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Isocrates Panegyricus

The exchange” speech” Isocrates birth time is in 436 BC prior to the Peloponnesian war which never ended until the Greek lost their independence to Macedonia at Chaeronea in 338 BC. He was well educated and he studied with the famous rhetorician Gorgias and for ten years he wrote speeches used in law courts. At […]

Advantage of Hong Kong Relative

The advantage of Hong Kong relative to other Asian cities is that it is politically, culturally, geographically and economically attached to the largest and fastest-growing market in the world – Mainland China. It remains a highly efficient centre for services and fundraising activities, something that China is in desperate need of. To an increasing number of […]

Water Quality

Coagulation and Flocculation These are the initial procedures during treatment of water. Chemical substances possessing a positive charge are added to water in this compartment. The positive charge neutralizes the negative charge from dirt leading to the formation of huge fragments known as floc. Sedimentation Floc is heavier than other particles present in water. Therefore, […]

Morneau Shepell acquires Collage Pediatric Therapy

Summary The article analyses the merger between two firms in Canada that operate in different sectors Morneau Shepell is an HR consulting firm. It also offers outsourcing services to other firms (Gibson Para. 2) The company provides assistance programs for employees and families as well as pension plans and retirement plans for employees Collage Pediatric […]

Amazon Online Retailer

Amazon is an E-commerce company whose headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest online retailer in the world. Apart from the United States, the company has retail websites in nine other countries namely the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and China (Johnson, Whittington and Scholes 2011). This presentation shall analyze […]

Latino Population: Heterogeneity, Migration, Acculturation and Health

Heterogeneity Latinos are a diverse population with different national origins. However, the greatest Latino group living in the U.S is of the Mexican origin. The culture and ethnicity of this populace are diverse with variations existing in languages they speak. General understanding of these differences is greatly important as commonalities are also identified (Furman, Negi, […]

The Retail Clinics

Introduction The development of retail clinics has been in the increasing end in most jurisdictions. The retail clinics provide convenient, cost effective, timely and quality medical services that satisfy patient’s needs. However, the concept has been receiving criticism from doctors and nurses who doubt its credibility. This explains why institutions, such as US pharmacy chain […]

Briefing the CEO on the Organization’s Financial Status

Financial performance is the measure of a firm’s success as shown by its financial records over a given period. In the evaluation of the financial performance, all the organization’s financial records should be cross checked in order to extract its current financial situation for comparison with the initial records. The business’s fiscal performance can also […]

Concept in Financial Accounting

Meaning of Full Disclosure This is a concept in financial accounting which requires release of all the facts that are material to financial statements. This is because failure to avail them may lead to misleading information in the financial statements: statement of financial position and statement of financial performance. The material facts include all the […]

Why Do Projects Fail?

A Computer-assisted dispatch system (LASCAD) was implemented by the London Ambulance Service in October 1992 (Beynon-davies 1995, p.171). This was a major software project that was supposed to substitute the manual system (Fitzgerald & Russo 2005, p.248). The LASCAD system started experiencing problems only nine days after it was launched. Erroneous vehicle information was recorded […]

Benchmarking Method in Practice

Ghoddousi, P., Yavari, H., & Hosseini, M. (2010). Competitive benchmarking of Iranian construction companies management performance. TTEM – Technics Technologies Education Management, 5(3), 621-634. This article presents a benchmarking method in practice. Iranian companies are compared and contrasted with the purpose to understand the differences in performance of the similar issues. The article is focused […]

The Advantages and Limitations of Wave Energy

Banholzer, William. “Practical limitations and recognizing hype.” Energy & Environmental Science, vol. 2, no. 5, 2012, pp. 5478-5480. This research article evaluates the public perception of green energy, making reference to the lack of knowledge on energy issues. The author argues that the public is easily swayed by claims from scientists promoting their models of green energy. […]

The Impact of Climate Change on New Hampshire Business

Bhanarkar, A. D., Gajghate, D. G., & Hasan, M. Z.  (2003). Assessment of impacts of a fossil fuel based power plant. International Journal of Environmental Studies, 60(4), 325-333. Type: Research Paper Main Argument/Research Question:The main argument of this particular research paper is that fossil fuel powerplants produce a significant degree of pollution which creates a negative […]

Amount of Safety Stock to be carried for Goldfield’s Electronics

GFE has been a reliable company in distributing electronics and for many years, the company has earned trust from its customers. However, the recent delivery delays have placed the company in a position that has left the customers dissatisfied to the extend that some of the most trusted customers have defected to other companies. There […]

American Red Cross Society

Introduction Hopkins (2009, p. 6) defines nonprofit organization as “an entity that is not permitted to engage in forms of private benefit (increment).” Nonprofit organizations are organizations that often offer service or charities. They are non-compulsory and involve some degree of voluntary participation. A mission statement is a clear and concise statement that summarizes who […]

