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XYZ Company’s Decision Making Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: May 25th, 2019

Decision making is a very essential element, from an individual perspective as well as when taken from an organizational point of view. Decision making process should be procedural to ensure that all the important aspects are put into consideration hence allowing for success in the actions taken.

Instead of just considering decision making process as an element of problem solving, it should be taken as a comprehensive process that not only focus on getting solutions to problems but also looking into the nature of the problems involved and how best they can be solved (Allwood & Selart, 2001).

This piece of work looks into the considerations that should be adhered to ensure that XYZ Company establishes a greater presence in Kava. This will be through looking into aspects like; the key issues in the business scenario, the forces that are involved in formulation of the problem and the organizational and environmental obstacles involved in decision making.

There are various key issues in the business scenario that are worth discussing in this paper, as a way of understanding the situation in the XYZ company hence identifying how the organization can be able to establish a greater presence in Kava.

The company is relatively young with a lot of desire for growth and development as a way of expanding its operations. One way of expansion that the management of the organization has considered appropriate is that of improving its presence in other parts of the world, Kava, an island in the South Pacific, being one of them and the target of this assignment.

An organization usually faces some challenges when extending its operations in other countries especially where the countries are not well established. Kava is faced with a lot of economic, political as well as social problems making it a risky place to establish successful business. Since Kava is faced with a lot of disasters, its development is slowed down and XYZ Company is not well developed there, from office setting to other operations.

The establishment of a good presence of the company therefore necessitates that critical decisions are made in regard to what is beneficial to both the company as well as the people of Kava. All in all, it is a country of great potential and the challenges should be turned into opportunities through creative thinking and strategic decision making.

There are various forces that are involved in formulation of the problem for instance the desire to come up with some solutions through turning threats into opportunities. Ethics is also a driving force towards making things in the company better and the founder, Chris Morales, emphasizes on adhering to business ethics for success for instance through corporate social responsibility as a way of giving back to the society.

The fact that the company has a strong history of organizational structure and processes is also a driving force/ encouragement that it can also perform well in Kava. There however exist various organizational and environmental obstacles that hinder the process of establishing a strong and competitive presence of XYZ Company in Kava.

They include the fact that the XYZ Company is not well established in terms of the human resource body as well as other resources like finances. The environmental challenges include the unfavorable conditions in Kava due to the various disasters and risks involved for instance terrorism which necessitates that more efforts are put to make the process of improving the image of the company successful (Roth & Mullen, 2002).

Critical thinking in decision making is a very significant aspect that should always be considered if an organization is to be successful in its undertakings. Critical thinking is a tool that assists in the processes of inquiry and appropriate judgment which in turn allows for interpretation, analysis, evaluation as well as a justification of the considerations upon which a conclusion is drawn.

To ensure that XYZ Company is well established in Kava, the problems currently faced by the company should be dealt with effectively. There should for example be effective strategies, through appropriate decision making, to enhance the organizational processes such as marketing and strategic planning.

The work force should be well equipped with relevant skills and knowledge required to perform various duties, through appropriate training. Another very crucial aspect that should be emphasized in carrying out the company’s undertakings is maintaining ethics, to ensure that processes are carried out in the right manner for the benefits of the majority (Paul & Elder, 2002).

It is evident that decision making process is a very critical element especially at an organizational level. This is so because it affects the progress of an organization through the actions taken (among several alternatives) in regard to different situations. It involves identification of the problem(s), definition of the criteria, aims and objectives and evaluation of the impact the problem.

The causes of the problem are then determined and different options or alternatives identified. The alternatives are evaluated in terms of the impacts they would have towards solving the identified problems and a decision is made based on the evaluation. The decision made is then implemented through taking of various actions as a way of improving situations faced by organizations.

The process of decision making is however never complete without measuring the impacts of the actions taken in an effort to ascertain the progress and hence take necessary measures. If all the recommendations are put into action, XYZ will secure a competitive position in Kava (Hughes & Lavery, 2004).

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