising Control

Introduction Having studied the various ways by which the progress of a project can be monitored, it is important to note that monitoring is by itself not management, and finding out how the project is progressing is quite meaningless unless corrective measures can be taken when something is amiss with the project. There has been […]

Children Upbringing in Europe

Religion influence on understanding and experience of childhood in Europe In Europe religion had great influence on understanding and experience of childhood. Religion beliefs were applied by mothers in rearing their children. Children who had both parents were considered to be of good omen. People in Europe strongly believed in religion. Women in roman started […]

Unique Behaviors of Domestic Cats in Their Natural

Abstract Historically, for the last 9500 years, people have been domesticating cats. Evolutionary studies show that cats depict evolutionary behaviors such as territory marking, grooming, mating, social organization, and communication. Based on evolutionary studies, this study focuses on making observation of evolutionary behaviors that entail territory marking. The findings revealed that, while scratching and rubbing […]

Sara Smolinsky’s Struggles with Competing Values in “Bread Givers” by Anzia Yezierska

Values in “Bread Givers” by Anzia Yezierska The aim of this essay is to detail the predicaments faced by Sara Smolinsky in Anzia Yezierska’s novel, Bread Givers, largely due to conflicts between old world values represented by her country of origin in Eastern Europe, and early 20th century, modern American values. Using the novel as […]

The Rise of the Roman Catholic Papacy

Introduction The pope is currently the leader of the Catholic Church throughout the world. Early popes spread Christianity as well as doctrines of the Catholic Church, although using different tactics and means opposed to normal ways. The Roman Church converted the Roman Emperor as well as other European countries into the pope’s secular kingdom. The […]

How Socio-Economic and Political Position of Women Changed Between 1880 and 1940

According to Gabaccia, more than 25 million immigrants arrived in the US between 1880 and 1940 (p. 25). Majority of these immigrants emigrated from various Southeastern European countries such as Slovakia, Italy, Poland, and Russia. These immigrants came to America to look for employment opportunities in order to improve their standards of living. Bell’s novel […]

Events leading up to WWI

Introduction World war 1 is one of the historical wars that has been documented and well remembered by many people. Its history has attracted attention from the present historians. The war began because of a small conflict after Australia-Hungary declared to wage war on Serbia. The war began on 28 July 1914 and lasted for […]

The History of Frontal Lobotomy

The word lobotomy comes from two Greek terms lobos which means the brain’s robes, and tomos which means to cut. Lobotomy is a psychosurgical practice that involves destroying the connections of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It originated from Europe in the early twentieth century (Dully & Fleming 76). The theory behind this procedure […]

Rise of Christianity in Medieval Europe

Christianity started humbly as a Jewish sect in Roman-dominated Palestine, but it grew to become a continental and world religion in the middle ages. Certain qualities in Christianity were responsible for this radical outcome. First, Jesus’ message represented a radical departure from traditional religions at the time. Furthermore, the early Church remained zealous about their […]

The Historical Development of Fine Arts in Korea from 1950 to Present

Introduction Korean fine art entails different forms of art that originate from Korea such as pottery, calligraphy, literature, painting, music among other genres, which are characteristically identified by their bold colors, surface decorations, and natural forms. The history of Korean art spans back to the Stone Age period with the introduction of votive sculptures and […]

Can Social Order Emerge Spontaneously?

Introduction Social order refers to the rules and conduct that governs the behavior of people in the society. It describes what is considered right or wrong in the community. It varies in different societies depending on culture, religious beliefs, age and education level, among others. There are several social science theories that can be used […]

Case Study: Glasses Direct

This paper offers an analysis of the viability of start up businesses. It is based on the success story of a young entrepreneur whose startup business shook and shaped U.K’s optician industry. James Murray was in the final year of his English degree at the University of West England when his entrepreneurial idea was borne. […]

Universal Moral and Legal Codes

A legal code is a governing principle that people of a certain society choose to assume as their guide in certain aspects of the society’s existence. All people who are subject to the code in the society are expected to abide by the code, failure to which serious repercussions or punishment are bound to be […]

Women Immigration to US

Introduction Enrique’s Journey , a book authored by Sonia Nazario gives an astonishing encounter of a Honduran Boy who passed through perilous encounters after being left by his mother who migrated to US. The author portrays that migration of women to foreign countries to seek for employment has become a common phenomenon in US (Nazario, […]

