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History of Single Parenthood and the Economic Implication of Being a Single Parent

Introduction In today’s society, single mothers are not viewed as a marginal group although they still face many challenges as they try to fit in the society. They still face some injustices, for instance, double discrimination in the labor market and family policy. As women, the single mothers are discriminated against in the labor market […]

Does divorce have a greater impact on men than on women in terms of depression?

Introduction Issues concerning divorce have over the years received a heavy share of research attention and time. Disruption of marriage institutions has been blamed for a number of alternative misfortunes in the modern day society. One such misfortune is depression which basically is a state of mental illness that arises form either social economic or […]

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Introduction Early child learning and development encompasses the various skills, knowledge, and preschool experiences that are important for children during the early years. The early learning programs apart from promoting learning on top of promoting physical, mental, social, and emotional development. In addition, children, from age <one to five, who attend these programs are better […]

Coping with Your Issues on Your Own

Proper Scheduling Despite all the excitement and expectations of new life experience caused by the transition to college, this process is also accomplished with much stress for a new student. Freshman year obviously plays a significant role in the personal development as it symbolizes a start of new life – adult life. This is the […]

Management in various areas

Introduction The modern business environment is very volatile and complex therefore demanding more attention and dedication from entrepreneurs and business executives. If business individuals lack the necessary management skills then their business efforts are most likely to fail because businesses demand that managers make the right decisions in order for them to survive in time […]

Core Beliefs and Practices of Islam

Introduction In the context of Muslim world, globalization generally refers to the global spread of ideas, cultures, institutions and attitudes, which are normally perceived to have originated from the west. With this regard, globalization is normally perceived as being equivalent to westernization in the context of Islam core beliefs and practices. As a result of […]

Shoppers’ Online shop

The world is developing fast in technology and communication; the advancements have been adopted for numerous business purposes improvement. In the 21st century, the invention of electronic Medias and the Internet has changed the way businesses and other institutions are managed. As businesses use these technologies to improve their efficiency, resource allocation, communication and marketing, […]

Managing Human Resource

Introduction Currently, Human Resource Management is taken to be a contemporary development that has reshaped employment relationship. This perspective has come out to replace the traditional approaches like industrial relations and personnel management in order to better the practices of employment. Nonetheless, Human Resource Management remains a modern science that is constantly evolving in complex […]

E-Marketing For Small Businesses

Marketing problems in general Marketing is gaining a new approach in the current society. Immediately after the Second World War, most companies had huge markets in the developing countries. The level of competition was very low and firms only worried about production. Marketing was considered a unit in the production department. Most firms used an […]

The Relationship between Stress Management and Criminal Recidivism

Introduction Recidivism refers to a patterned behavior whereby an individual repeats the mistake that made him or her reprimanded. Even though an individual would have experienced some negative impacts of a certain behavior, he might be willing to repeat it without adequate reasons. Recidivism is mostly associated with hardcore criminals because they always go back […]

On what grounds is the idea of universal human rights challenged?

Despite the fact that they are not always put in place, the general notion of universal human rights is in the present day largely acknowledged worldwide. Even then, particular sections of the human rights policy are revealingly challenged by influential political players. Human rights that articulate liberal ideals like non-discrimination, wide personal liberties and egalitarianism/ […]

Pentagon 9/11, Actions and Durations

Introduction Broadly, terrorism is defined as the use of violence on people or property for political reasons. It’s the act of causing terror or fear upon the citizens of a particular nation. It’s a political tactic used by terrorist when they believe that there is no other better way to accomplish their desire. Terrorists are […]

Greener Pastures

Executive Summary This report examines the viability of the entry of Hydrocap into one of two markets, namely one that is consumer oriented or one that is commercially oriented. This report was able to discover through the utilization of the Juste et al. (2008) article that due to various barriers to entry in the consumer […]

