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Repairing Donated Children Books

The Children’s Book Bank is an organization that aims to improve children’s literacy, especially, it concerns the children whose family have low income and less possibilities to enlarge knowledge and personal skills. This Bank provides children with books before they go to kindergartens. In order to present reliable and good books to children, the members […]

Henry David Thoreau

Friendship plays an important role in the life of each person. It is impossible to live and enjoy every day of your life without true friends. Not everyone is lucky to meet a good friend and trust him/her during the whole life. Henry Thoreau was a lucky person, as he had several really good friends […]

Early Musique Concrète Co-Composition: Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, John Cage, Vladimir Ussachevsky, and Otto Luening

Musique concrète is one of the types of electroacoustic music that unite instrumental sounds with natural ones, which are usually altered during recording processes. “Early musique concrète can be seen to belong to the world of radiophonic art, here without a sense of clear narrative normally associated with most radio plays.” (Landy 31) The father […]

Organizational Behaviour: Leading Human Resources

Listo Systems, the company under consideration, is aimed at providing customers with different superior graphic design services and other similar products. Proper teamwork and leadership, certain innovations, and state-of-art technologies – this is what will help Listo Systems to take leading positions and be respected by clients and even by its staff. In fact, there […]

Why We Fight: Military Industrial Complex and Its Impact on the American Life

Why We Fight is the documentary movie by Eugene Jarecki that presents rather captivating and educative information about military-industrial complex, its advantages and disadvantages, about wars and their impacts on people, about pain and grief that people cannot overcome even with time. The major question the director wants to answer is why America still fights; […]

The Burial of a Navy White Hat

There are so many naval traditions, which amaze ordinary people with its simplicity and unbelievable significance at the same period of time. One of the most captivating traditions is the burial of a White Hat at sea. This tradition makes an E-7 Chief Petty Officer, who is in transition from an E-6 First Class Petty […]

Debate: Fingerprinting and Background Check vs. Invasion of Privacy

Nowadays, the development of technologies and science takes one of the most significant positions. Scientists can present numerous innovations, which may considerably improve people’s lives, help to find out the solutions and even to make the right choice. Nowadays, numerous background checks and fingerprinting are improved by means of science, and people get more opportunities […]

The Bible: Eve and Female Place in the World

The role of women in society is considered to be one of the most burning and captivating issues of all the times. People face numerous problems during the discussions whether it is correct to make men and women equal to each other or not. This is why lots of people try to use as reliable […]

School Shootings

The word ‘school shooting’ implies acts carried out by either intruders or students within a school. These incidences are usually confused with other forms of school violence like Bath School tragedy where a homemade bomb exploded leaving behind several causalities. Is there a certain ‘type’ of students most likely to carry out these atrocious acts? […]

The Importance of the Logical – Mathematical Intelligence in Mathematics Teaching

Howard Gardner provides a number of intelligence which can be exploited by a teacher in a teaching – learning environment. Gardner’s approach simply advocates for the adjustment of instructional techniques in order to cater for individual needs (Brualdi, 2001). While teaching mathematics, teachers should pay attention to logical – mathematical intelligence. This kind of intelligence […]

My life in Western Europe in 600 AD

The European Middle Ages, popularly referred to as ‘dark ages’ can only be described by one word, ‘barbaric’. This was after the fall of the Roman Empire that had ruled for almost 500 years. Hooligans, Hans, barbarians and Goths came from all directions, East and North, sweeping down Europe. Many buildings and architectural structures that […]

Innovation, creativity and design

Innovation refers to the process of translating a particular idea or invention to a product or service to be paid for by people. This means that innovation involves an economic cost in an effort to satisfy a particular need. For innovation to be effective, a great deal of imagination, creativity and initiative is required in […]

The History of sexuality

The term sexuality had been a puzzle for many people for a long time. A lot of research has been done on the topic by many philosophers as well as historians. Among them was a French philosopher known as Michel Foucault who researched on the history of sexuality. Sexuality basically means the identification of difference […]

The art of failure

The current society has become so much of accomplishment oriented thus the inability to overcome challenges is regarded as failure. Failure takes different forms, which are by all standards, not of the same magnitude as most people assume. Performance that is not up to the expected standards does not necessarily allude to failure. This calls […]

