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Who is a Leader?

Most of Mankind’s operations have been characterized by instances of leadership from the ancient times to the modern age. Leadership and management are some of the most sort-after and highly regarded commodities, especially in the 21st century. For most people, leadership is one way of improving their social, personal, and professional life (Northouse, 2009). Corporations […]

Critique and critical reveiw analysis

The debates concerning the quality of textbooks on History have been led in the United States within the recent decades. The decreased quality of the course books on national history has been pointed out by American Textbook Council. Deciding between the contemporary course books, educators should evaluate content and layout of available historical texts critically. […]

Possible Causes and Solutions to Global Warming

Introduction Global warming is a climate change issue that has captured global attention, thus the worldwide debates by individuals, political leaders, business-related firms and international organizations especially the environmental activists. It is arguably the leading concern compared to other environmental issues. Researchers concerns are connecting different but conflicting views, which make it difficult, understand the […]

Choosing a Non-Anthropocentric Value Theory for Environmental Ethics

In this paper, I will briefly set up Callicott’s project by highlighting his main arguments in his article. Further, I will argue that Callicott is right in preferring the Hume/Darwin/Leopold Land Ethic value theory for environmental ethics over Theism and Holistic Rationalism. I will do this by arguing that human activities cause major environmental destructions […]

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley

Introduction In Huxley’s Brave New World, the government embodies oppression. The antonym, ‘democracy’, is entirely absent. From decanting to death, the government controls every breath and thought without asking the consent of the governed. Further, every resident has become a tool of mind control – tattling, or shunning anyone deviating from expected behavior. There is […]

Luxury Fashion Label for Men

Introduction The fashion industry is characterized by intense competition and buyers who are more concerned with quality and value for their money. This means that firms in the fashion industry need to fully understand the shopping behavior of their existing customers in order to retain them. The also need to understand the shopping behavior of […]

African Americans in America’s Prison Systems

Introduction Statistics by various federal bureaus about the incarceration rates in United States reveals that there is a steady rise on the number of crimes and this is the reason why U.S. prisons experience a constant increase of the number of locked up criminals. According to Laurence (2009), America has the highest number of locked […]

Elements of Fascism in UK and US Practices on Global Issues

As it has been observed, contemporary politics are becoming more radical and dominated by authoritarianism as most politicians seem to advocate for totalitarianism. Totalitarianism can be described as the process through which men dominate their experiences in the society with regard to power acquisition and control of resources. Notably, some western nations like US and […]

Once a Warrior-Always a Warrior

The book, “Once a Warrior–Always a Warrior” by Hoge gives an account of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) alongside other war reactions, which veterans, service members, government workers or contractor previously deployed in a war zone endure after coming back home. Hoge was triggered to write this book so as to bridge the gap that exists […]

Characters and the Essence of Relationships: David Mamet’s Oleanna and Peter Shaffer’s Equus

Relationships are the central point that defines the society, and social roles of people. It is obvious that there is always someone who dominates in relationships on different levels and there are always the ones who are subjective to other’s power and intellect. The last ones, are they victims or criminals? This is the central […]

Congestive heart failure

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is one of the common health challenges in aging persons. The health condition is one of the major causes of deaths and health complications for individuals that above sixty-five years. Congestive heart failure is not only a major cause of health complication and death in aging individuals but also contribute high […]

Obesity: Psychological/ Sociological

Obesity is a psychological issue as well as a social one. Both “psychological and behavioral issues play significant roles in both the development and consequences of obesity” (Collins and Bentz 126). Obesity is caused by eating disorders triggered by psychosocial, genetically and environmental parameters. Obesity is mainly associated with those people who suffer from psychological […]

Leila Ahmed’ A Border Passage

Introduction The text ‘A Border Passage’ is one of the most recent works by Leila Ahmed. The central themes include Islam religion, women and the west. Ahmed uses a personal narrative to bring out these themes into the center of discussion. The themes are illustrated when Ahmed explains her previous life, especially as she struggles […]

