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The United Arab Emirates Essay

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Updated: Jan 4th, 2019

The environments and culture of a country are the major aspects that influence business and people’s readiness to get involved in one. UAE is a unique place that has its own qualities of life and business expectations. The United States is another nation that is very business oriented and the culture of American people is also definitive of organizations. There are differences present between the two but mutual businesses unite environments and cultures for reciprocal beneficial future.

The culture of a nation or country is the single most important determinant of the environment, in particularly relevant to business. The United Arab Emirates is a multicultural society that revolves around religion, traditional lifestyle and economic development. Within the past decades, the UAE have seen major changes in businesses and growth. Even thought there is separation between classes and incomes, most recently, it has been considered the land of opportunity where business will prosper.

This has led to a significant increase of migrants, who are developing and contributing to the nation. Oil and gas industries have played an influential role in the progress that has taken place. This resulted in the rise of many projects within the EAU, including infrastructure, residential construction, education and manufacture. The establishment of companies involved in sales and services created opportunities for business to move into the region and expand their success.

The communication systems and internet have aided in the coordination of businesses and people’s involvement in small companies and corporations. The environment has become very efficient for opening and operating in the UAE. Because the soil for development is becoming very rich with possibilities, the economy is estimated to grow with an increase in GDP of up to ten to twelve per cent.

This would lead to as much as thirty to forty billion US dollars extra, in comparison to previous years. Tourism, shopping and the culture itself are very alluring to people and potential businesses. The federal capital Abu Dhabi, alone outputs over 90 per cent of all oil in the country and 9 per cent is thought to be a stable reserve in the whole world (Doing business with the United Arab Emirates, 2006).

Security and stability of the environment have been at a constant increase, as the government is becoming more tolerant and has been implementing policies that help for businesses to be successful. An example would be the taxation system and allowance for specific “zones” where ownership and operation is fully given to the owner of the land.

The government welcomes new businesses and has lowered tariffs on the imported goods. The system and administration also protect any investments and ideas, such as trademarks and intellectual property. At the same time, the government has designated for a portion of the profits to be contributed to the budget and development of the local economy (The report: Dubai 2008, 2008).

The benefits of the general environment and the conditions that the government offers create a strong foundation for business and further expansion. The constitutional rights and laws that are centered on proper regulation of the society help businesses to prosper. The government has made its regulation one of the major benefits, as it provides the necessary transportation, production, communication and property distribution (Doing business with the United Arab Emirates, 2006).

The United States have greatly contributed to the growth in the United Arad Emirates, as the cooperation within the oil industry is very beneficial for both sides. EAU government welcomes any international partners and has close relations with the United States. The environment in the US has also been well conditioned for businesses.

The infrastructure and cooperation within many political and economical divisions has been the goal of the past several years and the government works closely with society to adhere to the highest standards. The ability to open a private company without any danger in relation to illegal activity from administration forces and local authorities has given rise to development.

Establishment of joint ventures and other partnerships have allowed for easier export and import transactions. It is estimated that within last fifteen years, international business and specifically those in UAE have increased up to 120 per cent of common profits. Loans given by the government, banks and credit companies have low interest rates which provide healthy environment for business both domestically and internationally.

The policy makers have oriented themselves allow for more opportunities and more cost efficient trade with companies outside the United States (Duncan, 2004). The government has played an important role in the progression of business. The time needed for the preparation and process of documents were largely decreased.

The customs have been adjusted to better aid in clearance and technical support, as well as handling of the products and services. It is very much involved in the domestic but also international transportation and handling, in relation to any business. The overall costs and days needed for the transactions have been lowered, so that the businesses have an opportunity to receive significant gain.

The environment in the United States is thought to be one of the most beneficial, as there are specific laws that observe and support fair trade. People’s rights are one of the necessary aspects of any business and the authorities make sure that everyone abides by the same rules. This enables individuals and business owners to expect certain things and adjust, as well as predict tendencies beforehand which allows for better control and manipulation of the business.

Overall, both United Arab Emirates and the United States has very adequate environment for business. Even though the culture, traditions and people’s beliefs are somewhat different, the business world has made cultural borders almost non-existent.

As it is always important to know the ethics and details of the nation where business is being carried out, United Arab Emirates has made the conduct very easy and laid back. The only limitations might become problematic during religious times and days but other than that, the business environment is very much westernized. Any interruptions by side deals or misunderstandings are taken as an unavoidable part and will not be judged harshly.

The local politics have been mostly aligned with businesses and the federal system is very welcome to any economic growth supported by domestic and international organizations. Even though the global crisis has had some influence on the conduct of the business, the strong economies of United Arab Emirates and the United States have been able to survive and continue development (Langran, 2007).

The business world is very dependent on the environment and cultural specifics of a nation. The society and governments play a crucial role in the establishment and further success of a business. The interconnection of domestic and international factors enables businesses to carry out activities that are closely controlled by local and worldwide ethical standards in the best way.


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