Explicatory Essay Examples

Traditional Conception of God

According to the traditional conception of God, there is omnipotent entity that created the universe including humans. Furthermore, there is nothing that lies outside the power of this Supreme Being. Moreover, this entity possesses other important properties that should not be overlooked. Among them, one can distinguish omniscience or the knowledge everything that has ever […]


Introduction The Eurasian Country Turkey is a vital factor in the present geopolitical situation for its strategic location with its various historical events. By this time the country has engrossed the attraction of most developed countries and the people allover the world are interested to learn more about the country for their business and tourism. […]

Analytical Information and Facts about Namibia

Introduction This essay, gives analytical information and facts about Namibia, one of the countries found in Africa. The paper is well structured, with segments covering specific elements of the country’s profile. For example, the geography section will include the country’s size, hydrological features, orographic features, climatic features, and flora and fauna. The paper will also […]

The Fallen Values of the Fallen Humankind: Urban Pastoral of Swift’s “A Description of a City Shower” and “A Description of the Morning”

Despite all the advantages that technology and progress have to offer to the humankind, there has always been a tendency to romanticize the nature and cultivate the idea of returning into the lapse of innocence where the concept of money and other vulgar attributes of civilization is no longer in existence. The given tendency has […]

Ethnocentrism, Romanticism, Exoticism, and Primitivism as Depicted in James Cameron’s “Avatar”

Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism refers to the way a given group of individuals critiques another, using its own culture as point of reference. In most cases, ethnocentrism is regarded as the belief that one’s culture is superior to another or is the most preferred compared to the one being reviewed (Lundberg, 2001). Ethnocentric individuals feel that their […]

Modern Algeria

Introduction Algeria is a country located in the northwestern part of Africa. It borders Mediterranean Sea to the north. Algeria is officially referred to as the democratic republic of Algeria. It is also the second largest country in Africa. The country is covered by 90% desert. Most of its population lives in the northern region. […]

The United Nation’s response to climate change

Introduction After years of releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere, the global climatic trends have been disrupted leading to a rise in incidents of undesirable conditions like drought (Marsh and Henrik 2000). Climate change has reached alarming levels and, over time, countries have come out to declare their intention to deal with the issues. This […]

Summary of the article Three Kinds of Ethics for Three Kinds of Engineering

Summary of the article Mariarty (2001) main thesis is that modern-day engineers need to move beyond know what or know how, and embrace know-why. Contemporary engineering must be governed by three types of ethics that emerge from different eras of engineering: virtue ethics, conceptual ethics and material ethics. The latter are synonymous with traditional engineering, […]

The Affinity Argument in Plato’s Phaedo

Outline Paragraph 1: Explanation of Plato’s Phaedo Paragraph 2 and 3: The Argument from Affinity Paragraph 4: Application of the affinity argument in contemporary societies Paragraph 5: Conclusion The Affinity Argument in Plato’s Phaedo Plato’s Phaedo is a great dialogue written during his middle period. It is written as a third-person account of a philosophical […]

Review on essays Rose for Emily and The Guest

Introduction When examining the character of Ms. Emily from the story “A Rose for Emily” and the Arab from the story “The Guest” their divergent characteristics and origins would normally result in little if any consideration being given for finding similarities between the two. Despite this assumption, the two characters are remarkably similar since they […]

History of the Telescope

Introduction Telescope is an instrument used to observe minute objects. It has the capability of collecting and analyzing radiations from objects that are at a distance. It has an electromagnetic spectrum that helps to magnify the size of an image when taking a photograph. Information is also collected/ gathered through image sensor. There are various […]

Proposition 37 and Genetically Engineered Foods

Proposition 37 is the initiative which is presented as the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act by the representatives of the Organic Consumers Association in California. Proposition 37 requires labeling genetically engineered foods. It is developed to become the regulatory law the main purpose of which is to control the process of labeling […]

Origin of Human

Origin is one of the most important questions in the USA. Living in the world where racial discrimination was an occasional affair for a long period of time, the problem of human identification was really crucial. Nowadays, this issue still remains central due to a number of reasons. The USA is the country with a […]

Demographics of Social Vulnerability

Introduction Disasters are extreme events that exceed a community’s ability to cope with them. Hazards (whether originating from technological or natural environments) have significant negative impacts on the community. It is therefore important to identify, assess, and understand these social vulnerabilities. Social vulnerability perspective emphasizes on the people’s capacity to anticipate, cope with, resist and […]

