Classification Essay Examples

In what ways did Merton develop Durkheim’s idea of Anomie in the creation of Strain Theory?

Durkheim’s idea of Anomie Durkheim studied various components of society in order to understand how each part related to another. This was an attempt to look at society and establish how it works. A stable society operates smoothly with its functional, social arrangements. Such a society reflects consensus, cohesion and cooperation. Conversely, if arrangements of […]

TV Show Classification

Introduction One way of making complicated things simple to understand is through classification. The entertainment industry classifies movies and TV shows using various principles such as genre. There are many TV shows in the entertainment industry which are divided and classified using various classification principles. Due to similarities in characteristics of these TV shows it […]

Text Messaging Categories

Introduction Text messaging is a general way of communicating electronic messages using mobile phones and other forms of portable devices. With time, using Short Message service (SMS) in text messaging has become convenient to use. With the modern text messaging electronic devices, people are able to communicate by sharing images, video and sound contents. Text […]

Classification of Facebook as a communication Media

As the demand for instant communication increases, technological developments have made it possible for people and organizations to satisfy their communication and interactive needs using social media. In the recent past, major social websites have emerged (Funk, 2012). Large corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and LinkedIn are some of the major organizations that […]

Video Games and Movies

Games can be considered as toys, but toys do not always involve the principles and rules of game. On the one hand, there are slight differences between the concept of game and toy. On the other hand, they are particularly highlighted in terms of design, freedom of action, and limitations imposed either on game or […]

Theory X and Theory Y

In the modern society, it cannot be disputed that effective leadership styles are elemental for enhancing organizational performance. It is the responsibility of organizational leaders to adopt management styles that are suitable for diverse work environments. The X and Y management styles have been employed by different leaders over time. They offer useful insights that […]

Figurative vs Literal Language

Abstract This study explores the concept of figurative language and the various types of figurative language that exist. The essay will also focus on contexts in which the various types of figurative language can be used. Introduction Figurative language refers to the use of “figures of speech” in describing something by way of making comparison […]

Binary Classification

Introduction Binary classification refers to the grouping of a population in to two classes depending on the features that they either poses or lack. In academic set ups, the concept of binary classification can be used to group students into two categories based on specified properties as exhibited by students. Academic performance and behavior are […]

Role of Public Health Nurse

Public health nursing as a career is concerned with the general well-being of populations. The general role of a public health nurse is the promotion of the well-being of persons as far as health is concerned by use of the knowledge of nursing, social sciences, as well as public health sciences. Due to the broadness […]

Definition and Classification Skills

Social Networks Information age has given birth to new and modernized styles as well as novel structures of interacting and passing information/knowledge. Currently, social networks are useful tools for managing personal and organization activities. The rationale behind creation of social networks was formation of interdependencies among individuals, groups or systems with the aim of sharing […]

Car’s Unique Types

Introduction Over the years, various types of cars have been developed. Manufacturing companies have designed and different types of cars to meet various consumer needs. However, there are three types of unique cars that have been marketed to meet specific consumer needs. Economy cars Characteristics: price and functionality Unique characteristic: Low price Example: Toyota corolla […]

Sociology of Consumption

In these chapters, John Crammer examines the consumption patterns existing in Japan. His main argument is that by studying them, researchers can better understand the social life of a country, the formation of people’s identities and values, or micro-economics of households (Clammer, 2008, p. 1). In the author’s opinion, the discussion of consumption patterns is […]

Dubbing in France: 1920’s To Date

Introduction Agreementwith other film industries to open the markets for films placed France within the major risk of foreign interference. Subtitling was also not allowed per se leaving dubbing as the solitaryoption of domesticating foreign films. The 1920’s By 1920’s, the whole of France and Western Europe was recovering from the destructions of the world […]

Major joints in the body

Joints are found where any two bones convene. They allow the skeleton to move since, in their absence, it would be impossible for human beings to move. Major body joints in human beings are classified into three. These include rigid/Fibrous, synovial/ freely movable, and slightly movable/Cartilaginous joints. Rigid joints do not move, and an example […]

The Successful Experiment

When designing experiments, researchers always find themselves needing to control certain variables to ensure the success of the research. According to Sytsma (2009), a variable is defined as almost anything found on the face of the earth. Variables are a real concern for researchers (Sytsma, 2009). When these variables are of definite experimental interests they […]

Jobs and Their Salaries

Everyone has to work if they are to survive and live a good and decent life as a human being. Jobs are the work we do for pay. Jobs have been have been listed as one of the basic needs of life after food, shelter, clothing, and security. The amount of pay received when one […]