Azerbaijan Economic Development

Problem Identification The Azerbaijan economy has developed significantly since the Soviet Union collapsed, but its GPD has fluctuated in past two decades. This means that the overall economy is unstable. Azerbaijan is among the East European countries that have rich natural resources, but have failed to use this wealth to move toward modernization. Azerbaijan’s economic […]

Vanderbilt University Medical Hospital: Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis

Introduction Vanderbilt is a large hospital that has many locations, many patients and a lot of employees. Stakeholder analysis and value identification is therefore very important in order to assess the impact that the company has on the society at large and the ways in which different stakeholders may affect the company’s strategy (Demars, 2007). […]

Top Builders Group and caring about employees

Introduction Background information Every employer assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the work environment is safe for all employees, which means that it should not expose employees to any risks. Creating a safe and healthy workplace is beneficial both to the employee and to the organisation. The organisation benefits through improvement in its public reputation. […]

The History of Rice in Japan

Introduction Among all the cultivated cereals, rice and wheat are among the most important as the leading food sources for humankind. However, rice is consumed by a higher percentage of people across the globe-almost half of the world’s population. Rice is cultivated in over 100 countries in the world. However, the about 95% of the […]

Mitigation of Delayed Projects in the UAE

Introduction In the construction industry, one of the most common and recurrent problem is the delay that is associated with projects. Delays in the launching and completion of projects cost the parties involved in terms of money, time, safety of the project, and the overall quality. These effects are not only felt in the construction […]

Social Science and Elementary Teaching Methods

Introduction The teaching profession has existed since the historical point of view. As the need for better education increases, several teaching techniques have emerged making the teaching profession more complex and interesting. However, teachers training to become experts in the teaching profession, henceforth known as pre-service teachers have consistently faced several challenges, especially while handling […]

Management skills in 21st century

Executive Summary 21st century is like no other. With rapidly technological advancement, managers of corporate organizations are set to meet more challenges related to how technological can be integrated into the management process. This implies that management skills are fundamental to meeting the challenges that corporate organizations are likely to meet in the operation process. […]

The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer programs from a Risk Management Perspective

Introduction What are conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs: History and mechanism Conditional cash transfer has become a popular welfare program across the world. The program aims to alleviate poverty and encourage investment in human capital among poor households. Today, many countries have adopted or plan to adopt CCT programs. The program has become popular in […]

Large Animal Rescue

Introduction Unlike rescuing people during emergency situations, large animals can (and often do) display unpredictable behaviors which more often than not result in aggressive actions that could result in either further injury to the animal or subsequent injuries to the rescuer. The reason behind this is quite simple, animals, unlike people, are instinctive in nature […]

Fair Trade as an Alternative to Free Trade

Introduction A major characteristic of the 21st has been the expansion in global trade. This trade has been catalyzed by the advances in communication and transportation technologies that have led to an exponential increase in the interactions between countries and people in a process known as globalization. International trade has had positive results on participating […]

Business Plan of Qassim Complex

Description Four entrepreneurs would like to build a multi dimensional entertainment center “Qassim complex”, and this complex will provide a number of facilities, such as, cinemas, creative activities, different sporting zones, and food courts (which will focus on diversified cuisines from around the world) together with extensive emphasize provided upon flourishing cultural practices, like music, […]

How power and politics play their role in context with consumers

Introduction Market-anchored power affairs coupled with all hindrances and facilitating systems that they present to consumers in search of change via consumer balloting are vital elements in comprehending the way power and politics function with respect to consumers. Certainly, power pressures in market arenas influence consumer balloting efficiency through influences on consumer dominance. Therefore, the […]

The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Northwest Fur Trade

Introduction: Hudson’s Bay Company Profile The Hudson’s Bay Company presently operates retail stores throughout Canada and although the company is currently American owned, it takes part in a significant portion of Canadian history and has had a paramount role in the establishment of a European presence in North America. The Hudson’s Bay Company was initially […]