Ethics in Public Administration. Case 2 – Paul’s Scenario

Outline Introduction. Main Body Principles defining each character. Implementation of the traditional ethical thinking skills. Utilization of the ethical triangle. Conclusion. The ethical approaches need to be combined for the purpose of more effective decision-making in public administration. The elements of the ethical triangle may be used as filters for ethical analysis of the situations […]

The Bill of Rights

Every country is governed by a constitution, a set of rules that specify the nature of the government. All constitutions are aimed at protecting, not only the rights of people, but also those of the country. It contains different elements like the bill of rights, the principles of constitution, federalism, as well as the judicial […]

Literary Analysis Susan Glespell’s Trifle

Susan Glespell’s ‘Trifle’ is a play that presents a diverse view of the male-dominated society. Susan Glespell presents a somewhat critical view of society through a murder scene in which a woman is accused of murder and an investigation takes place to determine whether she is the murder or not (Glaspell). The investigation eventually divides […]

Design Concept for a Convention of Medical Doctors

To provide a successful entertainment party for 500 medical doctors, it is very important to consider a number of steps: to choose an appropriate convention center, to evaluate the building and think about proper lighting and decorations, to understand how it is better to locate tables, and to occupy the guests with interesting and funny […]

William Bradford’s personality

William Bradford was born to an influential and wealthy English family in 1590. In his childhood, Bradford had to endure the loss of several of his close family members. His father died when he was barely a year old and his mother died when he was seven years of age. It is claimed that his […]

Family versus Individual Therapy

There are distinct differences between family and individual therapy as discussed in this paper.The first difference between family and individual therapy is that while individual therapy involves one client being attended to by a single therapist, family therapist is involves many people (i.e. family members). In family therapy, there is the existence of long-term relationships […]

Structural system project

Introduction The structural systems are extremely important for building, structural engineering, and construction. Theoretical knowledge applied to certain projects in practice can help in the process of solving complicated tasks. A complex approach used while analyzing and assessing the scale of work to be done can facilitate construction due to phased algorithm. In this respect, […]

ART VITALIS The New Jersey New Music Forum – CONCERT REPORT

First of all, I would like to consider the concert performance “Trio For Flute, Clarinet And Piano” which I was lucky to listen at Ars Vitalis concert recently. After this I’ll pass to another pieces performed that night. This piece was performed by three musicians who played exquisitely. This was a play of three instruments: […]

Blanchard and Fiedler leadership models

As opposed to Taylorists who opined that there was a single way of proper management and leadership for that matter, Fred Fiedler (born 1922) stated that the efficacy of one as a leader was solely dependant upon situational contingency (DuBrin, 2009). Situational contingency according to him was broken down as to relate to the style […]

Ocean Policy Change

The issue of value of life whether on dry land or in water is unquestionable. Life is precious and should be cared for at whatever cost because no one can give life, therefore, no one should take it. The debate on ocean dumping still rages. Critics and adherents alike have valid points concerning ocean dumping; […]

Science and Non-Science

Every scientist that makes some kind of a research knows that his/her investigation should be based on facts and results that can be proved with a number of experiments. “We are familiar with a large number of scientific claims, for example, that water freezes at 32°F and hydrogen is composed of one proton and one […]

Philosophy and Curriculum

Admittedly, education is always affected by the contemporary philosophy. For example, any teacher plans the curriculum in accordance with his/her opinion as for the main points and less important issues. Since teachers are brought up in a certain culture based on a particular philosophy they form their curricula in terms of this large context. Moreover, […]

World Literature Syllabus

The syllabus for world literature should be composed so that the studying of certain works of literature provide students with the understanding of literary, cultural and historic context of the period when they were written. Moreover, the earning of these works should develop students’ critical and analytical thinking. The study of every work of literature […]

Saatchi Gallery: My Perception of Art

Every member of the global community should learn about history and arts to be able to reflect the vision of the contemporary world. I have decided to visit an art gallery to enrich my experience and knowledge about contemporary arts and other interesting items that can be encountered in such a place. The Saatchi Gallery […]

