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Benefits Enhancement Programs Essay

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Updated: Apr 1st, 2022

The survival and viability of any business organization primarily depends on the pool of employees in has. It is important to note that, having a pool of employees contributes very little to an organization’s well being, but rather it is the motivational level in these employees, which determines the business position of an organization.

This is because highly motivated employees will always struggle to achieve organizational goals and objectives under minimal supervision. Personal well-being in work place is the main motivator to employees’ performance. In this regard, it is important for organizations to adopt appropriate benefits enhancement programs, which will ensure its employees always remain motivated throughout all business operation times (Martocchio, 2007, pp.3-6).

Managing employees sometimes can be a hard task for the human resource department, but the same can also be simpler if this department integrates in its management policies measures, which will promote both the employees’ well-being and organizational goals.

Therefore, this makes it necessary for management teams to formulate appropriate benefits enhancement schemes when formulating other organizational goals. This will not only ensure that an organization remains competitive in its operations, but also it will ensure its employees are always ready to struggle and achieve set targets beyond organizational standards (Martocchio, 2007, pp. 9-16).

Enhancement benefits are in form of appraisals to employees aimed at raising the motivational levels towards work. Different organizations adopt different enhancement schemes, but one common thing among all these schemes is motivation enhancement. It is important to note that success of a scheme adopted by an organization depends, on how well it fits into employees’ characteristics and needs. Business use these schemes by considering present and future working conditions, considering the fact that, employee characteristics and work patterns are in a continuous metamorphosis.

Organizations use benefits enhancement plans by designing a performance management scheme, which offers employees and managers a chance of working collaboratively in setting of achievable targets and primary focus areas, hence promotion of organizations’ viability. This system gives employees a chance of giving suggestions whose inclusion in the overall management policies is very motivating.

Employee development is another common benefit enhancement scheme used by organizations. This to larger extents contributes to increased employee performance, because it offers employees opportunities to learn new skills, which are crucial for changing business environments. This includes training and career advancement opportunities offered freely in form of seminars and tutorials as employees perform their respective duties or during free times.

Some organization use compensation schemes as a primary way of increasing employee motivation. Although this method may sometimes never work effectively, to some level it provides incentives important for employee motivation.

Correct application of this strategy needs organizations to take into consideration the degree of employees’ performance and needs. In using this strategy, most organizations apply the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; hence, by meeting employees’ needs, an organization ensures its employees always remain dedicated to their assigned duties (Entrepreneur, 2000, pp. 1-2).

Another common benefits enhancement scheme used by managers is the succession plan. Any organization always needs new management teams as it grows and expands its market segment. Hence, due to negative effects associated with abrupt changes, human resource departments have to prepare individuals who will take over as retirements and transfers occur.

Organizations use this as a benefit scheme of rewarding its dedicated and hardworking employees who have showed specific set work standards or performance level. This is a major motivating factor, which will ensure employees maintain required work standards, hence increased benefits from business undertakings.

In conclusion, unless organizations adopt good employee enhancement mechanisms, such organizations are likely to face shortages of skilled labor, hence the need to integrate these plans or mechanism.

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