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Thesis of Study Books

Apparently, Etienne has lived long enough in the village and he is a respected member of the society due to his indulgence in the activities that are geared towards improving the living standards of the [...]

Foster Care in the Criminal Justice System

Throughout the history of the United States, the children welfare system has evolved according to shifting values and attitudes about what responsibilities governmental agencies should take in the defence and care of abandoned and abused [...]

Chinese History

Lineages in the late imperial era had much to do with the social and economic life of the Chinese people in this time.

Mexican Muralist Diego Rivera

As it has already been mentioned, Mexican muralism was a form of expression, and at the same time a provider of cultural traditions, political views and social moods in the country that influenced greatly on [...]

Organizational Culture

It examines what happens when organizations merge, employee education on the impending merger, the role of management in the merger process for achieving the best results, how a change in organizational strategy may impact on [...]

Starbuck and Specialty Coffee

These ways include the use of fresh products in the brewing of coffee, training of employees at Starbucks on the best practices pertaining to brewing of coffee and establishment of a quality assurance department at [...]

Modern Approaches to Creating of the Artwork

The technological peculiarities of the installation are characterized by the fact that the author uses a projection screen and a room with four specific zones for producing of the effect of interacting with the characters [...]

The role of risk perception

The following essay is on the role of risk perception in the context of risk regulations and management. Risk regulations refers to the agencies that are involved in the inspection of the industries, offices and [...]

Latin Restaurant operations plan

While the content will not be as varied compared to that of bars and other establishments specializing in the sale of alcoholic beverages the bar of Chevere Team-C Cuisine will be well stocked with at [...]

Teamwork in organizations

The practice of team work has been established in several workplaces and has proved to be not only effective in managing organisations but also a prudent measure of assessing the performance of employees and growth [...]

Make My Own Hotel on Bali Island

The guests will be entitled to the most outstanding service from all the employees of the hotel. The aim of the guest service goal will be to ensure that there is world class customer service [...]

Organizational Buyers

The business marketer or supplier has to understand the organisation's strategies and its position of purchasing so as to succeed in developing business relationship with the firm.


This will be done by considering an event and design of a restaurant, Metricum Restaurant, that will attract young people to the display of the restaurant's design exhibition and in the process realize profitability for [...]

Development of a Token Economy

That way both the teacher and the child will be able to easily monitor the progress of the child. The teacher will elaborate to the children of the behaviors that are expected and how they [...]

The gardening product market

Consumers in the gardening market are highly aware of the available brands and the cost of most products. A Marketing Manager should determine the strategies to use and the viability of these strategies in a [...]

AirAsia Company

The analysis of the main specifics of its strategy, its methods for achieving cost leadership and differentiation, and techniques used to sustain its compatibility reveals the secrets of the success of AirAsia.

Critical Marketing

In terms of marketing processes, critical theory covers the ideology and assumptions underlying the fundamental marketing theories, the methods and models of doing marketing, and the relevance of various marketing ideas and concepts.

Decision-Making with Managerial Accounting

The case of Southwest Airlines demonstrates the application of the budgeting technique in management accounting. Managerial accounting is critical to the provision of quality and quantitative data in the financial and operational performance.

Whole Foods Market Strategic Analysis

Over the years, maintenance and adherence to quality standards in the industry have formed the cornerstone of the firm's operation. The philosophy of mutual dynamism and the abilities of team members are essential for the [...]

Global labor migration and host countries

Hence, the today's global challenge lies in formulating mechanisms and policies of managing and regulating labor migration and ensuring that it creates a positive development in the host and home countries as well as the [...]

Women Entrepreneurship in the UAE

The recognition of women's entrepreneurship's contribution to economic growth is higher in these Arab countries compared to that of UAE. Women entrepreneurs in the UAE Haan [14] gives a clear explanation concerning the UAE women [...]

The Discount Window as a Monetary Policy Tool

This means that by decreasing the discount rate, the Federal Reserve is attempting to enhance the development by making liquidity easier to be obtained, and by increasing, it indicates that Federal Reserve is worried about [...]

Leadership in Early Care and Education

The early childhood teaching and learning is applicable in the day-to-day lives of both children and adults. The application of this education is beneficial to the children, their families, and the society.