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Critical analysis of the article ‘Designing and implementation of HR scorecard’

Introduction This paper will give a critical analysis of the article ‘Designing and implementation of HR scorecard’, as written by Garrett Walker and J. Randall Macdonald, and published in the Human Resource Management Journal (Vol. 40 Issue No. 4, p365-377) during the winter of 2001. This article shows the importance of the HR scorecard in […]

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Hamlet, the prince of Denmark is a play by William Shakespeare set in the Kingdom of Denmark. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are friends to the protagonist in the play. Hamlet is a son to the former King and a nephew to the current King Claudius (Hamlet.2.2.84) These two characters seem indispensable throughout and serve as informants […]

Implications for Professionals Involved in Strategic Management

Article Summary Written by Kazaz and Serdar, Strategic Management Practices in Turkish Construction Firms seeks to establish the policies that Turkish construction companies employ in strategic management. The research uses a questionnaire to collect relevant information from the companies. The research established many ideas that professionals need in strategic management. The researchers define strategic management […]

Analysis of the article “Emergency Response Framework for Aviation XML Services on MANET”

The article addresses a technological framework that enables to respond to an aviation disaster. Emergency response in aviation has continued to be a major concern in the modern aviation. In the recent years, this has been facilitated but communication infrastructure and advances in information technology. As a result, to attain interoperable and efficient information network, […]

Housing Market Overheat in Canada

According to Bill Downe, President and CEO of the Bank of Montreal, the current pace of construction as well as the level of price differences between owning and renting houses in cities such as Toronto or Vancouver, has achieved historic shifts. To owe a house is 20 percent more expensive than renting it (BNN, 2012). […]

Factors Influencing the Difference between “Men” And “Women”

While evaluating the difference between knowing about a man and a woman, specific emphasis should be placed on considering social, cultural, and psychological perspectives. Historical matters are also important because they allow for tracing the shifts in perceptions of male and female roles. From a social perspective, men and women are differentiated by the roles […]

Enterprise Rent a Car

This case study was done on a car rental enterprise. It aimed at investigating the quality of services that were being offered to customers. By using one of the clients, the survey revealed that the enterprise was indeed providing high level of services to its clients. For instance, one of the quality service measurements entailed […]

Aylmer’s obsession

Before Georgina came along the most valuable thing in Aylmer’s life was science. He had dedicated his life to this field, and he felt that nothing was of greater value than its study. Georgina came along, and everything changed for him. He even abandoned his life long career for the sake of love. After marriage, […]

The Dilemma of Recognition over Redistribution

When following up on the issues of equality in a multicultural society, there is a common dilemma concerning whether to prefer recognition or redistribution. The dilemma involves both policy makers and culturally diverse groups. It is not clear whether different cultural groups only prefer to be ‘compensated’ for their earlier misrepresentation, mistreatment, and misrecognition. Siapera, […]

Causes and Treatment of Depressive Disorder

In the health care profession, depressive disorder is among the most critical and significant health problems that are encountered (Schotte et al, 2006). According to Schotte et al (2006), several biophysical aspects are associated with depressive disorder. The main approach used by health professionals in understanding depressive disorder from a biophysical angle is the integration […]

Reflection of the Turse chapter

The war depicted in the given piece of literature was fought in Lebanon way back in 2008. The war broke out after a solution could not be found to the protracted political crisis in Lebanon (BBC par. 1). From the recount of the writer in Turse chapter 12, it is evident that the war broke […]

Research Paper Proposal

Multinational corporations entail business entities that operate in various countries across the world. The headquarters of an MNC are based in a given country but the facilities are found in all the regions of operation. This research proposal seeks to analyze the Coca-Cola Company. It is a large multinational corporation that operates in over two […]

The Magic of the Family Meal

In her article The Magic of the Family Meal, Nancy Gibbs discusses the importance of family meals. In particular, the author argues that they can improve the relations between parents and their children. Overall, it is possible to agree with this argument; however, one should bear in mind that family meals bring benefits only in […]

