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Counseling Jewish Women: A Phenomenological Study

Overview Theory suggests that the complexities surrounding the Jewish women’s identity and perceptions of life are unique, thus having implications for counseling. The Jewish woman’s identity is informed by ethics such as, world repair, history, culture and people-hood. Largely, Jewish women comprise of two ethnic groups, the Ashkenazi and Sephardi. Nonetheless, the identity of the […]

Employee Compensation and Benefits. Senior Secretary at Capital Nursing Home Limited (CNH)

Introduction Employee compensation and benefits characterize an investment from which an organization derives value. In this regard, it is imperative for the company to manage this investment in line with the overall organizational strategy as opposed to writing it off as an expense. In view of hiring the new senior Secretary for Capital Nursing Home […]

Fiscal Policies

About fiscal policies Fiscal policies are tools used by the state to stimulate the economy. The government can implement fiscal policies that can lead to growth or shrinkage of the economy. Contractionary fiscal policies are often instituted by the government when the amount of spending is greater than the amount of tax revenue earned by […]

The Contribution of the Luxury Fashion Industry in Economic Development of the World

Introduction From time in memorial the fashion industry has made significant impacts to the politics, economy, education and art of various cultures. Today, as illustrated by Brun et al. (2008 p. 558), it marks as a significant element of increasing globalisation. Furthermore, Brun et al. (2008 p. 548) brings out the significance of the industry […]

Is the Legalization of Illegal Aliens a Good Solution to Illegal Immigration in America?

America has been a destination for immigrants for centuries. In fact, the entire American population is made up of people from different countries, with different cultures and social and economic backgrounds. Early immigrants moved to the United States (US) for various reasons which included political and religious freedom, but perhaps the most important reason; is […]

10 Terminologies of Philosophy: Nemesis, Thumos, Physis, Nomos, Phronesis, Mimesis, Arête, Kairos, Aidos and Eupsychia

Introduction This paper identifies ten terminologies and gives a brief discussion on each of the ten terminologies. Most of the terminologies were used by ancient Greeks. The ten identified terminologies include nemesis, thumos, physis, nomos, phronesis, mimesis, arête, kairos, aidos and eupsychia. Nemesis According to Aristotle, nemesis has the meaning of a feeling of throbbing […]

Analyzing Manchester United FC Competitive Advantage Using VRIN Framework

Introduction Manchester United FC abbreviated MUFC, is a globally recognized football corporation currently privately owned by the Glazer family. Since its incorporation, this football club has performed tremendously well with respect to profit generation, governance, and ownership structures, besides meeting the different expectations of the club’s stakeholders. This paper employs the VRIN framework to analyze […]

Characteristics of Perchlorate

Sources of perchlorate Perchlorate is a chemical that occurs naturally, although it may as well be man-made. In addition, perchlorate can also be found in some fertilizers and in bleach. It has found wide application in the manufacture of fireworks, flares, rocket fuel, and explosives1. Many of the sites where perchlorate can be found occurring […]

Multicultural Teams and Their Leadership

Introduction As a result of globalization, many organizations are employing people from different countries in order to pool resources and boost their operational efficiency. However, documented literature indicates that having a culturally diverse team presents numerous challenges based on language differences, communication issues, different working techniques and conflict resolution mechanisms (Gibson & Vermeulen, 2003). If […]

Supply Chain Integration

Introduction United Parcel Service (UPS) is a delivery and logistics company based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the company has operations in various parts of the world. UPS delivers an average of 13.6 million packages on each business day. It has more than 8 million global customers (Niemann, 2007). Although the company’s core business is in […]

Project Management Methodology

Introduction Project management involves securing, scheduling, supervising and organizing organization resources for achievement of specific project objectives in order to attain the overall goal of the company (Gareis, 2006). The project management aim is to attain all the project goals and objectives within the constraints of budget, scope and time (Gareis, 2006) while optimizing the […]

Multicultural Competency in Psychology

Introduction There is a great diversity in the field of culture. Culture covers aspects like race, gender, language, values and beliefs and is developed from a combination of individual uniqueness and organizational or environment characteristics. Different people and communities have different cultural values and beliefs in regard to daily life. It is usually a hard […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using New Models for Database Management Improving Information Search

Introduction Living in the era of computer technology, the information storage techniques are aimed at easy accessing and utilizing data at an external level. Thereby, library and information science has expanded their studies and has included the analysis of database management. There are different approaches for retrieving and storing information in the database: hierarchical, relational, […]

What is Critique?

“It seems to be condemned to dispersion, dependency and pure heteronomy” (Foucault, p.42). It is therefore a reaction to an external force. But it has to be pointed out that this force must be significant and powerful enough to create discomfort and by creating this high-level of unease people learns to be critical This supports […]

Oral Reading Expression

Introduction Reading refers to the overall active, cognitive (acting on, reworking, and transforming input to trigger responses), and affective process of constructing meaning from written texts. The ultimate purpose is to derive specific meaning from the written texts. Reading is a learned behavior dependent on mastering a written code based on the alphabetic principle. Special […]

Identification, Placement, or Provision of Appropriate Instruction to Low Income Gifted Students

Introduction ­ Demographics of Florida have recorded overwhelming changes in the recent years due to the increased population as well as enrichment of human race diversity. The city is identified with a large population of students in the available schools, who are inclusive of all human races. The students’ achievements of set goals are widely […]

