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Educational Policy

Human engagements have been characterized by rules and guidelines for a long period of time now. The processes involved in the setting out of these regulations take different forms and may vary from one country to another depending on how people are expected to interact and address the various challenges that may arise. The guidelines […]

Developing a Global Biodiesel Industry

Introduction As far as energy is concerned, many researchers and innovations of different types of energy have emerged, with other researches still underway. Different reactions from various countries have shown concern over these forms of energy, with other countries supporting their implementation while on the other hand others totally opposing it. These differences are because […]

The effect of glucosamine supplementation on people

Abstract Glucosamine supplementation has mainly been focused by many researchers to establish its benefits and effects on people experiencing joint pains especially in the knee due to cartilage damage or osteoarthritis. Some tests have been carried out involving patients with knee pain of unknown origin. They performed the tests for 3 months while assessing their […]

Emotional Intelligence at Work Places

Performance in work places is not just about completion of tasks assigned to an individual that matters. Work performance is rated on task completion, contextual behavior and ability to make logical decisions (Mersino 2007). Our focus in this paper will be on the emotional aspects that guide ones decision making ability and other extra behavior […]

The Cold War and The Fifties

History stipulates that for nearly forty years after the Second World War, there had been intense conflict among the leading economies of the world. This conflict was not manifested through physical war but via the development of nuclear weapons. Watson argues that both the West and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) tried to destroy […]

Human Resource Development

Introduction This research paper looks into human resource development in organizations. The paper discusses how human resource as a practice and managerial science has developed over time. Further, the paper looks into the importance of human resource development. It is established that a competitive advantage can not develop devoid of human resource input. The resource […]

Obama’s wars and the International Relations

Abstract The ethics, legality and politics surrounding armed intervention for humanitarian purposes have proved to be among the key theoretical and practical controversies facing governments in the past few decades. At the end of the twentieth century, a number of names: Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo were catchy words in the international milieu of diplomacy. […]

Meaning of Literature

Introduction According to  Baym 2007 in the book, “The Norton anthology American literature: Beginnings to 1865”, literature is defined as written, spoken, or observable material that holds some meaning that can be interpolated or offer information, explanation about anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific work. Life on its very nature can be […]

Strategic human resource in the hospitality industry; A case of United States of America hotels

Introduction The report is a critical evaluation of the United States of America hotel industry. To accomplish this, there will be need to critically evaluate the extent to which strategic HRM can help organisations face the challenges of the future; under this section both external and internal environment of the industry will be evaluated. The […]

General Motors case in 2009

Introduction In contemporary business arena, business-leaders need to develop strategies that can enable their organization utilize factors of production effectively. Scarcity in resources and competition in modern globalized world calls for adoption of strategic management policies; strategic management involvesdetermination of mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles, and responsibilities of an organisation and the pathways through […]

Rayovac Case Study

Executive Summary Rayovac Corporation is contemplating expanding its rechargeable batteries line. This would be a shift from the alkaline disposable batteries. Currently, the company is the third largest battery maker, after Duracell and Energizer. Like all profit-making organizations, Rayovac is interested in maximizing its return on investment. The company intends to maximize shareholder value through […]

Police Corruption

Abstract The American society has gone through difficult times due to police brutality and misconduct mainly because of corruption that has threatened to interfere with the very survival of society. In the mid 19th century to early 20th century, clandestine police forces were popular and the representatives of Pinkerton’s and other police forces available for […]

Marketing Plan for a New Cardiac Center

Introduction The target market for the proposed cardiac center is Dammam city in Saudi Arabia. This is given the fact that there is lack of a cardiac center in the region. The proposed cardiac center will offer services addressing cardiac problems and complications, advice to patients and simple surgical procedures to people of all ages. […]

The relationships between the various manufacturing aspects of a pencil and the purchasing of the final product by the ultimate consumer

