Quantitative Research Essay Examples

Quantitative research involves statistical and mathematical research techniques. The quantitative research methodology is based on the empiricist paradigm, the idea that evidence can be determined through experimentation. Data derived through this kind of research is often statistical in nature. For example, a survey or questionnaire may determine statistical information about a group of people, from which generalizations about the group can then be made. Quantitative data is considered to be independent from the researcher, and therefore an objective measurement of reality.

Decision Making: Starbucks Transformational Experience

Starbucks Historical Background Howard Schultz was among the founders of Starbucks. He transformed the entire community into an upscale cultural phenomenon by introducing a legendary product. At Seattle Pike Place, Gerald Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zier Siegl were among the pioneers who opened a small coffee shop by 1971. It specialized in selling Arabica beans […]

Asians Seeking U.S. Education

The paradox There has been unending anticipation and search for enhanced education in the recent days with learners traversing nations for the same reason (Benavot, 2012). The United States continues to report a persistent influx of new elementary and high institution learners from other nations, with the Asian students comprising the majority of these students. […]

Facial Feedback Hypothesis

Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that the facial expression depicted by people is related to the effective emotional response. This study involves two experiments designed as a correctional alternative to the earlier versions that were associated with ambiguities. The first experiment focuses on the efficiency of the procedures used […]

User Satisfaction and Service Quality in Academic Libraries: Use of LibQUAL+

Abstract This research assessed the quality of service offered by the Clayton State University Library from the viewpoint of the customers of the facility. The research evaluated the customers’ views regarding the library services and examined the degree of customer contentment at the Clayton State University Library. The aim of the research was that of […]

Predicting Unemployment Rates to Manage Inventory

The mean yearly rate is calculated by adding the monthly rate, and dividing the sum by the number of months. In Excel, it involves typing the equal sign in a cell, selecting the formula ‘AVERAGE’, and the range of cells. Scatter diagram and the linear regression line Regression analysis may be used to give estimates […]

Fuel consumption for cars made in the US and Japan

The 2007 global economic recession left devastating financial problems with many companies. After failing to recover from the effects of the recession, many firms turned to cost cutting as the main business strategy. In this regard, a tour company called company A uses cars made in the United States to transport clients. The firm wishes […]

Theoretical Stock Prices

CAPM model The required rate of return will be computed using the capital asset pricing model (CAPM). The model is an identity that calculates the required rate of rate by adding a risk premium to the risk free rate of return. The model takes into account risks arising from the market in which the asset […]

Supply Chain Design: Honda Gulf

Abstract The study seeks to offer an attentive examination of the supply chain design in the auto-industry taking BMW as the case. In addition, this study will explore how supply chain design increases the competitive advantage to the firms within the auto-industry. With the use of theoretical and empirical studies, the paper will further explore […]

Using Smartphones in Learning

Introduction According to Madden (2011), smartphones were introduced into the market in the year 1996, and quickly spread to all parts of the world. This is contrary to other technologies like landline telephones that took longer time before reaching the local and international market. Before the introduction of smartphones into the market, most people including […]

Action Research in Science Education

Introduction Instructors who understand their teaching strategies coherently have an advantage of implementing high quality solutions in their teaching problems. According to Tillotson (2000), action research involves instructors in inquiries that seek to understand the problems and issues in their instructions. This practice motivates individuals into performing incredible work that fruits at the end. It […]

Introduction to Nursing Research

Introduction Infant mortality remains a problem of major concern. Deaths resulting from sudden infant syndrome remain a disturbing problem. Infant’s deaths resulting from sudden infant death syndrome are controversial since the causes of the death cannot be explained (Timby & Smith, 2004). Since the causes of the sudden infant death syndrome are unexplainable, eliminating the […]

Students’ Perception of a Mobile Application for College Course

Introduction In the opening part of the dissertation, student successfully manages to present succinct and pertinent information about the main reasons for the research, as well as why this study can have practical implications (Mathus, 2011). However, the shortcoming of introduction lies in summarizing chapters instead of considering the actual scope and purpose of the […]

Carbon Fiber Use

Introduction A number of materials may be used to strengthen and stiffen reinforced concrete. For instance, the use of carbon fiber in the form of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) has gained popularity rapidly in civil engineering for the last two decades. Being a cost-effective alternative to steel due to its high strength to weight […]

Parenting Variables in Antenatal Education

Theoretical and operational definitions This section of the paper includes the definitions and measurements of those variables that are going to be investigated. The key objective of this study is to determine how antenatal education impacts the perceptions about breastfeeding and breastfeeding practices. In part, the operational definitions, provided in this paper, will rely on […]

Sustained Organisational Learning Methods

Introduction If one has to consider situational framework of management, then it is inevitable to consider sustained organization-learning methods as a fundamental cause of aggressive business advantage. There is lack of a close link between the organization learning and maintenance of a sustainable business economical advantage. A sustainable and secure future of businesses requires critical […]

