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The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis: A Book

The Screwtape Letters is the book by Clive Staples Lewis, one of the greatest Christian writers of the 20th century. This masterpiece was written in 1942 and published for the first time in book form by Geoffrey Bles in London. The chosen genre of The Screwtape Letters, Christian satire, helps to underline the significance of […]

Security Bid Proposal

Abstract Security is a critical issue that tends to be overlooked by so many businesses yet it is of much significance to the operation of any given business. This includes security of both information system and also business property. Poor information security may lead to poor performance since competitors are most likely to have access […]

Professional Research Project

Introduction The aim of this paper is to present an implementation plan for the research problem that deals with the use of physical restraints in the intensive care unit. The steps and resources that will be used in the plan will also be presented. The paper also acknowledges the importance of evaluating any plan put […]

Renato Poggioli: The Concept of a Movement: The Theory of the Avant-Garde

The subtleties of language are not lost on Renato Poggioli. In his mind, “language is our greatest historical revealer” [p. 17]. The Concept of a Movement is the chapter that Poggioli devotes to defining avant garde art. Herein, the author details a crucial distinction between the avant garde and other historical periods of artistic practice, […]

Personal Response

My Papa’s Waltz, by Theodore Roethke and Those Winter Sundays, by Robert Hayden, a personal response: These two poems honor fathers, in very different ways, although their life circumstances may have been equally constrained by economics, opportunities, personality, education, and perhaps even ethnicity. In My Papa’s Waltz, the figure of the father repels and attracts […]

Main Problems for Working Poor

Introduction Barbara Ehrenreich, the author of the book Nickel and Dimed, focuses on the lifestyle of low-income earners in America coupled with the many problems they contend with daily. Ironically, America is among the world’s highly developed countries of all the times. Additionally, during independence, it declared equal working and living conditions on top of […]

Leadership traits

Leadership is a role which many associate with one person being the leader. It involves an individual taking up the responsibility of being the head of certain activities in various areas. For example, in an organization, a leader is perceived as one who is in charge of setting directions and ensuring the directions are followed […]

Love in a Million Ways

Love is a powerful four letter word that sets no boundaries. The intensity is outpouring even when there is pain and tears, love is still waiting at the end of the road to be reaped.  This is what the poem of Elizabeth Browning is all about. It speaks of everlasting love and how love can last […]

No Rest for the Wicked

Introduction The documentary series “is the last of a four part series that deeply explores the cultural, economic scientific and political aspects of Protestantism. The sixty-minute documentary produced by historian Tristan Hunt unravels the influence of Calvinism, Puritanism, and the Industrial Revolution on the current global order that is dominated by capitalism. Looked from a […]

High Health Cost in U.S.A

The cost of health care in the United States of America (U.S.A.) has escalated recently. It is estimated that the health care cost in the United States of America account for 16.6% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The U.S.A. health care cost is perceived to be the highest health care cost among the developed […]

Moral issue in business

Privacy has been identified to be an integral part of human life. With the high regard that employees hold of their privacy, employers have always found themselves in a dilemma especially where the organizational goals conflict with the privacy of their employees. This is usually the case where the company demands urine tests to ensure […]

Fried Green Tomatoes Movie

The movie is founded on Fannie Flagg’s work of fiction dubbed as ‘Fried Green Tomatoes which was acted at the Whistle Stop Café’. It is an influential story of four different aged women who existed at different epochs that is, in the 1930s and 1980s.This feature makes it suitable for different age groups to identify […]

Political Economy and Culture in Japan

Economic and political factors are closely related and today, they are inextricable. Though both play a fundamental role in social development, it may go unnoticed that both economics and politics are influenced by culture. Japanese culture plays a fundamental role in shaping the social structure in Japan. However, it cannot be termed as the role […]

Letters from the Earth

Introduction Letters of the Earth by Samuel Clemens narrates about Satan’s visit to earth after banishment from heaven for one heavenly day. One heavenly day is equals one thousand earth years. He is punished by God for talking sarcastically about his creations in the universe. Having being deported to space, he decided to visit the […]

Environment and Human Behavior: A Critical Analysis of ‘Psychology in an Age of Ecological Crisis’

Today, more than ever before, global situations and activities are reorganizing people’s affiliations with their daily environments in nearly all civilizations across the world. The global conditions have had obvious psychological ramifications on nearly all aspects of human nature, not mentioning the fact these activities have critically influenced individuals’ cognitive, psychosocial, behavioral, spiritual, and emotional […]

Ethical decision making in pharmaceuticals

This paper forms an analysis of the government pharmacists entitled the responsibility to give the final verdict on the issue of approving new drugs into the market. In-line with Buerki and Vottero, (45), the framework for decision making procedure in pharmacy entails the process of assembling a judgment to supports professional actions towards valid choices […]

Ancient World to 500 B.C.E.

