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This Capstone Class: Practice of Ethical and Social Responsibility

After completing the University Studies program at Portland State University that aims at developing student’s inquiry, critical thinking, diversity, ethical and social responsibility, and communication, I have considerably deepen my understanding of responsibility, both ethical and social. This capstone class, the final class of my curriculum, gives me an opportunity to not only demonstrate the […]

An Analysis of Michelangelo’s work

Michelangelo’s work has been the subject of criticism from experts and art admirers all over the world. As one of the most celebrated artists of his time, he produced hundreds of works most of which are existent to date and as such it will be very difficult and almost impossible to analyze all his work […]

Definition of a good roommate

Roommates are an essential part of life especially in college. Most students prefer this option because it is a simple and affordable way to start life in the big bad world completely independent. Besides this, it provides an opportunity for forming social relationships. So who makes a good roommate? This paper will examine the qualities […]

Behavior Modification in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Introduction

Introduction Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder that is associated with hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsivity, excessive motor activity and distraction. It affects people of all ages. ADHD is diagnosed in childhood from the age of seven and adolescents and most adults with the disorder link it to their childhood where it was […]

The Stubborn Twig

The stubborn twig is a book authored by Lauren Kessler and which explores a story of Yasui as well as the entire family of the Japanese-American. The book highlights the identity of the American people from the immigrants’ point of view in the history of the United States. This essay supports the fact that the […]

Different Cultures in Tito’s Good Buy and in the Land of Free

Cultural diversity has always been a serious obstacle for people to overcome because it is primarily based on the difference in moral standards, and principles of general behavior and traditions. The impact of cultural bans is brightly illustrated in the stories presented for analysis. Both literary works – “Tito’s Good Bye” and “In the Land […]

Breaking Point of a Soul

The Nazi death camps of World War II produced some of the most horrific atrocities ever recorded. History has seen many accounts particularly from the perspective of holocaust victims. However, not much attention has been paid to the emotional effects suffered by the individuals who worked in these death camps. These individuals were not guards […]

Transformational and Transactional Leadership

For a long period of time now in the human history, the successes of most engagements, morality notwithstanding, have been due to proper leadership. With good leadership and the associated outcome both in the ancient and present age, man has increasingly sought to find ways of identifying the best style of leadership that suits the […]

Hitchcock’s Rear Window: Dream Analysis

Among the outstanding filmmakers of the twentieth century, Alfred Hitchcock stands out for his exceptional talent for creating an unprecedented atmosphere of suspense and developing the plot through a range of complicated psychological turns. Hitchcock’s interest in psychoanalytical ideas brought forward by Sigmund Freud finds its reflection in the film Rear Window (1954). At first […]

Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance

Abstract The historical perception of the distinction between Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance and others is traceable back to the great historical artists like Donatello and Michelangelo. They are arguably big sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, who were both original and catalysts for revolution. Their works have realism through implementation of versatility, emotional and psychological […]

Women and Beauty

Beauty has been a subject of discussion for a long time. However, the debate has climaxed in the twentieth and the twenty first century. Although the word has been defined differently, it generally means qualities or sum of qualities that give pleasure to senses. That basically means that any quality or characteristics of an individual […]

Organising A New Year Party

What I did I organised a New Year Party at my home for my friends-they were twenty in number. My invitations were sent one month before the actual New Year because I was well aware that my potential guests would start making New Year plans at around that time. I gave them a taste of […]

Interaction Design

The field of interaction design is very crucial to organizations that use the Internet to market their items and services. The efficiency of a web site rests on the skills of the interaction designer because he or she is the one who can make it draw attention from users or otherwise turn them away. Any […]

The Great Grandfather of the Sandalwood Mountains

Maxine Hong Kingston’s work has long fascinated critics for its investigation of speech, language and storytelling as a means of unlocking some of the deepest secrets of the Chinese culture, a culture that observes very clear behavioral distinctions between genders. Kingston belongs to a culture wherein women “use story as a means to understanding and […]

Classical conditioning as an explanation of human behavior

Classical conditioning explains some kind of human behavior that is usually associated through interaction with the environment and is used in behavioral training. This type of learning was discovered by Ivan Pavlov in 1927 while conducting an experiment with dogs. In his theory he explains that as an individual, reactions are learned through the paring […]

