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Case Study: Patricia and Her Family

The case of 55-year-old Patricia is rather captivating for the field of Psychology: lots of internal and external factors considerably influence the general situation and attract the attention of lots of Psychologists. Usually, psychologists prefer to use several principles and theories in order to analyze a person, his/her behaviour, and comprehend him/her from several perspectives. […]

The Best Way to Learn

Without any doubts, education plays a very important role in the life of every person. Knowledge helps us comprehend the world, we live in, better and deeper; knowledge provides us with the opportunities to analyze and solve every day problems; and, of course, knowledge is something that makes this life more interesting and really worthwhile. […]

Heredity and Natural Selection

Introduction The major proponents of the theory of natural selection are Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, who were scholars coming from different regions. Wallace (8 January 1823 – 7 November 1913) is said to have been a British scholar known for solely suggesting the evolutionary theory as a result of natural selection. This move […]

Black Americans in the Revolutionary Era

Introduction The American Revolution is typically depicted as a major step in the realization of liberty and freedom for all. When the lives of African-Americans who lived during the time of this important event are considered, however, our view becomes quite complicated. Liberty came about as the American colonists pursued freedom and independence from rule […]

Mike’s Express Carwash

1. How was Mike’s Express Carwash utilized the Nordstrom method as an approach to customer service and satisfaction? The company was able to utilize the Nordstrom method through application of its principles. First of all the company offers customers a variety of choices. There are three different kinds of carwash service being offered. The first […]

Okinawan Music [FREE Paper Example!]

Okinawan music is a traditional type of music in Japan, sang by Okinawa people. Most of the Japans traditional songs have been forgotten by various societies. Currently, Okinawa music remains as the only traditional music surviving in Japan. In most of the festivals in Japan Okinawa music is sang by hundreds of people. Okinawa people […]

Rio Bravo: A Western With Deep Relationship Insight

Rio Bravo was Hawks’ response on the other western High Moon by Fred Zinnemann. Hawks accused Zinnemann’s sheriff of being weak and unprofessional. Thus, he created his own version of the story, presenting “the most detailed and elegant expression of his typical concerns – self-respect, self-control, the interdependence of select chosen friends” (McCarthy 565). Thus, […]

Car Pollution in Moscow

Air pollution in Moscow is an overwhelming trouble that the residents of the region face. It has affected visitors from other parts of the world too. The increase of the peoples’ desire to have luxurious living has become problematic, for it has adversely affected Moscow’s environment. This is through the many cars they are buying. […]

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence

Thinking is the capability to manipulate words and images. It requires understanding, recalling, processing information as well as the ability to communicate. According to cognitive psychology, mind is involved in perceptions organization, processing information as well as interpreting experiences. Thus, development of concept help one to simplify thing through grouping together the available information of […]

Informative Synthesis on Movie: The Crucible

The Crucible, representing the events that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts, in the Seventeenth century, is a film that was released on 27 November 1996 and it is based on Arthur Miller’s 1953 play bearing the same name. Some of the high-profile actors in the film include Daniel Day-Lewis (John Proctor), Winnona Ryder (Abigail Williams), and […]

Masjid – i – Nuh Gunbad at Balkh. History, Desoghn and Architecture.

Beginning with the 4th century BC, Afghanistan survived many invasions. It was occupied by Alexander the Great, Batrichian Greek, Persia and other countries (Fletcher and Cruickshank 649). So, it is no wonder that the country absorbed the elements of culture of its invaders and transformed them in its architectural buildings. The Islamic architecture is famous […]

Importance of Berlin in Cold War

Introduction Cold war is the difference between the Communist and the Democratic nations. They were directed by the Soviet Union and the United States respectively. All means were adopted in this war such as; economic war, diplomatic quibbling and military clashes etc. The cold war was fought everywhere whether Asia, Africa or any outer space […]