Africa Paleolithic period of time is distinguishable from other periods since it marked the start of technology with hominids introducing agriculture and tools made of stones. This was during the Stone Age. The main economic activity during Paleolithic period was hunting and gathering. Dominant tools were made of wood and bones. It was in this […]

Crisis management or crisis response system? A complexity science approach to organizational crises

Crisis response system Overall summary The organizational studies show that complexity in management have been there from long ago in organizations, thus complexity thinking have always been used and it is not a modern phenomenon. In this article, Paraskevas (2006) tries to show ways on how to formulate a crisis management plan that “consists of […]

Is technology Neutral?

This paper considers whether technology is neutral or not. The big question answered by this essay is “Is it humans who abuse technology or technology by its own nature affects humans negatively?” Technological innovations have brought so many changes in the way people go about their lives. Many recent technological innovations happened in the field […]

Investment in public transport

Introduction Despite its dented public image, public transport remains a better option in the long run. To begin with, public transport helps in environmental conservation through efficiency in energy consumption, reduction in air pollution as well as traffic congestion. Moreover, public transport is cost effective given the efficiency in land use, reduced payments on repairs […]

“The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop

Among the unique features of literary works is the ability to reflect quite common events through a number of literary devices that help the author represent those events as a powerful spiritual experience. As it is proved by the narrative poem “The Fish” written by Elizabeth Bishop, even such an ordinary pastime as fishing can […]

Suffering is Optional

Suffering is a worldwide experience of which no human being has the capacity to evade. Nevertheless, suffering can also be optional at times and get to totally depend on how one chooses to look at a tragedy. Every now and then, different unfortunate happenings that could include loosing money and many others related to constant […]

Is the book of genesis an epic?

In consideration of the story of Abraham, the book of Genesis largely meets the threshold for classification as an epic. Abraham was one of the three sons of Terah, who God called when he was seventy five years old, to leave his fathers family behind in order to start a journey of faith that spanned […]

Maintaining Academic Honesty

How does a student feel when he cheats his way towards academic excellence? What are the consequences of academic dishonesty? Well, these are questions every student must put in mind before engaging in the diverse forms of academic dishonesty. In any learning institution, honesty is a fundamental concept in the process of achieving academic excellence. […]

Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable business practices refers to business ventures that do not damage the natural resources so that the activities of such businesses leave the resources intact to be used by the generations that will come after the current generation is gone. This paper elaborates on such businesses and the reason why we need to adopt such […]

Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy

Fiscal policy is one of the principles that are employed by a government to generate revenue thus prevent the decline in economy. It relies on taxation and spending. The government prevents the decline in economy by regulating interest rates and circulation of market. Decline in economy may be due to imbalance between the government revenue […]

Company Risk Avoidance Plan

Risk management is an essential aspect of modern business aimed at ensuring the profitability of diverse ventures for the business owners. In this report the discussion presented will focus risk avoidance strategies that can be used in the management of companies, avoidance of risks associated with securities regulations, avoidance of risks associated with accountant liability […]

Supporting Children’s Mental Health

When a child is growing up, all those who interact with him/her need to be careful by ensuring that the environment that the child interacts with is safe. This includes removing objects that can injure the child in the classroom and the entire compound. These roles of child safety are mostly left to the teacher […]

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in After-Sales Service of Malaysian Electronic Business Market

The article under consideration is “Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in After-Sales Service of Malaysian Electronic Business Market” written by Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin et al. in Canadian Social Science journal. The main idea of the article is to consider the factors which influence customer satisfaction in after-sales services. The research was conducted in Malaysian company Permintex […]