Primordially, the pencil was mainly used for writing on utensils. Pencils existed during the times when rocks with a chalky texture and sticks that are charred were used to write on surfaces, animal hides and also walls that built caves. Individuals from different countries employed different techniques in the manufacture pencils to suit their needs. […]

Yield Management

Handle flight control (controlling the filling of the flight) Airlines have found Yield Management to be extremely useful in most of their operations. This was after the realization that a lot of revenues were lost due to cases where a plane would leave with some seats unoccupied. The management of Emirate airlines has a duty […]

Urbanization and Environment

Introduction Urbanization is the process in which “an increasing proportion of an entire population lives in cities and the suburbs of cities” (Wagner 24). Urbanization is considered to be one of the major outcomes of industrialization. The process of industrialization led to the use of inanimate sources of energy and new tools for production in […]

Customer Power, Strategic Investment, and the Failure of Leading Firms

Introduction Technology is necessary in the current business management strategies. Any business that has not incorporated it in its framework is not equipped to compete. In fact, it has been a tool that has been adopted everywhere by organisations, schools, churches amongst many relevant bodies for their smooth running. The current business environment that is […]

Influence of Design Element on Brand Experience

Introduction The symbols, names, designs, terms, or other aspects that identify good or service from a seller as unique from those of different sellers denote “a brand”. Brand experience underscores sensations, cognitions, emotions, and behavioural reactions induced by brand-associated stimuli that are components of identity and design of a brand, wrapping, communications, and surroundings (Neumeier, […]

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Introduction Leadership is one of the aspects of management that affect different fields in societal life, whether in business, the political arena, or economics. Various factors influence the quality of leadership including the style of leadership that a leader chooses to apply and a leader’s personal attributes, which tend to dictate his or her behavioral […]

Barrack Obama and race in politics and culture

Introduction The United States is considered the most developed and sophisticated nation in the world due to its democratic institutions, culture and processes. However, very few people will recall the black days and events that engulfed this nation before and after the First World War. Today, Barrack Obama is the president of this most powerful […]

Orange case study

Introduction The wireless telecommunications is fast growing, largely triggered by both how the enterprise segment has been integrated as well as positive convergence on the tastes and preferences of consumers. Similarly, the average revenue per user (ARPU) has continually declined with the emergence and general acceptance of conventional voice services. Indeed, several 3G operators are […]

The ethicality of early marriages in the American society

Introduction Early marriages entail marriages involving adolescents between the ages of thirteen years and nineteen years. Over the years, the subject of early marriage has sparked controversy among various outfits in the international community including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The main source of concern for most people involves the ethicality of the concept […]

Impact of Training on Employee Development

Introduction Employee training has become a very important aspect in the modern business world. Due to the increased competition of customers and high profit margins, many organizations have formulated training schedules for their employees. Training is aimed at developing employee skills and knowledge. It is therefore associated with the achievement of organization’s goals and hence […]

Muhammad’s Life and Its Significance

Introduction Muhammad was mainly a religious leader who made a significant contribution to the growth of Islam in the Saudi Arabia and the Middle East during his time. In 570 CE, Muhammad was born in Mecca where he grew up under Islamic traditions, which shaped his growth during childhood (Peterson 34). Muhammad was the only […]

Global trade during the financial crisis (from 2006 to 2010)

Introduction There has been considerable dynamism in global trade patterns and areas in of development of trade in which countries invest worldwide. The most recent remarkable changes occurred during the financial crisis that has dominated the better part of the second half of this decade (Whelan 3). Exporters have thus been trying to look for […]

France Tourist Industry

Geography, Climate and the Socio-Political History of France France is commonly officially known as the French Republic. The country is in the Western Europe with several territories and islands. France is sometimes referred to as the Hexagon because of the Hexagonal shape of its territory. It is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and […]

Foot Locker Marketing Plan

Executive Strategy Within the past year China has eclipsed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world making it a potential high yield market for Foot Locker’s expansion into new international markets. Various studies examining the market in China have shown that the Chinese have developed a certain “hunger” for international brands with […]

