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Quantitative Research Essay Examples

Quantitative research involves statistical and mathematical research techniques. The quantitative research methodology is based on the empiricist paradigm, the idea that evidence can be determined through experimentation. Data derived through this kind of research is often statistical in nature. For example, a survey or questionnaire may determine statistical information about a group of people, from which generalizations about the group can then be made. Quantitative data is considered to be independent from the researcher, and therefore an objective measurement of reality.

Odds Ratio in Logistic Regression

The explanatory power is important in interpreting odds ratio, which describe the nature and the strength of the relationship between burnout, the dependent variable, and coping style and stress from teaching, the independent variables. From [...]

UK Beer Market

However, the consumption started to decline in 2006 because of the new taxation laws and the global financial crisis of 2007/2008. Majority of the beer consumers in the UK are very conservative and loyal to [...]

The Algerian Wool Company

The region comprises of different agreements that include the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the Egyptian Association Agreement with the EU, the Algerian Association Agreement with the EU, the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, the Bilateral FTAs of [...]