Literacy Practices Inventory and

In our societies, there are so many factors that tend to bring people together and this is why a community is not restricted by geographical elements but also by religion, ethnic origins, culture, preferences like sexual orientation, resources, happiness and lifestyle. So many times, these will be the defining standards that will be used even […]

Identify Consumers’ Needs and To Ensure That Organizations Develop Strategies

Introduction The world is changing due to the changes brought about by technology. Business environment is increasingly getting competitive. Firms are finding it difficult to manage this competition due to a number of factors. According to Handlechner (2008), it is practically impossible to find the best strategy that would last a lifetime and will not […]

IT Implementation Plan for Cloud Computing

Introduction Opportunities The massive transition in the technological sector has prompted organizations as well as government agencies to inculcate new information and technology innovations in order to remain competitive in the present market. An example of such changes is the cloud computing; it allows internet users to use computing resources like software and hardware over […]

Types of Questions and Interview Structure

Introduction All human resource professionals appreciate the fact that attracting and retaining the best manpower for a specific job depends largely on the effectiveness of the recruitment, short listing, selection and interview criteria. There are a number of factors that affect the effectiveness of these stages and hence the decisions regarding the “best applicant.” The […]

Enterprise resources planning systems (ERP)

Introduction Scientific innovation and inventions have lead to development in technology; one major use of technology within businesses is communication and integration of processes and departments. An ERP system is a computer application that integrates different departments within an organization into one system that allows real-time information transmission. Traditionally, different departments used to have their […]

Swot analysis of Adams Aircraft

Strengths The prevailing technology makes it possible for quick advancements to be made within the industry for the benefit and satisfaction of consumers. The use of computer design software in modelling airframe structures was a great boost to the company and industry at large. This saw improvement in manufacturing and tooling capabilities. Strength could be […]

How Schools Shortchange Girls and Boys

Gender-based approach in the society has caused disparities in access to education and impacted learning capabilities of various students. The disparities do not only cause problems in education sector, but also extend to other issues in the society. Lack of equality in representation of various individuals in public and private realms transcends from discriminating practices […]

The Experience of War by Women

Introduction The valley of the shadow depicts two communities during the American civil war of 1860-1865 with one community northern and the other southern specifically the Franklin County in Pennsylvania and Augusta county of Virginia. The period of war had great impact on women varying from their work, social status, age, race and family. The […]

Disease in The News

“Understand Your Global Crisis: What the AIDS industry might learn from the population story” (Foley, E. E. & Hendrixson, A., 2009) Ellen E. Foley, originally from Fenton in Michigan is a renowned medical anthropologist in America. She got her undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and Women’s Studies at Kalamazoo College. It is here that she […]

Application of Information Technology to reduce barriers to services

Barriers to human service There are a number of barriers in an organization or any business setting that mitigates the efficiency of the entire human resource in an organization. These barriers in essence affect the daily activities of an organization, a factor that contributes to reduction in the production rate of these organizations. Barriers influence […]

Moist and Dry Heat Cookery

Dry Heat Cooking In this method of cooking, heat is transferred to the food by radiation through the air, metal and fat that heats the metal at high temperatures sometimes even higher than 100 degrees celcius. This method majorly relies on the use of extremely high temperatures to achieve the required heating specifications. Grilling This […]

Labor in capitalism system

Introduction There have been many economic systems in history of the world, all formed out of various ideologies but the most prevalent one has been capitalism. It is a system whereby the means of production are in the hand of private owners and its main aim is profits and more profits. Supply, demand, price, distribution, […]

Benefits of the Public Private Partnership Procurement Model

A public private partnership (PPP) is a corporation between a public sector and private sector party where the private sector and the government work together on projects involved with agreed risks and task division and each sector maintaining its responsibilities and identity. In a PPP contract, private sectors are committed in providing public services which […]

Compare Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Women and Mill’s The Subjection of Women

In the course of historical development, society witnessed a period when due to achievements of industrialization there appeared a clear distinction of work from home. This distinction in its turn led to the view of the male as the main breadwinner of the family and the female as an economically dependent housewife legally deprived of […]

Religious communities respond to contemporary issues; Judaism and Christianity

Over the years, the human societies have changed dramatically; from the way they dress, talk and believe. Without a doubt, these changes have infringed the religious ways of life and norms. This leaves has left many religious people in a quagmire. Like many other religious followers, Christians and Jews have to declare their stand on […]