Analysis of Japan

Japan has always been known as a conservative society that is well entrenched in its ideas of tradition, culture and the preservation of social institutions (Japan, 58-63). Yet, it is this focus on tradition that has resulted in the preservation of its ancient cultural traditions that has enthralled and fascinated the world for generations. At […]

Social Marketing

Social Marketing Introduction “Why can’t you sell brotherhood like we sell soap?” True. Selling soap and social cause are completely two separate things. However, recently marketing has observed a mingling of the two wherein organizations have associated themselves with a social cause to promote their brand. The trend to promote products or brands with a […]

Conflict Management in the Workplace

Introduction The inevitability of conflicts within an organisation suggests that organisational leaders need to embrace it rather than avoid it. Thus, although there are many ways of dealing with conflicts at workplaces such as collaboration, compromise, competing, avoidance, and accommodation, any strategy that emphasises leaving conflicts unaddressed is inappropriate. Conflicts often produce a negative implication […]

Industry Analysis

The evolution of motor industry has progressed for decades from innovative individuals to corporate organizations witnessed today. This has contributed to the establishment of material handling industries around the world. Some of these material handling sectors are involved in manufacturing equipments and machines for use in mining, power generation, construction, and transport industry. However, the […]

Contingency Plan for Generation Next Airport

Flight Safety Generally, safety is a concept ingrained in the human mind. For most people, safety is considered to be the absence of danger. Safety is something related to all human activities and, therefore, every civil society is organized or should be organized to guarantee public safety in relation to one’s own or other’s activities. […]

Arms Control and the Strategies of Great Powers

Introduction The Great powers of the world have many differences spanning from ideological differences, policies, population, and geographical location among others. Throughout history, wars among nations, states, regions and internal conflicts have always been there. The effects of war are always devastating regardless of who wins or loses; there is destruction of property, loss of […]

Management and Organizational Behavior: Gimco

Business Scenario I once was previledged to work with Gimco manufacturing Company. Gimco is a middle-sized family enterprise that was established by Mr. Smith and is jointly run by the family. I worked in the marketing department, which was headed by Brian, who is Mr. Smiths’s youngest son. The department was made up of six […]

Achieving Competitive Advantage through Talent Management in Etisalat

Introduction With a customer base of 135 million, the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation based in the U.A.E, better known as Etisalat, has grown to become one of largest telecommunications companies in the world spanning several continents with an assortment of products and services ranging from mobile networks to internet service provision. The success of the company […]

Etihad-Virgin Blue strategic alliance

Abstract The purpose This paper examines the benefits that the domestic and international airlines draw from the formation of strategic alliances with other international carriers. Therefore, the purpose of the paper is to explore the significance of code sharing arrangements that most carriers have with other international carriers. However, the paper will narrow its focus […]

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Japan

Abstract Limited study has been conducted on Japanese culture and its impacts on businesses. Some of the cultural dimensions that influence business activities in Japan include communication, religion, ethics, and social structure, values, attitudes among others. Nuance and subtlety considerably characterize communication in Japan. The manner in which an individual communicate, dress and portray oneself […]

Marketing analysis of shampoos in the UK market

Executive Summary The shampoo segment of hair care market in the UK is rather mature and due to the diversity of products and brands and intense competition in the sphere, it requires using rather sophisticated marketing strategies. This report will analyze the segmentation, targeting and positioning of the main players in the market, including those […]

Steve Jobs’ Role at Apple

Abstract The field of management is intriguing. Business entities often look for ways to dominate in the industries they ply their trade. Such underscores the idea that competition is inherent in the world of business. As a result, business owners seek the best talented individuals to manage or lead their organizations. Although a difficult task, […]

Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies

Introduction Wahaha is a famous soup company in Chinese soup market. The company is in the process of launching a new healthy, nutritional soup for children that contains some medicinal herbs. These ingredients will not only have the nutritional value but also prevent occurrence of certain common childhood diseases. In ensuring that the product is […]

