Cause and Effect Essay Examples

Political Landscape in the US

Introduction As the most developed state in the world, the United States takes centre stage in shaping up any events that warrant attention on the international scene. Different political theories and concepts have been developed to help explain the interplay of politics on the global scene and the role of the United States in shaping […]

Enlightenment and revolution

Introduction The modern political system of the European nations is a by-product of the enlightenment and political revolution that took place in the late eighteenth century in Europe. The mastermind philosophers of this enlightenment resided in France. The world before the enlightened political system seemed full of superstitions, irrationality, and naivety. The church and kingship […]

Clean Air Act formation and impact

Introduction Environment law can be defined as a cluster of laws that contain elements that have power over human activities on the earth and public health. It has diverse obligations and prospects that can be put into practice in addressing collective impacts and susceptible populations. For instance, Clean Air Act protects city residents from air […]

The Implications of Global Loss of Mangrove Ecosystems?

Introduction Mangroves are woody plants that thrive in shallow seawater in coastlines and estuaries. The plants are salt tolerant and only within the last decade did scientists acknowledge their significance towards the marine environment. For instance, a Florida survey in the 1970s referred to the mangroves as “…freaks of nature… and a form of wasteland…” […]

The Position of Wage Labor in the United States

Introduction The transformation from an agrarian society into a contemporary industrial state had deep effects on wage labor in the United States. Despite America being mainly an agricultural nation, Kremer (1993) reveals how the unskilled, semi skilled, as well as skilled workers lived and worked in relatively poor conditions during the early economic times (p. […]

Battle of Omdurman

The battle of Omdurman took place on the 2nd of September 1898. It was a decisive battle that established the power of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium government on the territory of the present-day Sudan: “In 1898 Kitchener led a force of 8,200 British troops, 17,600 Sudanese and Egyptians up the Nile to capture a city in […]

The Caste War of Yucatan

The Caste War of Yucatan commenced after the Maya people revolted against the economic and political dominance of the Yucatecos. The war lasted from 1847 to 1901and resulted in numerous deaths and massive destruction of property (Reed 18). The caste system that was operational during the colonial times was a major factor that resulted in […]

US’s Financial Crises in 2008

Discuss the Different Reasons and Causes of the Financial Crisis When examining the causes of the 2008 financial crisis, the facts present a logical sequence of events of a housing bubble that burst in the United States. From this perspective, the logical conclusion would be a crisis in the housing sector. However, as it turned […]

Causes of Depression in the 1890s

Synopsis This paper provides acumen into the occurrence of the global depression of the 1890s. It is founded on the words of Henry Lawson ‘there is no prison like the city for a poor man.’ The introductory section provides a general explanation of the occurrence of the depression. The background information expounds on the various […]

Chinese Manga

Abstract Within the past few years Chinese manhua within China has been losing relevance within the country of its origin wherein more Chinese citizens apparently prefer manga to manhua. This shift towards manga and manhua has yet to be fully understood and, as such, will be explored within paper. By delving into the historical aspects […]

The Role of the Railroads in the Settlement of the Great West

Railroad construction is an important event to consider when mapping the history of the United States. Most of the immigration and emigration that happened in the West was a direct result of these railroads. The first transcontinental railway construction was championed by President Abraham Lincoln. In 1862, Lincoln signed the Pacific Railways Act of 1862. […]

The Homestead Strike

The Homestead Strike The Homestead strike is ranked as one of the most famous strikes in the history of the United States. The labor dispute was witnessed in the year 1892. The strike involved workers who were members of the steel workers’ union and management of the Carnegie Steel Company. This company was situated at […]

The Russian Revolution

The Russian revolution refers to a series of events that took place in Russia in the 1917. The Russian revolution has remained one of the most notable events of recent history. This revolution was important because it led to the successful struggle over democracy. Tandem to this, it also promoted the independence of the non-Russian […]

Financial Effects of Globalization

Due to globalization and increased competition in the field of business, international investment has gained popularity as a way of increasing sales. Many firms both large and small have found that to increase demand of their products as well as enjoy economies of scale, they have to invest in various foreign countries. Besides increasing choices […]