Causes and Effects of Studying In Australia

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to study in Australia. On the other hand, the effects of studying in Australia are numerous. Causes of studying in Australia include the need for high quality education, new cultural experience, and for flexibility in one’s studies (Ong 38). Australia offers high quality education that is […]

Snowstorm Causes Accidents In North Dakota

A sudden snowstorm surprised the North Dakota area on Monday morning, causing many accidents around the area. One of the accidents had happened at around 9:40 a.m. at Interstate 94. “Two cars and a truck wrecked at about 9:30 a.m. and left motorists stuck on the highway for 70 minutes,” Lieutenant Bob Boone, the Fargo […]

The Phantom Menace of Sleep-Deprived Doctors

The article written by Darshak Sanghave is aimed at discussing the causes that underlie medical errors in hospitals. In particular, the author focuses on such a problem as sleep-deprivation experienced by many interns. Furthermore, the author mentions the lack of coordination among different practitioners. Yet, this article can be related to various economic aspects of […]

The Right People on the Bus

Corporate leadership and organizational success transcend from the people in the organization. Therefore, these organizations should get the right people in the right seats to do the right thing. The company’s staff should be willing and ready to accommodate changes for the success of the organization (Collins, 2001). This study seeks to agree to with […]

Scramble for Africa

The lecture on the scramble for Africa is both informative and educative. It draws its main strength from the fact that it goes back to the late 1880s to provide a clear review of how things have changed in the period that colonialists entered the continent. This lecture divides into various aspects of the scramble […]

Concept of Vertical Urbanism as a Solution of High Density Living

In most overpopulated urban centers free space has become increasingly scarce as urban planners and construction companies attempt to create a balance between the limited space for expansion and the need for convenience and affordability as desired by today’s modern day consumer. The result is the utilization of the concept of vertical urbanism wherein subsequent […]

Corporate Finance and Investment Appraisal Methods

To choose the right project the CEO should consider using the investment appraisal methods that allows the management team of the firm to evaluate a project based on the possible opportunity costs, returns, risks and payback period so as to determine the most suitable from a list of several such projects (Hacura, Hacura and Kocot, […]

MTV Filming Style: Precious

Precious has a number of features that a peculiar to the MTV filming style. First, specific attention should be given to the dynamic movement of the camera and the accompanying sound tracks. Some of the scenes are deprived of fluid and smooth movements of the camera, as it is presented in the art film style. […]

Protecting Water Resources in South Asia

South Asia needs to tap into the water resource that is brought by the wet monsoon by laying a more comprehensive framework for rain water harvesting and development of dams and reservoirs. Governments and stakeholders need to engage the local populations in building more water pans and other facilities for water harvesting to guarantee year-round […]

Postmodernism and autonomy Discourse

The era of postmodernism architecture began during the early 1950s. However, it was fully recognized as a movement and an international style of architecture about two decades later. Nonetheless, it is imperative to note that the slow growth of postmodernism style of architecture did not deter it from steady spread and adoption across the world. […]

How to get audience attention

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most well established show hosts in the world and her show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, is one of the most successful talk shows. She uses a number of techniques to get the attention of her audience. To get the audience’s attention at the beginning of the show is asking […]

Fairy-tale Cinderella

There is an assumption that a fairy-tale reflects cultural trends in community development that change across time. The do not only make shifts to social environment, but also tap into consciousness of individuals, particularly to that of children who are obsessed with the plotlines and magic that story’s heroes work. At this point, there is […]

Data Communication

Introduction Since time immemorial, the need to convey messages has been an integral part of human life. Today, communication is almost a basic necessity. Communication, which is the transmission of messages, takes different methods. Throughout the ages, the methods of communication have continuously evolved. This communication evolution has moved from the early development of language […]

Management of e-waste

Today’s technology is rapidly changing thus rendering existing technology and equipment obsolete quite often. This applies to electronic devices and equipment like computers, printers, copiers, scanners, keyboards and monitors. A recent study indicates that 300 million and above computers were obsolete in 2007 and the number was expected to triple by 2013. This poses a […]

