Quantitative Research Essay Examples

International communication in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Communication is among the most important factor that is considered while building business or personal relationships. Throughout the world, people have dedicated much effort in establishing and improving their communication skills. Similarly, Greene and Burleson state that a lot of research has been conducted in order to provide people with the information needed to […]

Student Source Use

Tests and assignments are vital assessment tools used by teachers in learning institutions. It is not possible for students to understand and know everything without using other sources. Academic sources provide examples and evidence that support arguments in research essays. Primary and secondary academic sources should therefore be used in an ethical way to ensure […]

Jewish Life in North America

This study paper is a follow up on the Taglit-Birthright Israel program succeeding at diminishing the divisions between Israel and the Jewish communities in North America. This is done by offering a ten-day trip to Israel in hopes of strengthening bonds and solidarity amongst the two groups. The inception of the program in the year […]

The Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies: Drug Addiction

There are lots of different ways to conduct proper social science research, and there are several crucial steps, which cannot be ignored and have to be taken anyway. These steps are the following: picking out a proper research topic, evaluation of possible research strategies, and making clear and strong conclusions. In this paper, quantitative and […]

Emerging Issues in Tourism

Introduction Background of the study The tourism industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world that drives the economies of many countries. Generally, the industry has largest economic output compared to the agricultural, forestry, fishing, mining, and the communication industries. In this regard, it has the highest growth rates and […]

Starting a Business in Russia

The business opportunities that are prevalent in Russia It must be noted that Russia does offer immense opportunities to those wishing to engage in business. However, there is a negative perception that can be attributed to misinformation about Russia’s economic environment. Actually, it can be argued that undeveloped and untapped business environment provides a very […]

Language as a Peculiarity of Human Geography within the Globalization

Human geography regularly referred as the cultural geography encompasses all the human aspects of why certain things happen in certain places. These human aspects may involve demographics, farming, health, culture and industry. Human geography shows the interaction of human beings with their habitats and resources and the outcome of their lifestyles due to this interactions […]

Helping the Private Sector to Achieve and Maintain Infrastructure Security

The infrastructure security has always been on the highest level for the US government. Still, the September 11, 2001 was the breaking point which is considered to be the start for heightened interest in critical infrastructure protection, both in public and in private sectors. To understand the main purpose of the research, it is crucial […]

Marketing Implementation

Good marketing strategies, marketing skills, and innovativeness are essential components in implementing a marketing plan. In essence, marketing is a social activity that incorporates the satisfaction of customer needs and wants, and is a wholesome activity with organizational outlook, focusing on future and anticipated needs. Marketing incorporates issues such as corporate social responsibility, which determines […]

Campbell’s Soup on the Go

Introduction Business organizations on the fringes of success are clearly aware of their customers’ needs, wants and customer changing behavior. On the basis of that, businesses continually tailor their products innovatively and position them in the market to remain competitive to acquire and maintain a strong customer base. This is the case with Campbell Soup […]