Learning a Second Language

Language is one of the most important tools in our interaction with others. Without language, it is highly unlikely that the human civilization would have developed as it has over the millenniums. For most people, being able to communicate in one language is sufficient. This is especially so if the language is English, French or […]

Pride in Ancient Greek

This paper discusses the character and behavior of two Heroes in the Iliad with the aim of explaining the Geeks’ concept of pride. Considering the lives of Achilles and Patroclus, as presented in the Iliad, it is clear that for ancient Greek heroes, honor meant everything. In actual sense, a Greek warrior or man would […]

The Worldview Issues that Influence Curriculum Decisions in Public Education

As Josh McDowell said in preface to book by David Noebel and Chuck Edwards (2002), “We are now living in not just a post-Christian culture, but an anti-Christian culture” (p. 2). This statement can be applied to the curriculum decisions in modern public school as well. “The educational system in the West has progressively replaced […]

The City of Portland in Oregon State

Portland is the most populous city in the state of Oregon in United States and it is located in North-western part of the country. The city has been subdivided in to five sections which are inclusive of Northeast, North and Northwest as well as Southeast and Southwest. The north and the south part are divided […]

A vindication of the rights of women

Vindication of the Rights of Women is written by a British Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft in the 18th century, and contribute significantly to feminist philosophy. The author emphasizes on feminism and the significance of intellect in the pursuit of women to become strong in physically and psychologically. She responds to political as well as educational theorists […]

The Concept of Terrorism

Summary The term terrorism is not a contemporary phenomenon. It can be traced back during the reign of Jacobin (1792-1794) and the early Roman and Greek republics. There are myriad of elements that arise from the concept of terrorism. For instance, assassination refers to the political murder of a renowned public figure such as the […]

Subliminal perception and persuasion

Subliminal perception and persuasion are associated with the notion of mind control. Mind control entails controlling individuals without their knowledge. They involve making a person or a group of people do stuff that they would not have done. If a stimulus presents itself below the level that can make an individual aware of it, but […]

Survey in Research studies

Purpose of a survey Different life situations give rise to circumstances that calls for more explanation to be well understood. In research studies, survey is used to collect data, so that detailed and quantified description of certain issues in the society can be availed. It takes an approach where the researcher asks, in written, electronic […]

How Pushkin illustrates the theme of corruption in the “The Queen of Spades?”

Alexander Pushkin in his writing, “The Queen of Spades”, takes the reader through the world of faro gambling at the time of the Imperialist Russia in the beginning of the early 19th century. The author’s intention in going inside this world of faro gambling is to reveal his principle subject matter, the destructive consequences of […]

Learning multicultural skills

The corporate world is advancing more and more each day as many businessmen are expanding their businesses all over the world. There is therefore the need for everyone to learn and be able to manage multicultural skills that would enable proper understanding and promote healthy relations with all parties involved in a certain field of […]

Popular music and thinking errors

The contemporary society is full of things that can, possibly, affect the minds of young people adversely. Whatever these young people listen to, watch on television or in videos or even hear from others has the possibility of influencing their lives for the better or for the worse. One such phenomenon that has greatly polluted […]

Middle East Conflict

On May 14, 1948, there was joy and gladness when a new country called Israel got its place in the map of the world. For close to 2,000 years, the Jews were dispersed in various parts of the world. Therefore, the founding of the new nation was their major source of joy as they hoped […]

The War in Iraq and the U.S. Invasion

On September 11, 2001, devastating terrorist attacks took place on the United States that resulted in the death of about 3,000 people and the injury of about 6,000. The terrorists’ attacks were the start of the battle cry for the search of liberty and freedom as American politicians promised to do everything in their powers […]

Can Conscience Save Us?