New Workplace Designs

Abstract This case revolves around the issue of how an organization’s workplace both shapes and is shaped by the information technology choices that the organization makes. The complexity of new office designs and its implications for technology is discussed. The paper evaluates the role which technology plays in the development of new workplace designs. Recommendations […]

Impact on Operations Resources of JIT at Dell Computer

Introduction Just- in- time (JIT) as a form of inventory processing focus on reducing futile time, costs, and improving the quality of a product during the manufacturing process. The sequence of activities during this process includes; delivery, gathering of orders and shipment to the final consumer.JIT idea was first developed by Henry Ford. But later, it was adopted by Toyoda family. The JIT approach is essential for […]

International Business Issues and Ethics

Abstract This report evaluates the business ethics and practices at British Airways and Wal-Mart in light of the prevailing political, social, ethical and legal backgrounds. It contrasts the political, social, ethical and legal phenomena in the Britain and USA, the home of these two companies respectively, and how the factors determine decision making at management […]

Producing cotton products in Germany

Introduction In evaluating a possible and prospective place for a new plant one inadvertently has to keep mind the most influential and relevant factors that facilitate and motivate the growth and sustenance of the said plant. An interrogation of Germany from this perspective states a viable case for the argument that it is fit to […]

Rupert Murdoch: The Cost Of A Good Story

There was a time in the history of news reporting when factual information and accuracy in information dissemination were of the utmost importance not only to the reporter, but to the reader as well. But as technological advancements such as 24 hour cable news networks, internet newspapers, blogging, and papparazi / ambush news reporting slowly […]

Life Is a Smorgasbord

Summary The narrator of this article avoided making early decisions in life because of his fear of failure. The decisions that he had made were not very fulfilling. He claims his life is like an enormous menu that does not offer a sampler plate. He says he cannot make an order of fear, saying that […]

Voting Rights in the US

Voting rights for US citizens has had many reforms since the colonial times. During the colonial days, only adult white males, and in particular, those who owned property had the right to participate in voting. Widows in specific progressive colonies in the country also had the privilege if they owned property. After independence, the US […]

Lie and Deception

Mankind has been endowed with the gift of communication use both verbal and non-verbal means. However, meaningful communication among the people is usually distorted by willful lie and deception. Deception refers to intentional distraction of information between people in a relationship and usually leads to distrust between the partners (Rondina and Workman 1). It usually […]

Decisions in Paradise

The world is increasingly becoming a global village and so has been the business environment. Businesses are no longer restricted to operate just within the national boarders. Globalization has eliminated such restrictions to enable individual firms compete within the global market place (Robbins, 2004). This new global business environment in turn has presented opportunities as […]

Why Terrorism is a Contested Concept

Over the years, the concept of terrorism has remained a relatively controversial one. Different quarters have viewed terrorism from a different point of view. It is this difference in the point of views that have made the definition of the concept not only hard, but also contested. The views of the entire concept of terrorism […]

“Their son” by Yu Hua

Born in 1960 in Hangzhou China, Yu Hua is a Chinese author whose first fiction publication came out 1984. He started writing after working for five years of writing, while still in his twenties. He has four novels and six collections of short stories which jolted the mind of most readers. Published in 2009, “Their […]

Ecology and Environment

Over the past few years, much has been written, including scientific data, regarding the impending ecological disasters facing the world at large. Ecology is a relatively wide field that refers to the scientific study of environmental systems where individual organisms interact with their natural and man-made environments (Hall, 2010). During the 19th century, ecology was […]

Research Design and Methodology

This study seeks to understand an article in psychological research in terms of its methodology and design. Two articles were chosen for the study with the main one being the article by National Institute of Mental Health (NHIM) called “Continued Use of Stimulants for ADHD Likely Does Not Increase Risk for Hypertension, but May Affect […]

Cognitive Development Theory and Forms of Cognitive Knowledge

Introduction Cognitive development theory elucidates how cognitive processes change with age as one grows and adopts varied experiences of life. Two prominent theorists, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, have contributed significantly to the cognitive development theory, and this contribution forms the basis of teaching and learning in classrooms. The premises of cognitive development indicate that, […]

The theme of the wild animal and interaction between women and animals

The themes of the wild animals, magical transformations of men into beasts and relationships between women and animals are developed in “The She Wolf” by Giovanni Verga, “Tale of the Mouflon” by Grazia Deledda and “The King Stag” by Carlo Gozzi. The depiction of the wild animals in their comparison to humans in these works […]

