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Company Profile and Cover Letter: Fisher Investments Application Essay

Summary of the Company

Fisher Investments, from its inception in 1979, has grown and developed under the direction of founder and CEO Kenneth L. Fisher, to become one of the most promising privately-held firms concerned with the management of high-net-worth investment portfolios in the United States.

Headquartered in Woodside, California, Fisher Investments has been able to win the hearts of many high-net-worth private clients and some of the world’s preeminent institutions, including Fortune 500 corporations, governments, foundations and endowments, due to exemplary leadership and management understanding demonstrated by the CEO and the investment team.

In connection with achievements in the money management sector, Ken Fisher is a nationally recognized pioneer in investment research, writes the “Portfolio Strategy” column in Forbes Magazine, has authored four New York bestsellers on investing and wealth creation, and is ranked a top market forecaster among his peers according to the independent 3rd-party CXO Advisory.

As demonstrated in a 2008 survey done by BusinessWeek, Fisher Investments is ranked one of the best companies in the United States to launch a career due to its commitment to human capital development, vibrant work environment, and desire to cultivate new talent.

Currently, the investment firm has job openings for creative and committed professionals in a wide range of areas including management, research analysis, financial analysis, business information analysis, business development and regional sales, among others. Most of these opportunities are in the firm’s offices in Greater Portland Area, Portland Metro Area, Woodside and San Mateo.

Due to the firm’s expansionist strategies and capacity to achieve fast growth, it is predicted that many job opportunities will arise in the future for talented, motivated college graduates seeking to start a career as financial analysts, business analysts, IT professionals and sales executives in the investment industry.

Fisher Investments is an equal opportunity employer, implying that both male and female job applicants have an equal employment opportunity at the firm based on their skills, talents, abilities and experiences. The firm’s hiring policies are predicated upon merit, continuous improvement, innovation and growth, with the view to helping build a better future.

Fisher Investments has two entry-level job categories for new college recruits looking to initiate a career at the firm. The recruits can start a career as either account executives responsible for contacting potential customers who have made inquiries to Fisher Investments in reference to wealth management, or associates in critical areas such as client services, regional sales, portfolio accounting, portfolio implementation and institutional group.

The firm’s human resource policies are clear that promotion of employees is intrinsically tied to performance, merit, creativity in developing investment solutions, motivation, and a knack to move beyond the ordinary in the delivery of benefits to investment clients and institutions. Fisher Investments Company reinforces these values in employees through regularly reviewed lateral and vertical promotion opportunities as well as other job-related reward packages.

Being a top-rated employer by the Forbes Magazine, Fisher Investments provides employees with many opportunities for professional and personal growth. The firm challenges its employees to think beyond the conventional not only to better the investment universe but also to move up the career ladder using the many career opportunities available at Fisher Investments.

The firm is a top-cream money management firm as demonstrated by the fact that it has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, and also has an Investment Policy Committee with over 100 years’ combined industry experience.

The company serves over 25,000 high-net-worth private clients and over 100 reputable institutions not only in the US but also globally, not mentioning that it has been rated by BusinessWeek as one of the best companies in the United States to launch a career, and by Forbes as one of the best financial institutions to work for.

From its incorporation in 1979 as a sole proprietorship, Fisher Investments has expanded its tentacles outside its principal offices in California and Washington to operate a wholly-owned subsidiary in London’s investment hub and has also partnered with an investment firm in Germany to serve its expanding clientele better.

Over the years, Fisher Investments has been able to leverage its operational paradigms of dynamic growth, prosperity and stability to become one of the largest independent investment firms, with tens of billions of dollars under its capable management.

The company is actively involved in seeking to better the investment environment by not only challenging convention but also embracing positive change “and pioneering tomorrow’s investment solutions today.” Overall, the investment firm provides client and institutionalized investment portfolio management schemes as well as advisory services for wealth management over time through its two primary business units, namely “Fisher Investments Institutional Group and Fisher Investments Private Client Group.” With these investment arms, Fisher Investments has been able to act as a pacesetter for other investment companies engaged in providing services to high-net-worth individual and institutional clients.

Analysis of Personal and Career Goals

There certainly exists a strong fit between my personal and career interests on the one hand, and many of the job-related policies and practices projected by Fisher Investments on the other. For example, in one of its hiring policies, the investment firm insinuates that it employs competent people based on merit, continuous improvement, innovation and growth, with the view to helping build a better future for the investment sector.

My studies in accounting and natural inclination in business- and finance-related fields put me at a distinct advantage not only in demonstrating sufficient capacity in these professional attributes in the actual job environment, but also in remaining practical while seeking for solutions that will enhance the firm’s ability to achieve dynamic growth, prosperity and stability in the investment domain.

Additionally, a job as an account executive at Fisher Investments will provide me with the opportunity to utilize and further polish my theoretical knowledge and applied skills in accounting that I have so far learned in school. One of my childhood dreams was to secure a steady career in the financial world, probably in dynamic areas such as investment banking or financial analysis.

Fisher investments Company not only offers both opportunities but also provides opportunities for young and enterprising employees to improve their skills and expertise in a serene environment that encourages people to “think beyond the conventional” in developing innovative solutions for the investment world.

My strong work ethic, sincere commitment to personal and professional development, and a robust set of academic qualifications will undoubtedly serve as key drivers to success when catapulted by the great opportunities provided by Fisher Investments in assisting employees to become creative and innovative, and also to think beyond the ordinary in the delivery of benefits to investment customers and institutions.

More importantly, my multicultural orientation as a Chinese descendant will undoubtedly add a new angle to my possibilities at the firm, particularly when it comes to diversifying investment services in multicultural contexts. In retrospect, it is clear that my personal and professional goals can be achieved by securing a position as one of Fisher Investments accounting executives, either in the United States or abroad.

It is my firm belief that I have all that it takes to shine in the accounting profession after years of educational exposure and, most profoundly, contribute in making a positive change in the investment arena. My high ambition and motivation to achieve my goal of becoming a conscientious and assiduous account executive in a high-flying investment firm are in line with the company’s commitment to develop effective and efficient human resource capacity and to provide an enabling environment for professionals to showcase their skills, expertise and talent.

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Brylee Franklin studied at Iowa State University of Science and Technology, USA, with average GPA 3.65 out of 4.0.

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