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Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance

These aspects are evident among current sculptors."Significance of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance" This is a research investigating and analyzing the different arguments on philosophical nature of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, from various art [...]

Evidence that God exists

Traditional form of cosmological argument The argument presented by the cosmological perspective on the existence of God is based on the premise of an uncaused cause which explains the existence of a supreme and unconditioned [...]

Culture and Stereotypes

In this regard, the concept of stereotype also influences social categorization and information sharing in the course of cross-cultural communication. One of the most effective ways to exterminate stereotypic and linear thinking is to change [...]

Why do we do what we do?

In the various contexts that shape the human life such as personal experiences, education as well as business life, the actions that shape people's behavior are dependent on the prevailing conditions.[1] For instance, professional ethics [...]