Apple Case Study

At the end of 2009, Apple adopted a differentiation strategy which was based on the ability of the company to provide innovative and high-quality products. Furthermore, the company should continue to compete in the personal computer industry. To a great extent, these responses are mostly based on the financial performance of Apple at the end […]

Management Control Systems

Management control systems (MCS) are tools used to gather and use information to encourage the behavior of the worker and to assess the progress of the organization (Horngren, 2005). The four MCS are market control, clan control, bureaucratic control and financial control. Market control entails the application of price competition to assess productivity. The management […]

Possible psychological and/or behavioral differences between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation immigrants

First, second, and third generation immigrants have a number of psychological and or behavioral differences. According to Suarez-Orozco and Desiree, “first generation immigrants experience less depression and greater positive wellbeing than their native-born age mates of similar demographic and family backgrounds” (2006, p.167). This follows because the first generation immigrants found their new territory as […]

Personality, Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Personality, mood and anxiety disorders show relevant overlaps because they have similar symptoms. For instance, anxiety is accompanied my certain mood disorders. The disorders therefore do not have major differences. However, there are slight differences between personality disorders such as OCD and anxiety disorders. Social phobia and avoidant personality disorder have some common characteristics. The […]

Peer Assessment in Higher Education

Peer assessment is a very effective tool which has positive effects on learning process. The survey implemented by Wong and Ng (2005) reveal new prospective in the use of peer assessment in higher education. The survey was held in a Chinese school. The participants of the survey were 166 boys aged 13-14. The students had […]

Kansas Sales Budget

The memo demonstrates that that the sales budget for Kansas. The goal for the sales team in Kansas is to acquire 2,000 customers for this area and achieve a $10,000,000 sales budget. The aim of the budget is to identify the potential of the market to actually attain the sales target of $10,000,000. In order […]

Bone Healing Stages

According to Johnston (n.d), bone healing after a fracture undergoes the reactive, reparative, and remodeling stages. However, healing may be complicated because of bleeding disorders and surgical risks. According to Johnston (n.d), the reactive bone healing stage lasts for two to three weeks. This is a very painful and inflaming stage. When healing starts, hematoma, […]

Political Legitimacy in Egypt

A government is said to be legitimate when it is accepted/recognized by the public or its citizens as proper and right. Illegitimate government earns no recognition, acceptance and confidence from the members of the public. The degree of legitimacy depends on the public’s confidence in the electoral body, the relationship between the government and its […]

Police subculture

In any organization, cultures factor is heavily on performance. Edgar Schein (1988) famously described organizational culture as “the way we do things around here.” This kind of definition sought to bring to light the natural development of culture amongst any group of people that frequently interact. A sub culture distinguishes itself from its parent culture […]

The African and British Cultures

Early African societies shared certain aspects even though the African culture was non-uniform. Animation was utilized in religious beliefs such that nature was used to elaborate to people their way of life. Traditional beliefs were passed on across successful generations orally hence the elders had unique status. In every society, specific tasks were undertaken by […]

Discussing the Implementation of Queensland Health SAP-HCM

The pitfalls of introducing a new human resources information system at Queensland Health can be explained by inconsistent of steps taken to transform the previously established systems. Lack of sufficient testing, absence of project team plan, and impossibility to evaluate the complexity of the situation are among the major reasons of failure. According to Arnold […]

Gender Studies: Advertisement and Gender

Advertisement is considered by many people to be the most ‘actual’ method or approach of communicating through the media. As a result of this, it is important to analyze the qualities that are expected of a woman, according to the way she is represented in advertisements. Barthel Diane explicitly described in “A Gentleman and a […]

Judge and Bono on Relationships of Core Self-Evaluation Traits to Job Satisfaction and Performance

The purpose of the research by Judge and Bono was to conduct a review of the literature which studies the correlation between self-esteem, generalized self-efficacy, internal locus of control, and low neuroticism (emotional stability), on the one hand, and job performance and job satisfaction, on the other, and gather information in order to provide a […]

