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Australia, Asia, and the World Essay

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Updated: Apr 11th, 2019

The way Australia relates with Asia and the rest of the world greatly affects its history, culture, identity, and nation. Australia has a culturally diverse population and adequate resources to sustain its economy. Historically, Australia had been an ally of the United Kingdom before World War II, and then the United States was its ally after World War II.

The invasion to Iraq and military presence in Afghanistan demonstrated the relation of Australia to the rest of the world. In addition, the fight against terrorism in support of the United States during the devastating Twin Tower attack showed its foreign policy.

Globalization is rapidly increasing, and the intensity of connection with other parts of the world is on the rise. In addition, there are environmental problems, which are a major concern to the globe, and the formation of the organizations, such as ASEAN and European Union, imply that the activities in the modern world are meant to unite all the human beings.

Therefore, people need to become a citizen of the world, despite their group affiliation. If people understand their cultural differences, they can belong to one community.

This would enhance interconnection and interaction among the members with different backgrounds, values, and identities. For people to attain citizenship of the world, a starting point of relationships with others needs to be identified (Luke & Carrington, 2002, p.64).

Australians accepted Asian culture with time. Cultural literacy in Australia plays a major role because it helps Australia recognize and be ready to manage culturally different groups.

Asian restraints and products are indicators that Australians recognize and appreciate Asian culture. The cultural literacy in Australia has created more business opportunities and interesting tourist places. Cultural exchange opportunities have emerged to be a common thing among Australians.

Cultural values are open to discussion and negotiation because they keep on changing and evolving with time. Australians have not yet developed an identity on which they can be recognized. Australian identity can be absolutely be contrasted with Muslim or Asian values depending on the issues being discussed.

The national identity of Australians is quite different as compared to most of the countries in Asia and the world. The rise of Pauline Hanson in the Australian politics led to the strong restrictions, regarding Asian immigrants.

In the recent past, the level of restriction of Asian immigrant has reduced, but many Asian countries were not happy with Australian decision to impose restriction, so they viewed this as racism and anti-Asian feeling towards them (Sarup, 1999, p.99).


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