The Benefits of Being Bilingual in a Global Society

Thesis statement The realities of today’s living are being marked by an increasing role of information, as the foremost factor that defines the very essence of post-industrial social interactions. After all, due to exponential progress in the field of informational technologies, which had taken place during the course of latest decades, it now became a […]

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Background Summary When people think about Michigan, Detroit falls among the first cities that ring in their minds. This is due to several reasons that make the city famous such as the high population density, ethnic diversity among others. I was born and raised in this city and spent most of my teenage life […]

Marketing Plan Research Group Term Project

Plagiarism Plagiarism presents itself as an academic offense where a writer copies another writer’s work or idea directly or indirectly without giving due credit to the author of the original work. It is a misdemeanor that presents itself in various forms in academic interactions and other forms of social interactions (The Writing Place, 2005). Thus, […]

Global Finance Inc.

Executive Summary This is a risk assessment report for Global Finance Inc. (a fictional institution) The company has serious security issues, which affect its assets and have severe consequences on its reputation, finance, and operations. The report shows risks associated with GFI assets and possible mitigating approaches. The report identifies and describes GFI authentication technology […]

Leadership and motivation theories, principles and issues

Introduction For several decades, employee motivation and satisfaction have been among the most debated issues within governmental and non-governmental organizations with the urge to improve employee job satisfaction being the core motive. Managers have always been under pressure to meet organizational demands and control employees, with the contemporary world awakening to the realities of employment […]

Proctor & Gamble Company

Scope of the Report. This report is designed to address the economic, political, social and environmental opportunities and risks facing Proctor and Gamble Company in the next ten years. Executive Summary. Several decades ago, organizations have been exposed to limited regulations and existed in less competitive environments. As a result, several companies may not have […]

Inflation in Saudi Arabia

Introduction In the recent past, there has been an unprecedented easing of monetary and fiscal policies in many countries. This has raised widespread concerns that the policies may plunge the world economy into a period of hyperinflation. Already in Saudi Arabia, inflation has been rising. This has been attributed to the government’s recent expansion of […]

“The Godfather’s” management

Introduction Principles of management are inclined in management concepts and theories to ensure successful management is achieved. The essay will integrate management principles and theories in ‘The Godfather’ movie to help us understand the degree to which management practices and applied. Management principles vary from organization to organization and are regarded as necessary and helpful […]

The Tawuniya Health Insurance Company

Introduction It is rather interesting to note that various theories of consumer decision making processes always seem to assume that consumers pass through distinct stages/steps before, during and after the process of selecting a particular product to buy or service to utilize. On the other hand Van der Merwe (2010) states that this may not […]

Creating Demand And Marketing Of A New Fictional Product. A New Software

Executive Summary The marketing plan relates to PeFlo Incorporation which operates within the US information technology industry. In its operation, the firm deals with production of a wide range of software products. In an effort to enhance its competitive advantage, the firm has identified a potential market opportunity with regard to consumers buying process. From […]

Information security management

Introduction As Ullman (1983) explains, “security management is a broad field of management related to asset management, physical security and human resource safety functions”. The author further explains that security management plays a significant role in identifying a business’ assets and developments, as well as how they can be protected to ensure long-term development of […]

The Instructional Power of Games-based learning and simulations in education

Abstract Psychologists emphasise integration of games in the school curriculum to enable students develop in all their faculties. Besides the physical fitness aspect, games provide students with an avenue to release the mental tension resulting from rigorous academic engagement. Research indicates that the learning process can be made more enjoyable by using games as part […]

International Market Entry Strategies

Abstract Marketing strategies devised by multinational companies in a bid to invest in other countries beyond their national borders is referred to as international marketing. Quite often, this form of marketing borrows a lot from investment principles used in the domestic market. In a stricter sense though, international marketing encompasses all the entrepreneurial activities that […]

Literature Review on Hospitality Strategic Management

Background Strategic Management Since Early 1950s In the early 1950s, budgetary planning as well as control emerged to be the dominant theme in the hospitality industry management. Organizations within the hotel industry used these strategic planning aspects and as such, the hotel industry enjoyed a successful stint. However, the main issue with these aspects was […]

Can displacement of a few be justified for development benefitting many?