Ethical theories

Companies and business leaders around the world are constantly faced with a predicament of ensuring that their organizations and employees adhere to the scope of ethics and the nature of ethical obligations within their respective market industries. The guiding and important underlying laws or assumptions required in a system of thought that supersede the choice […]

Least Developed Countries

Internal Conflict Connection between Colonialism and Status of Collective Identity Development The impact of colonialism on ethnic group identity and the emergence of discrepancies between groups should not be underestimated in developing countries, specifically in post-colonial ones. In particular, the colonial past significantly contributes to ethnic discords as many antagonistic groups were reunited into a […]

Risks in online marketing

In the modern world, there is rise in charity organizations which deal with donated product such as books, toys, ornaments and small household goods. Unfortunately, these charity organizations often encounter financial problems due to low prices on commodities of high value. The potential customers of these charity organizations are mainly low wage earners and the […]

Introduction to Psychopathology

Introduction Psychological researchers have for a long time made attempts to understand normal and abnormal human behavior. According to Amrend and Stonrned, abnormal psychology can be defined as a branch of psychology that deals with mental disorders, emotions and the causes of abnormal behavior, usually referred to as psychopathology (1995). The study covers the causes […]

Conceptual Structure of the Chemical Revolution

There have been many radical changes in concepts of science of the 17th century where new scientific concepts and laws replaced old ones most notably chemical revolution. One of the revolutionary conceptual changes occurred when phlogiston theory of Stahl was replaced by the oxygen theory of Lavoisier. According to the phlogiston theory popular in the […]

Selection Process

Employee selection procedure is a process through which the employer reviews a pool of applications for a given position and decides to hire one or more candidates and not to hire others. In other words, the selection process is the procedure through which the employer decides which candidate in the applicant pool possesses the best […]

Motivation Concepts

Motivation refers to the driving force that assists people in realizing their objectives. It is the enthusiasm and strength of mind that makes one to endure to attain greater heights in performance in the activity one is undertaking. The zest and determination can be derived from either an internal or an external source (Bruce & […]

Contemporary Management

The main role of a manager is to find creative ways of solving problems. There are principal of management drawn from various academic fields to assist managers in creative problem solutions. These, divided in to four main functions, include, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. As Waddell, Jones & George assert, “Managers, manage plan, organize, lead […]

Attitude in Workplace

Introduction Organizations are faced with a variety of problems which come from different angles, both internal and external. The most complex ones are however those that are associated with the human resource or workforce. This is because these are the driving force towards the success of an organization, through their manipulation of other resources for […]

Decisions in Paradise Paper Part 2

Decision making is an important part in an organization and the process need to be procedural and driven in a slow pace. This ensures that no negative implications arise when the whole process is executed or when the effects have already been felt by the organization and the environment. Critical thinking helps in the elimination […]

Is It True That One’s Birth Order Effects His/Her Personality?

Significance of the Chosen Topic for Social Scientific Analysis The main research question for the present social scientific analysis sounds as the following: Does the birth order of a child impact on child’s personality and behavior? At the outset, well known factors that cause or shape personality include the family. Hartshorne (2010) explicates that the […]

Listening Research: How Knowledge Affects Listener

Introduction Knowledge as Listening Variable: Thesis Statement Listening comprehension directly correlates with the background knowledge that a person possesses. Because background knowledge depends on personal experiences, learners have, therefore, different levels of listening skills. In fact, the impact of background knowledge on listening and reading comprehension is tangible because learners have completely different views on […]

Human Rights in Catholic Teachings

The Catholic Churchhas expressed human rights issues in various platforms since time immemorial.In recent times, the Magisterium of the Roman Pontiffs has been used as the principle means of human rights interventions. The Popes have successfully used Encyclicals to convey various facets of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. Consequently, the social doctrine, (preceded […]

