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Capacity Management in Business Essay

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Updated: Aug 12th, 2019

Need for company change

For a company to prosper in change, its capacity should be highly considered. It should admit the challenges encountered with ease because its capacity enhances the development of a corporation. Lack of capacity brings about failure. Change enables a company to move a step forward in is day-to-day routine hence flourishing at the end of it all.

In line with Slack and Lewis, (9) a company should centralize on change more than any other field by emphasizing and having a positive focus towards it. It should also have new methods of passing information to enhance the communication pathways and to help working in partnership.

A corporation should be able to receive and admit views from different perspectives, this enables intermingling hence change of ideas is experienced. There ought to exist more interactions because the more the company interacts the more it acknowledges itself from different points. Change in a company does not necessarily depend on how much the company holds but on outweigh of the ideas they have came up with midst a tight schedule on their market conditions. In a company, their partners should have a know how of the change.

There should be interaction among different parties within a company, the smaller the capacity of a company the greater the chances of admitting the change because their interaction is limited within a small geographical area. In addition, the direct-to-direct interaction or the face-to-face interaction within a company brings about a common understanding of an issue from the same perspective thus brings change within that company.

Companies need to ensure constant changes to engage its employees into spending more time in understanding customer’s needs. (Edwards and Day, 5) This is one way of enhancing proper transformation of data. It also helps to determine probability of achieving goals, strengthening the relationship between the management and employees, and reduce extra costs or time of reinventing.

According to Slack and Lewis (12) proper implementation involves “effective planning cycles that need fewer ad Hoc interactions regarding operational decisions.”

Advantages and constraints of making a number of small changes in capacity rather than fewer large ones

The company operation goals fall short because of failure to complement the strategic plan of the organization. The organizational strategic plan ought to start from the individual level whereby one should realize that their unique ideas contribute to the overall performance of the organization.

It is not easy for the company to have these ideas collected, but in most cases, it works out when they are motivated to work together towards common goals. The company fails to translate because they try to implement the strategies all in a go instead of the small phases change over strategy.

Survey conducted on various company indicate that majority of the companies have a proper strategies to steer off the change but they lack the plan to do so thus very few end up implementing the strategies successfully. This is a clear indication that for a company to achieve strategic success, it has to promote the plan by allowing those responsible for currying out the plan.

To accomplish some advantages over strategic planning, one ought to execute the change over in a premeditate manner. Some of the advantages include attaining motivated leadership styles.

This is the ability to achieve sustained performance through personal planning and development, which acquaints employees with dynamic ideas. These leadership styles assist in business growth besides the complete effectiveness. Every employee should be aware of the overall business strategic plan to pick up his or her roles in the implementation process.

The second advantage entails turning the strategy into action. The phased approach provides the opportunity to link the identified performance factors to the strategic initiatives and projects whereby there is easy in achieving full optimization of individual and departmental activities. Thirdly, the phased planning also helps to complement all the other departmental goals and objectives. Lastly, there are chances to link all the units to work as a unit for the overall success. (Slack and Lewis, 22)

Some of the shortcomings concerning the implementation may entail the inability to understand the overall strategic plan fully due to the involved breakdown. The people involved such as the employees may not be in a position of know exactly what is required in order to accomplish the company’s plan.

There are queries concerning what ought to be created, refined or accomplished for the final achievement of the company’s plan. Some of the queries will include questioning such as, when to consider the implementation as a success and how it is measured emerges.

Single phased business plans and changes requires proper planning for instance, appointment of resources for the implementation process, assignment of responsibilities or any requirement process of renewal. Worst part of any job involves obstacles to change created by lack of constituency over processes, measurements and the general system. Implementing change ought to involve and convince individuals to modify their personal traits and check their compliance with the intended change.

Lastly, the major constraint involves the business complexity. Intricacy on an organization reduces chances for twist all the way through modification. “The complexity makes changes to be more tailored and focused therefore making it more difficult to redirect some of the interactions to the efforts required”. (Slack and Lewis, 22)

Sometimes change may call for the culling of some of the staff members from the system thus leading to early retrenchment. Effects on the traditional patterns of interacting during the change process may also be experienced.


There is need to acquire more sophisticated tools and formally interactive systems, which are able to manage multiple aggressive situations as well as success factors. Today there is need for proper planning to avoid deadlock situations that minimizes space for growth.

These are because many companies are growing at an alarming rate and the merges are currently quite often. There is an obvious complexity regarding the mergers because of the various units, processes and measuring standards involved. The need for change or transformation potential is what leads to merging.

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