Poetry analysis and Comparison

“Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden Theme The theme in this poem is love and regrets. The issue of love has been explained in the actions of the father during the winter seasons. The dad could warm the house for his family including the son. This has been demonstrated on the 7th line which reads […]

Brief Summary about Islam

Introduction The September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon brought to the fore a lot of ignorant beliefs and stereotypes regarding Islam(Ibrahim 102). Undoubtedly, it is past time for tutors to educate themselves and their students on what is the world’s second largest religion. One way that teachers can open […]

Qualities of a good leader

What makes a good leader of a country? A leader can be defined as someone who leads others. According to Greer, “a leader can be someone who is in charge or commands others in an organization or a country” (30). Leadership cannot be based solely on an individual’s responsibility. It is important to add that […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Definition, Characteristics and Treatments

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common type of anxiety disorder. This disorder occurs after an individual has experienced a traumatizing event that may lead to death or serious injury (Yehuda, 2002). Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may occur to any individual irrespective of age or gender. For instance, if a person witnessed or is part […]

Video Games and Children

A report released in 2003 by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that even the youngest children have experience with video games. The report indicated that 49 percent of children aged 0 to 6 years have a video game player in their home, while 10 per cent have a video game console in their bedroom (Vorderer […]

Quantum Teleportation

The most basic constituents of nature have special properties different from the properties exhibited by objects with significant mass. Small bits of information known as qubits can undergo quantum teleportation (Braunstein 609). The physics behind the behavior of qubits, the fundamental units that constitute quantum information, are poorly understood. However, teleportation has been physically demonstrated […]

My current philosophical perspective on life

One of the reasons why it is crucially important for just about any well-educated individual to possess a comprehensive worldview is that it enables such an individual to understand the significance of the surrounding reality’s emanations, which in turn increases his or her chances to attain social prominence. In my paper, I will aim to […]

The African American Civil rights movement

Introduction Several major events took place in the United States and around the world during the 1960’s. The United States witnessed counter culture and social revolution that ended with abolishment of retrogressive laws that had established social taboos in the country (Beito & Royster, 2009). In this paper I will discuss how my own life […]

Value of Research

Bad survey Questions and their Rewards Research use questions to conduct research. In addition some of these questions may be good bad at times bad depending on how they are formulated.They should not have vague words i.e. Do you consider yourself liberal?, The questions should not use abbreviations e.g. which is the determining factor for […]

The Trail of Tears

In the early decades of the 19th century the US was rapidly growing and needed to expand towards the south. The need to expand towards the south was because white settlers needed to acquire land where they could cultivate cotton. However, there was an obstacle to their plans, and the barrier was the native Indians […]

The Effects of Media on Teenagers

Media has played a central part in the liberalization of communication across the global village. Through the media, exchange of information has not only become easier, but also efficient. By a click of a button, an interested party may be in a position to pass important information to as many recipients as possible. As the […]

Fundamentals of Research Methodology

For a long period of time now, human beings have always yearned to know more by exploration and conducting research. Over the past centuries, many new phenomena have been discovered by man and these have helped broaden the knowledge base in many disciplines. Many investigators have conducted systematic processes of searching knowledge which can be […]

Morality and Moral responsibility as presented in plays by Brecht and Kushner

The issue of morality and moral responsibility is one that usually elicits varied debates depending on the region and situation of the persons involved. In a majority of cases, whenever times of hardship come around, moral values are abandoned as individuals strive to first maintain their survival amidst the adversities. This essay shall analyse the […]

State and Local Government

The United States of America has three key levels of government. This paper discusses the land use planning process as a good illustration of Intergovernmental Relations and how they work. IGR defines or frames the relations between different departments or functional units in a government. Intergovernmental relation is one of the major aspects of American […]

Depression: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Human beings have experienced psychological disorders since the ancient ages which can be categorized into different groups. Psychological or otherwise known as mental disorders can be defined as patterns of behavioral expression or mental symptoms that can have various impacts on someone’s normal life (Anderson, 2002). Usually, they make the individual to be greatly distressed. […]