History from the inside out: Prison Life in Nineteenth-Century by L.Goldsmith

Larry Goldsmith was of the view that prisons have been turned into places where public funds are misused in offering education to detainees. In his view, this amounts to depredating and depriving the community of its scarce resources in supporting and encouraging reformation of prisoners. He suggests that local communities ought to support education among […]

International Treaties and Emirati Law

With the development of the UAE, put connections with other countries on the front burner and attracted the attention of numerous professionals. Emirati Law considers international treaties according to the statements from the Constitution and main legislation. The Constitution treats international relations in different perspectives. It is stated that the Supreme Council of the Union […]

Sport Management

Schumaker et al. have addressed a very important issue in knowledge management in such sphere as sport (115). Notably, sports have often been on the “outskirts” of Library Information Sciences. For instance, Schumaker et al. claim that sport managers, teams, coaches and other people involved tend to keep information rather than to reveal it to […]

Ethical and Legal Duties in Hospitality and Other Recreational Sectors

Managers face “big” tasks in making business decisions that affect the company, the shareholders of the company and other stakeholders in the industry. It is important, therefore, to conduct the business in an “ethical” manner, and this call for the management to consider their ethical duties for legal and business obligations. Nevertheless, understanding the ethical […]

Reluctant Information Sharers

Peter Flagstaff’s concerns about inefficient knowledge management are closely associated with the pitfalls in organizational learning. Therefore, in order to improve knowledge sharing among the employees, the top managers should pay attention to developing learning capability of their subordinates. Motivating workers to engage in learning is essential for efficient information sharing because it can help […]

Project Management and Medical Informatics

Though the information technologies seem to be insufficient with regard to the area of medical informatics, the project management helps to resolve the problems effectively. It is necessary to mention that electronic health records as well as infrastructure upgrades are some of the IT challenges related to medical informatics. All the problems should be solved […]

Columbia Industries, Inc. by John Zerio

In a quest for the leadership of the Columbia Industries, Inc., to address the safety and performance problems with the Hyster lift trucks formally presented by the head mechanic, a number of options were explored. Crucial in the specifications to address the problems included maneuverability, safety, maintenance costs, and mast extensions that could reach 260 […]

IT & Networks for Business

The main characteristics of the net generation are, they communicate using voice or data while on the move, they are internet savvy and are always connected either through WAP on the cell phones or Wi-Fi through their laptops, they are comfortable browsing the internet and shopping online, they prefer to spend more time in the […]

The Impact of Media on Children

Media includes television, movies, radios, newspapers and magazines. Media includes all forms of entertainment like films, books and television. Parents do not pay attention to what children watch on television or hear from radio. Thus, media has both positive and negative impacts. The positive impacts of media on children include educating them on various topics […]

Elements and Characteristics of a Clinical Micro System

I was once a support services team member in Lebanon at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Spine Centre. This centre collects information from healthcare recipients using touch pads. Hence, clinicians make decisions based on the data collected from patients. The medical symptoms of patients who visit this clinical micro system are determined using a computer through a sensitive […]

Sport in Society

Nowadays sport managers have to solve a variety of questions concerning cultural diversity as athletes join different teams where people of different cultural backgrounds have to cooperate. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many opposing nations, i.e. people of different cultural backgrounds detest each other for some reasons. This can be a very serious problem for any […]

International Container Terminal

Attachment stripping is one of the most important tasks at our International Container Terminal. The management appreciates that this task is strenuous and poses a number of threats to our clients. However, it is also a fact that out terminal is under a great pressure to meet higher targets in our attachment stripping. Our current […]

Al Zahrawi Biography

Biography Al Zahrawi (Albucasis in the West) lived between 936 and 1013 in Andalusia. He is considered to be among the pioneers of medical surgery in medieval age. His inventions in medical field are still utilised in modern surgery. Abucasis was born in Cordoba (Andalusia) in 936. He is believed to have originated from Al […]