Adolescents Risky Behavior

The adolescence stage precedes adulthood. It can be defined as “a transitional stage of physical and mental human development generally occurring between puberty and adulthood, but largely characterized as beginning and ending with the teenage stage” (Jessor 12). Generally, puberty is linked with adolescence development. Nonetheless, the onset of puberty may appear in preadolescence especially […]

The family from a sociological approach

The family is the simplest form of social interaction; it forms the base of a society. Ideologies, believes, and functions undertaken in family set-up determine the kind of society that emerges in a particular area. Sociological perspectives and theories are used to define different situations in society; they try to give meaning of existence of […]

Jails and Prisons

A description of jail’s place in corrections and its role throughout history Jails play a crucial role when it comes to corrections in the United States. To start with, jails receive offenders who are to be arraigned in court later and the offenders who await trial. The other role that jails play in corrections includes […]

Galveston Hurricane and Its Influence on Americans’ Confidence in Conquering Nature in 1800s and 1900s

The confrontation between nature and science has always been the main cornerstone for humanity as soon as people start gaining knowledge in various fields. Throughout the history, people have been struggling with natural powers to prove their superiority over it. However, their confidence in the possibility to conquer the nature did not help them much […]

The Religious Principles of Regulating the Social Life

Religion as the social phenomenon is closely associated with all the spheres of the public’s life within the society, including politics and economy. Religion is connected with politics in relation to regulating the public’s life with references to the religious principles as doctrines. On the one hand, politicians often use religion to support their position, […]

Norm Violation Paper

Living in the modern world, we got used to follow specific norms. Some norms are so natural, that we even cannot imagine that we may violate them. For example, attending public restrooms, men and women always go the ones which are identified for their gender. It is almost impossible to see a woman in a […]

How Responsible Should The Coca-Cola Company be for the Health and well-being of their Customers?

The Coca-Cola Company is the largest manufacturer of beverages and soft drinks worldwide. “They deal in more than 3000 beverage products and operate in more than 200 countries” (Diamond). The company has a large customer base that they must retain. In manufacturing these numerous beverage products, the company uses different ingredients such as water, sugar, […]

Sustainability of building

Introduction The environment is an important part of every human being. This is because it is what informs the quality of life that one leads. In essence, quality is defined by the environment or the surroundings that one has (Abraham 2006). Thus, maintaining a quality environment is usually on top of the agenda when it […]

Germany under Hitler

World War 2 To comprehend the events that took place in Germany during Hitler’s era, it is prudent to analyze the geo-political climate of Europe. The changes in the international system in Europe caused the two world wars. European leaders took advantage of the situation since the international system changed from its previous status to […]

Enlightenment Ideals in Lessing’s Nathan the Wise: Unalienable Rights and Natural Law as a Product of Being Born Free

Nathan the Wise is one of the best known plays by the German writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing that touches upon the religious issues, the conflicts, which may happen on the religious field and during the discussion of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the characters, who have to cope with different situations in order to prove […]

Rain Man and Psychological Concepts

The vast majority of people are fond of movies and find many of them rather education and helpful to their every day life. One of the most powerful sides of any movie is raising and discussing numerous psychological problems and concepts, which help to solve vital problems and challenges and be satisfied with the results. […]

Terror and Terrorism

Every day, so many people wake up with one hope, to live and do everything possible to enjoy this life. Blue sky, fresh air, green trees, clean environment, and good people near – this is what can make this life really worthwhile and interesting. However, this really captivating life may be spoiled in several hours […]

John Locke: His Ideas in The Second Treatise and Contemporary Development

John Locke was one of the greatest English philosophers, known with his empirical points of view, which had a certain influence on the development of political philosophy and property issues. This influential political thinker presented a new idea of Empiricism; at the abstract level, people are all God’s creations, and this is why they have […]

Thomas Hobbes beliefs and thinking

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), a well-known English philosopher is best known for his political and social thoughts. He had a unique vision for the world. He was concerned with the social and political order of the world (Michaelis 101). Hobbes implied that every individual in this world holds obedience to an unaccountable sovereign, e.g. each person […]

