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Media Violence and Altruism Argumentative Essay

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Updated: Jun 4th, 2018

There has been indisputable evidence that media violence accelerates aggressiveness and violent behavior that might have either short or long-term consequences in any given society (Nier, 2006). It has also been argued that exposure to media violence triggers aggression whether verbally, emotionally or in terms of perception.

Converging studies reveal that children who are exposed to elements of media violence tend to become aggressive during adulthood. Additionally, undesirable acts such as spouse abuse, forcible rape as well as physical assaults are likely to be aggravated by habitual exposure to media violence from childhood (Nier, 2006).

Apparently, study conducted delineates the reason for increased aggression by evaluating on the existing aggressive scripts and programs in the media (Nier, 2006). Consistent presence of children in violent media avenues is a major factor that results to increased aggression even as they grow up.

Statistics indicate that individuals who spent more time watching media programs committed violent acts more than those who spend fewer hours in the media (Nier, 2006). Scholars argue that, media violence influences social behaviors both positively and negatively (Nier, 2006).

However, enormous damage has been noted in correlation with watching aggressive programs. A qualitative review from psychologists affirms that, as media violence amplifies, case of aggressive behavior has become widespread. Pointless to say media violence exceedingly contributes to violent behavior.

However television and media institution decline that violent media can not result to aggressive behavior (Nier, 2006). Moreover, they insist that entertainment industries influence behavior positively.

In this case, violent media shows help to release aggression that would be locked in peoples mind. For instance, films on murder are seen as therapy to remove individual antagonism (Nier, 2006). Philosophers argue that, viewing violent plays enhances an emotional release from bad feelings such as doubt and phobia.

Imperatively, my opinion supports the scientific perspective indicating that, media violence results to aggressive behavior. Apparently, a country like America whose media is full of violence has experienced a high score of violent cases (Nier, 2006). In this case, there is a close link of social aggressive behavior with media violence.

Article analysis: Altruism

Altruism is a behavioral condition where individuals voluntarily help others at their own cost. In an ethical perspective, altruistic individuals benefit others without expecting returns or compensation (Fels & Zeckhauser, 2008).

Philosophers affirm that philanthropists opt to enhance their wellbeing with their colleagues in order to live happily co-exist with them. Theoretically, altruism has a basic principle that asserts that man has no right to live for his own sake.

In this case, philanthropists view serving other people as the only way to justify holistic existence (Fels & Zeckhauser, 2008). Moreover, self-sacrifice is perceived as a basic virtue and moral duty. Most importantly, altruism promotes cohesiveness within families since it enhances cooperation. Amazingly, individuals’ altruisms have impacted positively on global affairs.

It is definite that total altruism demands absoluteness from people bearing in mind that the latter is a natural condition that normally has an evolutional value. Sociologists confirm that this behavior evolve in order for individuals to fit among their counterparts.

In this case, philanthropists broaden their perspectives as part and parcel of ensuring that they eliminate barriers that inhibit their complex social web. Additionally, evidence indicates that the condition is depicted by every individual in some manner (Fels & Zeckhauser, 2008).

However, there is growing controversy on whether altruism is different from egoism. Undeniably, egoism is driven by individuals benefitting themselves without caring whether they offend others or not. In most cases, people deny the very existence of true altruism since they doubt the authenticity of their own motives when helping other people.

Definitely, research indicates that true altruism exists though there are those who are more philanthropic than others. To shed light on this, it is vital to note that human altruism should not be construed with compassion. Although the two are connected, the former involves emotion while the latter is real action (Fels & Zeckhauser, 2008).


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