Team leadership

What is leadership? Leadership is an art of managing and developing strategies to be followed in an organization: the success of an organization depends on the quality of leaders; managerial decisions are the driving force of an organization. Leaders have the role of shaping and guiding an organization to its path to success. The structure […]

Strengths and limitations of qualitative and quantitative research

Introduction Qualitative researchers tend to be concerned with context more than truth. They believe that truth is relative so what should be sought is an in-depth understanding of a situation. On the contrary, quantitative researchers believe that their work is to establish facts and use research to support those truths. These variable approaches adversely affect […]

Human Resources: Talent Management

Talent management is the key area of concern by any organization in the business world. It is a deliberate strategy laid down by the human resource directors in the organization. In fact, any organization needs manpower to accomplish its sole principle purpose of establishment. To achieve this, it has to recruit the right people with […]

Birds without Wings

Book Summary De Bernieres’ book “Birds Without wings” begins in 1900s in a peaceful town at the end of the Ottoman Empire. Iskander the potter, a character in the book, says that “Man is a bird without wings, and a bird is a man without sorrows” (De Bernieres, 145). The title of the book is […]

Designing an Intervention for Obesity in US

Introduction In the evolution of mankind the process of acquiring food often entailed the exertion of physical energy and ensured the population always received adequate exercise. As times progressed to modern society there have emerged societies where the population has access excessive amounts of food with relatively little or no exercise. The result of this […]

How Culture Builds Everyday Life

In his essay, ‘Culture is Ordinary’, Williams (2001), attempts to prove that culture is “a whole way of life” (p.6). He suggests that studies of culture should focus on the intricacies of communal life and the social conflicts that inform those (Williams, 2001). In many senses Williams is correct, but this is only due to […]

Gender communication in Romantic relationship

Introduction Communication is the transfer of information and ideas from one person to another. Gender communication in romantic relationships expresses feelings, emotions, opinions, and values, to learn and to improve the level of interaction. The diversity of characteristics of those involved creates a gap during communication incase of information misinterpretation or misunderstanding (Dindia, 2006). The […]

Analysis of Dubai’s Aviation Model

Introduction Dubai’s aviation sector is one of the most successful in the world and the most important in Dubai’s economy. The sector is made up of the fast-growing Emirates Airline and other foreign carriers, Dubai Airports Company and the Ground Handling Company. Currently, the sector supports 125,000 jobs which are related to the aviation industry. […]

Childhood Friendship and Psychology

Friend is a one who shares some common interests and close bonds with an individual. Friendship is a psychological need of every individual. Researchers have proved that young kids who have friends tend to have better physical and mental health as compared to those children who do not have any friends. In this paper, we […]

Business Ethics Case Study

Introduction As described by Harless (2004), human behavior is often thought of as erratic, unpredictable and as a result prone to sudden inexplicable changes that at times defy conventional thought (Harless, 143-147). Despite such behavioral nuances people still continue to conform to societal rules and conventions in what can be described as “norms of behavior” […]

Sociology and Labor Relations

Sociology provides insight and ideas that enhance the comprehension of labor relations in the society together with behaviors, which are employment related. Sociology explains how people in similar environments form organizations voluntarily. Sociology equally contributes to the understanding of the process, which workers employ in forming groups and unions. Employer Tactic for Derailing Union Formations […]

The Significance of Training in an Organization

Introduction Innovation is a critical component that drives corporate strategy. An innovative professional is important because of his/her innovative capability, his/her skills and experiences. Various company directors seize the opportunity of being pioneers to lay foundation for innovation for their companies. An innovative individual is one who can contribute both strategically and technically towards the […]

Virginia Woolf: To the Lighthouse

Virginia Woolf’s “To the lighthouse” is a thoughtful novel that focuses on childhood emotions and adult relationships in a typical contemporary family. This is portrayed by different behaviors exhibited by characters of this novel. This paper seeks to analyze the characters of this book and show the relationship that is shared among the characters. The […]

Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia

Borrower’s risk and mortgage residential lending Borrower’s risk in mortgage business refers to the uncertainties faced by the borrower when engaging themselves in mortgage. Mortgages are taken with an aim of acquiring residential houses and just like any other loans; they have to be paid back with a specified rate of interest which varies from […]

Community Development Art Enhancement: Gretna

Executive Summary Gretna community group is looking $200,000 to fund an art exhibition exercise planned by Gretna youths. This program is expected to not only expose the world to the wonderful works of art within Gretna community but also create an avenue for self-employment by youths from this community. The project seeks to take advantage […]