Having considered two different opinions in the relation to the question whether consciousness can save us or not, I came to the conclusion that I support the Earth Charter’s ideas which state that human conscious can save the whole humanity from different disaster. Taking the example of population and its damaging grows, we are going […]

Medical Uses of Marijuana

Marijuana is medicinal extracts from a plant known as Cannabis sativa. Cannabis sativa contains psychoactive cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and cannabinol amongst others. The presence of cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa gives it medicinal and scientific importance. The use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes is very controversial as many countries consider it an illegal drug […]

Native American Women

Significant development of America depends on the efforts of American nation including the men and women. Beside men, women contributed in the political, economical, social and cultural development of America. Native American men and women both worked side by side with vigorous aspiration. In particular, enthusiasm of Native American women is remarkable in the American […]

The Advantages of the Benefit Program

Benefits plan is crucial for the competitiveness of any company since it enables to attract and retain the most talented and productive employees. At the moment, the benefits package of this company consists of health indemnity plan, disability insurance, and life insurance which are required by law. However, it does not meet the best standards […]

Organic restaurant

Organic restaurant has of late been popular, due to the fact that the world is turning green. This type of restaurant prepares foods that have been grown using organic products. They also bear in mind using environment friendly commodity and equipment. The restaurant blends in the perfect delicious organically prepared dishes as well as juices […]

Wisconsin Senate to Vote on Anti-Union Bill

The protesters are opposed to a legislation that will deny them labor rights by stripping them of their collective bargaining rights through workers union. The worker’s rights in Wisconsin are protected by the Federal legislation of 1936 that caters for County and Municipal workers while the nonfederal workers in Wisconsin are protected by the 1959 […]

Management Strategic Operations

According to Kaplan and Norton (2006), the best method which can be used to align operational structures with strategy is through a management system based on a balanced scorecard framework (p.103). In this method managers from all the levels of the organization, from regional settings to the CEOs can utilize the tools of this framework […]

Gender and Race Discrimination

Victims of racial and gender discrimination suffer from such injustices as segregation and prevalent poverty. In many societies, women are often discriminated against when it comes to equal pay and access to health. Such inequalities may come about due to the issue of race. The combination of race and gender compounds discrimination. Statistics on the […]

Problems related to Physical and Mental Health Issues

Physical and mental health issues are very widespread in United States. These issues affect everyone despite gender, age or race (Kendall, 2009). Consequently, they have been a cause of so many problems in the society. These problems include: Homelessness, Unsteady and broken families Substance abuse and dependence Non-employment and poverty Lack of residential stability Spread […]

Mishima’s “Patriotism”

Introduction Written by Yukio Mishima, Patriotism is an allegorical short story describing the circumstances leading to the death of a young man and his newly wed wife. The author employs different elements of literature to underscore different themes. However, use of symbolism/imagery to explore the theme of loyalty stands out conspicuously as developed next. In […]

Woody Allen’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy”

Woody Allen’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy“ is a light comedy film about love, fate and sexual complexities that are shown in a captivating way. It is a clear representation of how love and lust entangle relationships, even friendship cannot hinder. The movie depicts the importance of time, the realization of the love that was […]

Introduction to International Business

Introduction Southwest Airlines Co. is one of the largest passenger air-carriers in the United States. This company started its operations in the year 1971 with 3 Boeing aircrafts, whose operating points were Dallas, Houston and San Antonio cities. By the year 2008, Southwest Airlines Co. had grown very large, as it was by then operating […]

Business online security

Introduction The original makers of the internet did not intend it to be a place where business transactions would take place. However, many businesses have turned to the internet as a means of conducting financial transactions and advertising given its ease of access. With money changing hands so easily over the internet, thieves are constantly […]

Natural Selection Theory

According to Charles Darwin, natural selection is a process whereby the survival of different living organisms depends on their gradual adaptation to certain environments over many generations. It is commonly known by the phrase, ”survival of the fittest”, which means that only the species that have well adapted to their environment, is well suited to […]

The Biomedical Model of Health in Medicine

Health, illness and treatments have been looked in different ways based on the cultural beliefs and traditions where one belong. Cultures all over the world have created and practiced different kind of healing system and all of these have rational points on how human bodies function normally and abnormally. Health professionals should integrate diverse cultural […]

Comparison of the Poetic Voice in the Please Fire Me (1998) by Deborah Garrison and Porphyria’s Lover (1936) by Robert Browning

Each work of poetry has a specific poetic voice. It is not only the author’s style or message of the work, it is the voice of the poem itself and it is not always identified with the author. In fact, it is the description of the imaginative person that occurred in specific situation. It goes […]