From Angus to Erlenmeyer: Media Coverage of Lab Manufactured Meat

Abstract/Summary The following paper analyzes the coverage of lab manufactured meat in eleven different articles from a selection of online and traditional media as well as academic journals. The articles range in date from 2005 through to 2011 and cover various elements of the issues surrounding lab manufactured or in vitro meat, including the ethical […]

“A Streetcar Named Desire” and other Hollywood films: The Effect of Negative Sexual Acts and Values on Society

Explication of source: (Practice Three Explications) After Blanche Dubois finds board with the Kowalskis, she is shocked by Stanley Kowalski’s brush treatment of her sister. She receives such treatment herself when the phone rings and she stands up to pick it only to be violently shoved back down to her seat by Stanley. His violence […]

Business to Business Marketing

Executive Summary Industrial marketing is the practice where commercial entities facilitate the trade of their goods and services to other businesses that use them as production components or to support their functions.Industrial marketing is fairly different from consumer marketing in that its channel of distribution is relatively shorter and the contacts tend to be more […]

Does the adoption and implementation of strategy guarantee an organization’s success?

Thesis Statement The following paper intends to take an objective look into how the formulation, implementation of marketing strategies and planning have contributed to better performing multinational corporations. Given today’s competitive business environment, commercial success in the corporate world can only be achieved through proper coordination between the top and middle management, and the subordinates […]

Business Management Plan

General description of the business The business will be structured as a limited liability company. The international hotel business has a lot of potential as more people are moving across borders for leisure, business or tourism purposes. United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) has been categorized as 18th among tourism competitive businesses by the World Economic Forum […]

United States of America

The History of America The story of the United States is based on either the Native people’s prehistory or the 1492 voyages of Christopher Columbus to the land. USA or the United States, as it is sometimes called, is a federal republic made up of a federal district and fifty states. Native people, whose first […]

Colonization: Why Africa Suffers

Introduction Colonization refers to the domination of a weaker nation by a superior state (Johnstone 225). From 15th-19th century, a number of European nations such as Portugal, France, Britain, and Spain were motivated to acquire colonies in different parts of the world. Social, economic, and political factors facilitated the acquisition of colonies in Africa. For […]

James Hardie Industries Limited

The facts of the case There are a number of key players in this case. First, we have actuaries, Trowbridge Consulting. This was one of the major Australian actuarial organisation and with extensive experience consulting in cases of asbestos. Trowbridge had served James Hardie Industries Limited (JHIL) for a period of years when it estimated […]

The Music Industry

Introduction The music industry is dealing with many issues that are affecting how it operates. The industry is among the many that have endured the most of technological and social changes in the last three decades. The forces of globalization have changed for good how people access, use, and distribute music. In addition, there are […]

When are electoral boycotts successful in inducing regime change?

Introduction Conventionally, election is an official process where residents from a given area, country, or region decide on an individual to represent them or hold a public office. Precisely, to elect means ‘to choose or make a decision’. It is the standard mechanism through which contemporary democracy has been exercised since 17th century. This paper […]

Change of Muslim Brotherhood from socio-religion to a political party

Introduction In a society where there exist perceptions of segregation coupled with inadequate addressing of all concerns of the society by the state, many organizations may emerge to solicit the government to take up its responsibilities. This is a major reason that led to the emergence of Muslim brotherhood organization. It has since then emerged […]

Organizational Environment

Introduction The Jumeirah group (hotel division) owns some of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels and resorts within Dubai and the U.A.E such as the Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Beach hotel, the World Trade Center Residence and the Madinat Jumeirah. Prices for rooms range from 1300, 1500 to 4000 dirham’s and above due to […]