Procedural Programming Language

Programming languages are used by software developers to design applications that can be run on computers. The choice of programming language depends on various factors including the “response time requirements of the system, time restriction of the project, and budget allocated for development and maintenance support” (Reilly, 2003). Other determining factors are the requirement for […]

American Political History

Introduction President Hoover offered the citizens of America very unsatisfying leadership despite the fact; the citizens were ready for change. People needed a president who would go out of his way to bring back the federal government to its economy. At this time the illegible democratic candidate was Franklin D. Roosevelt who was deemed the […]

Fire and Community Evacuation in Apex, NC

The case study investigates an inferno at a perilous waste facility situated at Apex, North Carolina. The inferno started on the eve of October 6th, 2006, at the EQ hazardous waste facility on Investment Boulevard in Apex; a neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina. In response to the disaster, city authorities planned an evacuation exercise for […]

Causes and Effects of Divorce

One of the main reasons why God created human beings was to ensure that all that He had created was taken care of. This was possible through man’s reproduction to fill the world through various generations. Since creation took place many people have used marriage as a way or reproducing to ensure human beings do […]

Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy

Introduction The global financial predicament affected several governments to search for new approaches of getting revenues. A prosperous nation such as Australia established a Resource Rent Tax in order to replace the Royalty Based Program. It was perceived as a prefect strategy which would enhance effectiveness of Resource Taxation. The Mineral Resource Rent Tax was […]

Scarcity of Water in Saudi Arabia, Africa and Australia

Introduction Among the major challenges that have continued to threaten the existence of man on planet earth is the decreasing availability of water. Water resources are now being used for generating electricity and manufacturing industrial products among other uses that have recently emerged (Business Council of Australia 2011). Rainfall remains the major source of fresh […]

Asian Drivers of Global Change

Introduction Great global economical vibrancy has been witnessed in the Asian region in the recent past. This has led to a group of nations in this region developing into economic powerhouses that command global trade markets and policies. Dynamic Asian economies have earned themselves the name “Asian Drivers of Global Change” due to new energy […]

Problem of Sleep Deprivation

Introduction The functioning of the human body is influenced by a number of factors, which are mainly determined by the health status of an individual. Oftentimes, we seek medication, when the body deviates from its normal and usual functioning mechanisms. Through different activities and processes, the body is able to use energy and replenish itself. […]

The Impacts of FDIs and Trade to the Asian Pacific Regions

Introduction The role of foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade in regards to the economic development and growth of various economies across the globe continues to be deliberated and analyzed by business analysts and economic scholars. Consequently, the notion of foreign direct investment (FDI) has improved significantly in recent decades. As developing economies, mostly in […]

The Effect of Famine in North Korea

The Asian continent is the world’s largest and most populous located mainly in the eastern and northern hemispheres. The population in Asia is estimated at about 4 billion people representing a whooping 60% of the world’s total human population as it currently stands (Lee 500). The Pacific Ocean borders Asian to the east while India […]

How and in what ways, did the use of print change the lives of early modern Europeans?

Introduction We are at the brink of experiencing transformation of the Internet revolution that now defines almost all aspects of the modern life. It is sensible to review and understand how printing press revolution brought about significant and long-lasting transformations in economic, political, social, and cultural aspects of lives. Printing press transformed some aspects of […]

Technological development in trade and its impacts on poverty

Over the past few decades, trade has helped many economies develop and consequently raise the standards of living for their households. Due to the rapid rate at which the world is becoming a global community, technological advancements have played a pivotal role in the development and enhancement of international trade in terms of communication, production […]

The Environment, Resources, and Their Economic Effects

Introduction According to Paltseva and Roine (para. 1), natural resources contribute to spending, labor income, and jobs. These resources support numerous jobs and offer employment to the residents of a country. Natural resources and the educated workforce are interconnected and it is of great importance for the state to generate a quality labor force via […]