Research Programme for Preschool Students

Introduction Preschoolers are incredible group of individuals that are fast growing. It is during the early years of growth that a child can be imparted with various developmental strategies so as to keep abreast with emerging developmental aspects especially in learning literature. Therefore, having simple and clear strategies of teaching will help impact the kids […]

Design in “Cradle to Cradle” by McDonough

Introduction Today people are raising many concerns over the extensive direct impacts of industrialization on the environment, for instance the building and construction directions, materials and designs. The resources in question include the energy, raw materials, water and even the waste materials. The common unique challenge faced by the building experts, designers or owners include […]

Analyzing arguments within a controversy

In his essay Driving Global Warming, Bill McKibben wants to illustrate the effect of non-fuel efficient cars on the environment. McKibben chooses the most popular class of cars in the US, the sports utility vehicle (SUV) and provides an argument to illustrate his point (McKibben 1). In the introduction, Bill briefly explains how people of […]

Recommendation for GameStop in CRM area

GameStop recommendations on improving customer life cycle The idiosyncrasy of gaming market customers requires high speciality and rapidly responsive company applications. This is the reason why the company should deeply consider customers requirements and favourites. The products of the gaming market are ‘uniquely’ perishable due to the quick dynamic markets, production and technology. The products […]

Language and memory paper

Language is a unique attribute among human beings. Its usage is as old as human history. A simple outlook on the role of language indicates that human beings use language to facilitate communication from one individual to the other. However, updated and current researches have unearthed various functions of language as discussed later in this […]

Health Care Communication Methods

Communication refers to the process of conveying information so as to create a level of understanding among different parties (Walaski, 2011, p.11). Health care communication enables people to identify health risks they face, avenues for help and preventive measures they can use to reduce their vulnerability (Hicks & Nicolas, 2011, p.17). Health care communication ameliorates […]

The Rise of Democracy

Democracy in modern world is a process that has evolved over long period of time under different circumstances. For instance, political and democratic changes in Great Britain started way back in 18th century and the road to political democracy was marked in 1918. This was as a result of Representation of the People Act which […]

Slavery, Racism, and the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Slavery is a practice which dates back thousands of years. Conversely, racial discrimination is more appropriately defined by the mental and concrete conduct of the tormenter and the oppressed and their environmental context. Racism essentially defines the revulsion and trepidation that people keep on mankind with different skin colors. The advent of the trans-Atlantic slave […]

The effects of body dehydration

Introduction Water is a very vital component in the human body. The human body can stay for weeks without food but can only manage a few days without water. 58-78% of human bodies are composed of water, depending on the body size. In a single day, the body requires about two to three liters of […]

The life and works of Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead was a sociology scholar, an eminent anthropologist, a scientist and a great author on anthropology, sociology, religion and ancient society’s issues. She was an intelligent woman and used both knowledge and action to achieve her goals. She was also involved in politics and helped many presidents in formulating policies in ecological and nutrition […]

Social Science Theorist: Karl Marx

Karl Marx, born on May 5, 1818 In Trier in Prussia Germany, was one of the world’s reckoned sociologists, philosopher, political economist, historian, political theorist, communist and the pioneer of communism. He was a German but of Jewish origin because his father had converted to Christianity so that he could get an opportunity to practice […]

Marketing basics

Marketing involves ensuring that customers are aware of a company’s products or services and also making them to gain inters in their quality and effectiveness while also creating a strong relationship with them. It is a major component of a business because it enables creation of new markets, and it involves communication sales and development […]

The Vietnam War’s and Student’s Unrest Connection

The involvement of U.S. combat troops in the Vietnam War led to historic incidences in the U.S. related to protest protocols. There were obviously some U.S. citizens who supported war and, on the other hand, there were some U.S. civilians who were against the war. Among the protesters of the war were college/university students. The […]