Introduction Development projects mainly include developers taking full charge of land that were in control of other groups previously. These development projects entail natural resource extraction, dam construction, renewing the urban centres, infrastructure projects like bridge, highway, and irrigation canals construction. Reviews of the available works indicate that displacement of persons due to developments focus […]

Strategy as a Practice and Leadership

Strategy can be referred to as a process used to achieve some set objectives and goals of an organization. According to Johnson and Whittington (2010, p. 3), strategy is the direction or the scope of an organization over a long term period. Strategy is a crucial factor to consider in any business; it involves what […]

Ceramic Art

Introduction Ceramic art is a form of art with a long history in many parts of the world. It refers to making object such as tableware, tiles and figures from clay and other raw materials through the pottery process. The products that result from this process are categorized as fine art, decorative, industrial or applied […]

Has the European Integration Process since 1950s Reflect Carl Schmitt’s Critique on Universalism?

Introduction In the course of history, the basis of political universalism has been on the assumption that human beings are no longer plausible. The arguments supporting universalism have for a long time taken lightly the common core of humanity that surpasses every social or historical context. Universalist critics argue on the basis of the complicated […]

Marketing Strategies of Major Car Manufacturers in Emerging Markets

Introduction and Research Problem Motor vehicle industry is rapidly growing. The demand for new car models is on the rise thus forcing major car manufactures to strategize their businesses in order to enhance their market share and global presence. Concurrently, there are emerging markets for major car manufactures. It is evident that such manufacturers strive […]

Company Valuation Report: Goodman Fielder

Introduction In this report, we have tried to present a comprehensive evaluation of Goodman Fielder Company. By considering the market and financial environment in which Goodman fielder operates, we have employed the use of several helpful tools to evaluate Goodman Fielder. Here, historical data on share returns, market returns and financial statements will be used […]

Wise Medical Center Organizational Design

Introduction According to Vargas, Hernandez & Bruque (2003), from the start of the computer era, a large number of studies have been conducted which have made a prediction of a number of positive effects that come up from the IT implementation. Looking at it from the strategic perspective, information could have an effect on each […]

Sirius XM Radio

History, Development and Growth David Margolese, born in Canada, is the pioneer of satellite radio enterprises (Jones and Hill, 2010). At the age of around twenty years, Margolese discontinued his studies and started a paging company. David would later turn his concentration to cellular phone enterprise but failed to obtain funding from venture capitalists who […]

Essays on Organizational Behavior and Theory

Basic Human Processes Coping with Organizational Life: Emotions and Stress Sometimes it is difficult to achieve something in this world – a world which is simply called a global village. Actually the phrase global village is an oxymoron. It is nicknamed ‘village’ because it has been made simple by computers, the internet, and the globalized […]

Sound and Space

Importance of sound Life is made meaningful through the five senses present in human beings. The experiences that people go through are facilitated through the senses that enable people to decipher the messages contained in the sounds that they hear. Seeing and hearing are touted as the most fundamental and can only be compared to […]

Identification and Provision for Mathematically Gifted and Talented Students: A Critical Appraisal

Abstract The paper covers a proposal for the study of identification and provision for mathematically gifted and talented students. The proposed study seeks to critically appraise available literature on aspects identification and provision of gifted and talented pupils in mathematics. Moreover, the study intends to appraise and evaluate existing theories on the study topic and […]

Marketing Plan for Command Spanish

Executive Summary Command Spanish is a small sole proprietorship franchise in Grand Valley. It specializes in providing occupation Spanish training to businesses and government institution in the region. In the past, it has been very successful, because of the wealth of experience that Mr. Sadoval the owner has in teaching Spanish and the personalized attention […]