History through Film

The fact that movies are considered to be one of most powerful art forms appeared in the twentieth century is undeniable because it has had a great impact on many points of view, including historical ones. With regard to this impact, historical movies are often used to learn more about some facts and events happened […]

The Effect of Prohibition on Organized Crime

During this prohibition of 1920 in United States, all activities contributing to the sales of alcohol were illegal. Such activities included import and export of raw materials and the final products, as well as the initial production and the transportation of alcohol. This action of prohibition came because of realized rate of crimes and corruption […]

Examination of the Portfolio Approach to IT Projects

Introduction Information systems and processes have brought about major technological influence to most organizations. In present business environment, most products and services activities revolve around IT systems.Embracing project portfolio management serves as anintegral aspectfor most organization in succeeding its goals. The importance of portfolio management is that, it promotes overall project progress, protects the projects […]

Heart of Darkness and the Ceremony

Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad are two creative works of art, written in very different contexts but with a similar aim of reconciling collective beliefs to individual beliefs. Their styles, the use of characters and writing techniques are different, but they both aim at bringing harmony to the […]

A Summary of Almdudler case

The rising regional and global competition has been the major concern for most local and international companies. Most companies have opted to going back to the drawing boards in a bid to improving the quality of their products so as to make them popular and preferred by consumers. As a result, the goal and objective […]

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental illness which manifests with strong belief and concern that one is deformed without any evidence. Affected individuals get to point of seeking medical assistance to correct their purported deformity. Currently, there is no clear statistical data on body dysmorphic disorder, but it is alleged that, approximately between two to […]

Personal Responsibility

Thesis Statement Personal responsibility results to increase in the rate of success and decrease in examination cheating among the students in schools. Introduction The word personal responsibility is the self-awareness of a person towards success of one’s life. It is also being aware of the initial goal of one’s life hence doing everything towards one’s […]

No budgetary disbursement on educating disabled persons

Numerous people have engaged in the debate about what education persons with disabilities should be provided. For many years, such persons had received diminutive consideration in terms of their education needs. Numerous individuals still wonder whether the numerous efforts by the government to spend considerable resources on such persons are justifiable. The notion that such […]

Business Process Management

Executive Summary BPMN stands for Business Process Modeling Notation. It is the new standard for modeling business processes and web service processes, as put forth by the Business Process Management Initiative. BPMN is therefore a core enabler of a new initiative in the Enterprise Architecture world called Business Process Management. Business Process Management is concerned […]

Threats of globalization on culture of individual countries

Globalization is the process through which the world community integrates into a common social and economic system (Steger, 2009). It is the tendency of technologies and business to spread all over the world. It involves interaction among countries in the world, to enhance global economic growth. Through globalization, there is a technological, economical, political and […]

Brief Summary of Christianity

Introduction The history of Christianity dates back to thousands of years ago. It is connected with divisions, debate and conflicts. Though these issues are common with all major world religions, Christianity to a certain extend has endeavored to address them openly. Besides these challenges, Christianity has exploited the beauty that comes with the religion. This […]

Amarika Case and Core Concepts

Child and family’s experience of trauma According to one of the core concepts, traumatic experiences are inherently complex. All traumatic events usually involve varying traumatic experiences. In the case of Amarika and her family, their traumatic experience was that of witnessing an injury that was life threatening. Amarika’s mother, Makisha Lawrence, had been shot in […]

The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy

The Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy focuses on the impact of globalization and free trade. Pietra Rivoli recounts her fascinating adventure around the world in order to find out the origin of her T-shirt. She travels from a cotton field in Texas to a Chinese factory and from there goes to a […]

Religious Symbols

Introduction Symbols are objects, gestures, images, written words, or specific marks that are used to signify a wider set of connection either through by alliance, semblance, or convention. There are various categories of symbols both in the secular and religious domain all of which bear similar or different meanings depending on their global reach. In […]

Redneck Culture

The word “redneck” is a term traditionally used to refer to poor uneducated white farmers from southern United States. These farmers worked outdoors in the hot sun, their skin, especially the back of their necks turned red, and from this, the redneck term was derived (Roebuck and Hickson, p. 3). It is synonymous to cracker, […]