Regarding the Research

The research proposal focused on the importance of applying technology in workplaces to enhance worker’s productivity. The proposal suggested that the use of internet by the employees have both negative and positive effects. Regarding the positive effects, the proposal suggested that the use of internet for leisure activities such as chatting, blogging and doing personal […]

Gay in the military

Gay’s rights should be respected because in the US they are never allowed to serve in the army. Christians believe that being gay is a sin and it is very wrong since it undermines their moral values. After the Second World War, movements were started, which were determined to fight for the rights of the […]

Thinking Critically Simulation

Overview of the Simulation A thinking critical simulation is one of the most effective tools to be used in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the three main decision-making steps which are framing the problem itself, making the decision, and, finally, evaluating the decision offered. In this paper, Credenhill business is taken into consideration; the […]

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, is a phrase that is often used in reference to different unique kinds of creations of the human mind or intellect for which the creators are given certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets. The intangible assets include, but not limited to, musical, literary, various […]

Critical thinking

Despite the fact that everyone has the ability to think; only a few engage in critical thinking. Scholars describe critical thinking as thinking within thinking to seek for clarity, accuracy, consistency, good reasons for or against, depth, relevance and fairness. A critical thinker is one with the ability to intellectually and skillfully solve a problem […]

Book Review on Jossey-Bass Academic Administrators Guide to Conflict Resolution

‘Jossey-Bass Academic Administrators Guide to Conflict Resolution’ is a guide that addresses all academic administrators. The book deals with conflict resolution by academic administrators. This is because conflict is inevitable in all institutions and this book addresses this issue with profound understanding of the position held by administrators in a campus setting. This important literature […]

First Grade: Classroom Analysis

The paper presents the summary and analysis of the observations of the classroom and school environment second grade school. The key issues that the given paper addresses are psychosocial development, motivation, behaviorism, constructivism, cognition, intelligence, and diversity in the classroom and school environment. The class under analysis was composed of 18 students of diverse cultural […]

Organizational behavior terminology

Objective Many organizations that command a massive market share in their areas of operations have put in place organizational behaviors that work to their advantage. This essay gives a detailed explanation of organizational culture, organizational behavior, diversity, and communication. It also undertakes to describe each of these concepts’ observable aspects. It will also give a […]


Similarity in a relationship refers to the perceived likeness between partners in a relationship that elicits an attraction response. In similarity relationships, individuals enter into a relationship with partners whom they share similar perceptions. Complementarity on the other hand refers to the attraction relationship that involves partners with different behaviors and perceptions. The partners in […]

Essay on Obama’s speech on 2012 budget cuts

On February 14th, 2011, the president of the United States of America, delivered a speech detailing his government’s vision for the county, alongside the speech, he presented the government’s suggested changes in 2012 fiscal budget (Wasson). This paper analyzes the speech; however, it will focus on the suggested budget cuts. The speech and budget changes […]

The Concept of Metaphysics and Nature

Everything that happens in nature seems to follow a certain order. For instance, a river has tributaries that flow in a certain direction. The river also follows a certain course and may drain in a larger water body that is far away from where the river originated. For order to exist there has to be […]

Video Games and Violence in Children

One of the most fundamental questions that psychologists ask themselves is what leads to violent behavior in people. There have been arguments that such behavior is as a result of a pre-disposition to violence in the media as well as in video games. This theory is heavily criticized as it is supported. Proponents of this […]

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths among Us

Summary The book discusses issues revolving around psychopathic patients living within our society. It describes the situation as the most dangerous form of personality disorder. The discussion is based on an extensive study of the world of psychopaths. It is worth noting that the author uses empirical literature characterized by various anecdotes. The author further […]

Public Policy and Hurricane Katrina

Public policy refers to the guided approaches used by governments or government agencies to cover a specified class of issues that need the attention of the government (Stewart, Hedge & Lester, 2007). Although public policy is meant to cater for a myriad of government initiatives, it sometimes become evident when a nation is faced with […]

Children of Heaven Movie Analysis

Introduction Children of heaven, is an academy winning box office movie that centers on the lives of Ali and Zahra, who also double as siblings. The two come from a poor family. The movie is centered on an event where Ali loses his sister’s shoe, and he begs her to conceal the loss because their […]

