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Cause and Effect Essay Examples

The Position of Wage Labor in the United States

Therefore, the paper reveals how the collaboration of the political goodwill and the restructuring of unions through proper legislative and administrative policy has promoted and fundamentally improved workers' interests, hence, improving the position of wage [...]

Battle of Omdurman

It was a decisive battle that established the power of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium government on the territory of the present-day Sudan: "In 1898 Kitchener led a force of 8,200 British troops, 17,600 Sudanese and Egyptians [...]

The Caste War of Yucatan

The Caste War of Yucatan commenced after the Maya people revolted against the economic and political dominance of the Yucatecos. It can be argued that the Maya people were right to engage the Yucatecos in [...]

Chinese Manga

Explaining the Decline in Popularity of Chinese Manhua Wong explains the decline in the popularity of Chinese manhua by explaining that as the popularity of manhua based in Hong Kong grew, this meant that the [...]

The Homestead Strike

The strike involved workers who were members of the steel workers' union and management of the Carnegie Steel Company. The general manager, with the help of the owner of the company, was in agreement about [...]

The Russian Revolution

This revolution, therefore, overturned the Provisional Government and established the Soviet Union. While the February revolution overturned Tsar Nicholas II and established a Provisional Government.

Procedural Programming Language

For instance, the development and deployment of the Net Express software package by Micro Focus Ltd has provided an ideal environment for COBOL coders."This makes it easy and fast to build and modernize COBOL enterprise [...]

American Political History

The subject on this paper examines the three key elements of the new deal as well as it's the effects. The New Deal focused its attention on provision of relief to issues of unemployment, it [...]

Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy

According to Golob, the MRRT policy was expected to expand the coverage of the present Petroleum Resource Rent Tax; in such a way that as from 2012 1st July the proposed tax policy would be [...]

Children’s Personal and Social Development

The theorists argue that the outcomes of kids' development come because of the incessant dynamic interplay amid the environmental variables, the caregivers' response and the children behaviours which might influence both the caregiver and the [...]

World War 2 Consequences

The major causes of this Great War were the unresolved issues that resulted from the World War 1. Another thing that led to the World War 2 was the failure of the League of Nations.

Giraffes Adaptation

Thus, the Lamarckian theory affirms that the giraffe's long neck resulted from the constant stretching in the attempt to access the higher foliage. Similarly, Darwin's theory argues that the giraffes consisted of the long necked [...]

Russian Popular Culture

Nevertheless, this was not to continue in the 20th century following the emergence of the communist ideology that played a major role in the culture of the Soviet Union like no other part of the [...]

Why Europe Went to War

This was particularly reinforced by the signing of treaties and the formation of alliances[1] Militarism The causes of the war dates as far back as before 1914 and tension was so high among the various [...]

WWI-War: Revolution, and Reconstruction

In as much as soldiers and civilians garnered experience during WWI, it is imperative to acknowledge that the unsuitable environment at the forefront led to deterioration of health standards; furthermore, civilians were forced to live [...]

Global Warming Effects

The burning of these fuels release tones of green house gases into the atmosphere which significantly contribute to the sustained increase in the surface temperature of the earth.

Chinas History and Relations

In the same light, the author reveals that the continuous rebellion by the neighboring countries led to the formation of anti-Yuan dynasty which aimed at conquering it.

The Asian Pacific Americans

The issue of racial and gender discrimination subjected by the Native Americans on the Asian Pacific Americans reduced, and all the members of the Asian Pacific Americans living in the country started receiving equal treatment [...]

Indigenous animals in the Gulf

The development of gas and oil industries along the coastlines of the gulf countries has had major contribution on the extinction of the indigenous species. As a result, there is a reduction of damages to [...]

Cause of the Financial Crisis

The reason for this is quite apparent it was namely the Democrats' preoccupation with 'combating poverty' that resulted in passing of the infamous Community Reinvestment Act and in reinforcing its provisions through the course of [...]

Migration Flows Cause and Effect in US

The rate of migration to the US continues to increase due to changes in factors that cause migration flows. The US immigrant admissions and immigration control policies have also increased rates of migration flows to [...]

Cuban Americans

This paper explores the struggles, the rise, successes and influence the Cuban Americans have had throughout the history of the United States.

Causes of Civil War

The government that was put in place entrenched the concept of African slavery in that the Africans were regarded as lesser humans and unequal to the whites. The states that encouraged slavery saw this as [...]

East European Studies

The serious attitude to church and religion also marked the effect of the Byzantine Empire on the neighboring states in the Middle Ages and later; Justinian, the Emperor, built the Hagia Sofia, the Church of [...]

Climate change: Causes and Effects

Orbital variations lead to changes in the levels of solar radiation reaching the earth mainly due to the position of the sun and the distance between the earth and the sun during each particular orbital [...]