Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive Essay: How to Choose a Major

Choosing an academic major, the students make one of the most important decisions in life. It is a complicated issue which is influenced by a number of aspects where gender one is the most significant. Such issue includes the psychological process of selecting the academic majors from the position of the gender stereotypes. Although gender […]

Teenage Pregnancy and Its Consequences to the Society

Introduction Early pregnancy means giving birth while under the age of 20 years. This pregnancy occurs at puberty when they experience the initial menarche roughly at 12-13. At this stage, the females are potentially fertile. According to a nonprofit agency focusing on reproductive and sexual research, public education and policy analysis, teenage pregnancy holds adverse […]

To Believe or Not to Believe with Insufficient Evidence

To believe without sufficient evidence William Clifford strongly held on his epistemological dictum that people should believe without systematic evidences. His idealism clung on the fear or error through questioning on evidences. He committed his pragmatist view on empiricist basis of verification. I do not believe in this perception whatsoever. I don’t want to believe […]