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Organizational Behavior and the Individual Essay

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Updated: Mar 29th, 2019

Organizational behavior is a section of study that is closely associated with the study of individuals and occurrences within an organization. It entails interrelations amid individuals within a given association and the nature of an existent interrelationship within varied organizations.

Structurally, the constituent factors of an organization are the individuals pooled from dissimilar sections and enable the organization realize its preset goals and objectives. The divergent roles undertaken by these differing individuals within the margins of the organizational structure cumulatively defines the organization’s behavior.

Evidently, there is a deeper association between the individuals within an organization and the obvious organizational behavior. This essay attempts to unravel this relationship through an exploration the driving factors behind an individual behavior. It borrows heavily from observations made within RBS citizens.

Pilati & Tosi (2011) observe that the key driving factor to an individual includes motivation, ability, role perception as well as situational factors. Motivation is a critical factor for individual excellence in any given setting. According to Furnham (2005), motivation is a multidimensional construct internal to an individual.

Reportedly, both “internal and external factors” influence motivation (Furnham, 2005). Furnham (2005) observes that career identity is a reference to the level of significance and individual accords his career. Reportedly, it is a function of the degree of work participation as well as level of desire for upward mobility.

Both career resilience and insight are significant pointers of the level of dedication an individual accords to career. Furthermore, they show individual resistance to career disruptions amid recurrence of under optimal circumstances. Evidently, the level of motivation of an individual directly relates to both the portrayed behavior and quality of the tasks executed. Within RBS, this is evident especially in the sales section where lowly motivated individuals records minimal sales.

According to Pilati & Tosi (2011), individual ability is the personage aptitude to execute delegated duties and functions within the organizational set up.

Ability presented in terms of both the assessment results of individual worth as well as the intrinsic capacity to perform given tasks. Additionally, the individual ability comprises two sections which include the personage intellectual and physical aptitude.

Pilati & Tosi (2011) observe that intellectual aptitude is an individual capacity to execute mental functionalities. Consequently, physical capacity is associated with potency, physical stamina and condition. In recognition of the significance of this factor, RBS delegates duties that are within the individual ability. This has appreciably minimized losses compounded with improving sales. Similarly, it has increasingly enhanced the individual motivation levels.

In Pilati & Tosi (2011), role perception is the recognition of the particular behavioral attributes expected of an individual occupying a given organizational position or a societal position. In this context, there is need for an individual perception and outright comprehension of role from external source before a subsequent individual assumption.

Pilati & Tosi (2011) describes situational factors as comprising all organizational in-house and external considerations and are inclusive of all social fiscal, budgetary, and periodic factors of the association. Budgetary and fiscal factors in conjunction other related factors are determinant of the levels of individual rewards and extent of organizational needs. Every association has social policies which describes the manner of individual behavior both within and outside the organization.

Organizational ethical codes and Individual characteristics

RBS has stipulated ethical codes that are cognizant of individual characters. Evidently, the process of hiring personnel ensures the absorption of individuals with established abilities, right motivational levels, with proven role perception as well as individuals with excellent records and proven characters. Nonetheless, human behavior is has the capacity to considerably modify with environmental influence, (Furnham, 2005).

RBS recognizes these facts and has over the years devised proven methodologies for correcting undesirable results emanating from poor individual characters. RBS uses such methods like salary appraisals and bonuses to aid in individual motivations. Additionally, delegation of duties within RBS is within the individual aptitude to ensure excellent results. Role perception and situational factors are massively significant as they are principal factors in the realization of excellent outcomes.


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