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Paper Making Industry

Consequently, at the end of the processes, the factory release emissions and wastes to the environment. Some researchers trace the origins of the paper to Egypt, in River Nile while others link the origin of [...]

New Product Development

One of the ways through which the product development manager can achieve this is by ensuring participation of the various functional teams in the formulation of policies, procedures and the practices to be adopted in [...]

Employee Motivation

Training and development of employees According to the results of the survey, a great percentage of those interviewed agreed to the fact that companies highly encourage and support education and training of workers.

Information Systems

It is worth saying that the advances in the application of advanced IT infrastructure has motivated organizations to develop and adopt I formation Systems and IT strategies to facilitate the design of business strategies.

The North Face Case

The aim of the report is to apply different marketing concepts with the aim of formulating a recommendation that would be applicable in future decision making and marketing strategic direction of the company.


The firm strives to achieve breakthroughs in technology and to emerge at the top of its competitors. This is in order to ensure that plans with the right procedures, mechanisms and technology are introduced.

Title IX Law

It is important to note that women are not only disadvantaged in terms of sports participation, but also in administration due to lack of opportunities to train for these careers.

Southern Company

The company's subsidiaries are able to supply to municipalities and millions of customers. Therefore, in order for Southern Company to be able to pay dividends and other expenses, it depends on the income and cash [...]

Strategic Management

The basic model of strategic management is the pattern that is used in strategic management. Strategic management is therefore being used to assess competitors by setting strategies and goals that will be used in the [...]

U.S. Immigration Control

The factor of urbanization has also contributed to the increasing immigration to the U.S.with many people moving to the United States of America due to the attraction of urbanization which is directly associated with industrialization [...]

The Russell Hotel

The firm's location at 'The Rocks' which is one of the major historic sites in Australia contributes to the firm's competitive advantage by attracting a wide range of tourists annually.