Concepts of Inerrancy and Infallibility in the Bible

Thesis Statement: “Should the Concepts of Inerrancy and Infallibility in the Bible be utilized as Sufficient Justifications of the Legitimacy of Religious Positions on Social Issues?” Introduction It is quite interesting to note that studies such as those by Sherkat (2011) have indicated that an increasingly large amount of religious sermons, statements of faith, and […]

Mansfield Parkyn’s View of Africa

Introduction Prior to examining the actual writings of this extra ordinary British explorer, it is essential to acknowledge that travelers are not journalists; they do not simply observe and record. Instead, they write against the backdrop of their preconceived ideas. Most of them will judge a native country based on values that they already possess. […]

Nationalization of Mexico’s Oil and Gas Industry

Introduction The Mexican revolution that began in 1910 and continued for ten more years had far reaching impacts on all aspects of life of the Mexicans. Several bloody revolutions took place between 1910 and 1920. The peak of these revolutions was in 1917 when Mexican constitution was drafted. Several sections of this constitution shaped a […]

World War I Technology

Introduction World War I saw the application of several new technologies to the battlefield, the most important being that of the internal combustion engine, which permitted the development of the first successful mechanized armored fighting vehicles. The war was one of the greatest examples of technological advancements and strategic challenges in history, with the introduction […]

Ethics of Wasta and the use of Social Capital

Introduction Reflectively, the concept of Wasta involves a contractual agreement between members of an ethnic group with each group having specific obligations on how to treat each other. This analytical treatise will attempt to explicitly review the concept of Wasta and its application in real life. Specially, Wasta’s key similarities and differences are going to […]

Issues in Aging

Introduction Aging refers to accrual of transformations in an individual’s body after some time. It is a multidimensional process that involves both physical, societal and psychosomatic transformations. As a person’s age increases, his reaction times may slow down. On the other hand, he may become more experienced and knowledgeable about world events. In other words, […]

Marketing Communication to Strengthen New Product’s Competitive Position

Introduction The paper describes a marketing communication initiative on a new product aimed at strengthening its competitive position. The product is for Marcomms Suppliers/Service Providers, which has a goal to compete effectively with market leaders in the industry of soaps and detergents. The brief will not only highlight the benefits therein, but also focus on […]

Wine Marketing Strategy

Mission Statement The goal of this marketing campaign is to assist the EWP (English Wine Producers) organization in creating greater interest and awareness of English sparkling wine both in local markets and abroad. Such a strategy will go beyond traditional marketing and instead will focus on utilizing online social platforms and E-commerce as a means […]

Hotels and University Housing Hazards

The hotel industry presents certain safety hazards that make it necessary for all the stakeholders to be aware of these hazards. Fire is one of the major hazards that have remained as a challenge to the hotel industry in the United States. It puts the lives of employees and guests at risk. Historical analyses show […]

Embarking on Research by Rau, Gao and Wu (2006) and by Rodriguez, Ooms and Montanez (2008)

Introduction Conducting a critique on research studies is an important skill. Although many research articles are peer-reviewed and have significant contributions to knowledge, it does not mean that they lack some weaknesses and limitations. Critique on research articles helps to identify such weaknesses and ways through which the studies could be improved and strengthened. The […]

The Role of the US in the Gulf War

The first Gulf war involved a coalition of forces against Iraq, and the war occurred between August 2, 1990, and February 28 1991. The United States of America (US) led a coalition of thirty-four nations in attacking Iraq and pushing this nation out of the borders of Kuwait, a country that Iraq had attacked and […]

Integrated Marketing communications (IMC)

Introduction Over the past decades, integration of markets has shifted from theory to practice with its application varying from one market to the other as well as from one enterprise to another. However, the integrated market communications (IMC) programs have taken a solid stand as a standard for the academic community, agencies and marketing organizations. […]

Apple Marketing Plan

Executive summary This report illustrates the marketing plan that Apple Incorporation will adopt in introducing and marketing a new product, viz. the iPhone 5s. The marketing plan outlines the iPhone’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In the course of introducing the new product, Apple Incorporation intends to achieve a number of objectives within the first […]