Spain’s Financial Crisis

Spain is currently experiencing the worst economic crisis since 1950s. The economic crisis has been attributed to global financial crisis that the economy faced. However, its internal imbalances accumulated in the pre-crisis period aggravated the situation. The global economic crisis that began in the late 2007 and worsened in 2008 accelerated the end of expansive […]

Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Women

Introduction Since time in immemorial, humanity has yielded to the temptation of using chemical substances that has caused irreversible damages to otherwise beautiful, and sound human people. This has resulted to a desperate search for the ‘cure’ instead of the more noble cause of prevention. Among all these destructive substances, alcohol is the leading one […]

Children’s Personal and Social Development

Causes of Disturbed and Disturbing Behaviour in Children Within our culture, it is a belief that is commonly held that parents are accountable for the development of the disturbing as well as disturbed behaviours in their progenies. In fact, psychological research has actually stimulated this belief whereby from the historical perspective, children have been perceived […]

World War 2 Consequences

Causes of World War 2 The World War 2 began in 1939. This is when France and Britain declared war on Germany. This occurred when Germany invaded Poland and therefore, this is what triggered the outbreak of war. However, the causes of the war are more complex. The major causes of this Great War were […]

Impact of plastics on the environment

Many people are exposed to dangers associated with plastic production every day. Wastes resulting from plastics products find their way into water bodies where they act as transport means for microorganisms which end up in marine habitats such as seas causing infections to organisms living in water. When plastic degrades, it produces plastic dust which […]

The Causes and Consequences of World War Two

Introduction World War Two, which started in 1939 and ended in 1945, caused more deaths, several countries got involved and a lot of money was used than any other war in global history. Above 60 million army men participated in the war and about 18,000 soldiers died during the war. Around 20,000 million soviet people, […]

Giraffes Adaptation

Adaption is any alteration in the structure or performance of a creature that makes it more appropriate to its immediate environment (Keller et al., 2009). Every creature is adapted to an environment in its own unique way. It is through adaptation that living things can live in diverse environments. By means of natural selection, animals […]

Effects of Internet use in Society

The internet has both positive and negative effects on society. It has an impact on adults, teenagers, children and the elderly. One needs to understand how the internet affects education, economy, socialization and entertainment in society. The internet has an impact on how people work, communicate, learn and trade. Therefore, the internet creates a learned […]

Russian Popular Culture

Introduction Russia is one of the countries with the oldest and richest culture around the globe. Intertwined with several factors, the country has continuously witnessed a transformation of its culture and influence from other countries throughout history. It boasts its excellence in arts with special recognition to philosophy, painting, literature, cinema, architecture and music among […]

The Effects of Background Television on the Toy Play Behavior of Very Young Children

Introduction The research report investigates if the background television with adult content interrupts a child’s behavior during a play. The researchers review literature, conduct an experiment on children and obtain answers from questionnaires given to parents to obtain the information. The children are 1, 2, and 3 years old. The results reveal that children’s behavior […]

Cruise Competition in Tourism Industry

Cruise industry falls under the tourism sector and is one of the areas where growth has been encountered over the years. Cruise tourists spend their nights in the sea whereas the land-based ones remain on land at night. To become competitive, cruise industry has undergone various transformations. First, the industry is characterized by diversification of […]

Reform-women’s rights and slavery

A reform is a social movement aimed at making gradual changes in the society. Slavery began as a form of punishing criminals in the society and recovering debts. The two main reforms that Americans struggled for were racial justice and gender equality. The movement began in 1830s in the countryside and towns of the north. […]

Water Shortage’ Major Causes and Implication

Introduction It’s no doubt that the world is facing a topic of water crisis which has gone out of control and therefore raising a lot of concerns from the leaders and international organization who are trying to come up with ideas of solving this problem (, 2011). However, the root cause of this problem is […]

British Policy and the Indian Mutiny

Introduction This is India in AD 1875. The British had just conquered a new territory and expanded to what we to today as the common wealth. However, the conquest was not received kindly by the people of India; the noblemen were angered since they had lost their control and influence. They were then being led, […]

Impact of regional Azerbaijan-Armenia war on neighbouring countries and foreign policies