Risk in organization

Risk Identification Risk identification can be defined as the process of establishing either anticipated or existing risks along with their characteristics and outcome possibilities. The main objective of risk identification is to come up with a list of all possible risks in an area. In a scenario where a mother took her 4.5 month old […]

Ethics and Computer Security

Abstract The world we live in today is very different compared to the one our fore fathers lived many years ago. It is clear that tremendous change has taken place over the last ten decades, and whose impacts has been felt in all the facets of human existence such as social, political and economic. Over […]

Evaluating Professional Development Training in School

According to P, Black and D, William, evaluation refers to a sequence of interrelated actions that have a definite purpose.1 Since education instructors are involved in several multifaceted issues, they should be assessed as professionals. The standards of evaluating them should be developed by all the stakeholders of the school institution and their evaluation should […]

Islam and Science in Islam, Fatalism, and Medical Intervention

Review of the Main Themes Both studies under consideration are dedicated to identifying the relations between religion and science from various perspectives. At this point, the first article called Islam, Fatalism, and Medical Intervention: Lessons from Egypt on the Cultivation of Forbearance provides an alternative view on the role of religious “fatalism” in advancing or […]

The Individual and Game Theory Criticisms and the Evolutionary Theory

Introduction The individual choice/game theory uses a very strict definition of individual rationality. On the contrary, the evolutionary game theory does not make any rationality assumptions. In this paper, the focus is going to be on commenting on whether the evolutionary approach is successful in addressing the criticism that, in neoclassical economics, the profile of […]

Eating Disorders Among Teenage Girls

Introduction (clarification on the purpose of the study) An eating disorder is a type of illness that causes severe disturbances to the everyday diet : an individual can consume to much food, or, on the contrary, eat very little; consequently, it causes distress or concern about boy weight. Common eating disorders include Anorexia, Nervosa, Bulimia […]

Advertizing vocabulary of the coca cola company in Russia

Use of foreign language in media, especially advertisements has grabbed extensive attention from linguistic researchers recently. The advent of the phenomenon in the Russian language too has gained some attention . Ustinova points out that 76 percent of the total advertisement s spots in Russian television are dominated by Russian-English mix . Clearly, English has […]

Graphic Design: Timelines

Timeline 1: Works of the First Half of the 20th Century Trends of the Period The first half of the 20th century is called the Modernist Era. Being an important period in the history of graphic design, modernism had a number of important trends which made it one of the most interesting and influential periods. […]

Stepped Pyramids in Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids can be discussed as the biggest stone buildings constructed by the ordinary people living during the ancient times. Today, the Egyptian pyramids are examined by many scientists and architects as the examples of the unique ancient architecture and as the symbols of the Egyptian art. Thus, the pharaohs of the Old Kingdom […]

Marketing Plan: BrothersForChange Organization

Introduction In order to establish a successful business, it is important to develop a comprehensive strategic plan which is the basic blueprint for actualization of a business plan. Reflectively, the strategic plan is inclusive of the SWOT of the business environment, penetration strategies, and success measurement parameters at micro and macro business environment. Thus, this […]

Electronic arts (EA): case analysis

Overview EA is an international developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games. Competing in a $35 billion global market, EA is one of the leading companies in the video game industry. Focusing on delivering games in all four of the leading consoles, (PS3, Xbox, PC, and Wii) they achieve to simultaneously launch titles in […]

Services Industries Are Important In Building Economic Growth

Introduction Services Industries are Important in Building Economic Growth. In the business world, money, tangible products, and services are the main aspects. The services sector is easier to modify since it is capital and skill intensive field. Several economic experts have outlined the reason for services development. Services Development by Augusta Et Al According to […]

Expansion and Capture of New Markets

Introduction Within the recent years,the e-commerce retailing market is rapidly growing and maturing. Creating the specialized website, Superdry has penetrated into the e-commerce market successfully. At the same time, the design of the website requires further improvements as well integration of the social media options for the purpose of attracting new customers and retaining the […]

The White Noise by Don DeLillo

The White Noise is a fictional novel written by a famous American writer, Don DeLillo. The story illustrates the family life of Jack Gladney, a professor who teaches Hitler’s studies in an imaginary college called the College on the Hill. Currently, Jack is married to a woman named Babette after four broken marriages. Jack has […]