Crossing Borders: Immigration Issue

The question of immigration is considered to be burning in America for a long period of time. The development demonstrated by Americans in such spheres as economics, politics, science, and business makes the process of immigration more reasonable and constant because many people are eager to try themselves under new conditions with more perspectives available. […]

Impact of Media in Socialization

Effects of the Media How can the media teach responsible behaviours such as decision-making? The current and almost inevitable behaviour involves periodical flipping of channels using a remote control to find a suitable program. People learn both beneficial and negative practices from the media. Children learn some languages or slangs from the media, and this […]

The Evolution of the American Hero

The idea to evaluate the image of American hero is interesting and educative indeed. For a long period of time, writers from different countries made numerous attempts to define what a real hero is, how it is to be a hero, and why heroes are so different in their natures, functions, and histories. American culture […]

Leadership Roles: My Experience in the Nokia Cup

Event organization always features different leadership roles being exhibited. There is clearly a need for organization, and therefore events are always instances where leadership is needed. The event I participated in is the Nokia Cup. This is an annual curling event and is very big within the sporting circles. I was assigned the role of […]

Effects of Stress on Physical Health

Man has had to deal with numerous challenges as far as remaining healthy is concerned. Researchers have been able to identify several causes of health problems among human beings and most of them have grave consequences. Stress has been singled out by most investigators as being one of the major causes of both physical and […]

Successful Women Can Save The World

Gender issues have been discussed for many years and still they are in questions. It has been a norm people saying that “men are human beings; women are females” (Kelley 92). I am pleased to claim that those times come to an end, and even if sometimes women are not regarded equal to men, the […]

La Grande Odalisque by Ingres analysis

Starting from the second half of the eighteenth century, the mainstream of European art was largely dominated by the movement of Neoclassicism. This movement presupposed relying on the subjects and standards of depiction established in the classical culture of the ancient world. In painting, the golden age of Neoclassicism was represented by such outstanding artists […]

Process Analysis on Wildland Fire Fighting

Overview Of Wildland Fire Fighting and Management Wildland fires are extremely complex and potentially dangerous to the ecosystem hence the need to understand the fighting mechanisms as well as management efforts to contain such an occurrence (Nix par 1). When approaching the issue of wildfires, our basic foundation remains on the premise that wildland fires […]

Should Public Education be Terminated?

Introduction Education has long been termed as the universal “key to success”. This is attributed to the fact that it is only through a good education that we equip ourselves with the best skills both mentally and physically so as to yield positive results in our journey for success. However, education without direction is not […]

Personal High School Experience

Education plays an important role in every individual’s life and the whole nation’s destiny. For this reason, the emphasis should be put on the content of the national education programs, having a significant impact on the consciousness of the growing generation. However, there is much space for improvement in contemporary education systems inducing students to […]

Native American Spiritualism

By definition, Spiritualism can be defined as a belief in the possibility of a way of communication between human beings and the spirits of the living dead and the mechanisms through which this is achieved in practice. In its doctrine, Spiritualism argues that all that is within the universe can not only exhibit the material […]

Religion Role in Douglass Narrative Story

Frederick Douglass was a slave in America where there were a lot of inequalities between the slaveholders and the slaves. Slaves were mistreated in terms of being whipped, not given enough to eat, poor resting conditions as their bed was just the floor; generally slaves hardly received the basic needs from their masters. Both parties […]

Formal Written English is disappearing

Introduction Social network sites have changed the styles and techniques of writing for instance; texting involves use of abbreviations or many different techniques of crafting short messages and use of self-devised short hand techniques of instant messaging. Social network sites or technologies such as chartrooms or texting procedures do not require a stipulated format or […]

Guide for better meetings

Meetings are regarded as one of the best ways of achieving several activities at once. In one meeting, the leader can pass his or her information, identify challenges, find solutions, and make the final decision. To have better results of any meeting, it’s advisable to follow some steps when conducting it. Productive meetings require good […]