The EV Products in China

Abstract Purpose. The study is aimed at determining the factors, which Chinese customers are guided by when choosing electric cars, as well as defining an efficient branding strategy for the BMWi product. Design. The research was carried out as a quantitative study, as the nature of the relations between the key variables required quantification of […]

Binomial Logistic Regression

Introduction The appropriate regression analysis for task 6 is the binomial logistic regression. According to Norris, Qureshi, Howitt, and Cramer (2014), binomial logistic regression applies when the dependent variable is dichotomous. In this case, the dependent variable, condom use, has only two outcomes, namely, condom used and condom not used. The present analysis requires hierarchical […]

Odds Ratio in Logistic Regression

In logistic regression, odds ratio indicates the nature and the degree of association between a dependent variable and independent variables. Macdonald (2015) states that odds ratio applies to the prediction of a dependent variable using independent variables in logistic regression analysis. In this case, the dependent variable is burnout while the independent variables are coping […]

Local Food Production in Malaysia

Introduction Food security is a subject that has attracted global attention, particularly in the third world economies. The World Food Program estimates that nearly one billion individuals are suffering from hunger and undernourishment. As the population keeps on growing, there is a need to enhance food production to take care of the ever-increasing demand and […]

The Indian Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It accounts for nearly 20 percent of the aggregate output. To be specific, nearly half of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood (Government of India, 2010, p. 6). Contribution of the agricultural sector to the economy is declining, however other sectors thrive. For example, approximately 45 […]

UK Beer Market

Beer drinking is an essential component of family, social and professional life for many people living in the United Kingdom. The excessive trend of consumption has frequently been reported in the last two decades. High per capita consumption can be traced back to the middle ages. However, over the last century, beer consumption has varied […]

Australia Waste Management

Introduction Usually, people dispose of unusable materials in litterbins. However, few of them are concerned with whatever happens after throwing the rubbish into the pit. Australia is experiencing one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As a result, there has been amplified utilisation of resources in an attempt to meet various needs of […]

Health and Environment in Abu Dhabi

Abstract There is a significant relationship between human health and the environment. There are various environmental factors that affect the health of the population. They include the quality of air, weather, seasons, temperatures, humidity, and vegetation (MacDonald & Farah, 2012). Some health issues are specific to certain environmental conditions. As such, it is important to […]

The Media and School Violence

Introduction Violence in schools has seized media attention as they present a side of the adolescence or childhood that is beyond public imagination and creates extensive outcry. A more recent shooting occurred in Washington state high school where a teenager open fired in the cafeteria and then killed himself (Death Toll Rises to 5 in […]

BlackBerry Management Perspectives

Executive Summary The BlackBerry Company is a brand name that has thrived in the market for a long time. However, this situation is slowly changing due to stiff competition from other companies. Companies such as Nokia and Apple are developing more attractive and versatile devices that are highly preferred by users. Besides, the BlackBerry has […]

Apple Inc. Equity Valuation

Introduction Apple’s lifecycle can be described as dynamic because it can change in period provided that the firm successfully launches a new product. Apple relatively low business cycle operates opposite to the economic trend. There is a high product differentiation in the industry. Differentiation allows firms to charge prices above the average cost of production. […]

Zara Fashions’ Supply Chain

Abstract Zara Fashions has been struggling to improve its supply chain as a way of improving its supply delivery in the market. The management realized that the process needs modern technologies and effective strategies that would help in reducing the duration of product storage and transportation. This is important in reducing the cost of the […]

The Extent to Which FDI Inflows have Influenced GDPGrowth in India

Abstract Previous studies on the impact of FDI on GDP concluded that there was no long run relationship between the two. The Granger Casual analysis provided this inference. Sirari & Bohra (2011) provide a conceptual framework to explain the relationship between GDP and FDI inflows. Technology and knowledge transfers provide the key indications for the […]

Addicted 2 Football

Introduction to the Addicted 2 Football (A2F) Business Plan A2F (Addicted 2 Football) is small business that provides a photography and filming service. My focus will be on helping young talented football players to get a spotted or even a contract by a professional club. I will also be taking individual photo shots and team […]


Introduction Background Information Ashtead group provides rental solutions in various situations such as facilities management, nonresidential construction markets, disaster relief, traffic management and major event management. It provides equipment such as lifts, powers, generates, moves, digs, pumps, and directs for rental purposes. It was founded in 1947 as Ashtead Plant Hire Equipment Limited. The Group […]

Reaching the Critical Mass in eMarketplaces

Introduction Critical mass refers to a certain level of buyers and sellers that has capability to attract other buyers and sellers in the eMarketplace. Critical mass is an important feature in the success of any eMarketplace, with its growth speed and users seen as the crucial success metric. McGrew states that critical mass “implies self-sustaining […]