The Procedures and Methods of Conducting Interviews

After the analysis of student course evaluations at Green Valley Community College has shown an unfortunate trend of a slight decrease in dropout rates and students complaints referred mainly to the absence of technology in the classroom activities, the educators were involved into the profession development sessions for enhancing their awareness of the possible methods […]

Atlas Shrugged: The Exclamation of Hank Rearden and the Philosophical Views of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is a famous Russian-American writer, one of the most famous writers of the 20th century. Her most famous book, Atlas Shrugged, is a story of several magnates caught in the adverse environment of state regulation of business and transition to the planned economy. The book corresponds to her philosophy, according to which the […]

Emergency Planning and Methodology

Handling Suspected Terrorism The roles of local law enforcement agents in cases of terror attacks involve notifying the relevant authorities to carry out investigations on the attack scenes, controlling crowds, and securing the areas under threat. They maintain communication with the citizens to reassure and inform them about the progress of the investigation and security. […]

Emergency Communications Program

Background In recent years, several incidents occurring in the external environment have forced organizations to consider implementing comprehensive emergency communications programs. The lingering uncertainty generated by terrorism, for example, has continued to take a psychological and financial toll on employees and organizations ever since 9/11 (Sellnow, Littlefield, Vidoloff, & Webb, 2009). At PSD Energy Solutions, […]

Description of Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic was launched in the year 1984 (Balmforth 2009). Its headquarters is situated in Crawley, United Kingdom. At the beginning, the company was dedicated to offering flight services between London and Falkland. Over time, the company has expanded into various global destinations. Currently, Virgin Atlantic is one of the biggest companies in the United […]

Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?

Abstract Good Hotel uses the best business concept in order to emerge successful. The hotel’s business strategy supports the changing needs of every customer. This essay discusses the three alternatives considered by Pam Janusz after the hotel changes ownership. The paper also explores the effectiveness of JdV’s marketing strategy for Good Hotel. The discussion also […]

Tel-Comm-Tek (TCT) Advantages and Disadvantages in Company

Advantages, disadvantages and ranking TCT is a multinational firm that manufactures and sells a range of high quality office equipment in about 12 countries across the globe. The strategic management of the business establishment has enabled it to realize excellent performance outcomes. With regard to its expansion endeavor, the company needs to hire a highly […]

Organisational Behaviour in Asacura Company

Introduction Organisational behaviour (OB) is a discipline that addresses human characters within a given organisation and tries to comprehend, explicate, and improve the personal behaviours including its organisation (Miller 2005). In the OB, there are two possible outcomes common to most organisations which are the performance of the employee in his or her work and […]

Cryptology and Data Protection

Due to the increase in internet usage, emphasis on data security and integrity has been escalated. Better measures in relation to software and hardware based mechanisms are still being invented and put into practice. All information regarding an organization’s business processes is of critical importance. Information security and integrity is therefore, a vital consideration in […]

Relational Overview of America and Chinese Economies

Introduction Market economy is characterized by free movement of goods and services. The market involves price determination by laws of supply and demand without interference from the government. In contrast, a socialist market does not allow the market to dictate prices. Prices in a socialist market are set by external forces, such as government. For […]

Postmodernism Characteristics in Trafford Centre

Overview of Postmodernism Characteristics in Trafford Centre According to marketing analysts, postmodernism has great effects on contemporary marketing (Schroeder 2002, p. 31). Postmodernism ensures that marketing elements and strategies are maintained in relation to the past classical forms (Schroeder 2002, p. 37). The concept of postmodernism has led to redefinition of marketing from what it […]

Measuring Intelligence

Introduction “Goddard and the Kallikak family” and “The Cyril Burt Affair” are two articles that dwell on intelligence research. The report will compare the validity of their research with current knowledge on the subject matter in order to determine whether their work is plausible. Analysis “Goddard and the Kallikak family” focuses on psychologist Henry Goddard’s […]


Background of the Company Jeffrey Bezos established Amazon.com in 1994 and introduced virtual doors on the World Wide Web in 1995 to start online bookstore; however, the prime goal of this company was to become the world’s largest and best service provider and develop Earth’s most customer centric company (focused on customer’s need, innovation and […]

Effect of Mentorship on Employees

Literature Review Overview of Mentorship Mentorship is a personal development relationship in which a more experienced person offers guidance from a real world perspective. Effective mentoring involves building a continuous learning relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Research has shown that matching mentors and mentees helps create effective mentorship programs (Bokeno, 2003). Organisations have […]

Concept of Cognitive Development in Psychology

Introduction Cognitive development is the process through which an individual constructs the thought process. Specialists in cognitive development examine how growth and intellectual changes affect and influence a person’s behavior. This is achieved by studying the cognitive development of the memory, learning, language, problem solving techniques and intelligence. Memory Memory can be defined as the […]

It Isn’t So Simple: Infrastructure Change at Royce Consulting

Abstract Royce consulting is an international company that provides consulting services to other companies in different parts of the world most of them being large corporations. Royce consulting has over 165 offices in over 65 countries with staff running different assignments for their company as well as on behalf of clients. The firm has contracts […]

IT and innovation

At a time when globalization, need for transparency and new technologies have assumed the center stage in dictating the business environment, performance and consumer satisfaction patterns, innovation has become the best platform for adapting the unpredictable market environment. Numerous changes have been experienced in the global business arena and also in the recent years due […]