Best Hiring Methods

Introduction Resume and various background inspections of a potential employee is not a waste of time or energy but a strategy to safeguard the firm’s resources. The critical analysis assists in weeding out possible fraudsters and unqualified persons. Deceiving candidates can either format their resumes to indicate high credentials or provide functional resumes to cover […]

Need for Mexico Border Control

Introduction The rate of crime in Mexican borders has increased tremendously mostly in cities and nearby states such as Durango and Guerrero. Due to lack of sanction and conviction of criminal gangs, it has made it difficult to stop crimes. However, the government of Mexico tries to provide security to the tourists visiting the country […]

Fowle’s Psychological Analysis of Advertisement

According to Jib Fowles, people get attracted by advertisements due to the advertisers’ employment of tactics that are emotional and sub rational and hence appealing to the potential consumers. According to Fowle’s psychological analysis, advertisements usually tend to circumvent logic and the consumers’ skeptical powers. Instead they tend to prey on people’s unfulfilled desires and […]

Studies in the Education of Adults

Adult education is an area that most educators and stakeholders in the education sector find interesting. Stakeholders in the education sector need to understand the factors that influence the teaching and learning processes in adult education. Adult education is considered a complex issue and therefore to comprehensively understand factors affecting its nature and process we […]

Evangelism is following the example of Jesus

Christianity is, without doubt, one of the most prominent religions on earth. Derived from the word Christ, Christians have tried to emulate the works and behaviors of the founder of the faith. However, with changing times, there have developed notable differences in the way doctrines and practices within the faith have been practiced. For instance […]

Biographical Essay on Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini remains an iconic magician many decades after his death. During his career, he attracted and entertained thousands of fans and his great feats continue to astound people to date. Coming from a poor background, Houdini worked his way up to become a legendary icon of escape. This essay will provide a review of […]

Where Does Knowledge Come From?

The field of epistemology has remained in existence for several years. From time to time, philosophers have tried to define truth and knowledge as concepts. How do people acquire knowledge? Is it an innate phenomenon or is experience the main route by which knowledge is acquired? These have been among the questions frequently asked by […]

Epic of Gilgamesh

The aim of the mythic expedition of the male protagonist is to discover special understanding which will re-establish steadiness to him and the entire society. The conclusion of this knowledge is in most cases is personified in the female personality that the male protagonist comes across in his expedition. It also helps the reader to […]

Florida Citrus Industry

The USA is recognized as the second largest citrus importer in the world. Taking into account the financial impact of the Florida citrus industry upon the economy of the country in general, the recent decline in crops and increase in the prices box, more attention should be paid to the strategies of restoring the industry. […]

Deviant behavior: Prostitution

Deviant behavior is an act that breaches the cultural norms. Norms are considered to be the behavior standards that define the actions that are acceptable in the society. Thus they form a paradigm for predicting actions or behaviors in the society. This means that deviance is any “thought, feeling or act” (Clinard & Meier, 2008, […]

Same sex marriages

Introduction Homosexuality or the gay culture has been a controversial topic of discussion in virtually every community in the world. Different people subscribe to various traditions rooted in religion or community customs that have varied views on gaysim. Religion condemns and does not all accommodate people who have sexual relation with people of the same […]

Success of Socrates’ Defense

Socrates was charged by Melitus, Anytus and Lycon others of impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens. The affidavit signed by Meletus made two charges against Socrates: refusing to recognize gods recognized by the state and instead introducing alien gods and corrupting the youth. He had to defend himself against those charges in the People’s […]

Thelma and Louise: An Analysis of the Movie

Thelma and Louise is a movie projecting stories of two women who live stereotypic lives. The lives have been wonderfully projected through the plot of the movie by the director Ridley Scott. The movie is a very interesting piece of work claiming lifelong changes that can occur in blink of eyes. The movie was released […]