Argumentative Essay Examples

Philosophical Suicide

Introduction Philosophy can be defined as the desire to acquire wisdom and knowledge on life. It thus deals with a person’s intelligence on aspects of life that an individual has developed an interest in. Camus, for instance, developed an interest in understanding the human nature and how humans respond to the environment. This paper seeks […]

Cultural evaluation of Japan

Introduction Culture is a complex and diverse aspect. It entails the way of life in a particular group of people. It is characterized by different aspects, for instance, beliefs and behaviour. Cultural differences could be seen through looking at different elements that define a certain culture for instance artefacts, myths and stories, rituals, rites, symbols, […]

The Chief Tool of the “White Australian Policy” was the Immigration Restriction Act, 1901

Introduction The white Australian policy was widely accepted and embraced by Australians. The policy was set in motion as result of the initiation of Immigration Restriction Bill of 1901. Majority of white Australians were in the view that the bill was long overdue. The Australian was persuaded that their race was superior and that the […]

Many people do not see their home as a place where they are free from work, but rather as their second workplace and a less rewarding one

As Thomas Brown Jr. said, there is more for us in life than the 8-9 hours that we engage ourselves to do work. Douglas McGregor, situated at the MIT Sloan School of Management, came up with two theories of how humans are motivated differently to perform tasks. McGregor Theory X stated that human beings are […]

The Battle of the Alamo

Introduction The Alamo battle is a historical event that marked Texas revolution. In the early 19th century, tension begun to grew between Texans and Mexicans when Mexican president Santa Anna increased his imperial powers and planned to conquer and rule Texas. Alarmed by his imperial powers, federalists in Texas revolted and rebelled against Santa Anna […]

Debate of Abortion

Introduction Abortion is defined as the termination of the life of a fetus while still in the mother’s womb. The practice is not a new phenomenon in human life since many contemporary societies engaged in it in the past. Women have been in record for making decisions to carry out abortions or experiencing it under […]

Anthropogenic Climate Change

Introduction Human activities have been gaining significant attention in climate studies for they contribute to climate change, particularly global warming. The prime cause of anthropogenic climate change is the release, into the atmosphere, of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons by varied human activities. According to Rahmstorf (2008), exponential anthropogenic emission of greenhouse […]

Integrative philosophy

The mind-body problem The relationship between the body and the mind has elicited debates based to the problems that individuals encounter in trying to understand these problems. It is referred to as the mind-body problem from the difficulties that are encountered in understanding the working of the body and that of the mind. Philosophers have […]

Claims of the Third World – Bound Charities

Nowadays, it became another kind of a widely committed ‘victimless crime’, on the part of Bible-thumpers and moralistically minded left-wingers, to take advantage of Westerners’ gullibility, by exposing these people to the images of ‘hungry children from Somalia’ and consequently milking them for monetary donations, as the instrument of combating ‘world’s hunger’. For example, according […]

Stealing Buddha’s Dinner

Thesis Statement: The book explores the concept of straddling two cultures, heritage and the struggle for identity most immigrants undergo when they try to integrate themselves into U.S. society. Introduction In the novel “Stealing Buddha’s Dinner”, author Bich Minh Nguyen explores the concept of identity and how in a desire to “fit in”, be normal […]

“Picture This” the Novel by Joseph Heller

Introduction The novel “picture this” by Joseph Heller is more or less written in relation to Rembrandt’s painting the Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer which in1961 was sold to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The themes that Heller actually focuses on are those of war, money and government. Another important aspect that he looks […]

Should Guns be Limited?

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among leftist journalists and politicians to popularize the idea that restricting gun control laws even further will necessarily lead to decline of violent crime rates. Again and again, we get to hear that the reason why guns should be banned nationwide is that ‘guns kill’. Apparently, the perceptional simple […]

Argument for Measures to Control Illegal Immigration

Introduction Immigration is the movement by people from one country to another with the motive of permanent settlement in another country. Across boarder movements are majorly facilitated by unfavorable conditions in some countries as compared to others. This paper seeks to carry out an argument that strict measures should be adopted in order to counter […]

Argument Analyis of Racist Speech

Personal view In his writing titled ‘on racist speech’, Charles. R. Lawrence III clearly portrays himself as a dissenter probably setting the tone for his argument. It is indeed clear that Lawrence’s opening remarks already indicate the contentious issue at hand. As a renowned scholar, Lawrence addresses racist speech especially within the university and campus […]