Conflict Resolution within an Organization

Introduction Conflict is inevitable in every form of human interaction. It arises primarily due to presence of incompatible goals among two or more social entities in the course of their interaction which often results in conflict of interests. Conflict may also arise as a result of perceived divergence of interest where one party believes that […]

The Decision Process in Operations

Abstract The paper explores the concept of decision-making as it applies in a business organization or any other organization. The meaning of decision-making as well as the necessary steps that are taken to ensure effective decision-making process is also tackled. Some typical situations that may require an effective decision-making are also described alongside practical examples […]

eBooks eXpress Management and Marketing Overview

The digitization of information has become a growing trend in the publishing industry as a result of technological developments that have brought about a new era in consumption and distribution of information. This development has opened previously monopolized markets and has created new avenues of sales by which innovative entrepreneurs can reach a potentially global […]

Capital Punishment

Death Penalty in the United States: A Brief History The British law helped in forming the earlier US capital punishment law. Finally, different American colonies developed their own lists of capital crimes which varied from region to region (An overview of the Death Penalty and Capital trials, 1994, pp1-18). Overview Abolishing the death penalty completely […]

Risk assessment for commercial loans

Introduction The twelve member- countries that make up the European Union (EU) formed in the year 2002 have for a long time now been using the euro as their common currency. The use of this currency was implemented at Maastricht with an aim of strengthening the European Union as a key player in the world […]

Case of Debenhams

Introduction Business marketing has become one of the integral business features that organisations use as a competitive advantage to strive through market pressures. The mechanisms of businesses and corporations normally determine companies’ present success and expectations. The physical appearances as well as customs governing a business are good determinants that anticipate the growth and development […]

Student Motivation

Introduction Learning is a very difficult task that unless it is accompanied by motivation, the learner may not be able to achieve much from it (Esteves & Whitten, 2011). This statement is a true reflection of what learning is to the student. Many sayings have been developed in regard to the learning process. Eisenberg (2010) […]

Risk Management/Problem Solving-Twilight’s Corporation

The Corporation’s Risk Register Introduction Twilight’s Corporation is the globe’s giant chain of fast food restaurants. It has a large customer base and sells assorted food products as well as soft drinks. Some of these include burgers, chicken, and salads. As a concern, IT department might experience concerns regarding the ethical use and protection of […]

Life-Cycle Costing

Abstract The built environment is an all-encompassing industry. The stakeholders have all reasons to focus on achieving the lowest cost of both initial and investment cost, and the Life-cycle cost has gained increased significance in the construction industry in the past few years. However, the UAE built environment industry is marked with limited adoption of […]

Quality Education: How the Concept Can be Spread Amongst Stakeholders and Educators

Introduction In the course of the last decade, the global education sector was on the limelight concerning its capacity offer quality basic education. Education is both a system and a process. As a system, it is entrenched in a cultural, political, and economic context. These contexts are interdependent in such a way that they influence […]

Policy Network Models

Introduction Policy network is a globally recognized model that was first developed in the United States of America. It is a long term avenue for implementing various policies formulated in different fields (Fukuyama 1989). The aim here is to promote long term ideas based on democratization. To this end, policy network models hold that global […]

Dental Pulp

Development and components of the healthy dental pulp The dental pulp refers to a tissue on an individual’s teeth that is formed by propagating and condensing the neural crest cells of the dental papilla. Trowbridge and Kim (1998) pointed out that a fully grown dental pulp assumes the appearance of embryonic connective tissue. However, the […]

Good Earth Coffee: Company Analysis

Issue The building blocks of a successful global business company starts with a sound strategy, which incorporates structural, leadership and cultural forces the business needs to take into consideration. Good Earth Coffee selected the strategy of franchising for that reason as well as the exceptional marketing and operational structures in place. With this strategy, it […]