HR Management in the 21st Century

Introduction Evidently, majority of the companies have embraced the aspect of Human Resource Information System to have a better style of conducting business. Competition calls for total integration of technology in the human resource department to reshape the pattern of conducting business and maintain competitiveness in the global economy. Like the early motive, today’s business […]

Hitler’s table talk

Hitler’s passionate hostility towards Christianity as depicted in his table talk does not quite reflect his position as often asserted by many historical analysts. While it is true that in more than one occasion Hitler criticized certain Christian dogmas, the church and priests, it would be inadequate to overlook the fact that even God-fearing Christians […]

Management of Technology

Building quality by use of computers The rapid rise in the use of electronics and mostly personal computers started during the early 1970s. This was when leading personalities like Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Larry Ellison and Steve Ball made significant contributions in the revolution of computers. However, the history of personal computers cannot […]

Evidence that God exists

Introduction The controversial theme of the existence of God has been a prevailing subject throughout the history of philosophy. Pre-Socratic philosophers tried to directly and sometimes indirectly prove and explain the existence of God. The problem of determining the existence of God has not merely been a challenge to aristocrats, philosophers and scientists. It has […]

Money or Family Values First? Which Way to Go

The fast paced life and major shifts in socioeconomic front witnessed in the 21st century has necessitated major re-alliances and re-alignments of what people consider important for their wellbeing and survival. Principles and philosophies that not so long ago served to preserve the social fabric have been discarded, and their place taken by the inordinate […]

The Consumer’s Decision-Making Process

Introduction Consumers are individuals or groups that drive the economy by purchasing goods and services. Consumer behavior tries to explain why, how and when people do not buy or do buy products and services (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010, p. 12). As a matter of fact, it blends both aspects of sociology, psychology, social anthropology and […]

Psychological Disorders: Bulimia Nervosa vs. Anorexia Nervosa

Introduction Eating disorders are rarely seen by the layman as being psychological in nature. However, as different researches have confirmed, there is a strong correlation of eating disorders with psychological disorders. A study done by Kaye et al (2004) for example established that both bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are associated with anxiety disorders. To […]

Physical, Human, and Economic Geography of Italians

Introduction Italy is located in continental Europe, in the South Central, to be specific. Its neighbors include France Switzerland and Austria to the north, Slovenia along the Alps, and the Italian Peninsula, the islands Sicily, and Sardinia to the south in the Mediterranean ocean. Italy is known in history as the home of some of […]

The concept of “mimesis” or imitation

The concept of “mimesis” or imitation, for Plato and the role it plays in his ideal city-state in the Republic: Book X. In the last of his books in “Republic”, Plato includes the philosophical discourse between Socrates and Glaucon. The first part of the conversation revolves around Socrates justifying an earlier statement on why a […]

Barriers to Effective Communication

Communication is the process through which information is transferred from the sender the receiver via a given medium. Under normal circumstance, the expectation is that the receiver will successfully decode the message and send it back to the sender as feedback (Mehrabian, 1971, p. 9). In order to operate at an efficient level, all organizations […]

Catatonic Depression

Introduction Major depressive disorder is a mental ailment in which the victim exhibits an extreme mood, low self regard as well as loss of concern in activities that are usually considered to be pleasurable. Catatonic (depression) is a major type of depression that is exemplified by relentless motor function disturbances. It is nonetheless not viewed […]

Role of the Federal Reserve in the US Economy

Introduction The world is recovering from the world crisis that hit beginning 2007. Different governments (as individual governments and as regional bodies) are working on policies that will ensure that they successfully win the battle of recession. The Federal Reserve System was one of the measures taken by the central bank in the United States […]

Emotions of anger and happiness

Emotions are still recognized as the common language of humanity since they influence every aspect of our lives, for good or for bad. They are the most basic characteristic of the human race. It is difficult to describe what emotions are; however, they generally refer to our feelings that lead to coping activities in response […]

Monetary and fiscal policy during the Great Depression

The government plays a very important role in the regulation of a country’s economy by regulating and authorizing the amount in circulation and the amount held by banks and other financial institutions. This process can be done in two different ways which include monetary policy and fiscal policy (Frank & Bernanke 42). Monetary policy is […]

The Storm by Chopin

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how Kate Chopin uses the elements of setting for enhancing the effectiveness of the storytelling techniques. The setting as an important element of fiction always has a significant impact on readers’ perception of the literary works. However, in Chopin’s The Storm, the elements of setting are interconnected […]

