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Denver Health’s private cloud Case Study

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Updated: Nov 7th, 2018

1. Patient information should be held confidential at all times. In order to meet this requirement, Denver Health makes sure that all handling and information storage is done in Denver Health’s private cloud. These sun rays require to be upgraded after every eight hours unlike the typical two to three years of PC.

They have also instituted the sign-on procedure that is used by doctors and nurses upon their arrival at work. They sign on a single Sun Ray terminal by inserting smart card and then logging-in the name and password. The doctor or the nurse withdraws the card, which logs off the session at that terminal but still leaves session active for the doctor or nurse.

When entering a patient’s rooms during the day, they are only required to reactivate the session, which takes 5-10 seconds. 2. Thinidentity can be used by schools to support the technology needs of faculties and as well as those of students. This can be done by instituting private cloud in the faculty to ensure that it runs its activities without unnecessary interferences from other faculties. This will make the coordination the between the departments under one faculty faster.

Use of Thinldentity will boost the quality of services they deliver to the students and other stakeholders. The faculty may carry out research and training to reduce the resistance to new technology. The faculty should redefine its roles to fit with the new technology. This will require some guidance and encouragement to reduce poor faculty retention. Thinldentity can support technology needs of the students.

With the increased varieties of mobile application and ever-expanding cellular network, the school can use mobile technology to achieve this by enabling its students to access some of the services using their phones. School management can encourage students to use laptops in the campus for learning. Increasing electrical outlet access and Ethernet ports will increase the students’ access to online study materials and frequent recharging for their laptops. The number of printing stations should also be increased.

Flexible and accessible learning to students should be ensured. 3.A public cloud is based on standard cloud computing model where a service provider makes the resources available to the public over the internet. It may be free or payable. As compared to the private cloud which is data center that uses cloud computing technologies, public cloud has certain benefits. Firstly, it has easy and cheap set-up because some costs are catered for by the provider.

For example, application, bandwidth and hardware cost. Secondly, it has scalability to meet the needs of the individual and lastly, there is no waste of resources because someone pays for what he uses. 4.The smart card is used for collecting and storing data related to a particular person.

The smart card serves to protect personal data thus ensuring that users are protected. Some of the features of smart card are secure key and data storage, storing device security, secure communications between the card and card readers and ability to store biometric templates, for example, fingerprints.

The sim card would safeguard the patient’s private information that he does not want it disclosed. In order to ensure that the patient has access only to his information, the password should be only known to the user. The information security should be strong to eliminate the chances of eavesdropping. The smart card should also support biometric authentication to enhance privacy of personal information.

The strong support for privacy of information is a requirement of a smart card because it can give firewall for an individual thereby giving only needed data and when it is required. 5.Denver Health can extend the Thinldetity beyond its environs by encouraging the patients who cannot be accommodated within their premises to embrace its usage. It would only work with the advancement of technology to those patients.

Doctors and nurses working from home would save many lives of patients and save a lot of time and resources. Use of mobile phones will make it easier and cheaper since no travelling expenses are incurred. 6.Denver Health has some of effectiveness metrics that may be used to justify their use of Thinldentity. Through its use, they have been able to minimize the loss of time incurred by doctors and nurses when entering patients’ rooms and logging in the computer.

The advantages of implementing Thinldentity are evident. It has reduced the costs incurred by $5.7 million. Denver Health used to lose $4 million per year due to physician loss of time. Costs are also saved in that the upgrading of thin clients needs to be done once in every eight years, which is far better compared to the previous PC that needed to be upgraded in two to three years.

With all those advantages, Denver Health is likely to have created a good name and hence attracting many clients due to faster and efficient service. In conclusion, Thinldentity has improved the status of Denver Health and should continue to be implemented. It has improved the welfare of the patients through better quality services and faster treatment of patients as compared with before.

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