How and Why the Notion of ‘Psychological Contract’ Can Be Applied To an Employer’s Recruitment and Selection Process

Introduction Recruitment and Selection are processes of hiring new employees. The two run hand in hand. Generally, recruitment involves an organization recognizing and acknowledging that it needs to fill a certain vacant or yet-to-be-vacant position within its hierarchy. The company then advertises the vacant position, describing what it entails and the qualifications required of the […]

Choral Music Review

Choral Music. Choral music is written for a particular group of people to sing. Therefore, a choir of six to three hundred and sixty singers sings the music. This kind of music is commonly practiced in schools and by church choirs and has special arrangements of voices to enhance its quality. One singer singing the […]

Berlioz Symphonies

Hector Berlioz is renowned as one of the best and highly gifted composers of symphonies. He was well appreciated and desirably honored amidst a galaxy of other top and skilled composers. He composed many songs on top of the classical literature works which he did during the period between 1840 and 1870. Although he was […]

U.S. Federal Reserve

The “Federal Reserve System” is a central bank that operates whilst shunning the influence of powerful persons in the U.S congress (Krautkramer, 2004). During its initiation in 1913, the Glass-Owen bill was the determinant regulatory process that enhanced its existence and viability. However, many distinguished U.S congress officials did not contribute to the process since […]

Organizational Development and Change Implementation

Generally speaking, organisational development and change implementation refers to some particular insights offered into the process of modifying the operations of the organisation and the conduct of the people too. Outstanding performance clearly depends upon the organisation’s multiple element interaction with each other. Through embracing teamwork, commitment, coordination and creativity will be enhanced thus realizing […]

History of Deforestation

Introduction Deforestation was largely driven by the need to meet man’s needs. In the beginning, these were subsistence-based and individualistic; therefore, the level of destruction was not as enormous. Ancient populations highly depended on wood for fuel, and needed access to land for agriculture. The rise of industrialisation deflated pressures on forests for fuel, but […]

Geology of Palouse Falls

Introduction The Palouse Falls is found southeast of Washington, US, on the Palouse River as it enters Snake River. Although a series of falls were formed along the river, the Palouse Falls is today the only one surviving, dropping water through a distance of an estimated 200 feet. The waterfall is a breathtaking site visited […]

Psychological Issue Summary

The use of biopsychosocial perspective to evaluate, assess, and treat a patient allows practitioners to view the patient from multiple viewpoints rather than just mental illness. The effectiveness of the treatment should to cover all areas of the child’s life including his or her family, school, and recreation spheres. In this paper, biopsychosocial perspective will […]

Characteristic, common and any facts of 20th- century British poems

There are three elements of modernist poems. They include the individuals, experimentation and anti-realism. The contents of this paper will focus on these three elements. Traditional writers were more stereotyped, employing ceaseless experimentation and rejected the old forms of writing. One of the facts about modern poems is their ability to represent the writer’s inner […]

Ethnographic Research Methods

Introduction The world is full of many complex things which are strenuous and hard to crack. It is difficult to explain how they function, how interrelated with one another they are and how they harmoniously coexist in the ecosystem without the slightest friction emanating from the interaction. This necessitated the invention of tools and techniques […]

Growth and Motivation theories; Application in Personal Behavior, Professional goal Setting and Social Policy Formulation and Development

Introduction The concept of growth denotes either physical or mental change in size. Growth, as discussed in this paper, will concern both manifested physical growth and external growth associated with progress in careers, personal relationships, and existing networks with friends and colleagues. Motivation plays a tremendously pivotal role in growth; in essence, many employees and […]

Ancient Poetry Analysis

Ethos is a conviction that becomes evident when the author depicts diverse character. It equally accords the author authority to exemplify facts. Interestingly, it focuses on capturing the reader’s attention (Braet 316). The author begins by describing the entry of reporters into the scene as undiplomatic. This portrays journalists as unprofessional. The description of reporters […]

How People Make Economic Decisions

Introduction Decision making is very crucial in any context of economic decision making. Part of this decision making is individual decision making. Principles of individual decision making entails the principle of tradeoffs, the principle of opportunity cost, the principle of rational margin and the principle of incentives (Mankiw, 2008 p.6) The principle of trade-offs According […]

Triangle Solution Business

Executive Summary Triangle solution is a business consulting firm which has been around for the past 12 years. Currently the business has tailored its services to cater for the needs of corporate clients. After observing the current market situations and projecting future industry trends, the company concluded that it would be prudent to design services […]