Applying Organizational Psychology

Introduction Organizational psychology is a science that involves applying psychology principles, and ways in the place of work (Diaz, 2011). Through scientific knowledge appliance, organizational efficiency is improved. Organizational psychology tends to study manners inside the organizational settings (Holt & Seki, 2011). The study assesses the procedures of recruiting, and socializing from the viewpoint of […]

The Process of the Water Cycle

Introduction Nature comprises many processes that recycle various elements to avoid human wastage. Nature does not waste any of its elements and recycles them all including water, air and organic fertility. Recycling of natural elements occurs in order to maintain ecological balance for survival of all living species. However, human beings have meddled with nature […]

Indigenous People – Yanomamo People of South America

Background History of the Yanomamo People The Yanomamo people are indigenous Americans of Indian origin residing in South America in the Amazon rain forest between Brazil and Venezuela. The remote characteristic of this region resulted into lack of interaction between the Yanomamo people with other communities until the beginning of the 20th Century (Tahan 4). […]

Social Uses of Photography: Post-Mortem Photographs

Introduction The art of photography is probably one of the most amazing and tempting ways of expressing human feelings, thoughts, emotions, and even hopes. In comparison to other arts like painting of sculpture where people have a direct contact to what they are doing, the work of photographs seems to be separate because it is […]

What causes poverty in the world

This essay discusses the causes of poverty in the world. Poverty and related social inequality are as old as human history. Over the years, people have postulated many causes of poverty and social inequality. The many causes of poverty not withstanding, many definitions of the phenomena have been established. Whichever the definition, poverty is associated […]

A Reflection on Alpha Kappa Psi Core Values

In considering the core values of Alpha Kappa Psi, I am struck by how simple and practical they are. They are written to provide guidance and inspiration, while avoiding preaching at members. If the pledge class pays attention to and abides by these principles, our experience in college and beyond is likely to be a […]

The use of ESL program

Executive Summary English is a language that has grown and is widely used by many nations as their language. This has made many countries, teach English in schools and assist individuals in understanding the language. The use of ESL program has seen its popularity rise, thus catering for many individuals who feel they need some […]

Report on Smartups

Summary of the Book Rob Ryan’s book ‘Smartups’ answers some basic questions like ‘Why the people or customers need the product or services offered by entrepreneurs?’. Along with this question, Ryan’s book explains the understanding of importance of competitors’ presentation of the products for an entrepreneur as it may help in planning for success. Hence, […]

Getting Married

Discussion board After selecting the topic getting married I used several pre-writing strategies including brain storming and free writing to develop and refine my thesis statement. First, I carried out an intensive brainstorm where I harnessed knowledge I had regarding the theme getting married and tried to link it to one central point. I had […]

Global Community and Human Rights

The development of a global community holds a lot of promise for the improvement of human rights. The basis for such a community is mutual understanding among different countries people groups and an increasing sense of universal responsibility towards all members. This is attainable by implementing a common code of human rights across the globe […]

Young Goodman Brown- Nathaniel Hawthorne

A Brief Biography The works of Nathaniel Hawthorne were a reflection of the history of his Puritan relations and the New England during his days. Some of his well-known works include The Scarlet Letter, Young Goodman Brown, and The House of the Seven Gables. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts, on July 4, 1804. […]

Ancient Greek History: Athens

Ancient Greek history may reveal the secrets of the Greek glorious past, when all political and cultural life of the state was concentrated in a polis. Probably, the most powerful Greek polis was Athens. Exactly political life of Athens inspired this essay. In the writings of some prominent ancient historians one may find a lot […]

Hardships, Family Relationships, Insanity and Death in Two Renowned Dramas Fences by Wilson and Death of a Salesman by Miller

Introduction Authors often use such themes as family relations in their literary works. Arthur Miller and August Wilson also resorted to this eternal issue. Their vision, their works Death of a Salesman (Miller) and Fences (Wilson), was praised by many people and is now regarded as conventional. Both plays received many awards and Pulitzer Prize […]