Women of the Armed Forces

Introduction The military has been regarded as a man’s world. However there has emerged a new generation of women who have taken on the challenge of serving in combat. Not only do women serve in the military as subordinates, but there are many military women leaders. It may seem impossible for women leaders in the […]

Type of government

Fascism Fascism simply refers to a form of government whereby the state is given all the powers. In this type of government, the country remains the most important aspect. Nations under this type of government are run by a leader who has the total power of control over people and the government. Fascist leaders do […]

Human resource management: Price Waterhouse Coopers

Introduction Human resource can be defined as the individuals’ contributions to an organization in terms of efforts, skills and capabilities, thus enabling the organization to maintain its existence. On the other hand, human resource management (HRM) is the division of the organization that deals with the management of human resource (Dessler, 2008, p. 4). Human […]

Performance Measurement

Introduction The utilization of performance measurement systems is often recommended to facilitate the strategic implementation of projects and enhance organizational performance. Since its advent, various organizations have endeavored using performance measurement systems (PMS) to facilitate operations, offer corrective measures, and spearhead the achievement of competitive advantage. The Emirates Airline is amongst such organizations that consider […]

Media Art Film studies: Avant Garde

In 1911, Italian writer Ricciotto Canudo who is deemed the first theorist of film considered cinema as “the Seventh Art”. He had the understanding that film incorporated the distinctive elements of both the spatial arts and temporal arts (architecture, sculpture, painting on one side and music and dance on another). He later introduced poetry to […]

The relationship between employees and employer

Abstract In every organization, the relationships created during employment term can be either healthy or detrimental to corporate function. In fact, from the beginning, an employer or the firm sees an employee as an individual agreeing to the employment terms including work rates, commissions, salaries, and wages. Such employees can be grouped as either part […]

Desert Storm Intelligence Operation

Introduction The Operation Desert Storm occurred in Saudi Arabia between January 1991 and April 1991. This operation has been cited as the reason why the United States defeated the Iraqis in the conflict that was between these warring states. The headquarter offices of the operations were based on the United States’ soil. The operations in […]

Country Analysis and Foreign Market Entry Choice

Abstract The purpose of this report is to analyze the foreign market and entry choices in relation marketing of pet care products in India. Various sources of theoretical framework have been used to gather secondary information. In addition, issues such as competition, culture and market have been researched. This business report has analyzed foreign markets […]

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Executive Summary Marketing communication is a big contributor to the success of multinational companies, and this is why marketing executives create marketing communication strategies which aim at assisting an organization realize its corporate goals ( Yeshin, 1998, p.13-15). Nike is one of the most successful multinational companies in the world, its path towards market dominance […]

Effects of the Pact of Steel Agreement on World War II

Introduction Definition and Characteristics Fascism is a political ideology that promotes high expressions of nationalism and aggressive approach in the defence of one’s nation (Passmore 72). It is characterised by a one-party rule usually under a dictator and denial of individual rights. The basic principles of a fascist nation include authoritarianism, a deep understanding of […]

Deregulation in the Airline Industry

The Congress deregulated the airline industry, through the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. This Act wiped out the state’s control over services and prices and let market forces establish the charges and heights, of the United States, domestic airline services. The deregulation was based on the belief that an unregulated business would draw new airlines […]

Effect of student-based Special Education Teaching Methodology on Special Children.