Introduction Before the trading conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia occurred due to seceding of the Nagorno-Karabakh region to Armenia in 1988, the two countries were business partners transiting services and goods under the soviet rule. The breaking away of the region, which was a predominant Armenian ethnic expanse, was a major catalyst for conflicts that […]

Consequences of the New Age of the Image on Writing and Reading

Images could be termed as representation or artifact that represents actual objects in reality or thoughts as represented by the mental images in the individual’s mind. Images generally in the modern world are represented in two dimensions and recently three dimensional images, which has become very famous. Writing and reading has been in existence since […]

Sale of Forests in United Kingdom

Introduction Environmental conservation has become a priority in many countries today. This is because the level of environmental degradation is currently very high in the world and its effects are already being felt. Many countries are currently trying as much as possible to conserve the few natural resources they are left with. “The world environmental […]

How Non-sales Factors Affects Sales in an organisation

Selling is an integral part of an organisation’s-marketing plan; for an organisation to attain its objective, sales team must be effective in their tasks. Selling is the last stage in a marketing strategy that involves physical exchange of goods and service; it is the point that a company realizes a sale. Marketing-related factors aims at […]

Why Europe Went to War

Introduction Several intertwined factors are believed to have forced Europe into war. In particular, the war was mainly triggered by conflict and hostility that had plagued the region over the years. The major super powers in Europe had been involved in diplomatic clashes due to power shifts that had been witnessed in the region since […]

Risks and Benefits of Greater EU Integration for International business

Introduction Economic integration involves the coordination of the economic and trade policies of many countries resulting into one trading bloc. Economic integration entails the setting of common trade tariffs and allowing free movement of human resources and capital across the borders of countries. It also involves the coordination of fiscal and monetary policies between countries. […]

Competition in an Oligopolistic Market

Oligopoly is a market system that is intermediate between monopoly and perfect competition. It is a type of market that is dominated by only a number of firms. These firms control the prices of the commodities they sell and the industry they dominate is characterized by significant barriers to entry. Oligopolistic markets are also characterized […]

WWI-War: Revolution, and Reconstruction

The WWI-War was influenced by conflicts among military groups from countries known as world’s supreme powers. It was a four year war i.e. from 1914 to 1918, centered between two disputed allies’, central powers and the triple entente. Sources indicate that close to seventy million soldiers were deployed with fifteen million people perishing as a […]

The Influence on Health of Economic Inequality

The argument that economic inequality is bad to our health has absolute truth based on the reality in our society today. Individuals’ status in society determines the kind of lifestyle one leads, a factor that dictates the health conditions of a person. However, financial status determines an individual’s consumption pattern, living conditions, as well as […]

Current and future population problems in Pakistan

Introduction Economic analysts and their political counterparts are yet to concur on the truth of the allegations by the Population Association of Pakistan that effective population control measures have been put in place to reduce the population problems in Pakistan. Despite the slight decline in the total fertility of Pakistan since the start of this […]

Global Warming Effects

Global warming is defined as sustained increase in the surface temperature of the earth due to activities that cause green house gas emissions. Evidence shows that different economic activities lead to massive consumptions of energy that is derived from the burning of tones of fossil fuels. The burning of these fuels release tones of green […]

Life Expectancy in the Developing World

Introduction Certain factors such as poverty, poor health conditions, rapid industrialization, and lack of food safety measures explain why life expectancy is too low in the developing world. Many people in the developing world do not have access to clean water or “uncontaminated” food. Rapid industrialization explains why many countries have a low life expectancy. […]

Chinas History and Relations

China’s Diplomatic, Military and Political relations The Yuan Dynasty was one of the most influential authorities that reigned over the Chinese territory and preceded other dynasties which included the Song and Ming. The Yuan dynasty used Marc Polo to communicate with other countries. In regard to the relationship between the Yuan dynasty and its neighbors, […]

The Asian Pacific Americans

Watershed Years and the Effects of the Second World War in APA Communities A watershed is the period during which the World War II took place from 1939 to 1945. The war initiated many major changes in the history of the Asian Pacific Americans in all aspects of their lives. The self-esteem and confidence of […]

Air law- does criminalisation of the operator prevent an accident from happening again?