The Glass Menagerie

Introduction The Glass Menagerie is a play that was written by Tennessee Williams and debuted in Chicago in 1944. It won a New York Drama Critics Award a year later. The Glass Menagerie propelled Williams to higher circles in the literary industry and established him as one of the most articulate playwrights in America. Plot […]

Strategic Management Plan

Introduction Strategic management plan finds use in promoting strategic leadership as well as in strategic planning to ensure that the business processes of an organization are in line with goals (Probst, Raub, & Romhardt 1999). Strategic plan should reflect the goals and vision that the organization aspires to accomplish within a given period of time. […]

The Sperm and the Egg

Reproduction of human beings is very important because it ensures that humans do not become extinct. This is because every day some people die and thus we have to multiply to fill in the gap that they have left. The whole process of multiplication involves two elements, that is, Jack the sperm and Alice the […]

Education Leads to Individuals’ Liberation

People have tried to learn all the secrets of their being since prehistoric times. They accumulated knowledge which has been regarded as the most precious treasure in the world. Unfortunately, education which is the major source of knowledge was (and still is) unavailable for many individuals. Moreover, a lot of people do not understand the […]

“Didot’s Invention”: A Great Example of a Logical Thinking and Writing

Introduction Typecasting: On the Arts and Science of Human Inequality by Ewen deals with stereotypes which exist or rather rule in the human society. The book also highlights the development of human societies from medieval times up to modernity. Chapter 3 under the title “Didot’s Invention” reveals the essence of the phenomenon of stereotypes. First, […]

Abortion and the Aspects of Pro-abortion

The whole topic of abortion is a very complex issue that has continued to attract a lot of attention in today’s modern society. This can be explained from both perspectives where there are certain people who are opposed to abortion while there are others who are pro-abortion. As a matter of fact, different societies have […]

The enactment of laws restricting panhandling will benefit the safety of all concerned

One of the major problems of Hillsborough County is safety on the major roads. Many cities have already banned panhandling and others are only about to do this. It goes without saying that panhandlers distract drivers’ attention which often leads to various accidents on the roads. Many panhandlers and drivers get injuries or even die […]

Culture and Stereotypes

The concept of culture is quite complicated as it is interconnected with stereotypes, traditions, and people’s perception of both. Therefore, it is difficult to understand how various cultures interact, particularly how traditions and customs generate the emergence of firmly established stereotypes. Indeed, many factors and aspects distinguish peculiarities of cultures. Communication and language are also […]

“White Noise” by Don Delillo

Most post modern literature writers delve into highlighting the change that comes with modernism more especially in the family level and Delillo is not left behind. In his book “White Noise”, he creates a post modern family comprising of Jack Gladney the protagonist in the story, his wife Babette, and four children. Jack is a […]

Deceiving patients with placebos

Introduction The science of human medicine is based on providing patients with the necessary medical advice, surgery or medication in order to help mitigate whatever malady they may apparently have. The use of placebos, while apparently sound for most doctors, is actually a form of deception since patients seeking treatment for a specific illness do […]

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

The Dream that Gregor has is the background upon which the story is told therefore bringing to attention the use of a dream in Franz Kafka’s story Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is thought to occur in insects and it signifies their growth from one stage to the next which necessitates that the insect changes in physical form […]

Nation of Immigrants

Introduction All along, United States has been known to be nation of immigrants. In this case, they have ultimately shaped the country’s future and history in a broad way. This can be traced from the early settlers who came and made what could later on be known as the United States (Reimers 21). As a […]

Should Homosexuality be Legalized?

“It is better to be black than gay because when you are black you don’t have to tell your mother” (Barbetta 6). This is the type of attitude that has defined homosexuality for years. There have been debates on whether homosexuality is natural or learnt. Since then, there have been several developments on the issue […]

The Path of Light

It is sometimes very difficult to fathom the real form of light and how it travels. One can not understand fundamental concepts about light if in first place they don’t understand what light is. Light can simply be defined as visible electromagnetic radiations which enables the human eye to see (Burnie 9). The electromagnetic radiations […]

Why do we do what we do?

