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Organizational Behaviour

This project looked to study the organizational behaviour in a select company in lieu of three aspects namely; the role of personal values and organizational values in employees' job satisfaction, the types of business communication [...]

Culture of Design

If the manufacturer is able to redesign the products in order to change some specifications as required by the consumers, then the customers are likely to be loyal to the consumption of the brand.

Counseling Skills

This presents itself as prime situation where a counselor is needed in order to get to the heart of the matter, identify what the employee truly wants to do and create some form of action [...]

Culture Jamming

This issue has been carefully examined in media that specifically focuses on the development and transformation of the counterculture which, in its turn, has provoked the expansion of capitalism, has introduced innovation to mainstream culture, [...]

Major HRD Issues

This strategy is very tempting but it is ineffective and even harmful for a manufacturing company as it leads to lack of motivation in workers. It is important to develop training strategies that could address [...]