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Sonnet 116 Analysis

The third subdivision of this poem argues that the nature of love is not subject to the passage of time. The language and the style used in this poem only enhances Shakespeare's message of love.

Solving the Ethical Dilemmas

With the shift to employees-centered policies within the majority of organizations, the issues of ethical behavior and both individual and organizational responsibility require special consideration. This is the topic of the conversation and peculiarities of [...]

Gender & The Body

Basing on Michel Foucault's view on the body as that controlled in terms of space and time, Sandra Lee Bartky in her article "Foucault, Femininity, and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power" reviews the way female [...]

Problems at Perrier

In this particular scenario, the mere thought of downsizing in an attempt to return to productivity appears to rattle employees to the core, implying that either the management did not communicate the decision effectively or [...]

Diversifying teams

This paper intends to analyze the benefits and shortcomings of team diversification and how leadership styles could be used to be used to build a team. One of the common disadvantages of team diversity is [...]