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Center for Climate and Energy Solutions: Mission Report

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Updated: Jun 11th, 2020

This report illustrates the significant contributions to the issue of environmental protection, which are provided by the global non-profit organization, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). The union targets the questions of climate pollution and develops some consistent informative and technical strategies, which aims at the improvement of environmental safety quality. The organization reveals its activities on multiple levels. Specifically, it treats the climate protection operation on the regional, local, individual, and global scales.

The primary mission of the organization is directed to the creation of an economically effective market system, which would promote nature-friendly solutions. The policy of market mechanism, which is offered by the C2ES underlines that multiple emissions, which are released by modern industries throughout the world, constitute a danger to the global economy since the eradication of their consequences may be quite costly. Specifically, the statement regards the damaging effects of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and suggests that the world manufacturers have to follow the market system of GHG allocations decrease, which has lately been introduced in several states of the USA.

The representatives of the organization often claim that gas emissions, as well as other types of environment pollution, inflict equal financial hardness on all the citizens of a specific particular. Moreover, the crisis of GHG release possesses some subsidiary ecology implications, which hinder the development of anti-pollution strategies. These are such consequences as sea level growth, biodiversity loss, and weather changeability (Market mechanisms: Understanding the options 2015).

The C2ES organization gives a preference to the market-based strategies of environment protection over the customary power and control techniques. Thus, it offers a flexible system of industry control, according to which, every emission issue should be approached separately.

Except for developing some consistent planning of pollution reduction, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions investigates the alternative fuel sources as well as promotes the usage of ecology-friendly materials both in everyday life and manufacturing processes.

Primary Initiatives and Achievements of the Climate Organization

Throughout the history of its functioning, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions accomplished a wide range of ecology-friendly models and launched numerous climate projects, in cooperation with the leading environment protection organizations of the world. In this report, the principal initiatives of the C2ES are assessed.

Lately, the union initiated a global system of fuel energy efficiency that is based on the usage of the information and communication technologies usage. The project was devised by a joint group of several world platforms, which are CityMart, the United Nations Foundation, the UK Technology Board, and some others. The program was named SMART 2020 since it establishes long-term realization goals and predicts a full accommodation of the project until the year 2020. The system follows the famous pattern of social media connection. Thus, the experts claim that the usage of connecting to each other through the world web provides an excellent model of energy emissions control. Mainly, it is offered to link the major world machines so that they could exchange the information about the level of gas allocations. The technique assists in monitoring the amount of fuel expenditure, which provides a background for energy economy (The Climate Group 2015). The model has already gained a name of a Clean Revolution and is actively embraced by many world climate agencies.

The Clean Revolution campaign is not the only model of environmental protection, which was launched with reference to technology development. Due to the rapid growth of the Internet facilities, the organization aims to keep a pace with the progressive tendencies. In 2012, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions designated a new social media project in corroboration with Alcoa Foundation. The model was called Make an Impact and represented an interactive foundation of environmental education and awareness. The project mostly targeted the global corporations, which introduced their employees to the issues of ecology protection. Thus, the HR director of the famous company Fullerton, Darlene Bush, stated in her interview that Make an Impact website made a significant change to the workers’ understanding of climate concerns. In the course of following the Internet platform, the employees of the company were acquainted with the issues of carbon calculation and personal footprints. Since the management of the business was eager to support the interest of the staff as well as the values of the project, they initiated an ecology project according to which, every employee was supposed to leave his carbon footprint on the grounds of the corporation by planting a tree (Climate change 2012).

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFL) project represents a global initiative, which was introduced by the C2ES group in 2013. The organization managed to connect the major American stakeholders to the system of AFS deployment, which encourages the employment of ecology-friendly fuel for the automobiles. Since the innovation requires the additional resources testing, as well as license application, the C2ES organization brought the projection to the attention of the Washington State Legislature, which overtook the initiative and launched a program of financing the AFL (Alternative Fuel Vehicle Initiative 2013).

The C2ES union made a considerable contribution to the development of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The document established a balance between the U.S. economy and ecology condition. Specifically, it targeted the green policies as well as emission control and allocated $787 billion for the embodiment of the environmental recovery in particular states of America. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions provided a theoretical grounding for the policy implementation and conducted a distribution between the target investments, which had to be promoted by the new regulation. Mainly, the union made a decision on the energy and transportation renewal. Moreover, it estimated the amount of allocations that had to be directed to the emission monitoring, energy taxation, and environmental science. The innovation had some positive influence on the American community, for it stipulated the creation of diverse simulation models and energy programs (Abate & Kronk 2013).