Independent Samples t-test with SPSS

Assumptions In the analysis of data using the independent-samples t-test, the data must meet the following six assumptions for the analysis using the SPSS to generate valid results. The dependent variable must be in the form of a continuous scale, which is in a ratio or an interval scale. The independent variable must be in […]

Economics concepts: Alfred Marshall

Law of Diminishing Returns The law of diminishing returns states that “an increase in one input without making adjustment to other inputs results in a reduction in the total output” (Talent, 2010). In the case of studying late in the night, time is the only input being increased. Concentration may diminish as a student extends […]

Exploring Reliability and Validity

Types of reliability and validity used in the “Values and Motives Manual” One type of testing reliability used in the article is the inter-rater reliability. The researchers have used the inter-rater reliability in the literature review (Values and Motives Manual, n.d.). Inter-rater reliability integrates the agreement between different judges (Phelan & Wren, 2006). The researchers […]

Project for E-cig

A budget showing product launch expenses and a unit forecast by quarter for 3 years Activities Projected Costs in Million Dollars First Year Quarterlies Second Year Quarterlies Third Year Quarterlies 1st 2nd 3rd 4thst 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Fixed costs 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 […]

Research Brand Performance

Abstract This research paper seeks to investigate the relationship between customers’ perception of public relation and customers’ loyalty. The research will also investigate the role played by the brand image in shaping customer perception towards the organization. Research Design/methodology- The research will use both primary and secondary sources of data. The primary data will be […]

Game-based Learning and Simulation in a K-12 School in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction With the increasing use of technology in the classroom, many educators are exploring the use of instructional methods that would enhance their teaching and students’ learning. Educators acknowledge the fact that pedagogical practices need to embrace the learning opportunities available in the modern learning environment where learning tools such as computers, the internet, graphics, […]

Muslims’ Immigration to Australia

Introduction Migration could be said to be as old as humankind. The UN definition of a migrant covers “all cases where the decision to migrate is taken freely by the individual concerned, for reasons of ‘personal convenience’ and without intervention of an external compelling factor.” On the basis of this definition, a migrant is not […]

China’s Energy and Environmental Implications

Introduction The world today is driven by a global economy that is based on demand and supply of goods and services. The situation has pushed manufacturers and producers of goods and services to work extra hard to satisfy the demands of the global economy. The manufacture of goods requires several inputs, which contribute to the […]

The Target Company

Introduction The Target Company has been in operation for over a century. It was incorporated in 1902. The firm focuses on offering customers everyday essential and fashionable consumer products at discounted prices. The Target Company has established 1,805 retail outlets in the United States. Its past success has arisen from its commitment in implementing best […]

Heineken Company in the US market

Heineken portfolio in US market The major brewers within the US market include; Anheuser-Busch, Inc., SAB-Miller, and Molson Coors Company. The major supplier amongst the three is Anheuser-Busch followed by SAB-miller (Finnegan, 1997). The beers sold within the US market are of desired taste to consumers. The drinking trend in the US is largely dependent […]

International communication in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Communication is among the most important factor that is considered while building business or personal relationships. Throughout the world, people have dedicated much effort in establishing and improving their communication skills. Similarly, Greene and Burleson state that a lot of research has been conducted in order to provide people with the information needed to […]

The Algerian Wool Company

Comparative advantage Algeria has a gross domestic product of about $205.5 billion according to the statistics of the year 2012. The country’s gross domestic product growth rate is about 2.7%. Its GDP per capita stands at about $7,601 PPP. Before independence, the French developed a close relationship with the country’s economic growth, social development and […]

Jewish Life in North America

This study paper is a follow up on the Taglit-Birthright Israel program succeeding at diminishing the divisions between Israel and the Jewish communities in North America. This is done by offering a ten-day trip to Israel in hopes of strengthening bonds and solidarity amongst the two groups. The inception of the program in the year […]

Impact of Gambling on the Bahamian Economy

Introduction Bahamian Economy The economy of The Bahamas is strongly shaped by aspects of the growth of touristic services and packages, foreign dominance of its main sectors, development of financial services, foreign capital inflows as well as a state revenue collection through indirect taxation (primarily of the import customs), while evading taxation on earnings and […]

International Marketing Plan for Tata Nano

The aim of this case study is to develop an international marketing plan for ‘Tata Nano’ the world’s lowest price car with lowest fuel consumption produced by the Tata Motors of India. To carry out the marketing plan, this report will provide historical background and cultural background of host country and give a brief overview […]

Case of Ski Pro Corporation

Many times firms engaged in manufacturing operations are confronted with a buy or make decision. Such a decision revolves around whether to manufacture each input required for the finished product, they produce or to buy them from the market. A number of factors, such as input costs and sales volumes influence this decision. Analysis of […]