Abbas Ibn Firnas Biography

Ibn Firnas was born during the rise and development of Islam in the Middle East. He was a member of the Berber community that was ruled by the Umayyad Caliphate. “The exact date of his birth is not clear, but he lived from 810 to 887 A.D”. Since his childhood, Ibn Firnas keenly observed his […]

How child care centers are working in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has witnessed tremendous growth in child care services in the last few years. This trend is inevitable as more women are joining the workforce (Booz & Co, 2012). Though this approach has brought incredible benefits to working parents, the culture and customs of Saudi Arabia have complicated the concept. The Kingdom tradition upholds […]

Importance of Communication

Effective communication skills by organizational leaders are crucial for the achievement of organizational success. Conrad and Newberry (2011) state that these skills enable leaders to articulately express organizational goals and objectives to the workers. For an organization to succeed, employees must know what targets they are supposed to achieve. Through good communication, these goals are […]

El Nino-Southern Oscillation Effects

A major feature of El Nino is interaction between water surfaces and wind currents. El Nino has been described as a phenomenon that affects a large region of the Tropical Pacific due to changes in atmospheric circulation: a phenomenon referred to as Southern Oscillation (Forrester par2). The severity of the El nino-Southern Oscillation (ESNO) is […]

Webinars in Education

A webinar is a synchronous distance education, synchronized with live instructors. Instant messaging applications like AIM, Skype, Pidgin, BigBlueButton and web conferencing are very useful in conducting webinars. The tutor, while factoring in the knowledge level of the trainees/participants, spearheads the session. This form of learning allows learners and their tutor(s) to interact in a […]

Compromise of 1850

The issues related to slavery were still burning in the middle of the nineteenth century. The tension can be illustrated by the debate concerning the Compromise of 1850. It is possible to consider three viewpoints on the matter to see three major arguments which existed in the American society of that time. John C. Calhoun, […]

Social Welfare: Strengths and Weaknesses

Welfare is money that the government gives to people who are in the position of being not able to work. Social welfare is the provision of services like educational, health, cultural, and financial assistance to needy. The following are modern social welfare measures; treatment of the mentally ill, relief, and care for the needy families, […]

An analysis on How Human Behaviour is shaped by Life Philosophies and Well Being

“Is Life Nasty, Brutish, and Short? Philosophies of Life and Well-Being” (Aknin, Arikm, Dunn & Norton 2011) addresses how the general public supports Hobbes’s view that life is short and hard (Kant, 1983) impacting well-being and civic involvement of individuals. The authors based their research on the notion that civic organizations were necessary in protecting […]

Grammatical Paradox in English Language

We are able to change the statement “house of brick house “ to the “brick house.” This is mainly because the first statement refers to a particular house and the material used to set up the structure (Strumpf and Douglas 2004). We cannot however equate the statement “ the home of elephants” to the statement […]

Adidas’ Management vs Nike

The restructuring of Adidas was primarily aimed at eroding the market share of Nike. This plan involved the acquisition of companies whose products could be aligned with those sporting goods that were offered by Adidas. However, this approach did not achieve the synergy among businesses because Adidas could not raise its effectiveness or improve the […]

The Role of the Deep Financial Centres in Economy

Deep financial centres exhibit high liquidity of capital. All types of currencies are usually available in such markets. The variety of currencies enables investors to obtain capital easily. Financial centres such as New York have a widely used currency, which is the American dollar. Other currencies, however, are also available. On the other hand, emerging […]

The Problem of Immigrants Poverty in the US

Problem Statement There are two types of immigrants; illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, in 2008 illegal immigrants who comprise approximately 70% of all immigrants were estimated to have reached 11 million peoples by the U.S immigration department. In most other developed countries the challenges posed by immigrants in general goes beyond the issue of their […]

The Sexual Practices in the Youths

Abstract There has been a rise in sexual awareness among the teenagers. The statistical comparison of the current and past generations sharply differs. The mass media is largely to blame for the sexual practices in the youths. Introduction Are today’s teens becoming more sexually active and aware at a younger age than previous generations? Currently, […]