Influence of Changes in Exchange Rate on Imports and Exports

Introduction The exchange rate refers to the “rate at which one nation’s currency can be exchanged for that of another” (Beardshaw 45). There are two types of exchange rates namely; the fixed exchange rate and the floating exchange rate. Under the floating exchange rate, the demand and supply forces determine the rate at which the […]

Impact of Technology on Education

Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, faced the greatest downfall in the history. Hasty steps toward technological advancement cost him thousands of human lives and the world’s indignation and contempt. Nowadays, the story Oppenheimer’s feeble attempt to promote scientific and technological explorations makes discussion about information technology more complicated and challenging. In particular, are […]

Lawyer at Socrates Case in 399 B.C.

Introduction “Born in either 469 or 470 B.C. […] Socrates was son to Sophroniscus and Phainarete of Alopeke village under the jurisdiction of Athens (Brian, p.4).” He was probably a trained mason like his father but his life was more prosperous as an army hoplite supplying personal war-gears and armour. Socrates was however poor with […]

The bhagavad gita – Eknath Easwaran

Dharma is one of the most important tenets of the Hindu religion. It is taken from the Bhagavad Gita a body of literature considered as sacred scriptures by the Hindus. Dharma is a term not easily defined. There is no absolute or clear definition for this term. It is made more complicated by the fact […]

Self and Other Identification in Cortazar’s “Axolotl” and Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

The theme of self versus other was pervasive throughout both Julio Cortazar’s “Axolotl” and Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. In comparison, both protagonists have poor, confused concepts of self, and both measure themselves against unusual norms, which they cannot really compete with, and thus, set themselves up for a certain type of non-orthodox identification. Ultimately, […]

Knowledge as perception or opinion

Socrates was a Greek Athenian philosopher who was known for his contribution to western philosophy. His students, Xenophon and Plato, accounted for most of his work in some of their dialogues and writings. He is credited for his contributions in ethics. In the dialogue, ‘Theaetetus’, Socrates gets into a serious discussion with a student of […]

Shakespeare’s Othello, the Moor of Venice

“Is Iago purely evil, or is Othello incredibly gullible? How does such a strong (or gullible) man become trapped in such plotting?” Othello, the Moor of Venice is a tragic play written at around 1603 by William Shakespeare, which addresses the encounters of Othello, the protagonist. Othello is a Venetian military general and who falls […]

English-Language Learners in the Modern World

A significant number of world’s population who are interested in learning and using English as a second or alternative language have their native language which they use to communicate. In countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other Anglophonic colonial countries, although English is the national and official language, other languages like French, German, […]

Gay Marriages: Why Not Legalize Them?

Should same-sex relations have equal rights in the society? These days, the majority of people in the world are loyal towards the homosexual relationships. Within last decades, our society became more conscious about gay and lesbian couples. They can feel free in the streets and have special recreation spots. However, they do not have the […]

Divorce in the American families

There has been an argument that United States has the weakest family in the developed world and this is based on various aspects. As far as this paper is concerned, we will look at the aspect of divorce in American families. Various stakeholders have reported that America has a divorce rate of more than 50% […]

Who is to blame for slow Katrina response?

Introduction The United States military attack on the Middle East received widespread criticisms from all over the world. Human rights activists asserted that the United States concerted efforts on this war reflected the deep-rooted negligence of the important roles a government plays to its citizens. The slow response by the government to the Hurricane Katrina […]

The Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policy in USA

The great recession that began in 2006 following the crumple of Lehman brothers, left the central bankers and superior economies in dilemma. The U.S government aggressively invented ways of curbing the devastating upshots of the depression. Among such outcomes were the disintegrations of the main financial marketplaces. Therefore, the government enacted numerous policies to curtail […]

Presidential Powers and the War on Terror

Abstract By answering various relevant questions, this paper seeks to look into the aspect of the presidential power and its relation with the war on terror. To this end, an analysis of the various incidences that called for the intervention of the president shall be delved into before a shift is made to identify the […]

