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Meaning about California in Various Posters Essay

California History: Hollywood Movie Posters

The California state is known for its luxurious and beautiful lifestyle, but questions arise of what lies behind all that beauty. Generally it is known as a state with a stable economy, a lot of laxity and prosperity.

However, the state has a dark enigma lying behind it. Indeed, defining California’s lifestyle can be a diverse topic ranging from adventure to violence.

Looking at some of the posters, from my opinion California is portrayed as a state full of fun and adventure. Take for example the poster of American Graffiti; there seem to be a mood of freedom, happiness and lots of fun.

Blowing of a trumpet, while in the middle of such a big crowd, displays freedom of entertainment, and couples relating and cruising all around shows the adventure in mingling with different kinds of persons.

The poster of Fast Times at Ridgemont High shows two free young ladies, which might be interpreted to show the carefree life of California. People having fun in all ways they want, with the attitude of “this life is short”.

Other posters such as the Black Dahlia, Pulp Fiction and Heat display people with very serious and daring faces. This brings out California as a city with people willing to venture into very risky missions yet with no fear of any consequences.

Some of the posters, like There will be blood, Crash and Heat, are very dark showing that they are things taking place in the night.

This portrays California as a state with mysteries, adventures, jeopardies and undertakings that are only unleashed in the night.

From the posters we also get a reflection of a violent state. To begin with, guns are all over. Looking at the posters, one can conclude that, in California, guns are not a big deal; one can use them wherever and whenever they want.

This of course might not be the case. A poster like that of The Maltese Falcon displays a person who is willing to finish another’s life to get what he wants.

Take that of the Pulp Fiction, it presents California as state where use of violence is the only way to solve things. The face of the woman on the poster can also be interpreted as saying things can only go her way, with no negotiations or otherwise the pistol does its work.

From the California Conquest poster we also get to see that it is not only guns which can be used for defense but also swords. Other titles also like There Will Be Blood bring out the picture of violence in California.

The poster of Die Hard also displays a serious cop using a gun against twelve terrorists. This can be an indication of the varsity of criminal activities in California.

This draws our attention to the fact that people might be forced to own guns for self defense. In Lethal Weapon poster, we also see two serious men with one holding a gun; again we see violence being exhibited.

Judging from the facial expressions we can conclude that it is a city where people are not shaken or scared easily. In my opinion, California appears to be a city where violence and bloodshed are such an easy and small thing to do.

The movie posters also display California as state with beautiful and sexy women. Most of the women are also shown to be aware of the beauty they possess and they are not afraid to display it.

The poster of Psycho, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Kalifornia display women who are beautiful and sexy in terms of their body figure. This shows that charm and elegance is a notable feature among California women.

Other posters like that of The Black Dahlia, The Maltese Falcon and California Outpost portray class, polish and refinement of the women, judging from their mode of dressing.

The poster of The Graduate also shows the beauty of California women is not only in dressing but in their body parts.

In California, there seems to be Heroism fight for justice. We have always seen in movies people showing bravery and boldness to defend what is just and fair. From the posters it might be a true characteristic of California.

From Heat, The Maltese Falcon and California Conquest, we see features of bravery, fearlessness and fortitude. Men are courageous enough to defend what to their opinion is just and right.

The state has also built its own heroes through their nobility towards the state and its people. This is shown from the poster of Die Hard, where we see from the writings on the poster, a cop is fighting twelve terrorists alone.

This shows how California has a strong belief that such heroic nature can exist, a cop boldly willing to risk his life to fight for the people. Such as cop of course will be a hero for bringing justice to the state and for displaying such gallantry

In conclusion, in my opinion California appears to be a state where freedom is vast. People have freedom to live and enjoy lavish lives and to almost make what seems unreal, real.

The subject of violence is also a notable issue. In my opinion fire arms are not a thing to display or use anywhere anyhow. And also murder to me is also not alight issue. Finishing off someone’s life to achieve justice and fairness might also not appear heroic to me.

Because there are other ways that justice can be obtained other than through bloodshed. About women, it is true that California women are really beautiful and sexy, but they might reconsider displaying some parts to everyone anyhow.

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