Lewontin on quasi independence

Definition of quasi independence In an attempt to understand the process of evolution, Richard Lewontin explained that adaptation is a necessary prerequisite to occurrence of evolution. However, he also believed that it can be workable when the reproductive ability of the organisms and the phenotype of the concerned subject had two particular traits: quasi independence […]

Heart of Darkness

The author of the novella, Joseph Conrad, based the story on a trip that he took through Congo during his years as a sailor. The story revolves around the life of a seaman, Marlow, who fresh from Europe goes on a journey up the Congo River to relieve Kurtz who is the most successful ivory […]

California State Senate

The California state senate is the higher house of the California State Legislature and it consists of 40 state senators who are restricted to serving two four- year terms. The state Legislature meeting takes place at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The Lieutenant Governor, who was the President of the Senate is currently authorized […]

Culture and change

Introduction RBS citizen bank started its operations in 1828 in “Providence, Rhode Island” with a minor community bank named “high street bank”. Currently, the financial group runs over “1,500 branches with 20,900 employees and 3,900 ATMs in 12 states” (Benioff & Adler, 2006). Attributable to its growth, RBS citizen moved from its position as the […]

Major trade theories

A trade theory is an assumption related to how businesses strategies get in place to achieve an organization’s goals and missions. These assumptions give the key ways of achieving realistic business goals in any business environment. Trade theories aim at overcoming trade barriers both locally and internationally. Every business environment has utilizes one or a […]

Life cycle analysis

Relevance of conducting a life cycle analysis from a business prospective Environmental awareness is on the rise, and industries and businesses are evaluating ways through which their activities impinge on the environment. In response to this awareness, businesses have provided green products and are using greener processes as well as environmental management tools in their […]

Bridalplasty Television Show

Reality television shows that were developed immediately after the advent of the concept did not elicit much controversy since they had a clean image. Their history started with contests and simple dating shows (Coontz 378). Such shows are still popular in the United States. However, the nature of modern bridal television shows has changed a […]

Feelings about Marriage and Family Life

When entering into marriages, men and women have similar expectations: the prospect of establishing and bringing up a cohesive family. Marriage partners look forward to spending most of their time together and sharing domestic responsibilities. Nevertheless, as time goes on and domestic expenditures intensify, both parties look for ways to meet these costs, thus pushing […]

Should the United States Stop Immigrants?

The United States of America considers illegal immigration as one of the national issues that need immediate concern. In his article, ‘‘Kidding Ourselves about Immigration’’, Michael Kinsley argues that the immigration process is not as easy as it was some 50 years ago (Kinsley 12). This is because the American government is very strict on […]

Power as a Control Device

The importance of effective communication is universally acknowledged and a lot of research has been taken on the subject and numerous books written so as to help people improve their skills so as to make them more effective in their communication efforts. There are various factors that one should consider when setting up effective communication […]

The Culture of Fear

Introduction The culture of fear is a new phenomenon growing among the American citizens. It refers to the tendency to adopt irrational scares, especially when advanced by the media, politicians, and monomaniacal advocacy groups. This qualifies as paranoia associated with issues such as road rage, breast cancer, pedophiles, blacks, immorality, plane crashes, among others. Glassner […]

Trifles by Susan Glaspell

The play Trifles by Susan Glaspell talks about a murder. John Wright is killed in his sleep through struggling. Sherriff Peters, county lawman, Mr. Hale a farm man and George Henderson, the county attorney go to his house to investigate the crime. They look around for evidence of a crime, as the main suspect is […]

Diversity in Business Organizations

Introduction If an organization adopts diversity management, the performance and output are bound to increase. Conversely, if an organization doesn’t pay much heed to managing people from diverse cultures and ethnicities, the results can be drastic and appalling. When it comes to relationships, they are mutual (equal response from both sides). So if employees don’t […]

Where Creativity and Inspiration Originate

Introduction The human mind and character always seem to be stimulated by various events and actions, therefore, leading to the adaptations of the different analogies in life. These aspects in life are applied in art and design to furnish and give relevant imaginative direction, so that someone might see the piece of work. Works of […]