Leadership Philosophy and the Theories of Leadership

Introduction Leadership, as a concept, varies in many different situations and circumstances. As old as life itself, leadership is required in many aspects of human existence. The emergence of different civilizations, and the resultant organized societies and governments brought forth with them an urgent need to examine the concept of leadership. Leadership was required in […]

Role of Women in South Asia Politics

Women have participated to a great extent in policy-making and politics in many South Asian countries. However, I still believe women’s involvement in South Asian countries’ politics has been an all time low especially in the light of male dominance coupled with damaging stereotypes that women are not equal to men. In many countries of […]

The Enlightment

Introduction During the middle ages, Europe experienced a dogmatic style of leadership from the church and state respectively. The Catholic Church was then an established church thus making Christianity the prevailing religion in Europe. The state, on the other hand, was governed by monarchs. These two established institutions had an overwhelming authority. While the church […]

Analysis of Art Works in De Young Museum

Albert Bierstadt, The Arch of Octavius (Roman Fish Market), 1858 The material of this artwork is oil on canvas. The artist tries to depict the peculiarities of Rome decline and inability to take everything under control. The combination of lines (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal) conveys the required feeling of movement and defines the two-dimensional shape […]

Gender and National Identity in the UAE

Introduction Different societies and countries have had unique gender relations, gender rights and national identity characteristics during different eras of their history. This uniqueness and diversity is a function of various factors including religion, history of a society, socio-political fundamentals, as well as unique societal cultural factors. It is needless to mention that most societies […]

It’s His Right, It’s Her Duty: Benevolent Sexism and the Justification of Traditional Sexual Roles-Journal Article Critique

Introduction In contemporary society, the word sexism is synonymous to prejudice that is directed towards women, and which, to a larger extent, is attended by hostility. In other words, sexism carries a negative connotation, especially in today’s world which is characterized by the rise of feminism. It is however noted that this notion of sexism […]

Review of “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift and its application to solve school violence

Jonathan Swift was a master of Satire and heavy irony. Critics have noted that the “A Modest Proposal” is one of his greatest works and a masterpiece of ironic logic. A modest proposal was written when poverty and starvation were prevailing in Ireland. The modest proposal is a satirical work ridiculing the state of Irish […]

How does the mass media influence perceptions of gender?

Several studies have been carried to investigate the way mass media portrays individuals based on their gender. Many results have shown that more males are shown on television as compared to females. In addition, males are always shown to be in wide-ranging superior occupations as compared to their female counterparts, who are continuously portrayed to […]

The Operations of Apple Inc in the United States of America and China

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs, develops and markets consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. It has a wide range of products both software and hardware; the hardware include, iPod, iPhone and the iPad while software includes; iTune, iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software and iWork suite of productivity software. […]

Violent Video Games

The issue of violent video games has raised major controversies among different stakeholders for a long period now. The root cause of this controversy emanates from the fact that violent video games can affect the child’s aggression, significantly. This issue has raised a critical debate that has lasted for a long time. However, the two […]

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The Phyllis Roth critical essay discusses the themes of the Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. The research focuses on the summary of Phyllis Roth’s critical analysis of the Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. The research centers on giving a critical response to the Roth analysis. The Roth critical essay on the Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel is very […]

The Realism Theory in Relationships of State and Non-state Actors

The three main theories used in international political economy are constructivism, realism and idealism or liberalism. Scholars commonly use the theories to explain economical events in the international political economy. Liberalists are concerned about private enterprise while constructivists are much concerned about wealth, political and material interactions of actors in the system. This paper uses […]

Cougar Bite Interactive Marketing Plan

Introduction One of the most successful industries in the world market is the energy drink industry because if the right strategy is used, the business has a great chance to become successful. The success is not only in terms of having smooth operations throughout the company, but also in the fact that in this industry, […]

The Butcher’s Tale

The butcher’s tale is a vey interesting book that revolves around different dramatic explorations. In fact, the German town ends up embroiled in an anti-Semitic passion. All events in the book can be traced to1990 in a small town whereby a young boy (Ernst Winteris) is found dead. It should be known that the murdered […]