Religious Doctrines

Religion has been difficult to define since time immemorial. This is because most definitions introduced by various theologians could not wholly enclose all the religious aspects. Thus many people have agreed on a general view that religion should not be defined since the more it is defined, the greater the explanations raise controversy among various […]

Sexual violence as a tool of genocide

As an observer of other cultures, one can easily draw conclusions regarding practices and distinguish what they consider to be ‘natural’ and acquired behavior. But truth can only be known if one is part of that culture or community. A close examination of the book elicits reactions on how women have been abused. The author […]

Multiple Pathways of Learning and Personal Spectrum

The achievement of effective communication and collaboration has been a challenge in learning and personal spectrum. However, an application of learning styles such as bodily kinesthetic, intrapersonal and naturalistic remain effective in the realization of this objective. Bodily-kinesthetic involves the capacity to skilfully handle objects and remain in touch with the body. To achieve effective […]

Leadership and Cultural Differences

Leadership is a very essential element at all levels more especially in organizations. Leadership entails directing other elements, through influence, to get things done. There are various leadership styles, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Leadership style is affected by various factors, for instance, the culture of the people involved. This piece of paper looks […]

The Role of Social Initiatives in the Alleviating Social Problems in Society

Social challenges have become more serious in developed countries than it had been estimated by the end of the World War II. This has been precipitated by adamant poverty and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor in the society. According to Glennerster, (2000), the economic theory dictated that increasing incomes in countries […]

Rumble in the Jungle

Introduction The FARC is a revolutionary group of Marxist-Leninist, which is a guerilla organization, based in Colombia. This organization is involved in the consistent armed conflict in Colombia. The Colombian government has tried tirelessly to get rid of this group and its criminal activities, but the government’s efforts have been “fruitless”. This paper briefly looks […]

Social Welfare Influences

In any modern organisation, the existence of social welfare is paramount. Social welfare is in man’s nature. Social welfare is about how people and societal institutions seek to provide set basic standards as well as certain minimum opportunities for its people. It is about the quality of life that affects access to essential social services. […]

The Reality of China’s Growth

China’s continuous double digit economic growth may not be sustainable in the long term. The Chinese economy has consistently posted high growth figures even as the rest of the major world economy giants undergo recession. Though probable, such a trend is unlikely to last long and will likely stall in the near future. One of […]

Social Viewpoints

There are several theories that attempt to define human nature. The five views of human nature are the simplistic view, the two-fold view, the three-fold view, the four-fold view, and the five-fold view. The simplistic view conceives human beings as basic biological organisms capable of thought. This sentiment states that, human beings are made up […]

Globalization and the Commons

The average global temperature is rising and mankind is about to experience a deadly catastrophe as a result. This is as a result of accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It has been primarily attributed to human activities such as combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation. Global warming can be termed as the greatest […]

Characteristics of Okwonko in Things Fall Apart

This essay aims to reveal the significance of Okwonko, the central character in Chinua Achebe’s, Things Fall Apart. It exposes the characteristics of Okwonko, the village hero by how he relates with his family, friends and community. In addition, it traces his love for his community, passion for war and violence. Finally, it displays his […]

Managing a business: A senior managers role in material management and management of the external environment

Managing a business comes with its own challenges. Senior managers in business organizations must put in place appropriate strategies to ensure that the business runs smoothly without any internal shocks, and also be aware of relevant externalities that can substantially affect their business. To achieve this, there are serious decisions to be made, precautions to […]

The Successful Experiment

When designing experiments, researchers always find themselves needing to control certain variables to ensure the success of the research. According to Sytsma (2009), a variable is defined as almost anything found on the face of the earth. Variables are a real concern for researchers (Sytsma, 2009). When these variables are of definite experimental interests they […]

Domestic vs. International Business

Since time immemorial, man has been planting crop and breeding his own livestock. It is accurate to mention that ever since he got to know how to perform these activities, he unknowingly was taking part in biotechnology. This was made clearer with the discovery that milk could somehow be turned to yoghurt or cheese. Animal […]