Abstract It has been suggested that aviation safety could be promoted by adopting single-pilot operations. The conceptual frame-work of a single-pilot operation is based on pilot error and management. It has been demonstrated that a pilot’s analytical thinking in times of an impending accident during a flight is critical to saving the situation. This paper […]

Cause and Effect of Child Abuse

Children who display signs of sexual activities are likely to be exposed to negative maternal response. Such inappropriate sexual behaviors result in sexual abuse among children (Knott par. 1). Notably, a child’s sexual abuse influences the culpability perceptions of his/her mother of the non-offending cluster, hence resulting in poor maternal response. In terms of percentage, […]

Effects of globalization on native non-western cultural practices

Introduction Globalization can be described as the result of integration between diverse cultures. This occurs through various means, which include political, economic or cultural, among others. Globalization is a process that dates back to human antiquity. Over the years, several stages of globalization have occurred, these include among others, contemporary globalization, which is brought about […]

Saudi Oil and Global Economic

Saudi Arabia is one of the most developed countries in the Arab world, after United Arab Emirates. The stability of Saudi economy is solely dependent on its oil industry. This implies that most of her wealth has been earned from her trade in oil and other petroleum products. This paper will focus on how the […]

Indigenous animals in the Gulf

Kinds of indigenous animals in the Gulf The Gulf States have had very depressing consequences as far as the continued existence of the native species is concerned. For instance, in these states, the most common indigenous variety of animals in the gulf is the sea mammals. The most common indigenous marine mammal is the Dugongs […]

The Global Economic Recession of the United States

The Great Depression that began in 1929 brought dramatic changes into the lives of many people throughout the world. The United States was among the countries that were adversely affected by this global economic recession. This paper is aimed at discussing various effects produced by this downturn. Moreover, it is critical to examine the way […]

Expensive Healthcare in the USA: What are the causes?

Introduction In the modern world, statistics indicates that the United States of America is the leading spender on healthcare. In addition, the costs of healthcare continue to increase every year. According to government statistics, the nation spent some 1.9 trillion dollars in 2004 alone, which represents an approximate 16% of the nation’s total GDP (Holtz […]

Effects of obesity

Maintaining good body weight is highly recommended by medical doctors as a way of promoting a healthy status of the body. This is to say that there is allowed body weight, which a person is supposed to maintain. Extreme deviations from this weight expose a person to several health complications. While being underweight is not […]

Role of Marriage/Family & Singlehood

Social influence on Marriage Decisions Contemporary women have many options and little marriage pressure within their twenties; a fact that continues to change lives of American women in respect to marriage. Taking freedoms with alacrity, American women reach their adulthood before getting married thus causing an increase in the number of single women within the […]

Causes and Effects of Studying In Australia

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to study in Australia. On the other hand, the effects of studying in Australia are numerous. Causes of studying in Australia include the need for high quality education, new cultural experience, and for flexibility in one’s studies (Ong 38). Australia offers high quality education that is […]

How Harley Davidson Affected American Motorcycle Riding Today

Introduction The word ‘American’ is in almost, if not all, descriptions of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. So what makes Harley-Davidson so American? According to Lynch (2003), the design embodies the American free spirit. Quoting, Lynch (2003) writes, “Perhaps more than any other 20th century product, the Harley Davidson motorcycle is revered as an American icon-symbol […]

Tailor-made work programs: Their Impact on Young People in a Modern Society

Introduction Tailor-made work programs are working schedules or programs that are aimed at a specific category of people or workers. For instance, workers need to have certain qualifications and skills to handle various tasks. Most of these work programs are developed based on close cooperation with organizations aiming at providing human resource development strategies (Stuttgart […]

Consequences of Illegal Immigrants on America’s Economy

Introduction The development and expansion of economic, social and political interactions among countries has necessitated the need to adopt effective measures of enhancing human relations. Nations have adopted friendly ways of promoting peace among them and this promotes interactions among their citizens. As a result, people have migrated to foreign countries to seek employment, education, […]