Major argument and Minor Argument on Open Relationships

Introduction Open relationships are relationships in which the partners are free to delve into relationships with other persons. They remain sincere and straightforward about what is happening in their personal lives. In an open relationship, two partners concur that they can partake in sexual stumbles with other persons without fault, embarrassment and envy. The idea […]

The Effects of Media Violence on People

Despite the fact that there is some evidence that, lengthy exposure to violent media increases aggressive behavior in people, this exposure alone cannot cause people to become violent and aggressive for there is no established connection between violent entertainment and violent behavior. On the contrary, there is substantial evidence that violent, belligerent, and emotionally delinquent […]

The Commitment of the United States to the Political Struggle in South Vietnam

Introduction The Making of a Quagmire summarizes the dilemma that Vietnam masqueraded to the Americans during the early years of 1960.In this book, David Halberstam exposes the life of a journalist trapped in his own battle of suppression. Halberstam also exposes the failings of the leadership in South Vietnam and the advisors of America who […]

Making an Argument about War

War historians, political analysts and researchers have demonstrated evidence that war is as old as mankind. In prehistoric era, civilizations used to engage in armed conflict fueled by factors such as population pressure, consolidation of geographical areas and conflict over resources (McPherson 12). Presently, countries still engage in war for many other reasons that were […]

Is a virus alive?

Characteristics of living things According to Meyer (1970), living organisms have a myriad of similar characteristics. These are as discussed below: The first similarity is their organization. Living things show high levels of organization where multi cellular organisms are sub divided into cells, then organelles, which are further split into molecules, and so on. The […]

Through the Prism of Culture: Human Rights as They Are

Because of the specifics of the national character, the USA has always been struggling for justice and the fair resolution of conflicts. Therefore, the traditional idea of justice is inherited in generations, which means that the U. S. has its own approach to the conflicts solution. However, trying to create the peaceful environment with the […]

Obesity in America

Introduction America has an obesity problem that much is certain, nearly 33% of adults within the U.S. are obese which represents a 60% increase over a 20 year period with the rate for child obesity not far behind at nearly triple what it was 30 years ago (Chappell, 2010). What these figures represent is nearly […]

College or Work

Introduction Due to the growing rate of technologies in this world, so many organizations have emerged to meet today’s standard. As a result of these rapid transforms, high and qualify staff is required to meet the target of the vast growth of the organizations. It is for this reason where education has been given the […]

Triumph of the Will

Triumph of the Will, describing the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, is a propaganda film of the highest caliber that was produced by the golden girl of the German film industry, Leni Riefenstahl. The propaganda in the film is its portrayal of the rebirth of Germany to its ancient heroism. The documentary falsely depicted […]

BP’s Macondo Oil Explosion Effects on the American Society

Introduction That business causes profound effects on society is a well-known fact. The main purpose of legitimate business activity is to improve the lives and wellbeing of citizens in ways that make organizations profitable. Simply stated, organizations and businesses cannot be successful, unless they benefit the society in which they operate. Unfortunately, businesses produce a […]

Concepts of marketing

Introduction The manufacturer is manufacturing antique-style furniture that is really differentiated in the sense that it is very unique in outlook. The features fitted on the desks are clear indication that they will in one way be special in the market. Considering that the price of a product to a large extent determines how the […]

Sexuality in Legislation

Title of pending legislation: “Denouncing the practices of female genital mutilation, domestic violence, “honor” killings, acid burnings, dowry deaths, and other gender-based persecutions, expressing the sense of Congress that participation, protection, recognition, and equality of women is crucial to achieving a just, moral and peaceful society, and for other purposes “ (Lee, 2011). Introduction The […]

Environmentalism and Civil Disobedience

Introduction Environmentalism can be defined as a branch of philosophy that is relatively broad encompassing aspects of social movement which focus much on the state of the environment for instance aspects of environmental conservation like prevention of pollution and destruction which is facilitated by human beings’ indulgence in environmental unfriendly operations. It is the view […]

The “Banking” Concept of Education: An Analysis

Paulo Freire made an astute observation when he said that the teacher-student relationship has a narrative characteristic and therefore in the process of teaching: “The contents, whether values or empirical dimensions of reality, tend in the process of being narrated to become lifeless and petrified” (Freire, p.318). This is the reason why the author contended […]