Chinese Landscape Painting

Ebrey, Patricia Buckley. The Cambridge Illustrated History of China. Cambridge UP, 2010. This provides an illustrated history of China. The book provides traditional myths about the Chinese. The book demarcates several periods in the history of China using dynasties. The author uses illustrations throughout the book to show various activities that took place in various […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Role in Business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) represents a modern trend in the business world. The companies are encouraged to be socially responsible taking care of the environment and society. However, the companies themselves benefit from CSR due to the value which the social and environmental programs provide to their image. “The positioning of the firm with respect […]

Coercion, Capital, and European States: Ad 990-1992 by Charles Tilly

Charles Tilly was determined to explain the way European states have evolved during the ancient times. In his explanation, he developed three distinct states in Europe. These include “tribute-taking-empires; systems of fragmented sovereignty such as city-states, and urban federations, and national states” (Tilly, 21). In his descriptions, Tilly developed terminologies such as capital-rich” and coercion-rich” […]

Social Help of the Street Children

The street children are literally crying out for help as hopelessness fills the air. What can a person say to children when you see them in the street, The children sleep under benches and sell flowers. The children are wet by the rain because they have no home to return to. The children beg for […]

Personal Jurisdiction of a Court

Personal jurisdiction stands for the court’s authority over individuals to a court case. If a court has personal jurisdiction over a party to a lawsuit, it can pass judgments that affect the person directly. Otherwise, the court can only exercise its powers to a level that the state powers give it. In other terms, personal […]

Vegetarianism and Health

Vegetarian diets have become a trend in the 21ST century. People from all over the world follow the lead of organic eating movement since no-meat nutrition is beneficial for human health. One should, however, note that this type of diet poses some substantial risks as well. First, the health problem in vegetarians often starts with […]

The History of the Agency

The history of ATF is rather short, however, it has managed to cope with a number of purposes it sets. The agency is effective since January 24, 2003 based on the Homeland Security bill. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) performs its functions under the supervision of the Department of Justice and […]

Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy

The article “Escaping a Protectionist Rut: Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy” by Blanchard and Willmann published in Journal of International Economics in March 2011 offers a two period overlapping generations (OLG) model for discussing the mechanisms of trade liberalization and the main influential factors affecting them. The authors distinguish between the two […]

Eyes on the Prize

Racial discrimination has been the most contentious issue in America. The issue has been highlighted by various tools of communications such as books, movies, articles, and periodicals. One of the remarkable communication tools on this subject is ‘Eyes on the Prize’ movie. The movie brings into perspective the topic of racial discrimination and roles of […]

Apple’s Generic Strategy as at the end of 2009

Introduction As at the end of 2009, Apple’s generic strategy involved the introduction of innovative, high quality consumer electronics to the mass. Apple should continue to compete in the personal computer industry. Since the release of iPod, iTunes, iPhones, and Mac PCs, Apple positioned itself as one of the most innovative technology company in the […]

3D Printers in “Third Industrial Revolution”

Typology of Innovation I agree with the statement that 3D printing represents the “Third Industrial Revolution”. This technology is radical in nature in that its usage threatens to upset the established manufacturing process. 3D printing is a radical innovation in that it creates a new way of manufacturing (D’Aveni, 2015). Unlike the traditional manufacturing process, […]

Mercantilist and the Physiocratic Systems

Discussing the Mercantilist and the Physiocratic systems, Adam Smith is inclined to focus more on the advantages of the Physiocratic system as opposite to the Mercantilist one because Mercantilism is based on the support of the strongly regulated commerce which cannot contribute significantly to Great Britain’s increase in the production of goods. Smith states that […]

Spain’s Geography and Culture

Spain, claiming over half a million acres on the Iberian Peninsula, fronts on the North Atlantic, the Bay of Biscay, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Balearic Sea. It borders the Pyrenees of France. and Portugal to the West. Morocco is its nearest Southern neighbor, across the Straits of Gibraltar (known in Classical times as the […]