Racial and Ethnic Politics in Latin America

The article suggests that despite attempts by some of the Latin American regimes to assimilate the marginalized indigenous societies, the latter are still mainly subjugated culturally and economically. Official anti-racist positions slowly become the norm in Latin America and the integration of indigenous populations through indigenismo was given continental respectability in 1940 at the First […]

Advertising: Strongly Persuasive or Nudging. Loyal and Switcher Customers

Advertising may be both strongly persuasive and nudging, depending on the chosen audience and the main idea a new advertising campaign wants to implement. Advertising is a strategy which applies to customers’ emotions. It is persuasive when it is directed at the switchers, people who either have never used the products of a specific company, […]

The Leadership Theories: Followership and Servant Leadership

Leadership refers to the process through which the managers of an organization use their skills and personality to inspire their employees to achieve the goals of the organization. The current leadership theories such as followership and servant leadership are focusing on the role of the followers in the decision-making process and the performance of the […]

Planet Earth: Mountains

Summary The Planet Earth series are amazing in that they embrace practically all wonders that nature has to offer. One might think that Planet Earth is solely about soil, lava and the core of the planet, yet it, strangely enough, manages to capture a number of other peculiar information into the scope of a forty-minute […]

Success factors in business

The more companies develop and become successful the complex their operations and virtual organizations become. The interconnectedness of these organizations promotes success in a company; in contrast, it may result in delays and discontent hence lack of successes in the hierarchical components that work together to achieve a common objective. Success factors are the inputs […]

Australia, Asia, and the World

The way Australia relates with Asia and the rest of the world greatly affects its history, culture, identity, and nation. Australia has a culturally diverse population and adequate resources to sustain its economy. Historically, Australia had been an ally of the United Kingdom before World War II, and then the United States was its ally […]

Invention of television

According to Osborne (2010), Paul Nipkow, a German was the first person to transmit pictures over wires. He used the scanning principle developed by a rotating disc technology in 1884. The Nipkow’s scanning floppy thought was developed by John Logie Baird in the 1920’s, which led to development in electronics. He patented the idea of […]

Philosophy of Libertarianism

The word libertarianism comes from the word liberty. It is a political philosophy advocating for liberty, freedom, voluntary and peaceful association of individuals without any form of coercion. Believers in libertarianism appreciate and try as much as they can to see that all human beings maximize their various opportunities to attain their goals in life. […]

The Concept of Intellectualism

Summary The concept of intellectualism has developed a considerable degree of social stigma as seen in the essay “Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids”. Despite the considerable contributions of intellectuals towards the modernization of the world today through science and technology, they are still thought of as being a pox on general social convention. […]

The art of start

Guy Kawasaki has authored over ten business books and he is also a co-founder of an online collection of resources covering popular topics called Alltop.com. He has formulated ten pieces of advice for entrepreneurs which can be summarized in the following paragraphs. Firstly entrepreneurs must be focused on their goal. The ultimate goal of entrepreneurship […]

Conservationists and Biopiracy in Cuba and Canada

Biodiversity and sustainability have become some of the most disputable issues recently. Thus, researchers claim that despite some steps which are being undertaken to develop sustainable approach, these efforts are not enough. One of the articles in question reveals the necessity to develop a particular paradigm to address issues concerning biodiversity. It is stated that […]

Bioinformatics: Pathogen Profiling Efforts

Rapid molecular profiling for multi-resistant Staphylococus aureus (MRSA) spa typing as a bioinformatics approach is currently being practiced as a dependable method replacing the alternative traditional approaches used for hospital acquired infection control. By applying bioinformatics, microbial genomics are integrated with clinical data to achieve groups of patients who belong to the same outbreak cluster […]

Formative Assessment: Analysis of the Article by Dylan Wiliam

Introduction Formative assessment is the process with the help of which students and teachers are able to improve the quality of students’ achievements during the education process (Popham, 2008). One of the main purposes of formative assessment is to assess students’ progress in studying, both in formal and informal forms. This allows teachers to use […]

The Essence of Summative

There are two types of assessment methods: summative and formative. Summative assessment is an assessment criterion that focuses on evaluation of a learner’s competence in what has been learned for a certain period (Fox Valley Technical College, 2007). Formative assessment focuses on providing feedback to both teachers and students so that they can adjust teaching […]

Blackberry Messenger and the Older People

Introduction This paper compares the behavior of old and young people in regard to using blackberry messenger. The writer observes and records multi-tasking habits of six characters used for this study. The six characters comprise of three young people and three old people. The characters form two categories of people; young and old, which incidentally […]