Argumentative Essay Examples

Common Sense and Compassion in the Workplace Replaced by Litigation

Ordinarily, human resource professionals across the world spend most of their time trying to understand how best to handle employee relationships in order to protect both the employer and the employees (EEOC, n.d.). Considering that there have been numerous incidences at the workplace requiring the intervention of a legal process, I am strongly convinced that […]

Corporations should participate in Elections

Introduction In every democratic state like the United States, citizens have a right to participate in the election process. Americans have the right to participate in the national elections campaigns whereby every individual can independently support a particular political party. In addition, the right to support a particular political party is extended to corporations, and […]

Critical Thinking Paper: Executive Compensation

Introduction In recent years, management scholars, policy makers, and mainstream media commentators have debated over the high levels of executive compensation, inquiring whether they are consistent with other important variables such as shareholder interests, firm performance, national and international economic projections, and employee pay (Gong 1; Moriarty 235). Although most advocates of the high levels […]

The Miller’s Tale and its Form: the Fabliau

Introduction In the Miller’s tale, both Nicholas’ tricks and Absolon’s speeches do not appear plausible especially when told by Miller, a violent thug. However, when looked from the narrator’s point of view, Chaucer himself, the concepts become clearer to the reader. In particular, Lambdin and Lambdin note that two ideas, viz. the ‘ernest’ and ‘game’, […]

Entrepreneurial Management in University

Introduction Policy-makers and managerial scientists argue that people, who are working in various organizations, should have the qualities that are typical of entrepreneurs. This paper is aimed at discussing why they emphasize these attributes of an individual. Furthermore, it is vital to show how educational institutions such as universities can prepare students for the role […]

Marxist Concept of Exploitation and the Contemporary Labour Market

Introduction The Marxist concept of exploitation argues that the value of an employee’s labour is not similar to the economic value obtained by his employer from the output of the task performed. This creates social and income inequalities in various societies. Karl Marx advanced the notion that the contemporary labour market creates a dysfunctional society, […]

Efficiency and Effectiveness Pursuit of Management

Introduction Performance of organisations may be articulated to several factors. For an organisation to function to achieve the purposes for which it is established, various factors of production must be ploughed in at various proportions. From the human resource perspective, many organisations consider people as the most crucial resources to help in building sustainable relationships […]

Globalization Has Meant That the Local Is No Longer Important

Introduction The world is increasingly getting globalized as technology keeps advancing in various fronts. According to Doucet (2011, p. 83), globalization is “The process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.” This scholar says that globalization has taken place rapidly over the last century due […]

Print Media Is Dead

Introduction Print media has been the most powerful pathway for the transmission of fashion, fashion designs and other elements of the fashion industry. In fact, fashion magazines have been the key to the fashion industry (Stone, 2004). For several centuries, the fashion industry has increasingly taken the modern advantage of technological advancements in printing. In […]

Total War of World War I

Introduction War has always been a defining characteristic of human civilization. Since historical times, people have waged war against each other for various reasons. Before the First World War of 1914 to 1918, armed confrontations between nations were carried out in restricted manners and primarily against military targets. However, the First World War led to […]

Criminal justice system. Deterrence and incarceration

Introduction The functioning of the criminal justice system is aimed at preventing people from committing offences and protecting victims. This goal shapes the strategies of many governmental organizations. There are several questions that are debated by lawyers and policy-makers. In particular, they attempt to determine whether deterrence or the threat of punishment can impact the […]

Theoretical Essay: Why Employees Should Be Compensated for Good Work

Introduction There is extensive research on the impact of effective compensation strategies on employees’ motivation and performance. Researchers have considered a variety of options including monetary compensation as well as non-material awards. It has been acknowledged that rewarding employees for good work has a positive effect on their performance as well as performance of the […]

Propaganda Model Research

Introduction Media play a very important role in the modern society. According to Mullen (2010, p. 56), the role of media has become more relevant in the current democratic and capitalistic society. This scholar says that information is power, and depending on how it is coined and used, it can bring development or destruction in […]

Popular Culture. Madonna

Introduction Popular culture plays an imperative role in individuals’ daily lives. Actually, popular culture encompasses a wide assortment of ideas. For instance, texts, products as well as practices are aspects enjoyed by many people. In general, popular culture refers to both the conventional and contemporary observations as well as beliefs that make up the daily […]

Ability to manage stress as the most important skill of effective communicators

Effective communication skills are critical for the functioning of both private and public organizations. In many cases, the exchange of information is vital for decision-making in businesses and their adaptation to the change in external environment. This paper is aimed at showing that the management of stress is the most vital skill of effective business […]

Online Education in Californian Universities

Introduction The US educational system has been largely criticized recently. Scholars, officials as well as students note that the quality of services provided is steadily deteriorating. Moreover, the recent recession of economy has forced many higher educational establishments to cut budgets, which has a variety of negative effects. Thus, lots of permanent and temporary residents […]

Balanced Scorecard versus Bottom-line Approach in Resort & Hotel Operations

In recent years, managers within the hospitality industry have witnessed a proliferation of expectations that must be met for businesses to remain relevant in the current competitive environment (Jones & Lockwood 2002). Hotel and resort managers, in particular, are often called upon to balance between the service expectations of customers and the financial expectations of […]

Teaching in Middle Schools

In the recent past, teaching in middle schools has been a complex undertaking. Numerous innovations have emerged due to remarkable restructuring that has taken place in the education sector. One of the most important innovations in the sector is integrated curriculum. Teachers in middle schools can decide either to adopt single-subject curriculum, in which they […]

Curriculum as PRAXIS Proposal

Abstract A curriculum is important to both the students and the school instructors and therefore the two parties should be considered in its development. The physical education is an important part of the school curriculum although it is neglected in most schools. This essay therefore looks at the importance of physical education in the school […]

