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Torrents / File Sharing Defend or Argue Against Opinion Essay

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Updated: Jun 18th, 2019

Internet has created many opportunities and abilities for people to communicate and share information. File sharing is now a popular way to download files from all over the world. Many people believe it to be a violation of legal rights, as it allows downloading and watching movies, listening to music, sharing games and use of any other medium of entertainment for a relatively low price or even for free. The reality is that in the modern times, it is impossible to stop the progress and sharing files will only increase with time, which is both beneficial and unstoppable.

Any one who has internet is able to download and share files with other people. This was not always the case, as the internet is relatively new to people and human history. The ability to share files is a fast and efficient way that allows for many users to send and receive their files and it is done with the use of BitTorrent. Anyone who possesses a certain file can make it available for other users to download. It became possible to pool all the data, so that many users can download and upload files at the same time.

This evolved into a network that connects people all over the world and the interesting fact is that this information does not take up large amounts of space in one particular location. The virtual memory that allows the use of such a vast amount of resources is contained in the space of wireless connections and databases. At any time, people can get access to an almost unlimited resource that other people have collected and offered for public use. Also, the fact that a single file is separated into “bits”, allows for personal downloading to use several sources.

Thus, the speed of downloads is greatly increased and the more popular the file is, the faster it is to acquire (Parsons 335). One of the most useful features is that large files can be downloaded with relative ease and efficiency, as well as quality of sound and picture. Previously, it took great amount of time to receive the file, as it was being copied from one source only. With the invention of “BitTorrent”, the system uses multiple individuals and sources which provide much better reception and sharing. Another benefit is that the system is encrypted, so that no changes can be made to the file.

The protection is much needed because viruses and spy software can be added, as well as the content could be changed from the original version. There is a major difference between file sharing programs or sites and BitTorrent. File sharing is mostly done by one website or company that offers a database with selected files. There are limited numbers of people that can upload the information or files for others to download, and/or view and listen to.

It also has all the data stored in one place and with the increase in the number of users that access the database, the speed decreases and the waits can stretch out into days. As such, BitTorrent is a much more effective system and has become the premium choice (Parsons 339). The fact that so many people are cooperating and using the same type of idea makes it very communicable and mutual with users all over the world taking part and benefiting from the system.

The ease with which files can be downloaded and shared has given rise to some concerns. Any person who has access to internet can now download a movie, cartoon, game or educational program and other media. The only fee involved is the monthly price a person has to pay to the internet provider. Other than this, downloading and sharing files is free and this gave rise to artists and companies being displeased with the system. The artists are saying that their privacy rights are being violated.

The fact that they created the music or filmed movies or numerous other programs should be rewarded. The monitory gain that they receive is their source of income and so, people who are involved in the free exchange of files are “robbing” them of their work. From one perspective this is true but in reality, people who are movie stars or music artists are very wealthy as it is, comparing to the rest of the population.

The conditions that were favorable for popularity made them famous and wealthy and so, they should be kind enough to share their talent with others without requesting any significant sums of money. Also, it is the public, the people who listen and watch their work that made them wealthy and widely known. With the millions of dollars that these artists have, few thousands would not be noticeable while people are able to enjoy entertainment and their favorite artists.

The companies are displeased with people being able to share songs or videos of the artists they represent. They are hired to promote and distribute creations that are the private property of people who thought them up. It seems that both artists and organizations that represent them lose money, so it could be seen as detrimental. IT has been known for companies and artists to file law suits which led to rulings in favor of the artists. This led to specific material becoming copyrighted and it is only available on specific web site or only in stores. These are the people who work against BitTorrent in a major way (Dunn 38).

From the philosophical point of view BitTorrent and other similar file sharing services have all rights to exist. The fact that certain people have more chances and access to produce their art and then make it popular, can be thought of as unequal to the opportunities the majority of the population has. Music is of particular interest in the question of who owns it. An even deeper concept can be applied when the origin of music and melodies is raised: people or human beings are not the ones who created music.

To be more specific, the sound waves that are emitted by the instruments were not created or put into existence by humans. Nature and forces that are not well understood have made the sound waves. Even the hearing apparatus that humans possess were not made by people. It was either evolution or other forces of nature which developed an intricate mechanism of human bodies that function so well with the surrounding environment. A similar idea can be applied to the educational programs, entertainment shows, movies, cartoons and any other form of video. Who truly possess the ideas and concepts that are universal? People are not true owners of their character or the way they behave or look.

A person is a gathering of a large number of generations, genetic information that was recorded in memory through human behavior. It would be hard to place under ownership a piece of genetic information that was passed down through generations. This leads to assume that no one can put a price or ownership stamp on any creation made by humans. People are simply the receivers of information and ideas but in no way true creators of it.

BitTorrent has many more advantages than it does negative consequences. First of all, people are able to enjoy entertainment during times of hardships and bad mood. If it is factual information and educational programs, then people are exchanging valuable knowledge about the way our world is built. Another positive effect is the circumstantial popularity that the creators of art receive through people sharing. By using BitTorrent, they get a taste for a certain information or medium and if they like it, further copies are purchased.

Advertisements help find out about new products and are also beneficial to the companies that can put out their products on the BitTorrent or file sharing websites. The protection barriers and amount of malware is very low, so people can engage in downloading rather risk free. But of course, as always, there are disadvantages that should be kept in mind. Some of them are spyware that outside sources can “plug” into the files (Dunn 40).

Because of the popularity of most recent movies and songs, some might become archived and people who are looking for a particular genre or something that is from the past can have some problems finding the file. Another one would be the download speed, as not too many people have the file and will not be able to share it with others. One of the disadvantages of the file sharing websites is that they sometimes require a payment. It can be rather low but the fact stays true that BitTorrent and similar protocols are absolutely free.

A major change that has happened recently is people looking for a better, more secure and advanced ways to share files. Some places that allow file downloading do get problems and some even had arrests and charges, as well as fines laid. The modern generation is looking for fast and easy access without any risk. Artists are also becoming more lenient towards their work being distributed, as they are really powerless to stop it. With millions of users and file sharing websites, it has become impossible to control everything.

There is no denying that progress has had a significant jump forward and so, it would be unwise to spend money and resources on pursuing these sites or people. The unavoidable fact was understood by internet and television companies, as they are now setting up something similar. For example, providers set up a number of movies, games and programs from the past and present, allowing users to select anything they want.

The internet is overpowering TV because people can now choose what to watch themselves, instead of a producer or channel director setting up certain programs. With the advances in personal technology and mobile gadgets, people are able to access internet from almost anywhere and so, it has become extremely easy to download and watch whatever anyone wishes.

It is clear that this sort of progress cannot be stopped. There is also no denying that it is beneficial for people because entertainment is everyone’s to share. The fact that some artists are losing money, cannot be that significant in comparing to the amount they make. Progress should not be stopped but adjusted to. There are many other ways that people can make use of such a resource and make money by offering better security, storage places and different varieties of services that are so greatly needed by the evolving industry.

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