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Problem of the Planets Expository Essay


This essay explores on a detailed explanation of the problem of the planets. It will identify the philosophical implications that Plato, the character in the book, has on the problem of the planets and explain what the author, Tarnas, says about the problem of the planets.

The essay will thereafter explain the thoughts of the author on the problem of the planets, whether this issues are important and interested to be studied or not. The problem of the Planets is an interesting matter that includes many truths and enigmas.

In explaining into details the problem of the planets, this problem is one of the major concepts and themes discussed in the Platonic discussion. This dialogue has caught the attention of the people since it proved to exclusively have consequences on the Western world evolution.

Plato’s thought formed a cosmology basis which later became a classical world and later forcing the beginning of modern science. This problem of the planets was the most significant factor that was dynamic and led to the continuity of the attempts of Western mind (Tarnas, 48).

Plato worked mathematically and showed that the heavens were visible expressions of the heavenly reason. In Plato’s cosmological talk which was known as the Timaus, he explain the planets and stars as being visible images that have eternal deities and whose wholly synchronized movements are paradigms of the magnificent order. The heavens revolved accurately according to Plato’s perfect mathematical thoughts and later on formed and established the time patterns (Tarnas, 50).

Plato thought it was encounters of a man with the space movements that established human reasoning of things. Through this encounter, man was able to divide days and years and to know mathematics and number and to even understand philosophy which liberates gifts of mankind from God. Therefore, Plato stressed out the worth of studying heavens movements in order to harmonize celestial revolutions symmetry which comprises of a spiritual human understanding (Tarnas, 51).

Platonic philosophy had a positive ramification on the problem of the planets. Platonic philosophy gave rise to other philosophies and this can be supported by the proof that it was a legacy to many, for example, Aristotle, who was a bright student at his Academy and eventually created his philosophy from Platonic philosophy (Tarnas, 53).

Plato’s philosophy also has an effect in the beginning of modern science through dynamism. Modern Science works of Philosophers such as Kepler and Copernicus later came into existence due to the legacy of Platonic philosophy (Tarnas, 48).

In Platonic philosophy, astrology was considered to be very important making a person to gain wisdom needed in philosophy. Through the study of astrology, Plato discovered that planets were moving and philosophers needed to find the accurate information of the movement and come to a solution. Plato’s philosophies also lead to the beginning of the revolution of science through the works of Kepler and Copernicus (Tarnas, 48).

Tarnas believes that the problem of the planets started earlier in history before Plato. The emergence of the West cosmology first originated from the astronomerastrologers who existed about two thousand years from olden kingdom of Mesopotamia of Babylonia. It was observed earlier that there was a difference between terrestrial and celestial spheres.

The celestial realm appeared to be superior because of its beauty and regularity. On the other hand, the terrestrial realm is unpredictable due to its changes and decay (Tarnas, 49). These changes in the terrestrial sphere influenced various activities such as seasonal changes from winter to summer, human generations among others and were governed by the events in the celestial sphere (Tarnas, 50).

Tarnas thinks that Plato’s knowledge was characterized by magnificent ideas. Plato’s transcendent ideas governed Platonic basis of philosophy through marvelous intelligence. The author also thinks that Plato could have believed in eternal souls that provided knowledge that makes people discover thinks.

Through, the use of mathematics and empirical studies, the author thinks that Plato provided a legendary conclusion on the solution on the motion of the planets. The author’s thoughts are significant since they display how Plato’s philosophy was a legacy that many people followed, especially Aristotle who eventually created his philosophy (Tarnas, 53).

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