Introduction The motives behind human behavior are contextual in that the reason as to why I choose to do a certain thing always stands influenced by the current situation and my future aspirations. In the various contexts that shape the human life such as personal experiences, education as well as business life, the actions that […]

Witchcraft in Early America

Witchcraft in America was rampant during colonial era, the seventeenth century. During the occurrence of calamities such as epidemics, dry spells, or floods, the British colonialists laid their blame on the witchcraft. Moreover, the colonial government blamed their poor governance on witches whom they believed intelligently or wittily challenged them. Consequently, the colonialists arrested the […]

Do countries really benefit from international trade?

Countries do benefit from international trade in a broad way. There might be flaws as far as benefiting from international trade is concerned but there is evidence to show that many countries have benefited from this. Every country has its own expectations and targets as far as benefiting from international trade is concerned and this […]

The Effects of Media on Politics

Introduction Media refers to the various venues for messages meant to be consumed by a large audience. As a source of vital information, the media is charged with the responsibility of educating, informing and empowering the public. Consequently, the media has had significant effects on politics in most countries. The effects of media on politics […]

Marriage and Family

Introduction Marriage and Family is an interesting topic to be discussed within the context of this study. In order for the study to be helpful or resourceful to the reader, the researcher will embark on analysis of marriage and family as discussed in the three movies that include David Morrell’s First Blood, Pale Rider (1985) […]

The Haunted Palace by Edgar Allan Poe Poetry

The haunted palace by Edgar Allan Poe is a piece of literature that tells of a story in a number of short regular stanzas using a traditional style. The Haunted Palace, tries to bring out a symbolic reference to human sanity, an allegory about the human mind. Poe tries to give a descriptive view to […]

Female Sexuality and Gender Politics in “A fine, A private Place” by Diane Ackerman and “Play-by-Play” by Joan Murray

The poems “A fine, A private Place” by Diane Ackerman and “Play-by-Play” by Joan Murray are both concerned with the theme of female sexuality. “A Fine, A Private Place” utilizes the third person narrative voice to express the memories of a woman who fondly remembers a lovemaking experience she had with an unidentified male lover […]

Social Issues Affecting Women

Introduction The issue of women in the society is very crucial with women being highly undermined. Their subordinate position in the current world has been strained with women being separated in all life aspects. The idea of low- grading women noticeably denies them their self-esteem and moral value. Women in the society are so far […]

The Impact of Media Bias

Introduction Media bias is a contravention of professional standards by members of the fourth estate presenting in the form of favoritism of one section of society when it comes to the selection and reporting of events and stories as well as the extent of coverage (Beach 1). According to the code of conduct of the […]

Drivers of automobiles should be prohibited from using cellular phones while driving

Introduction Driving demands a large quantity of attentiveness in order to keep the highway, and the users secure. Currently, scores of citizens have a driving permit without being capable of driving in a liable manner. This reveals the issue regarding handsets. When we reflect on it, numerous other aspects add up to mishaps. Ingestion, eating, […]

The Mind’s Eye Review

Introduction Oliver Sachs thesis is based on the neuroscience sensory areas of the brain. Through his interactions with several blind people and reading their memoirs he has come to the conclusion that there is a rich interconnectedness and interactions of the sensory organs of the brain. One cannot really explain that anything in life is […]

The Two Classes of Eugenics and Their Effects to the Society

Scientifically, the genetic constitution of a person authenticates his/her personal trait or character. Similarly, the characteristics of a domestic animal are crucial in the agricultural sector. Genetic experts work tirelessly to produce animals with high milk content, wool, or quality meat among others. Consequently, the society coined the term eugenic, which means selective reproduction of […]

E-Waste Disposal in US

Introduction to E-waste This is a research paper on E-waste disposal. The research paper will describe the effects of computer components on the environment upon their disposal. It will also state the current laws at the federal level in the United States and of a few states, like Tennesse. The research paper will equally describe […]

Analyzing Love and Love Addiction in Relationships

John Allan Lee’s Intimate Relationships offers six basis love styles viz. Passionate love (Eros), Game playing love (Ludus), Friendship love (Storge), Logical love (Pragma), Possessive love (Mania), and Selfless love (Agape). In passionate love, lovers get attracted to each other as soon as they meet, and they become emotionally involved thereafter. Game playing love involves […]