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Text Messaging Categories Classification Essay

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Updated: Jan 17th, 2019


Text messaging is a general way of communicating electronic messages using mobile phones and other forms of portable devices. With time, using Short Message service (SMS) in text messaging has become convenient to use. With the modern text messaging electronic devices, people are able to communicate by sharing images, video and sound contents.

Text messaging has significantly been applied for several reasons that are now both beneficial and detrimental to users and the society. Text messaging will be an electronic communication medium that will continue to exist for a long time. Describing the different categories of text messaging is critical in understanding the significance of text messaging.

Categories of text messaging

As indicated earlier, SMS is the mode of communication that text messaging utilizes. In this respect, mobile phone users are able to send abbreviated words like a message. SMS text messaging allows sending of images and video content. Apparently, SMS is the easiest method of text messaging through mobile phones. In most cases, an SMS has a limitation of not more than 160 characters.

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is another category of text messaging similar to SMS. However, MMS is only limited to attaching pictures and videos to text messages.

Micro-blogging is a text messaging application available for mobile phone and computer gadget users. In recent times, computer tablets have made text messaging easier. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter promote text messaging through mobile-based applications.

Premium text messages are text messaging where the user is required to sign-up for a text messaging service. Premium-text services are normally done through mobile subscription services. An example of premium text messaging is when a user requests for a mobile ringtone, music or rights to television voting.

Premium text messaging always has a charging fee attached to it. In most cases, premium text messaging involves a two step subscription process. The sign-up process involves input of the mobile number and opt-out information processes.

Free texting applications are the newest technological developments in text messaging. The free text applications are usually downloaded on a smartphone. The applications allow the user to text message for free. Although these services are done at no cost, an internet connection charge is accrued since the applications are internet-based. Examples of instant messaging applications available on smartphones include Whatsapp, Textnow and Heywire.

Email also supports sending a text message through computers and electronic gadgets like mobile phones and computer tablets. People have now associated themselves with emails for over two decades. The advantage with sending emails is that one can send a text message and combine the same with pictures, videos and audio contents. Although this communication requires internet connection, data charged for sending an email is relatively low.


As indicated earlier, text messaging is a communication medium that will last for a long time. An analysis on how text messaging has evolved from the SMS to emailing is an indication that text messages will prevail. Nonetheless, text messaging has also evolved in terms of technologies used to convey text messages. For example, people have now conformed to using free text applications downloaded on mobile phones. This is technologically advanced compared to conventional use of wireless mobile phones. This transformation conforms to the evolving needs and convenience of using advanced communication technologies in conveying a text message.

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