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Cause and Effect Essay Examples

Battle of Omdurman

It was a decisive battle that established the power of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium government on the territory of the present-day Sudan: "In 1898 Kitchener led a force of 8,200 British troops, 17,600 Sudanese and Egyptians [...]

Chinese Manga

Explaining the Decline in Popularity of Chinese Manhua Wong explains the decline in the popularity of Chinese manhua by explaining that as the popularity of manhua based in Hong Kong grew, this meant that the [...]

The Homestead Strike

The strike involved workers who were members of the steel workers' union and management of the Carnegie Steel Company. The general manager, with the help of the owner of the company, was in agreement about [...]

Giraffes Adaptation

Thus, the Lamarckian theory affirms that the giraffe's long neck resulted from the constant stretching in the attempt to access the higher foliage. Similarly, Darwin's theory argues that the giraffes consisted of the long necked [...]