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Gambling in Ohio Essay

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Updated: Sep 6th, 2019

“I lost my money. I lost all my respect… I hurt my family, and I hurt my friends” (Rogers 11). These are the most frequent phrases of those people, who are fond of gambling and try to spend as much time as possible in order to win some money by means of gambling. The theme of gambling is one of the most arguable ones in America, and in Ohio in particular.

It may be regarded as entertainment, sport, or just fun; but at the same time, gambling may turn into the reason of unexpected financial ruin, loss of family or career, and even death. In Ohio, it is possible to find out such warnings on lottery tickets “Compulsive gambling can be treated” (Rogers 121). This type of entertainment is available for any person, and the Ohio government tries to control the situation in order to save human lives and not to deprive them of a chance to entertain.


The purpose of this project is to investigate the history of gambling in Ohio, its development in the 1990s, and its impact on ordinary human lives in order to underline the significance of this process and its unexpected and mostly negative influence on people.

Gambling in Ohio leads to the development of social and economic problems among the society. People have all opportunities to govern themselves and control their interests. If one person engages into gambling, his/her relatives and close friends become involved as well. This is why it is crucially important to prevent people from such disaster and addiction and tell how tragic this gambling addiction can be.

Literature review

The history shows that “the Ohio gambling was available to the white man even though he might separated by hundreds of miles from the nearest of his fellows” (Banta 333). In 1990, racing industry as one of the possible forms of gambling became the most dangerous component of casino industry “amassing a war chest of $1 million” (McMillen 256).

Gambling in Ohio faces numerous contradictions, and almost each year, the voters cannot come to one common conclusion and to allow certain forms of casino (Grinols 35). In November, one more voting process has to take place, and the vast majority of people believe that this time, the results will not support gambling in this state.

Personal researches

Many Americans love gambling and like to bet on everything that is possible to sell. Some people play lottery and cherish the dream to win money and improve their lives. Some people like gambling just to spend their time, meet new people, and find someone to share interests.

Some people cannot imagine their lives without gambling: they become so involved into gambling that can easily forget about their families and jobs. Gambling in Ohio is a quickly developing industry, and the government has to control it thoroughly. Cincinnati hotels, Grove City hotels, and Lebanon hotels are the best representatives of the hotels with various casinos or gambling, and the government of Ohio has to pay special attention to these institutions and protect people against the possibility to become bankrupts because of own inability to cope with personal desires and passions.


People have to know about the dangers of gambling and passion to casino. In this project, we touch upon such issues like the historical development of gambling in Ohio and the current state of affairs, this is why the audience of this project may be quite spread: professionals, who deal with the development of gambling institutions in Ohio, addicted people, who want to find a way out of their passion, ordinary people, who want to know more about this industry and be able to prevent the troubles connected to gambling, and students, who still believe that gambling is harmless fun only. This information should interest any person, who wants to change and improve this world.

Workable plan for writing a project

This project will be workable and helpful only in case we will follow a certain plan and meet all the necessary deadlines. First, we should analyze current indicators of gambling in Ohio. Secondly, we should study the history of gambling and find out its roots and factors of growth. Finally, we have to refer to the reliable literature, use the ideas of sophisticated people, and prove the correctness of the chosen theme.

Counterarguments to the proposal

The weak side of this project is inability to compare gambling in other states. Ohio is not the center of gambling industry in the United States, and the attention to gambling in Ohio does not help to prevent its spreading all over the world.

In order to present a powerful paper, we should better concentrate on the causes why people start gambling, what makes them drop their habits, and what may substitute the passion to gambling. To develop this proposal properly, we have to demonstrate own abilities to investigate the matter and approve them by means of the already established facts and ideas.

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