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Explicatory Essay Examples

Benefits of a Valuable Strategic Fit

Thirdly, the strategy enables companies to respond amicably to the moves of local rival companies. Finally, the strategy enables companies to enjoy the benefits of global brand and reputation.

Film – Cinderella Man

Furthermore, the events in the film occurred in the depression era, which was a favorite for many predecessors before them. The movie is a depiction of the life of James Braddock.

Marketing Analysis Tools

This tool is essential in that it helps in making the organization or the business analyst to concentrate on resources as well as the capabilities to the imminent competitive surroundings.

“Casablanca” Movie

One feels lost in the storyline from the moment the narrator describes the location of the movie. Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of the movie is its exotic location and all those nationalities [...]

The African Traditional Religions

In order to correct these beliefs and practices, Christian pastors and missionaries should use the arguments from the Old and the New Testaments that condemn magic and sorcery and show the dangers of trying master [...]

Human Resource Training

Chidambaram and Ramachandran indicate that an effective training constitutes the following: Pre- training arrangement process - the process may include accessing the needs for training, organizing and preparing training participants.

Learning to Look

In the advert, the artist uses the element of space to illustrate the background thus indicating to the viewer the probable setting of the image.

The Artwork Manicurated by Judi Werthein

Two years after her project received nation-wide recognition, Werthein was able to design sneakers that were distributed to all the people living in Tijuana and others were sold in some of the boutiques located in [...]

Maus by Art Spiegelman

The author describes the life of his father Vladek Spiegelman before the Nazi occupation of Poland, during the Second World War, and the later influence of the Holocaust experiences on his personality.

A proposal for an invitational rhetoric

In their article, "A proposal for an invitational rhetoric", Foss and Griffin have discussed on both traditional rhetorical theories and invitational rhetoric; their aim is to offer an understanding of the above approaches.

Homer’s “Illiad” History

The review will take the form of an in depth analysis of part one of the whole poem before that, most imperatively, presents the plot of the poem including shading light into the flow.

Memoirs Of A Sleep-Walker

One such use of the word is found in the line "...my condition, the savage rushed from his covert in order to complete his work" is used in the sense that depicts the enemy who [...]

Ancient Poetry Analysis

The author's description of the ensuing mayhem highlights the concept of pathos."On the first strike, the reports run for cover while the camera operator and the soundman persevered on, only to realise they stood no [...]

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Among the characters in this play include Claudius, hamlet, Gertrude, Polonius, Ophelia, Horatio, Laertes, Voltimand, Rosencrantz, Osric, ghost of Hamlet's father, Barnardo to mention but a few Mystery of death is one theme that clearly [...]

How to Improve Your Memory

One of the most effective ways to memorize some information is based on the research concerning working memory. Furthermore, Sperling's research which proves that people have photographic memory can help work out some strategy to [...]

Heart of darkness

Throughout his entire voyage he is exposed to the brutality of the European attitudes and the rules of colonialism. The colonial activities are given a harsh image by the author of the novella.

Never Give All the Heart

It s based on this that I believe that the poem is a more personal work of the author, written to commemorate a point in his life where his heart was broken by love.

The Second Coming

But at the same time, there is a sense of controversy because of the unordinary nature of the title and the way the words are related to each other.

Isis in Darkness

The eternal love between the gods and the characters from the story can be seen as the source of light, it is considered the most important part of the world.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

In the real sense, it is at the Green Knight's abode that Gawain rests on his way to the chapel. This causes Gawain to flinch and he is reprimanded by the knight for that action.

Margaret Atwood

Her personal experience as a writer and success in different script writings and poetic works enhanced her political capability and ability, hence she could occupy effectively different political positions.

Death of a Salesman

However, one of the major concerns of the play is the American system and capitalism, or rather the back side of it. Thus, the plot of the play helps the author to convey his idea [...]

The “Hotel Rwanda” Movie

The events in the movie unfold in 1994 when the Rwandan genocide was just about to begin. Thereafter, the country plunges into a state of chaos after the death of the president.

How a Film Interprets Hamlet

Laurence Olivier's need to focus on less traditional approaches, his need to shorten the production, and the need to perform a psychological analysis of the characters determine his interpretation of the play 'Hamlet'.

How to be a Bodybuilder

The first important consideration to be made in the process of muscle building is paying attention to the type of food eaten by bodybuilders.

To Waken an Old Lady

In a bid to deliver the message of the poem, the author uses various interesting tools. The content of the poem is interesting as the author narrows down to the concept of old age.

S.R. Sander’s Grub

He discovered this brutal fact when he was about to order food that he believed was the reason why the state is the fattest in the whole of the United States of America.

Business Ethics

He concludes that prosperity and profitability in business should not be equated to God's approval and favor, rather it should be perceived as due reward for diligence and discipline in the course of running the [...]