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Main Currents of Western Ideologies Essay



Several theories have emerged explaining the origin and the nature of existence of every creature on earth. There are religious and secular explanations that at some point tend to conflict in the process of giving descriptions concerning life. However, focus is given to some western philosophers who emerged with their own views and explanations concerning life issues.


As an architect and knowledgeable artist his work marked the beginning of practice on conscious principles of arts. There is argument on the reasons as to why paintings should be considered as the turning point for artistic productions. Composition of art work is usually defined through the various contents which makes the work appealing and attractive to the viewer.

Diversity involved in the process of composing artistic work makes it pleasurable to the mind. Alberti is unable to correlate beauty from variety since he believes the work involves lots of exaggeration in terms of symbolic meaning, appearance and nature (Baumer 133-135).

The nature of argument presented by Alberti could be likened to the design nature of human body parts, especially those used in movement. Every part functions in accordance to the nature of its design and each function within certain limits. This presents good example to painters who should undergo education and learn the art of painting from geometrical point of view. The process could also be learnt from nature which harmoniously combines beauty and composition of form to produce peculiar objects (Baumer 133-135).


Bruni supports theoretical and practical learning which gives appropriate knowledge to learners. This is the foundation upon which he believed the knowledge of good literature and the art of composition could be found. He asserts that writers could be rated after careful consideration and reading of their works and further advices that students and general readers, need to be more careful on the kind of literature they adopt in order to avoid unnecessary confusion (Baumer 135-138).

Readers should be devoted to reading from authors that have written materials in line with their areas of interest. The nature of impression that each writer leaves on the audience especially women, through their writings is of prime importance since it contributes towards their general character. Morals taught through religion should be taken seriously by all women within the society (Baumer 135-138).


Erasmus focused on God’s creation focusing on the differences existing between human beings and other living things. Men are generally driven by their desires and the urge for dominance. This means that some ways of training need to be induced for the purposes of making man comfortable within the society.

Total confusion could be realized in the nature of development if man does not undergo proper training (Baumer 128-130). Each person’s character could be traced from the kind of environment they were exposed to from early stages of life as well as the encounters through life, which could lead to both acquired and learnt character traits (Baumer 128-130).


Peacham analyzed the importance of education and discovered its percentage contribution towards noble character. Every creature of noble character rules the territory it dwells; this is because nobility out-stands other qualities of life. God created each individual with unique qualities irrespective of family lineage or the environment one dwells.

Peachman believed character could sometimes be acquired and developed through companionship and the kind of environment one is exposed (Baumer 130-131). Nobility therefore provides good foundation for wisdom and riches, alongside justified authority. Extraordinary character always attract serious rebellion hence requires modest approach, which with the help of acquired knowledge acts as the most outstanding reinforcement against ignoble character influence (Baumer 132).


Mirandola wonders at God’s creation and believes that man makes the most wonderful part of creation ever to exist. The wonderful character of man is shown throughout the Bible and described explicitly by the great king David in the book of psalms. Mirandola believed that the unique nature of man is worthy of envy from all walks of creation including non-living things and spirits. This gives man the privilege of choosing whatever he/she wants to become in this life (Baumer 126-128).

There is belief that God’s creation was in need of a good manager that could appreciate and manage both living and non-living things. This was the reason as to why God saw it wise to create man in his own image and likeness in order to reflect his magnificent glory. All other parts of creation are defined by the limits and laws set by man (Baumer 126-128).


The Golden theory presents complexity of life and the kinds of relationships existing within the cycle of life. Each part of life or creation is dependant on others for survival, meaning that within its complexity life is all about interdependency. This feature could be presented to denote the kind of multiplicity required for continuity to be realized in every cycle of life (Olsen 8-11).

Application of geometry and numbers provided easy ground from which conclusions about life could be deduced. The author believed that mathematics formed the great central part in the analysis of creatures all over the world. This could be used to differentiate the various characteristics of animals (Olsen 8-11).

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