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Henry David Thoreau

Not every person is able to understand the essence of nature, its uniqueness, and importance. To my mind, his close connection to nature and a kind of isolation from people helped him to understand deeper [...]

School Shootings

Well, a profiling carried out in the United States of America showed that, there are no certain groups or individuals, who are more likely to commit these school-shooting incidences.

Ocean Policy Change

Policies addressing the issue of ocean dumping and the need to curb it have been in place. Several factors fueled the change; for instance, change in the information concerning the effect of ocean dumping to [...]

Science and Non-Science

One of the most important features of a scientific claim, thus, a genuine science as well, is empirical falsifiability which provides that scientific claim can be either false or true.

Learning a Second Language

This improvement is attributed to the fact that learning a new language results in divergent thinking in the person. This paper has demonstrates that learning an additional language can result in the creation of a [...]

Learning multicultural skills

There is therefore the need for everyone to learn and be able to manage multicultural skills that would enable proper understanding and promote healthy relations with all parties involved in a certain field of work.

Middle East Conflict

However, the rebirth of the new country was the start of the tensions between the Jews and Arabs. Since then, a number of world leaders have played a pivotal role in efforts of bringing peace [...]

Can Conscience Save Us?

The Earth Charter states that only the universal responsibility, membership in the human family, the need for global ethics as the elements of social consciousness may save people from overpopulation which becomes a real problem [...]

Native American Women

This essay shall discuss the prominent factors that affected views and social values of Native American Women in the late nineteenth century, variation of White and Native American women, boarding school experiences of Native American, [...]

The Advantages of the Benefit Program

To some extent, these benefits allow the management to convince the personnel that the company genuinely values them. Finally, the competitors of this company will not be able to entice the employees by providing them [...]

Organic restaurant

The restaurant will capture the social environment and provide the necessary menu for this field. In the cultural environment, the chefs employed in this restaurant have been highly trained to produce several ethnic dishes to [...]

Mishima’s “Patriotism”

This highlights the theme of loyalty, as the soldiers are ready to obey orders well aware of the dangers involved. The author continues to explore the symbol of compliance and selflessness by explicating how soldiers [...]

Introduction to International Business

Certainly, this Act on Competition has been quite significant in the operations within the Southwest Airline Co in order to avoid unnecessary fines due to violation of the competition law. As it has been observed [...]

Regarding the Research

Regarding the positive effects, the proposal suggested that the use of internet for leisure activities such as chatting, blogging and doing personal activities motivates and improves the performance of the employees hence productivity in the [...]

Gay in the military

To do this, an employees' profile is required, which should have a full image of their workforce and the way diversity has been reflected especially in the main occupations.

Thinking Critically Simulation

A thinking critical simulation is one of the most effective tools to be used in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the three main decision-making steps which are framing the problem itself, making the decision, [...]

Intellectual Property Rights

Internationally, the governing body is the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is responsible for granting exclusive rights to the owner of the intellectual property for a varying period, according to the type of the [...]


In similarity relationships, individuals enter into a relationship based on the perception that the partner supports the individual's views. In addition, the sexual compatibility in similarity relationships between partners contributes to a sustainable relationship.

Children of Heaven Movie Analysis

Children of heaven's planning, is sequential and progressive because the initial incidences that transpire in the earlier sections of the movie act as a background to the events that follow.

Religious Doctrines

The mystical orientation however is fascinating for most people and especially in Christianity, although a few believers of the religion tend to understand its moral concept.

Leadership and Cultural Differences

For this reason, there is need for the organization to strike a balance between the local customs and cultural attributes and those of the primary culture of the organization's headquarters, in this case, USA.

Globalization and the Commons

The developed world has a role to play in assisting the indigenous communities of the developing countries. In Africa for instance, the US and other developed countries have helped to enhance water sustainability to eliminate [...]

Cultural competence

Cultural competence is the ability of an individual to be aware of the social, economic, religion, and political practices of different groups of people.

Disaster and Crisis

There are various response efforts that have been taken by the responsible individuals and agencies in order to curb the Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Sri Lanka each of them having different levels of [...]

Folks and Fairly Tales

It is fascinating because even though Bluebeard was wealthy and had life trappings that could endear him to any woman, all women and girls could not stand the thoughts of marrying an ugly rich man [...]

Trade Off In Business Life

For a consumer, the decision may be to choose on the items he wants to buy for example, buying a car instead of using public car on the way to work. The same time, I [...]

Gwendolyn Brooks’s We Real Cool

However in terms of penetrating language delivered in a simple and accessible style, the poem most suited to emotional authenticity is We Real Cool, as shown by the following lines: "We Sing sin.

Poverty and Wealth

This theme contributes to the meaning of "The Lesson" because the narrator illustrates the differences that exist amid the prosperous and poor kids in the fictitious story.

Wedding in the UAE

The preparation for the wedding in the UAE is a long process, and the wedding ceremony is the great beautiful act which consists of several stages.

Hedge fund Fraud

This led to the collapse of that hedge fund. This will make the investors to be more informed of the operations of the hedge fund.