The usage of natural gas in the U.S. industry serves as a substantial achievement of the C2ES union. The organization has first initiated the planning of natural gas employment since it was noticed that it can serve as a tool of GHG emissions decrease. The planning of the resource use was based on the research, which was launched by the organization. According to the outcomes of this examination, the realization of natural gas employment must be based on two critical steps. First, it is crucial to disclose the alternative sources of gas such as solar or wind power. Second, the experts have to find the ways, in which one could overtake the emissions that come from the burning of coal and natural gas so that to direct them to the underground space. Furthermore, the organization created a consistent planning, according to which the project can potentially be implemented in life. Due to this plan, the renovation has to start with the private houses, which employ a significant amount of power. Thus, it is recommended to substitute such electric devices as water heaters for the innovative natural gas appliances. Moreover, it is offered to introduce some new fuel cells that are powered by natural gas so that to turn waste heat into the new energy. The experts claim that education is a substantial part of renewal processes since the users of primary energy appliances are not entirely acquainted with the rules for natural gas employment. Besides, it is critical to show the society that a new type of energy possesses some substantial advantages so that to extend the areas of natural gas consumers throughout the world. Finally, the C2ES group offers to align the projection of the alternative energy use with the primary state and regional policies, which would create space for new fuel generation technologies.

Finally, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions launched a line of innovative plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), which rely on the power of natural gas. The projection was already implemented in the USA and some European countries. The estimations of the environmental reviews show that the usage of electric vehicles serves as a perfect method of imported oil employment. The active usage of such devices contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions decrease, air quality improvement, and combat of gas value (Plug-in electric vehicle dialogue 2015).

Employment of Science as a Tool for Environment Renovation

The inclusion of scientific techniques is a crucial factor, which underlines the principles of environmental protection modeling. Therefore, the C2ES group is actively using science for building its theories on climate and ecology. Specifically, the process includes several domains of scientific knowledge such as adaptation regulation and economic resilience.

Since the organization primarily deals with the issues of climate and energy law, the concept of adaptation is often regarded in the measurements. Due to the changeability of weather conditions, the citizens of various countries are always challenged by global temperatures impact. Thus, the C2ES should attend to the science of accommodation techniques so that to correlate the devised projects with the natural conditions. The approach includes measuring diverse ecological ratios such as water temperature, air pressure, and so on. These skills assist the representatives of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions in compiling consistent planning of future innovations. It should be noted that an erroneous application of adaptation strategies may result in the ultimate failing of the project. Therefore, the scientific skills are of great value in this context.

The C2ES group is famous as a professional in the sphere of business analysis since its project always corresponds to the actual industrial tendencies. The skill accounts for the area of economy resilience. Thus, the organization specialists apply their scientific knowledge of economy calculations and apply them to the environmental models so that to match the projections to the real-life practices.

Therefore, one may conclude that climate regulations account for the full application of scientific skills since the area refers to the objective world experiences.

Conclusion: Summary of the C2ES Advocacy Positions

In this report, the primary strengths and specifications of the C2ES group were assessed. Specifically, the paper dwells on the mission statement of the union, which embraces environmental protection as the first priority. In the body of the work, the existent projects, which were realized by the organization, are described. Finally, we describe some specific scientific skills that are practiced by the members of the union so that to match the devised models to the real-life experience.

It may be deduced that the organization primarily targets the issues of harmful emissions eradication as well as an adequate substitution of poisonous gasses for natural fuel. The models of strategic implementation, which are offered by the C2ES organization, are characterized by scientific complexity and scrupulous elaboration. The experts claim that this factor accounts for the professionalism of the members, who manage to utilize the basic scientific measurements as well as ecology-related experience and turn them into the progressive models of environment treatment.

The second constituent of the C2ES’s success is its tight collaboration with the world leaders, which score high in the sphere of global ecology or have excellent recognition and substantial authority. Mainly, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions cooperates with NASA the UN organization, etc. Such linkage helps the members of the union to bring its sound ideas to the target public. For instance, lately the group launched a joint project in collaboration with Alcoa Foundation. The model under the name Make an Impact was promoted by the latter among the leading business corporation, which introduced the project to the global industry.

Therefore, a successful staff deliberation, the sound principles, and winning strategies turn a climate foundation into the major player in the domain of world ecology.

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