Ethics In American Hospitality Industry

Introduction Ethics is important for the wellbeing of an organization. It determines the effectiveness of an organization and its operations. in the hospitality industry, ethical practices help to avoid issues such as racial conflicts, cultural differences, gender troubles and dishonesty among others. Ethics in the hospitality industries is evolving. Changing values and cultural diversity indicates […]

Critical Assess Trade Relations between the US and EU

Trade is an important aspect of any economy. With the advent of globalisation, many countries have established trade relations with their international partners. Such relations have been found to increase the stakeholders’ profitability based on the diverse products and services they have been able to share. Although conflicts between different countries have barred them from […]

What were the implications of Germany’s reunification for France and how did Francois Mitterrand respond to it

Introduction Francois Mitterrand was born in France at a place called Jarnac in the year 1916. He rose to become the 21st president of France and the longest serving president that France has ever had. During his formative years, he was a student at the Paris University where he studied political science and law. During […]

Ethics in Group Counseling

Abstract Ethical issues are at the heart of the counseling process and practice. This paper discusses the issue of ethics with close consideration of professional practice of counseling and therapy. The paper narrows down to the complexity of ethical issues that counselors face in group settings in comparison to individual therapy. It further discusses the […]

Human Trafficking between Africa and Europe: Security Issues

Introduction Human trafficking has become one of the leading global crime statistics that governments of the world are grappling to contain. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs Control and Crime Prevention (UNODCCP, 1999), human trafficking can be described as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by means of threat, deceit, […]

International Trade and Its Effects on Globalization

Introduction The evolving world has proved that nations are indeed exchanging goods and services and strengthening interdependence. Many nations are involved in both inbound and outbound trade by importing the products and human resources that the country does not possess and exporting their surplus outputs. International trade provides a pathway that encourages interdependence across nations […]

Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, Florida

Executive Summary The study examined the problem of identifying critical success factors in the tax preparation industry. Most firms in the tax preparation industry have one major objective. The objective is to emerge the best in the industry. However, companies operating in this area differ significantly with regards to their level of success. It is […]

Sentencing For Murder

Introduction Research entails systematic investigation with an aim of establishing facts or collecting specific information. Researchers use varied research methods based on the nature of the research, availability of resources, and time. Research objectives act as the guideline throughout the research. The method of data or information collection used determines the credibility of the study. […]

How Public Participation Is Affecting Service Delivery

Introduction New forms of governance are constantly emerging. In the UK, the notion of public participation has gained favour, owing to its ability to affect democracy and flexibility in the delivery of public services (Cunningham, 2008, p.1036). It represents a third alternative of public sector service provision because it differs from market systems or state-controlled […]

Property Market Analysis Report

Executive Summary Property markets are important pillars of any economy. The trends displayed in these markets determine how an industry performs. There is the need for appropriate research before an organisation can commit any finance into any property market. Some of the considerations that must be made include the performance of the regional local and […]


Introduction Background Information Ashtead group provides rental solutions in various situations such as facilities management, nonresidential construction markets, disaster relief, traffic management and major event management. It provides equipment such as lifts, powers, generates, moves, digs, pumps, and directs for rental purposes. It was founded in 1947 as Ashtead Plant Hire Equipment Limited. The Group […]

Chinese Manga

Abstract Within the past few years Chinese manhua within China has been losing relevance within the country of its origin wherein more Chinese citizens apparently prefer manga to manhua. This shift towards manga and manhua has yet to be fully understood and, as such, will be explored within paper. By delving into the historical aspects […]

Poverty and Inequality in Jacksonian America

Jacksonian America is not the work of one man. Jacksonian America is not all about Andrew Jackson even if he was arguably the most influential person in this period of American history. But without the contribution of others it would be impossible to understand the transformation of America from 1815 to 1848 (Howe, p.5). It […]