The Usefulness of Physical Education in Modern Education

The usefulness of physical education cannot be overlooked due to the changing face of modern education. Approaches to Physical education have gone through several developments. Varied criticism adds to the debate on the usefulness of PE in modern education and the need to change current approaches. Regardless of these varying opinions, the significance of PE […]

The Primary Causes of Terrorist Political Violence

Introduction The past decade has seen terrorism emerge as a serious threat to global security. The events of September 11, 2011 where terrorists devastated the city of New York especially highlighted the devastating effects of terrorism on social life. Since then, governments and scholars alike have tried to discover the underlying causes of terrorism by […]

Sustainable Tourism and Market Economics

Introduction As socio-environmental and economic consequences of tourism persist, there has been increasing need for the tourism industry to adopt sustainable approaches in its management of protected areas. Sustainable tourism refers to putting in place measures that ensure that tourism activities have low impact on the region’s environment, economy as well as the local culture […]

History of British Empire

Introduction The European empires had common characteristics that marked colonial relationships including the importance of trade and extraction of wealth by the colonizers. The Great Britain or the British Empire conquered vast lands in Southeast Asia and the Pacific including India after which it turned to Africa beginning with Egypt, Southern Africa, and Eastern Africa. […]

The Effects of Television on the Way People Understand Themselves

Ever since the activity of watching TV became an integral part of people’s lives, it started to become increasingly clear to sociologists and psychologists that individuals’ exposure to TV programs has a strong effect on their cognitive predispositions and on their behavioral patterns. In its turn, this prompted some researchers to suggest that this particular […]

The National Curriculum for England and Wales from an Ideal Democratic Learning Society Perspective

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that the educational structure and practices adopted can have a significant effect on the education of the population. This can lead to significant impact on economic and social […]

Employment Relations in Modern Australian Workplaces

Introduction Organisational managers and employees are two factions that come into direct confrontation with respect to employment relations in most cases. The state is also involved in matters pertaining employment relations. Nevertheless, the state is a third party and thus its involvement is not acknowledged. In employment relations, the state may take different forms, which […]

Counselling Theory of Freudian Psychoanalysis

This paper reflects upon how I believe the application of psychoanalysis can become an integral part of Christian counseling. The foremost idea that is being explored throughout the paper is that, even though the theory of psychoanalysis appears to contradict a number of Biblical conventions; it nevertheless correlates with the overall spirit of Christianity, as […]

International Relations as Natural and Social Science

Introduction/Thesis statement Nowadays, it became a common practice among many political scientists to suggest that, since the observable emanations of international relations in today’s world do seem to have acquired a number of qualitatively new subtleties, the application of a positivist methodology in IR can no longer be considered appropriate.1 This suggestion, however, cannot be […]

Does the East Asian “Miracle” Invalidate Dependency Theory?

Introduction The phenomenal growth enjoyed by the 4 Asian Tigers, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, call into question the validity of dependency theory and its application to a modern-day setting. The main idea behind dependency theory is the notion that “various resources from the periphery, representing the poor and underdeveloped states, flow […]

Emotional Intelligence’s Impact in the Workplace

Introduction The aim of this reflection is to provide a solution on how Emotional Intelligence can be utilised to improve the workplace. The researcher will also provide specific information on how Emotional Intelligence (EI) can enhance audience sensitivity. Therefore, it will be important to start by explaining the meaning of emotional intelligence then through deductive […]

Rubrics and Good Instructional Models. Taking Care of the Learning Process

Introduction: On the Significance of Assessment It goes without saying that the assessment procedure is extremely important for the further studying process. Providing a detailed account of the students’ abilities, skills and knowledge of the learned material, assessment allows to figure out if a certain student does well in his/her studies; moreover, it helps to […]

Gay Marriage’s Social and Religious Debates

Beginning the year 2001, some nations among them being the U.S.A., Argentina, Canada, and Netherlands among others began to authenticate gay marriages. Following this legalization, proponents of same-sex marriages like Sullivan have since then advocated for legislative changes to the existing marriage laws. He says that the bottom line of marriage is love regardless of […]

The Integration of CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker Into the Education Programs

Description of tools The integration of CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker into the education programs could be beneficial for enhancing the students’ involvement into the curriculum as well as improving their computer literacy in general. CamStudio is a tool which records all screen and audio activities displayed on the personal computer, creating standard video files […]

A Proposal For Launching Educational Tools

Description of Tools In order to simplify and facilitate the educational process in international establishments, it is viable to introduce specific technological tools that would contribute to its faster improvement. In this regard, such program applications as CamStudio and Inkscape will perfectly fit this purpose. CamStudio is software that allows users to record the material […]

Class Size Matters

Introduction There has been a raging debate as to whether or not class size is important in defining the value of education in the learning institutions. Some stakeholders have argued that class size plays an important role in determining the quality of education that learners get. According to Hacsi (45), class size is very important […]

HR Executive Approach

Introduction The success of a business depends entirely on its management and organization of business activities and workers. The role played by a HR administrator is vital to all business establishments across the world (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 2013). Many businesses have paid no attention to hiring and recruiting their employees that would be critical to […]

A Workplace Wellness Program

Introduction Organisational and workplace wellness programs can be expounded as services sponsored by employers so that the good health of workers are enhanced and maintained throughout their tenures in office. As much as such programs are quite unique in terms of the broad objectives and applications, they can still be readily differentiated from organisational health […]

Music and Neuroscience

The study of how music affects the memory, motivation, and confidence has been the theme of interest for many researchers in this field. The interrelation of music to the mental and physical health of individuals has been the subject of debate aimed at improving scientific research. Many studies by Cardena (2011, p. 143) have maintained […]