Introduction Implementing the child –based teaching strategy will be physically, mentally, and emotionally advantageous to all parties within the classroom environment. The research focuses on the resolving the problem statement. The research also focuses on the history of the strategic learning disabled teaching strategy. The research includes the researcher’s reflection as a current special education […]

Money Laundering In Russia

Introduction. Money Laundering Money laundering is defined as the process of disguising or “cleaning” money that has been obtained illegally and incorporating it into a financial system of a country (Hopton 12). It is also defined as making money that has been obtained illegally to appear legitimate. Money launderers use a variety of methods to carry […]

Case Study Approach

Introduction Case study Alvarez et al (1990, pp.3-8) claims a case study is responds to “how”, “why” and “what” questions. The “why”, “what” and “how” questions make it possible for the researcher to demonstrate control over behavioral events and finds application when the researcher has no capability to control behavioral events. Case study approach based […]

National Debt Continues to Grow in U.S.A

Abstract As the national debt continues to increase exponentially, the government is grappling with the challenge by formulating new laws and policies to alleviate the alarming trends of national debt. Increased borrowing by the treasury, massive retirement of baby boomers, and deficit spending are some of the factors that have caused a considerable increase in […]

SMP Iceberg Vodka

Introduction The basis of this report is to analyze the general marketing strategy of the business organization. The report also outlines the fundamental steps for the application of strategic marketing. The external and internal threats are also analysed. A comprehensive analysis of the basic market factors is important. This report acknowledges this significance and analyses […]

Popularity of Utopian/Dystopian Young Adult Literature

The utopia in addition to its derivative, the dystopia, is types of literature that explore both social and political configurations. Utopian literature explores or tackles the aspects of creating ideal humanity, or utopia as the general setting of the narrative. Dystopian is the contrary: invention or creation of a atrocious civilization, or dystopia. Typically, most […]

Global Marketing Motorola

Introduction Motorola lost its No.1 position as mobile handset marketer in 2008 . The financial figures for Motorola have not been grim for the company since 2008. The performance of the company has been continually deteriorating. According to analysts, the company faced a loss of 11 cents per share, and its sales figures fell by […]

Jordan Events Company: Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

Exectuive summary Jordan Events is an events management company that manages corporate, professional and personal events. The company will be located in Jordan and will organize, design, plan and manage events for companies, corporate organizations and weddings among others. It will offer high quality services at affordable prices and services will be structured to meet […]

McDonald Expansion in China

Introduction Immediately after the Second World War, various political stands which encouraged international trade were undertaken. Particularly, the signing of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1947 played the major role in opening the doors for global business expansion. The agreement provided an efficient trading platform for member states. Additionally, modern transportation, […]

The Increasing Fees of Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Introduction Higher education has become one of the most valuable commodities in the contemporary world. Higher education plays valuable roles such as being the engine for technological advancement and economic development, a platform for workplace training, as well as repository of the general human knowledge (Losco & Fife 73). Achievement of higher education remains as […]

Analysis of Businesses Effort to Respond To Achieve Sustainability by Being Carbon Neutral in Their Operation

Introduction Background to t he study Over the recent past, there has been an increment in the degree of sensitivity with regard to corporate social responsibility amongst the large and small enterprise operating in various economic sectors. According to Epstein (2008, p.288), management teams of firms in different economic sectors are becoming more concerned with […]

Literature Review: E-Books vs. Traditional Books and Influence on Public Library Systems

Introduction It is strongly believed that print books will be considered preferred medium for readers, but there is also a widely accepted assumption that technological change will touch upon the transition from transitional book production to digital one. A technologically driven society, therefore, will provide a favorable ground for reducing substantially the print material and […]

The Assessment of Greenwich Town Centre: A Case of Visitor and Destination Management Plan

Executive Summary Tourism is defined as the activity of persons moving from one place to another, naturally beyond their usual place, for the purpose relaxation, business and other purposes. Thus, a tourist can be said to be the person who moves, stays and visits a place for the purpose of deriving pleasure. Tourism has become […]

Advanced Consumer Behavior: consumer decision-making process

Abstract The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries. As such, hoteliers and other industry players are to offer products and services true to the consumer tastes. However, to achieve this effectively, they need techniques and tools that can model accurately such important process as a consumer’s choice making process. With […]

Consumer Decision-Making Models in Hospitality Contexts: An Evaluation & Critique

Abstract The present report utilized secondary research and positivist research philosophy to critically evaluate two Consumer Decision-making Process (CDP) models – the Consumer Decision Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior –, with the aim to bring into the limelight the dark spots of the models when applied to the hospitality industry. Current literature, though […]

Marketing Project: McDonald’s

Introduction Marketing is a complex process that involves more than just promotional activities. In the contemporary business world, the need for marketing has significantly increased with increased level of competition. Marketing can be defined as a process of facilitating an exchange of something of value for something needed. This implies that the marketing process is […]

Is United Nations Organization Useful or not Useful Nowadays?