Autism: A Literature Review

Definition Schieve and colleagues (2007) define autism as a neurodevelopment disorder characterized by considerable impairment in communication and interactions, as well as unusual stereotyped behavior in children below the age of 3 years (p. 114). Manning, Wainwright and Bennet (2011) argue that children with autism are faced with a big challenge because of the nature […]

The Analysis of the Peculiarities of the Cuban Special Period through the Discussion of the Ruins’ Main Character

The history of Cuba is full of challenges which are connected with the periods of revolutions and with the Cuban Special Period of the early 1990’s. The retrospective of these historical events is presented in many literary works in which different aspects of the issues are accentuated. Achy Obejas provided the readers with her own […]

Women in Sports

Sports and athletics have always been a male domain and female athletes have always struggled to be taken seriously. Women are perceived as frail and delicate beings and they are not supposed to participate in activities that involve any kind of physicality. The traditional female roles require that women be limited to their homes and […]

Death of Ivan Ilych

The life of Ivan Ilych in the context of Man’s Search for Meaning In the Death of Ivan Ilych, Tolstoy presents one of the main characters, Ivan Ilych as a person who does not have a stand of his own but is dictated by the society. This essay analyzes the life of Ivan Ilych in […]

Factors that influence Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction has a link on individual’s characteristics where there are employees who are satisfied by the job than others. This contentment results from an appraisal of what someone does in contentment, with great influence of factors such as payments, promotions at work, class relations and the job that one does (Murray R. Barrick 173). […]

Purchasing and leasing computer equipment, noting the advantages and disadvantages of each

Summary The research should be carried out by visiting firms that deal with leasing equipment for short and long periods of time. Adequate information should be obtained to ensure that decision makers do not make a wrong decision when choosing the method in which to upgrade their computer equipment. The management should make sure that […]

How middle school students cultural identity (race values, neighborhood and family) influence the way they learn

This is a very important discussion because a deep comprehension of the learning process should provide framework for curriculum and instructional decisions. This is because diversity in middle level schools calls for continual reexamination of educator’s assumptions, expectation, and biases. Therefore, decisions on education must be evaluated for their influence on students learning capability. Teachers […]

Critical Response Reading

Introduction Religion refers to the conviction held by a group of people concerning a deity or a phantom power. It usually involves ceremonial observances and norms that govern the behavior of people. Religion influences the conduct of humans in different ways. It determines how and what people believe in. It commands loyalty and absolute obedience and attracts penalties and punishments for […]

Toyota Motor Corporation

The Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s biggest and most favourable automobile manufacturers (Borowski). It is the leader in environmentally friendly and technologically advanced cars. The official start up for Toyota was in 1937, as Kiichiro Toyoda launched the Toyota Motor Company. In 1952 Toyota exponentially grew to become successful. The company started […]

The world surrounded by money

Seemingly, weddings and funerals have lots of similarities. For instance, individuals dress up; families assemble, part of the crowd weep and guests of honor travel in expensive vehicles. After considering that huge sums of money are time and again spent on ceremonials, researchers have attested the availability of a lot of money in different nations […]

Marketing Plan for Fizzy Time Soda

Executive Summary Fizzy time soda is a company specialized in manufacturing of organic soft drinks which do not chemicals. The company decided to star in production of chemical free soft drinks after discovering the effects of chemicals to human bodies. The company had its objective and the mission aimed at offering its consumers with the […]

The Mergers of Companies

Mergers have for a long time been commonly used by most businesses as ways of expansion. The decision to come together in form of mergers is fundamentally made mutually by the two firms. The history of mergers can be traced back to the Great Merger Movement in the U.S in the period between 1895 and […]

Rhetorical criticism of the Titanic

Criticism is the act of a person determining the psychological response of an individual by using symbols or speech. The critic analyzes symbols, words, phrases, and images that can be used to undermine a persons’ emotional response. Thesis: Titanic is mostly considered to be a love story. The film portrays love of two people from […]