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Public Speaking in a Democracy Essay

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Democracy is considered to be one of the forms of political government, where the role of people is crucial indeed. The majority becomes the ruling power that supports individual freedom and equality before the law. Public speaking is regarded as one of the most effective ways to attract voters’ attention and make them believe that democratic actions are worth attention and recognition. This is why if public speaking is poor or boring for the audience, the ideas of democracy may still be unheard.

It will be very difficult to improve the situation and take into consideration the demands and requirements of ordinary people. Public speaking actually matters for a democracy, because it is a good and sometimes the only chance to save democracy that is eroding now, to improve communicative skills, and to underline the problems that prevent people from happiness and well-being and need to be solved within a short period of time.


Public speaking as the way to save democracy from eroding. A team of sophisticated journalists and writers admit that “democracy is eroding and that there is no need for rhetoric. Yet, if some effort is not made to help young people understand democracy and the role of public speaking in this form of government, all will truly be lost” (Evans et al., 325).

Democracy is that golden middle in governmental forms that cannot be controlled too much but still serve as an example of working and organized group. This is why in order to create a proper government, it is necessary to consider the needs and interests of people and take the necessary steps to meet these demands.

However, if these needs are not spoken aloud, they can be hardly recognized, let alone that they can be hardly met. Public speaking may become a powerful mean to inform people, to persuade the government to define the problems and work on them, to think about the possible improving ways, or at least to entertain people and give them a hope that everything will be better.

Democracy needs to train public speaking skills. There are certain rules that need to be followed to present effective public speaking and be able to achieve positive results of these speeches. The role of public speaking is crucial indeed, this is why it is better for a democracy to train their skills as frequent as possible.

First, it is obligatory to plan your speech before speaking: a speaker should clearly define a topic, purpose, and audience. Second, if there is a chance, it is better to train a speech for several times: to talk slowly, provide examples, divide the text into several meaningful parts, and leave some time for questions.

Third, public speaking will be effective for a democracy in case examples, reliable facts, and evidences are given. The audience should have a chance to comprehend why a point is important and what makes its urgent. If a democracy wants to be heard, it should plan each step and each word carefully.

Public speaking may improve general state of affairs from a democratic perspective. A democracy would like to support and improve a variety of tenets, and one of them is a free educational system (Evans et al., 328). People have to get a chance and study free. If citizens are not educative, they do not have enough opportunities to make decisions, introduce their thoughts, and ask for support.

Public speaking should help them prove that education needs to be free. With the help of educative and informative speeches, the supporters of democracy are able to introduce their thoughts, their demands, and the ways of how to achieve all these demands.

Letters and protests lost their effectiveness nowadays, this is why public speaking is one of the final attempts to achieve justice and comprehension. “Free elections are necessary in democracy” (Evans et al., 326), and people are deprived of the opportunity to vote and introduce own ideas for free. This is why it is high time to remember about public speaking and use it to its full extent.


In general, public speaking is integral for a democracy. For the government, it is very difficult to listen to every citizen and take into account the demands of each person. This is why it become more effective and more helpful to unite ideas, organize them in a logical way, and speak clearly and confident.

If it is necessary to give one clear answer why public speaking matters for a democracy, it should sound like this: a democracy is a kind of voice of citizens, and public speaking is a means to make this voice audible to the ruling top. If this means is broken, citizens are not heard, and their demands are not taken into consideration.

Ordinary people lose their chance to improve their lives, and general state of affairs worsens considerably. This is why people should save their positions, should care about their interests, and should make their speaking being noticeable. Public speaking is obligatory for a democracy, because its absence may lead to total collapse of successful society.

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