Introduction/Thesis statement There can little doubt as to the fact that the foremost problem, confronting the Organization of United Nations (UN), is its operational ineffectiveness, which causes many political observers to suggest that UN’s continuous existence in its present form, does not make much of a sense. Apparently, there are many good reasons to believe […]

Toyota Company’s Marketing Communication Strategy

Executive Summary Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. The company has been expanding its markets over the last few decades. To ensure that it successfully enters into new markets, Toyota Motor Company has come up with a number of strategies. Improved marketing communication is one of the main strategies that […]

Airbus Strategic Management

Introduction Airbus is an international aircraft manufacturing company with its head quarters situated in Blagnac, France. It is a subsidy of European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company N.V. (EADS) which owns 80% of the company and the remaining 20% is owned by BAE Systems plc (LSE: BA.). The company has three other operational bases in […]

Colorism as an Act of Discrimination in the United States

Introduction Colorism is an act of discrimination in which people are treated differently in accordance to their skin color. This practice began during the slavery period where dark skinned blacks were forced to work in fields while the lighter-skinned blacks were forced to work as house helps. Many years down the line, it is true […]

Eastman Kodak Company’s Strategy

Executive Summary The purpose of this management report is to analyze the strategy used by Kodak otherwise known as Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak is the world’s leading company when it comes to imaging innovations and products. Kodak provides imaging technology as well as products and services to the image and photography industries around the world. […]

Business Process Outsourcing

Introduction Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves a firm contracting some of its operations and processes to another firm. According to Duening and Rick (2), Business process outsourcing is a movement of business process from inside the organization to an external service provider. Outsourcing enables the company to concentrate on the main objective. Rafiq (4) describes […]

Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Introduction This report presents the relationship between strategic management and leadership skills. The report shows strategic management and leadership skills of Robert Eckert, the CEO of Mattel. Eckert demonstrated effective strategic management strategies and leadership skills when Mattel was a troubled company that had lost its focus. This was also the period of the biggest […]

A Marketing Plan for Etihad Airways

Organization’s current situation Etihad Airways History Etihad Airways Company is the UAE’s national airline. This company started its operations in the year 2003 and it was established by a “Royal decree”. The company’s hub is Abu Dhabi which is the capital city of UAE (“Etihad Airways Dubai”, Para 1). This Company is under the governance […]

Strategic Change Management KPMG Company

Executive Summary Strategic Change Management has become a strategic role of the management. Various business organizations have come to appreciate the need for change and have designed various methods and approaches of managing change. KPMG is one such organization. It has downed on the management that the market competition requires one to embrace change and […]

The peculiarities of Karim Amir’s identity

Karim Amir is the protagonist of Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia, and all the situations and characters of the story are presented from Karim’s perspective. Hanif Kureishi discusses a lot of significant social issues in his novel such as racism and interactions with the representatives of different social classes with references to the characters’ […]

The Social Web Divided by Race

The advent of the internet as a communication tool brought with it promises of equality and fairness as far as racial, religious and ethnic boundaries are concerned. Many considered it as a platform that will guarantee equality by enabling strangers and people of diverse cultural, religious and racial backgrounds to interact together in a rather […]

Managing organizational change

Organizational change is carried out to enhance the functioning of the organization or a section of the organization. Change should not just be done without reason but should be done to improve the organization’s performance. Thus, thorough research is required before embarking on it. This paper studies the need for change in organizations. It first […]