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Quantitative Research Essay Examples

Quantitative research involves statistical and mathematical research techniques. The quantitative research methodology is based on the empiricist paradigm, the idea that evidence can be determined through experimentation. Data derived through this kind of research is often statistical in nature. For example, a survey or questionnaire may determine statistical information about a group of people, from which generalizations about the group can then be made. Quantitative data is considered to be independent from the researcher, and therefore an objective measurement of reality.

56 Best Essay Examples on Quantitative Research Essay

Theoretical Stock Prices

The model is an identity that calculates the required rate of rate by adding a risk premium to the risk free rate of return. The risk premium is the product of price of risk and [...]

Carbon Fiber Use

An overview of rubber-modified ERs with respect to their mechanical properties and the amount of hardener led to a collection of data as shown in tables 3.1, 3.

Sustained Organisational Learning Methods

The assumption in many firms is that the most challenging issue of the twenty-first century is ability to attain competitive advantage through development of intellectual capital, mainly the social, human and organizational capabilities. The school [...]

The EV Products in China

According to the key outcomes of the study, the main reason for the green policy of BMW in general and the introduction of the BMWi vehicle in particular have been inefficient so far due to [...]

Odds Ratio in Logistic Regression

The explanatory power is important in interpreting odds ratio, which describe the nature and the strength of the relationship between burnout, the dependent variable, and coping style and stress from teaching, the independent variables. From [...]

Local Food Production in Malaysia

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the main challenge facing the agricultural sector is the lack of self-sufficiency in the production of food crops and over-reliance on food imports.

The Indian Agriculture Sector

Given the significance of the agricultural sector to the economy, the government introduced the 11th five-year plan to provide support and incentives to farmers and other stakeholders in order to enhance production of food.

UK Beer Market

However, the consumption started to decline in 2006 because of the new taxation laws and the global financial crisis of 2007/2008. Majority of the beer consumers in the UK are very conservative and loyal to [...]

Australia Waste Management

Numerous materials that end up in landfills determine the types of waste-to-energy management practices that should be executed to save the environment from pollution and devastation.

The Media and School Violence

Framing shows the power to communicate a text to the desired population and analysis of the framing of the news helps to understand the influence that the news may have on the human consciousness.

Zara Fashions’ Supply Chain

The scholar says that the market is increasingly getting competitive, and the stakeholders must find the means of improving their supply chain in order to minimise the cost of the products in the market.

Addicted 2 Football

Principally, the advertising of the filming will show the quality of the work I will be producing. The equipment to be purchased will show the quality of the professionals.


In the US, it is the second largest in the equipment rental business while in the UK it is the third largest.

Reaching the Critical Mass in eMarketplaces

The model assumes the nature of a regression model whereby the dependent variable is the critical mass of eMarketplaces and the independent variables are Psychology of consumers, Consumer Trust, Incentive offered by eMarketplaces' players, Cultural [...]

Independent Samples t-test with SPSS

Statistically, the independent samples t-test indicates that the difference in the duration of eating Big Mac specials between overweight individuals and normal weight individuals is statistically significant, t = -3.

Research Brand Performance

When a firm has a strong brand image in the market, the perception of the public would always be influenced positively towards the firm, and this will increase loyalty of the customers towards the firm.

The Target Company

The outcome of the analysis is to propose the most appropriate course of action that the firm's Board of Management should pursue in strengthening the company's competitive advantage.

The Algerian Wool Company

The region comprises of different agreements that include the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the Egyptian Association Agreement with the EU, the Algerian Association Agreement with the EU, the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, the Bilateral FTAs of [...]

Case of Ski Pro Corporation

Analysis of the cost workings of the Ski Corporation reveals that buying the bindings will result in an increase in the variable costs per pair of skis, of 50 cents than the costs of producing [...]