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Fashion Defense Force Company Research Paper

Fashion Defense Force Company target to venture in San Francisco, the reason for selecting this region was arrived at after conducting an appropriate market research to establish relevant demographic details of the niche. The region has a population of approximately 744,041 with 51% being men and 49% women. The region has robust economic activities such as hotel as well as air services.

Despite, the recent set back in the economic activities in these sectors as a result of the recent economic recession, San Francisco hotels have rejuvenated their former performances. Similarly, there has been a sharp rise in the air services in the region as a result improved tourism in the region. The revival of these two sectors of economy that play a significant part in the generation of revenues to San Francisco residents living there is a major accomplishment.

This has greatly improved spending rate of the residents. Moreover, the real estate business in the area has also started coming back. Although, it has not boomed back to its current status, it has indicated a positive sign of going back to its normal position before the coming of the 2008/09 economic downtown. With improved tourism in the region, San Francisco is thus an ample niche for Fashion Defense Force Company to venture to.

This is because the people living in the region can now afford to buy company’s products. In particular the San Francisco Bay Area is a very attractive business niche that Fashion Defense Company should opt to venture to. The region is characterized by a superlative quality of living as it have one of the worlds most educated workforce, thriving infrastructure as well as extemporary technological infrastructure. This makes this location an appropriate place for the company to penetrate.

San Francisco is famous for criminal activities. Despite the prevailing downward trends in crime based data in the last ten years, San Francisco crime rate is still high. In 2009, the region recorded a higher violent crime rate than the national average crime rate by 71.3%. The city also recorded a 41.17% higher property crime rate than the national property crime rate. It was noted that the crime rate in San Francisco is high than that of California.

In 2009, the violent crime rate and property crime rate in San Francisco was higher than that recorded in California by 55.86% and 56.91% respectively. The crime rate in San Francisco makes it an appropriate region for Fashion Defense Force Company to venture. This is because the high crime rate in the region makes the company’s products to be highly demanded in the region as a means of the residents securing themselves.

San Francisco has a relatively equal percentage of young men and women. The average earning of a male and female worker in San Francisco is $ 49,708 and $ 39,017 respectively. San Francisco has a very educated workforce with girls recording a higher graduation at high school and colleges than boys.

San Francisco is an appropriate target market that Fashion Defense Force Company can opt to venture into. The region is characterized by a great percentage of young people who are considered very accommodative to new inventions, unlike California that is composed of mainly of the old people who are conservative. Similarly, in San Francisco there are many young and old people who can comfortably afford to buy Fashion Defense products without much bargaining.

San Francisco residents are in a dare need for such gadgets as a result of the high rise in criminal activities in the region. Therefore, Fashion Defense Force Company entry into the region at such a time is very appropriate as it will help the company to expand very quickly since its products are highly demanded in San Francisco.

Advertising Strategies

The marketing of any product is very essential for the success of any business enterprise. Many firms are nowadays using a lot of their resources in marketing as well as branding their products and services in order to establish a competitive edge over their rival brands. The company should use appropriate marketing strategies to brand its products. The company should use Television, newspapers as well as magazines to advertise its products in order to promote them in San Francisco as well as in other regions.

Because the company mostly aspires to target the young people, it should supplement its television, newspapers as well as magazines advertisements with internet promotions to increase promotion of its products within San Francisco as well as globally. Most of the young people that live in San Francisco have computers, laptops or phones that are connected to the internet. They mostly use the social networking sites such as facebook as well as twitter to keep in contact with their peers.

Therefore Fashion Defense Force Company should use the internet to market their products as well as brand itself. The advantage of using internet marketing is because it is economical and very effective method of advertising. The company should design a website that it can use to market its products as well as sell them online. In addition, the company should look for celebrities to market its products. Use of celebrities makes a firm’s product to be highly marketable.

For instance, Fashion Defense Force can opt to use musicians, athletes or footballers to market its products. It should hire these celebrities to feature into its ads. These ads are likely to be very effective because many people and especially the young like identifying with celebrities. Subsequently, these ads are likely to influenced most of the young people that reside in San Francisco to buy Fashion Defense products.

Moreover, the company should also use posters as well as billboards to enhance its brand within the region. Billboards and posters will help in creating the awareness of the company’s products around where they are erected. The posters and billboards will also inform interested customers on where they can buy the company’s products. The Company should give appropriate discounts on the customers who buy its products as well as those customers who bring them referrals.

Moreover, the customer should offer free after sale services to those customers who buy its customers in addition to the one year warrant they will be given when they purchase any of its products. These strategies are employed in order to make the company’s products famous within as well as outside San Francisco. The company should establish appropriate marketing channels it can use to distribute its products.

One method they can use is to open its own outlets it can use to sell its products to its customers. Alternatively, they can use other appropriate existing channels because they are likely to be more economical. Through these methods, Fashion Defense Force Company is likely to greatly augment its sales very much and get revenues to expand its operations to other areas through mergers and acquisitions.

This research paper on Fashion Defense Force Company was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

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