Causes and Effects of Iran’s Continued Quest for a Nuclear Weapons Program

Drive Shah developed the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran in 1974, and pronounced their strategies to construct nuclear power devices for energy manufacture. Afterwards, United States, France and West Germany pursued productive power device contracts with Iran. Shah desire to hang onto the opportunity of increasing nuclear weapons, by pursuing the right of entry to […]

How the aftermath of the war of independence affected the lives of African slaves in the North and South

Africans in the north and the south reacted to colonialism with a lot of resistance. For this reason, they started their struggle for independence. The lives of the Africans were affected by the aftermath of the war of independence. The Africans had been enslaved in their own countries. The colonialists had deceived the Africans that […]

Cause of the Financial Crisis

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among many American economists and politicians to suggest that it is specifically the Federal government’s failure to introduce regulatory measures, as the mean of preventing banks from providing financially non-credible citizens with mortgage loans, which created objective preconditions for the outbreak of 2007 financial crisis. The close analysis of […]

Migration Flows Cause and Effect in US

There are four important factors that cause international migration flows. These include economic pressures, social networks and connections between migrant sending and receiving countries, immigrant admissions and immigration control policies, and cultural perceptions of people in developing countries have about immigration and First World immigrant receiving countries. The rate of migration to the US continues […]

Factor that Cause Immigration

Economic pressures are the primary reason for international migration. Citizens of developing countries leave their nations in order to find decent wages and work in foreign countries. The United Nations estimates that slightly over half a billion employed people survive on less than a dollar a day; most of these workers are trapped in the […]

Effects of Technology

At present, people do not even try to prove that technology has changed their lives significantly as this is obvious. It is possible to think of a variety of effects of technology. These effects can be divided into two major groups: positive and negative changes in people’s lives and in the life of the planet. […]

Violence in Movies and Its Effects

Violence in movies has been a topic of a heated debate for many decades. Some people claim that violence in movies negatively affects people (especially adolescents), whereas others argue that violence in movies does not lead to violence in life. However, there is one thing researchers agree upon: movies only reveal trends existing in the […]

Cause and effect analysis of tourism

Introduction Tourism can be defined as the travel for leisure, recreation or business reasons (Singh 13). Tourism has risen to become one of the most preferred leisure activities globally, for instance, in the year 2010 there were more than 900 million tourists travelling to different destinations across the globe. Tourism has been growing steadily due […]

Cause and effect analysis of camping

Introduction Camping can be described as an outdoor recreational activity where by people, often referred to as campers leave their homes and spent time in a natural environment (Cole 10). Campers around the world usually establish a campsite using tents, caravans, mobile homes or cabins where they stay for several nights before returning to their […]

The Effects of Noise Pollution

The introduction Noise pollution meaning When speaking about the effects of noise pollution, it is necessary to highlight some fundamentals of the issue. So, first of all, it should be pointed out that noise is considered to be a negative phenomenon both at physiological and psychological levels. Generally, one is to keep in mind that […]

Violent Movies and Children

Introduction The effects of movies on children are evident, considerable, and vast. Contextually, violent movies have fronted numerous effects on children who frequently indulge in this vicious activity. The phenomenon has been a social issue for decades with some people supporting it while others are condemning the trend sternly. Nonetheless, it is agreeable that violent […]

Cuban Americans

Introduction Cuban Americans are Hispanic United States citizens with Cuban origin. These citizens either migrated from Cuba or were born in America by Cuban parents. Cuban Americans have had a distinctive social, political, economic and demographic history in the United States. This group has shown different patterns from other migrant groups in the United States. […]

Infrastructure Lebanon

Lebanon had been experiencing a dynamic economy, enjoying high growth rates, an increased inflow of foreign capital, as well as, a steady increase in the capita income. However, after the civil war, transportation system of Lebanon deteriorated to the extent that it does not comply with Mobility requirements and needs[1]. The country continues to operate […]