Towards Evaluating the Relationship between Gender Stereotypes & Culture

Modernization and science has freed people’s perception and consciousness from many retrogressive traditions, having exposed them to be socially illusionary, economically unproductive, and politically partisan. For example, no one in the 21st century would now challenge the fact that no race, creed, or nationality is superior to another. However, several stereotypes to date remain untouched. […]

Global Commerce: Asian Market Venture

Introduction Scientific invention and innovation in transport and communication has facilitated growth of international trade. International trade is an element of globalisation that has necessitated the movement of factors of production across borders. Asian countries are experiencing rapid economic growth; they are offering an increased market to businesses with a capacity to trade internationally. Recognising […]

Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather is a movie that tried to reinvent the way a gangster movie should be made. It did not focus on the criminal aspect of the gangster’s life. Instead, the focus is on the person, the personal conflicts and the decision-making process. Coppola wanted the audience to understand that the gangsters […]

Managing Innovation

Innovation can be referred to as the “incorporation of new ideas or new methods used in business with the intention of winning customer loyalty” (Klein). Innovation is an important process in any company since it helps in evaluating the performance the firm (Ettlie 74). For any company to survive in a competitive market, it must […]

Young Goodman Brown

Looking at the history of mankind, it is possible to see one of the attributes which always supports it. It is faith. No matter what century is considered, either before or after Christ’s birth, people always believed in something. Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a story which dwells upon Puritanism, human beliefs and […]

Depression: Law Enforcement Officers and Stress

Depression is a psychological disorder that results from traumatic experiences that people encounter in life. National Institute of Mental Health explains that, “when a person has a depressive disorder, it interferes with daily life, normal functioning, and causes pain for both the person with the disorder and those who care about him or her” (2010, […]

Waiting for Lefty

Waiting for Lefty, a play written by Clifford Odets, is a perfect representation of the political and social unrest in America during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The play narrates the story of union of taxi drivers who were deliberating on if they should go one a strike or not. This play was written […]

An Informal Learning Experience

Learning has been defined as a process where new form of knowledge is acquired. The acquired knowledge has the ability to change the behavior of the organism as well as to influence the cognitive processes of an actor. Learning can either be influenced by innate stimuli or an introduced stimulus. Whatever the stimulus, the process […]

Meditation in Our Life

The philosophers usually have thought that if a person knows something, that means that the person believes that (1) the thing is true, (2), is in fact true, and (3) that person who presents claims that he or she know that thing is in a position to give a justification for thinking that thing is […]

World Export Development Forum 2010

The 11th World Export Development Forum which began on 9th to12th September was held in Chongqing, China. The major theme of the event was ‘Adapting to Post-Crisis World Trade Patterns and Lessons for Export Development’, (Istanbul, 2010). Some of the issues highlighted in the forum were renewed hopes and devotion to export-led growth model and […]

Third Age Living and Computer Technologies in old Age Learning

Introduction This essay gives an analysis of factors which have contributed to the successful achievement of the Third Age by certain countries as a life phase for their populations. The second segment of the essay synthesizes computer technologies that can be helpful to older adults’ learning. Successful countries in achieving the Third Age Under normal […]

Do the Essays “Arriving at Perfection” and “The Gettysburg Address” Provide the Reflections on the Essential Wisdom to be Deemed?

THESIS: Arriving at Perfection by Benjamin Franklin and The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln can be considered as the examples of reflections on the essential wisdom to be deemed. I. The personal improvement and unity of nation as the basic aspects of the essays of Franklin and Lincoln II. Literary techniques of the texts of […]

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic charities in the US was established in the year 1910,its main goals were to provide free service to the needy as well as advocating for social justice in the society. In the year 2010, the charity organization comprised of more than 1500 agencies and institutions all under the catholic charities network. In the aftermath […]

Proposal: Honda Case

Summary of the Honda Case The case under analysis reveals the problem of shaping effective human resource management polices for managers and employees to communicate in a culturally diverse environment. At this point, the scenario is focused on the failure to eliminate conflict at Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI), a subsidiary company of the […]

Monopolistic competition as a market structure

A Monopolistic competition is a market structure which is identified through the large quantity of comparatively small firms with the products of the firms being similar with only a slight variation to differentiate them. Therefore, the similarity in products makes the firms that exist in a monopolistic competition to be very competitive. However, due to […]